Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis - Ink, Ink It s a good day to die My mother holds my arm fiercely But as you grieve for me listen for the voices Then you must get the ink Sparrow stumbles between two worlds light and dark love and hate wh

  • Title: Ink
  • Author: S.J. Davis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis, Ink, S.J. Davis, Ink It s a good day to die My mother holds my arm fiercely But as you grieve for me listen for the voices Then you must get the ink Sparrow stumbles between two worlds light and dark love and hate what is realand what is in her mind When her mother dies on the Reservation Sparrow s world is shadowed with anger and narrowed by pain The voices arrive but are they It s a good day to die My mot


Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis - Ink, Ink It s a good day to die My mother holds my arm fiercely But as you grieve for me listen for the voices Then you must get the ink Sparrow stumbles between two worlds light and dark love and hate wh Ink

  • Free Download Ink - by S.J. Davis
    224S.J. Davis

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  1. I find myself spent after reading this story Not that it was overly emotional It is the review that is getting to me I enjoyed the fictitious tale of the Blackfoot people as my daughter through her father s heritage has ties to the Blackfoot people.I felt that the history and location was poorly researched Not that I am an expert far from it actually However, I can recall with clarity the far away gleam in my exes eye when he often spoke of his people What Davis describes seems an ocean away fro [...]

  2. I requested this book from the R2R event in one of the groups where I m a member What can I say I saw lots of negative reviews for it, and thought that I d give it a good review But guess what there was nothing even remotely good to base such a review on I m really sorry to say this, since I know how much time and effort it takes to write a story, but this one was really not good The whole time my eyebrows were raised at the absurdity of it all There was absolutely no detail We weren t introduce [...]

  3. I was given this book for free on a read to review basis Sparrow has been through a traumatic car accident in which her mother died Now she cuts herself in order to release her grief and anger.Before she died Sparrow s mother told her watch for voices, and to find istowun eh pata Mateo , and get ink Thanks Mom Now Sparrow is hearing strange threatening voices, and being followed by Mateo He wants her to get this tattoo that her mother was referring to but worries if she will be able to deal with [...]

  4. Hi y all Anne yet again today Well I was given this novella to review and I m certainly glad I had this chance Davis has a brilliant story here I can only hope and encourage her to continue this story full force The story is captivating and exciting, and original because I must say I can t recall any books I have read so far that have Native American cultures and legends as the main focus of the story This is a one of a kind novella for that reason The characters are lovely and passionate of cou [...]

  5. This might actually be my shortest review yet There s not much to say I don t even know where to begin This book is only 75 pages long The build up was good Sparrow s mother dies in front of her in a car crash with the parting words of It s a good day to die , so she s left to live with her aunt In her sadness and guilt she starts cutting herself, and becomes haunted with voices in her head.To get to the point the book kind of jumps around Its disorienting and hard to focus on the characters or [...]

  6. This was an engaging and unique story that I did not want to put down, but was also very difficult for me to rate We follow Sparrow on her journey of self discovery as she learns about the strength of her people as well as herself I think the author does a wonderful job of capturing the emotions of a teenager dealing with difficult issues such as PTSD and self mutilation, all while creating a fantasy world to cope with them in I also loved the idea behind the significance of the ink used for the [...]

  7. Ink is a wonderfully written short story about a young girl that has lost everything and must discover who she really is The story is short, but it captured me right away The descriptions in this book are absolutely amazing, especially the begining I really like the fact that while there is a love triangle of sorts, the guys fight for what is best for Sparrow instead of fighting each other.If you re looking for a short story that is unique and will capture your attention right away, try this I w [...]

  8. Umyah Awesome Dark Troubling Native American characters There is a love triangle, which is key for me I am thinking about exploring a triangle in the future, they are so much fun This book features a very fractured heroine that I really fell for I love stories that succeed in proving that there is life after you ve been damaged I loved the folklore that Ms Davis wove into INK Beautifully Seamlessly Well done, my friend My ONLY complaintIt ended too soon I want But I think that s the point of a [...]

  9. I have to say short read but LONG impression What a great book and the story was amazing It was definitely something I have never read but I finished it fast and loved the connection with the characters as well as my self There was sadness, love and action and just the unknowing making it that much page turning A great story and a must read

  10. Review Posted on Reading Lark 10 1 11 readinglark 2011 Ink drew my attention because of the gorgeous cover and the mixture of paranormal and Native American mythology There aren t a ton of books out there for Native American teens within the paranormal genre As someone who teaches at a school with a significant Native American population I am always on the lookout for books that will appeal to my students Who doesn t want to see characters like themselves reflected in literature S.J Davis has a [...]

  11. Today s review is on Ink by S J DavisInk is the only book by Davis that I have read, and though I found it enjoyable I also found it to be a bit muddled and to short.While driving her daughter to school one morning, Sparrow and her mother are the victim s of a terrible car accident Knowing that she is about to die her mother leaves her with one last message It s a good day to die She tells Sparrow, but as you grieve for me, listen for the voices Then, you must get the ink Guilt ridden, she begin [...]

  12. Still suffering from the effects of the car accident with her mother, Sparrow resigns herself to living with her Aunt She feels her mother s loss and as each day goes by, always wondering if she ll ever come terms to with what s occurred Her confusion grows as she tries to understand what her mother meant when she said to listen to the voices and that she needed to get the ink.While adjusting to a new town has been somewhat difficult, it s been tolerable with the help of her new friends, Jenny [...]

  13. Hum where to start First, I liked the concept of the White Buffalo and that itself was something fresh and new to the paranormal ya genre Second, I loved the spirit guide Mateo was a very good character and I really liked how he became alive the she needed him Third, the ink To carry all the pain and tears of your people Just WOW Forth, Winona I didn t see what was evolving with this character and it really took me by surprise Now the not so good parts for me I didn t much care for Sparrow, ma [...]

  14. Sparrow is involved in a serious car accident that claims the life of her mother, leaving her alone in Texas Right before dying, her mother s last breath involves a cryptic message involving ink After healing, Sparrow moves to Washington DC to live with her aunt All the while, Sparrow hears voices and sees people in the shadows These spirits, or spirit guides, are here to either harm her or help her and she s unsure who is who through most of the story I really liked the plot line and knew what [...]

  15. My thoughts This is a whole lot of book in not a lot of pages The story is short, 80 pages, but is PACKED with powerful ideas, emotions, and images It questions the meaning of life I finished the story wishing it had been longer and hoping for the sequel The story tells of Sparrow s struggle, a struggle many people live every day The struggle with your inner demon That voice that tells you that you aren t quite as much as you could or should be The expectations of life and the people in it can b [...]

  16. ARC for Review What an awesome bookcover, when I first saw this mini back, I thought, How cute, it is so small What s that old adage Dynamite comes in small packages In this case it does, WOW And here we go.This is quite an interesting read, it looks at the aftermath of Sparrow s mom s death and how it has affected Sparrow s life, the anger, the guilt and belief she was responsible for her mom s death, and the fear of the unknown I can relate with this this, my mom died when I was almost 13, and [...]

  17. I got this book through a read 2 review I was very excited to read it, since it was about an Indian girl and that was a new twist for me However, I was not expecting it to be so short and I think things were rushed and not explained well enough for the story to flow nicely I was confused throughout the story as you went from one thing to the next with no explanation in between Sparrow was great and I loved what she was actually fighting but I am not sure how the ink and the white buffalo was act [...]

  18. INK has left quite the impressionable tattooI am the proud barer of a lot of tattoos 13 to be exact and although i ve given deep thought to the selction of each and each does have a special meaning, i ve never considered their design or location as a form of protection The events that have unfolded in INK have me reconsidering what now seems to have been the choices of an orderlying subconcious In short, why the phoenix, why my arm, and why during such a trying time S.J Davis has me examining be [...]

  19. Let me start by saying how much I LOVED this novella As soon as I saw the cover I knew that I had to read it I m such a sucker for a pretty cover and this one is gorgeous I hadn t read anything quite like this before It was really well written and drew me in right from the start.I don t want to give too much away because you all need to go and read this, but I really loved how the relationships between Sparrow , her boyfriend Layne and her guide Mateo developed as Sparrow faced and dealt with he [...]

  20. I m so glad that I had the opportunity to join the INK blog tour INK is such a captivating short story with an original idea and intense, fascinating characters I was quickly drawn into Sparrow s life, her pain, her visions, and the idea of a mystical tattoo My only complaint with INK is that it was short I know, I know it s a short story so it s very nature is that it s short Usually I m okay with that, but this time I really wanted so much of these wonderful characters and the story in genera [...]

  21. This is an interesting novella that deals with one s self recrimination made physical Sparrow is a Blackfoot teen who loses her mother in a car crash She moves to live with her aunt and is left to deal with hearing threatening voices and the magical appearance of a young man on her own While she seemed likable I never got much of a feel for her or the other characters, including her best friend and boyfriend Situations that she had been dealing with for a while would take me by surprise as they [...]

  22. Ink is a short story but it grabbed me from the start With a story line that is unique and beautifully written SJ pulls you into Native American culture and legends.Sparrow has lost everything and has to try and figure her self out and what her destiny is Although she is broken and scarred inside she has to find the courage to fight the forces that are trying to keep from taking her rightful place among her people.There is a love triangle but it s not your typical kind The two guys are fighting [...]

  23. First let me start out by saying you can t even appreciate the cover unless you see it in person, it s perfect for the story and beautiful Sparrow the main character is unique in her heritage and in the obstacles she must over come to become who she was meant to be, but at the same time, she is every girl who is coming of age S.J did a wonderful job pulling me into a world that I know nothing about and making me ache for the pains suffered by her heroine I literally read the book in about two ho [...]

  24. I found this book to be a fabulous walk through the angst and pain and suffering of both loss and the confusion of the teenage years The words danced across the page in such a beautiful way that I found myself devouring this book very quickly.Make sure you check out this book, the only fault I could find was the size, it was short and I was left wanting for of the characters at the end.

  25. I jumped right into this read to review novella head first and didn t look back What an interesting take on the Native American spirit and how they guide this young girl Sparrow through her guilt of surviving a terrible tragedy A special magical tattoo and great a great storyline I wish there was

  26. Sparrow stumbles between two worlds, light and dark, love and hate, what is real and what is in her mind When her mother dies on the Reservation, Sparrow s world is shadowed with anger and narrowed by pain The voices arrive, but are they real And how can a tattoo make her stronger Ink by S.J Davis was actually a good read but there were some issues I had with it Davis uses the idea of the native american religion for the basis of her book Spirit guides and native prophecies passed down through g [...]

  27. Sparrow s mother is killed in a car crash on a Blackfoot reservation Sparrow is cut loose with only the knowledge that there s apparently something important about her mother s tattoos and she ll need her own someday She moves off the reservation to Washington D.C to be with her aunt and trouble follows her there in the form of a threatening voice and an icy dead girl only she can hear.This book feels incomplete to me It s written in the present tense, which is a difficult tense for even skilled [...]

  28. I am giving this book four stars, but I am also not happy with it as well.The StoryThis is about a native american girl whose mother died in a car accident and now she s seeing things and hearing voices The ink is something her mother told her to get when she was dying, but she didn t really understand what that meant There s a boy Layne and a boy Mateo and they are both trying to help her LikesThe story I thought it was a concept that I had not read before and it was very interesting.The writin [...]

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