Black City

Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards] Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards] - Black City, Black City A dark and tender post apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer

  • Title: Black City
  • Author: ElizabethRichards
  • ISBN: 9780399159435
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover

Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards], Black City, ElizabethRichards, Black City A dark and tender post apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war sixteen year old Ash Fisher a half blood Darkling and Natalie Buchanan a human and the daughter of the Emissary meet and do the unthinkable they falA dark and ten

Black City

Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards] Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards] - Black City, Black City A dark and tender post apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer Black City

  • Black City Best Download || [ElizabethRichards]
Black City

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  1. I think I ve permanently damaged my eyeballs from rolling them so much.It seems like I can t get into anything lately, I ve read so many new releases to about chapter five and then I have to give up The only good thing about this book is that my expectations were low as they now are with every book marketed as a dystopia which, to be honest, this just isn t a dystopia in any sense of the word For one, it s mostly a love story, but I m not too upset about that because I received fair warning of i [...]

  2. You know what I hate I hate when I m reading a book, and all I feel the whole time is anger, frustration and disappointment.That s what I felt with Black City.As you can see, this is yet another DNF review Let me tell you why I disliked this book so much the romance You know how bad the romance was It made me overlook everything else in the book the world building, the other characters, the plot, all of it The romance was just so bad that it drained my interest in the book and as I read Also, [...]

  3. I have had several people approach me and say that this was one of the best ARCs they had read all year So this has been high on my radar.Black City by Elizabeth Richards may seem like an amalgam of familiar territory We have vampires We have a dystopian society We have lovers on two different sides of a war Sure, we start with the expected, and then Richards completely turns everything on its head All I will say is that we have alternating perspectives of Natalie, the daughter of an Emissary, w [...]

  4. Despite the insta love, despite all those eyeball rolling romantic moments, I actually enjoyed the book A drawing of Ash and Natalie by the author herself

  5. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestOne of the chief complaints about the YA genre especially the books being targeted and marketed toward young women is that they are becoming increasingly derivative, and seem to focus only on the romance BLACK CITY is a perfect example of that it s a book that can be neatly summed up by asking what happens when you smush together DIVERGENT and TWILIGHT I haven t given a one star rating in a while, and to be honest it feels weird It s been so long since I read [...]

  6. The trend isn t over yet Not sure how I feel about this one Right now I m quite conflicted, because what was good was very good, but what was bad was also very bad.

  7. SOME SPOILERS WTF DID I JUST READ.HOLY SHIT.My first thought post this book is a i want to marry Ashbut then I think harder so b WHY did I not read this as soon as I got it Rookie error Belinda, Rookie, Rookie error.This book was amazing It was a whole lot of loving and The Characters Ash He is like the epitome of any leading man you could ever want in your life He knows when to be a smart ass, irresistible and cocky but knows when to be caring, kind and compassionate to others His vulnerabilit [...]

  8. Review ofBlack City , written by Elizabeth Richards.Won from a giveaway via Expected Publication 11 13 12My Overall Rating One StarCover Rating 4 Stars gorgeous, though slightly similar to theTwilightcover theme, if you know what I mean.What I knew about this book before beginning it 1 Vampires Or, Darklings, as they re called in this book 2 Dystopia setting, of course.3 Romance Duh It s YA with vampires in a dystopian setting.4 The main character s name is Ash While not terribly original consid [...]

  9. The dystopian trend seems to be getting a bit old All the books have a similar feel to them and the stories are becoming less unique That is not at all the case with Black City Elizabeth Richards has created a world all her own with fantastic history, unbelievable creatures, and a bleak setting that manages to stand out against all others.Black City is a place in ruins Ash still rains down from bombs that were set off a year ago Buildings crumble daily and no new ones are built to replace them P [...]

  10. You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicTo put it in the simplest terms Black City is like Legend only mixed with vampires This is not a bad thing Legend is great, and so is Black City It has some of the things Legend has, only heightened ex love becomes forbidden love Corrupt government Check People being oppressed Check Two main characters, one from the government the other a normal person Check Adding to this delight Black City manages to have a plot that is original and not monotonous Black Ci [...]

  11. 1.7 stars, this book and its male and female leads remind me often of Legend by Marie Lu, and I m not saying it in a good way.So, in what way Black City is similar with Legend Let s do a check list 1 Vague and poorly constructed dyspotian world Link giphy gifs dystopian 8qat Dystopia, you said We never know what is going on with the rest of the world or why this fictional world had become what it is today We only see the events that happen within one city, we only know there is a deadly plague h [...]

  12. Ash is a twin blood Darkling, a half human creature that drinks blood to survive In the Black City, Darklings are relentlessly hunted and persecuted, most of which are kept behind a massive wall splitting the Darklings from the humans Natalie is the daughter of the Sentry, one of the most powerful women in the city and working to remove the Darklings permanently Ash and Natalie meet one night briefly, and to Ash s shock, his normally dead silent chest starts to thrum with a heartbeat Wow I shoul [...]

  13. Hmmm what do I say about this In the very very beginning I thought I was going to like this a lot, it had some very interesting qualities Bad Vampire boy, goody goody girl, jealous girlfriend and jealous ex boyfriend, drugs, vampires, who are called unaffectionately nipper I didn t get the joke for about 4 chapters all different breeds of them, and laws that were out of control, not unlike communist Russia in the 1940 s , it seemed like it was going to be my kind of book But it wasn t It was dre [...]

  14. Umm what a weird book Vampires Dystopian Religious motifs Obvious parallels to the Berlin Wall, segregation, racial tensions, and even ethnic cleansing It s a lot to take in, but Black City sort of works because I really didn t expect much than just a conventional mishmash of vampire and dystopian tropes based on a run of the mill Romeo and Juliet premise, but in fact Elizabeth Richards has really written something that s actually a bit complicated.Part of it though is Richards doesn t really [...]

  15. What a disappointment Ridiculous world building, shallow characters, stupid ending, and the romance is cheesy, melodramatic and unrealistic This book couldn t have been worse for me

  16. So I ended up DNFing this image error The book was just one HUGE cliche The characters, the plotIt just wasn t gripping enough.The start was promising enough but as the story progressed, the plot had dwindled to a sappy, cheesy, too much hackneyed love story The character were so bland and predictable, it was annoying All they ever were did was get into petty fights over Friendship Vs Relationship And pout And bitch Really So, if you wanna fry your brain with a no apparent plot, petty characters [...]

  17. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads3.90 stars VERY WEIRD RATING FOR ME I COULDN T PLACE THIS ONE WELL SO THIS IS WHAT I GOT REDUCED TO Sometimes, I really do hate myself for not reading the synopsis from time to time Black City was one of these disappointments I went in deeming that this was an action packed thriller dystopian, while there was some action, this was based around romance forbidden love I m not trying to imply anything else apart from that I was expecting something totally different [...]

  18. Main points 1 The world building was too complex and a lot to take in I can t picture out the different Darklings since each type has different features and physical appearance.2 There was no clear explanation of the history, the government, the pre war or a map of their world Aside from the United Sentry States, and a few others mentioned that I have forgotten, what else are there How did Purian Rose got his position Who put him there Is it monarchy Orwhat For how long is his term When did the [...]

  19. Imagine a wall keeping you separate from another race of beings Never meeting them never will know them But what if you do meet one of them and fall in love Fall in love with a Darkling one that can drink your blood, have wings purple eyes and all sorts of unnatural things.I first opened the book and was sucked in Why Because it was straight into the action and had such an awesome scene Elizabeth Richards isn t afraid to be gruesome, A big dystopian, bloody, gory, sexy, hellish Romeo and Juliet [...]

  20. Black City was a quick and enjoyable read I wasn t mindblown or anything, but I m definitely going to continue with this series.

  21. Disclaimer My spoiler cut means business I m not going to spell out the plot, but reading this review will definitely spoil some of the twists of this plot if you haven t read it yet.Further Disclaimer I picked up a copy of this book at BEA, so I m reviewing based on an ARC I read Black City pretty stoked and 100% ready to love it The cover is pretty and I d heard the concept was a neat take on the supernatural craze that has swept up so much of YA For the first 160 or so pages of this book, I w [...]

  22. MY OPINION Okay, this is the first one star book on my shelves Technically, it s a 1.5 star book but still.Wow.I had such high expectations for this book I mean, my friend recommended it to me and even lent me her copy She was raving about it and I had already started it before so I thought Okay, sure, let s try this out WARNING There are major spoilers ahead that I will try to block off as best as I can At first, I was in love with it.It had a really good beginning, but once we got past that, u [...]

  23. OH MY COOKIES This book was f ing amazing There are no words to describe it I basically only have one complaint about the book but it is a teensy itsy bitsy thing that doesn t even compete with this book s overall awesomeness.So let s get the nastiness out of the way shall we My one grievance about this book was the occasional total immaturity both Ash and Natalie displayed in some scenes They acted like children with no maturity whatsoever I could be missing something that the author wanted us [...]

  24. I won this awesome advance uncorrected galley in a giveaway with some other books Black City was the one I was truly excited for The summary sounded really promising and of course the cover is amazing It even got a spot in one of my Cover Crazy memes When I started this book I saw it was writting in 2 POV s Ash and Natalie s I do like it when books are writting in different POV s because this way we can see the different views of the characters I enjoyed Ash s than Natalie s for some reason I d [...]

  25. My Thoughts When I first started this one, I wasn t sure what was going on It was somewhat hard to understand all the terms but it clicked pretty fast.We are introduced to Ash who is a half darkling and Natalie who is the Emissary s daughter In this world, the Emissary is powerful Any kind of romance is forbidden between humans and darklings Natalie meets Ash and is drawn to him The chemistry is there from the get go even though they dislike each other She also ends up attending his school and m [...]

  26. Germany in World War 2 but with vampiresThe whole entire book could be summarized as just that Events from World War 2, Germany and the Holocaust but with vampires thrown in for good measure The connection between this book and actual historical events is really stunning In the end, I felt like I was reading a history textbook than a paranormal romance novel Why Well there are some pretty obvious connections right from the start, like how the Darklings and were forced to live in the ghetto The [...]

  27. Where to begin with this review First I have to say a huge thank you to Around The World ARC Tours for allowing me to read and review this ARC I have to say what Princess Bookie is doing is something GREAT Without her group I would not have even heard about this book and that my friend is TRAGIC I have to say I have only read a few Dystopian books but this one right here is EPIC and a MUST READ because you will not be disappointed In Black City we are introduced to a new world where Humans and D [...]

  28. I don t know how to really express my feelings for this book, it s just so hard Evidently from my rating it s pretty obvious I really enjoyed this book It was just soooo damn different than what I expected Those first twenty pages I thought, Oh no here we go again but the I read the I found it difficult to stop There were a dew jaw dropping moments that usually doesn t happen to me, I was totally captivated this book was like fragging haze to my system and I couldn t get enough I absolutely lo [...]

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