The Mage's Daughter

í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland - The Mage's Daughter, The Mage s Daughter In the kingdom of Neroche nightmarish creatures have been unleashed as weapons in a war of evil Morgan the mercenary daughter of a treacherous black mage must fight against them as well as for her

  • Title: The Mage's Daughter
  • Author: Lynn Kurland
  • ISBN: 9780425219164
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland, The Mage's Daughter, Lynn Kurland, The Mage s Daughter In the kingdom of Neroche nightmarish creatures have been unleashed as weapons in a war of evil Morgan the mercenary daughter of a treacherous black mage must fight against them as well as for her very life Miach of Neroche would risk his own life to save Morgan s but he must do so at the peril of the realm forcing dangerous choices in the deadliest of quests

The Mage's Daughter

í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland - The Mage's Daughter, The Mage s Daughter In the kingdom of Neroche nightmarish creatures have been unleashed as weapons in a war of evil Morgan the mercenary daughter of a treacherous black mage must fight against them as well as for her The Mage's Daughter

  • í The Mage's Daughter Ü Lynn Kurland
    443Lynn Kurland
The Mage's Daughter

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  1. It s official, I ve fallen totally and completely in love with this series Kurland writes with the perfect balance of romance and fantasy and it is absolutely spectacular The world that she has created is beautifully magical and just so detailed, I ve become enthralled by it I love the growth we ve seen in the characters from the first book to this one, it s really quite astonishing The storyline is quite intricate and it really makes for an excellent story There were so many twists and reveals [...]

  2. In this second book, Morgan goes from a strong willed, very capable sword bearing girl to a conflicted weak willed girl relying on others to lead her I wasn t happy with how weak she was She may have started the book physically close to death, but I don t think her character should have taken so long to bounce back emotionally I hope in book three she regains her backbone and becomes a beautiful, strong willed, elven princess instead of one racked by indecision and doubt.

  3. This is the second book in the first trilogy and I have to say I am disappointed.First, there is a huge change of pace when you compare the first book and this one In the first it s full of adventure and humor and just stuff happening This one is focused mainly on romance and don t get me wrong, I love romance , but there is too much of it here and almost none in the first book This one is simply boring Nothing much happening through out the book Second, the heroine had a massive change of chara [...]

  4. What started out as a fluffy fantasy romance with a fierce, stubborn, sword wielding heroine turned into a soggy romance with a blubbering, weak kneed heroine I lost count of the number of times that Morgan blinked away hot tears or realized her cheeks were wet, or dissolved into uncontrollable weeping, or felt like weeping but managed not to She was a completely different person from the first book I can understand that she had some difficult changes to become used to, but I would have expected [...]

  5. Rating 4.5 StarsThe Mage s Daughter is even better than its predecessor, to my surprise Without a doubt, this is the most romantic novel of the trilogy After Kurland s painful cliffhanger ending, wherein the entire realm as we knew it was in utter chaos, The Mage s Daughter is an emotional and difficult tale Miach must repair the damage he has caused Morgan by concealing his true identity as the archmage of Tor Neroche, Morgan must face the truth about her past and true parentage, and the two mu [...]

  6. I had forgotten how into the first book in the Nine Kingdoms series I was until I got five pages into this second volume and instantly remembered Oh, right This story totally rocks The first volume,Star of the Morning, ends in utter chaos Nothing is resolved, everyone s in peril, and I remember closing the book in disbelief at the audacity of ending a book in such a way when the sequel would not be out for another year I wasn t too upset, of course, because the book had been so dang enjoyable I [...]

  7. If The Mage s Daughter was a first book in a series I would say The Nine Kingdom series was not for me It was too boring with too much character development and not enough adventure.But let s hope it s just the usual second book in series syndrome And the fact that Miach s brother joined the quest gives me hope I love sibling rivalry and banter I missed Adhemar from first book so much in second one Just don t let Miach and Morgan hear me Morgan also didn t help She was lost, sad, confused and cr [...]

  8. I m really loving this series The only reason The Mage s Daughter doesn t get 4 stars like the last book is that I felt that Morgan became a little too needy I understand this was a life changing experience for her, but her constant crying and weeping was a bit too much This one also needed a bit adventure in it to balance out the romance It seemed like there were things that were repeated over and over as well I do love the main characters of this series and enjoyed watching as they fell deepe [...]

  9. Warning this includes spoilers for book one without hiding them under a tag Proceed at your own risk.So I was right about Morgan needing to make a huge adjustment Like most second books in a proposed trilogy, this book had a lot of place holding Progress is made on the central plotline, but a lot of things need to happen before our heroes are ready to move on to the big leagues It doesn t help that the ending of the first book left Morgan so shattered Indeed, it s than halfway through the book [...]

  10. I love this series, it s just really, really good I m happy there are many books still left to read in it The characters, story and world building are strong and it s quickly becoming a favorite.

  11. Before I started reading The Mage s Daughter I had a glance at reviews and saw some who had given it 3 stars or lower and so I was all but why whatever for and so took a second glance Turns out people weren t pleased that Morgan wasn t all kick ass, springly the mouthy self she was in 1st book, instead it seems that she was moping around and being not as cool as she was.heh Seriously LOL well ok For sure, I understand what they re moping being sad about, butahahahahaha.Sigh, ah, I gotta bring do [...]

  12. I love this series It s hard to review books in a series because soon it s the characters and the story entirely that has kind of taken over my mind This is definitely a romance that I would consider a love story rather than the torrid romances that I often think of when someone refers to a book in that genre Other than the world this takes place in is complex and might be difficult for a young teen to follow, there is nothing in it that is inappropriate Personally I found it kind of refreshing [...]

  13. In Book 2 of the Nine Kingdoms, Neroche is still under siege by nightmarish creatures and Miach feels no closer to finding a worthy combatant against the unknown magic Meanwhile Morgan is back on her home island of Melksham on a long road to recovery after nearly escaping death Miach s responsibilities as archmage keep him at Tor Neroche but not without his constant sensing of Morgan s presence However when she s finally well enough to stand on her own two feet, Morgan flees to her second home, [...]

  14. This book and the first one were SO good I could barely stop reading to feed my kids I haven t been so involved in books in a while and it was so nice I love a good fantasy romance and these were excellent and clean too amazingly enough Pretty much everyone I know on will love these so do read them I just can t wait to read the last one

  15. I couldn t finish it Book annoyed me so badly I couldn t see the point The main character, besides for being poisoned managed to get slapped with the stick of stupidity Maybe I m not in the mood to read this right now Best as a Sunday on the couch read where you can finish it in a day, but to draw it out over several days is just painful.

  16. Terrible book, only one of the characters were likable, it was awful, etc, etc Enjoyed the hell out of it Would read again.

  17. I was somewhat confused for most of this book, because I simply couldn t remember what happened in Star of the Morning, and it drove me crazy I wish I had the time to go back and listen to the first book before I started this one I remembered the gist, that Morgan of Melksham and Miach of Neroche met up as they journeyed across the Nine Kingdoms and started to fall in love Only Miach had told Morgan that he was a simple farmer s son, and not the Archmage of the realm When Morgan learned the trut [...]

  18. I read this book just because I was mildly interested in finishing the story of Micha and Morgan, but mostly because I couldn t understand why I thought these books were so bad, when they should have been everything I love in a novel I kept thinking if I forced myself to keep reading, I would love it by the end, and sadly, that never happened.Most of the frustrations I expressed in my review of 1 carry over to this book, but there was one particularly annoying development that really dragged thi [...]

  19. Captivating but disappointing.I totally couldn t put this book down however I was disappointed that the story leaves you with no ending and in order to find out the climax of the story or even understand the plot that has begun you have to buy all the books in the series I usually do not mind buying series but usually each book in a series ends one plot or part of a plot leaving the reader with some satisfaction of an happy ever after but this series leaves the reader in a What State as their lo [...]

  20. This story contains romance than anything else, but it s a very sweet romance There s no sex, no teenage backbiting and grudge holding, and it s refreshingly free of the which hot, perfect guy should I choose trend that is so annoyingly popular these days Miach and Morgan s relationship is based on love, trust, and teamwork It s so nice to be able to read about a functioning, adult relationship.This book doesn t fall into the trap many middle books fall into we re given a lot of new information [...]

  21. I enjoyed this book as much as the first The characters are very likable and it is an easy read A lot of times in fantasy novels I wish there would be romance well this book has plenty of that I often felt it was of a romance than a fantasy I did enjoy that the characters really got to know each other, and were not kept apart for the majority of the story However, it is nice in a story to have that tension of not knowing if they would be together or not and the book was lacking some of that te [...]

  22. Moving on in the Nine Kingdoms series, the best book of the first trilogy is the second one, The Mage s Daughter In this book, Morgan has to make a choice To take on her magic and her past, and in exchange have the chance to build a lasting love with Miach, or to run away from her past and her magic and lose Miach in the bargain But Miach is not willing to let Morgan go quietly into the night He is willing to fight for her and fight for her he does This is the best book of the first trilogy for [...]

  23. I am sure I would have enjoyed this one much if I had read it 3,5 years ago after book 1 NowSIGH.Now I was confused, no idea who these people were, what they were doing, why I should care about them It was like I had started the series with book 2.Read book 1 again HA, as if I have a LOT of books, no way I am gonna re read a book when it might just be that book 2 actually is boring.

  24. It happens that whenever the fierce warrior falls in love they turn into soft sponges where s exactly the peak of the story did Lynn wrote all the trilogy in one session and then chopped it into 4, 7 books

  25. And this is officially the last book I read in the year 2013 wipes tears from eye a good year comes to an end with a damned good book.

  26. I would honestly give this book 2.5 stars but rather than 2 I gave it 3 because I enjoyed the first book I was really excited about this series because the heroine started off as a badass shieldmaiden, and I had been searching for an epic new fantasy series, but towards the end of the first book and through out almost the entirety of this book she was a weepy invalid I was super disappointed that her badassery seemed to have disappeared after all of the revelations about herself and relationship [...]

  27. Yes This is what I ve been waiting for So much better than the first one Many twists and tales, better adventures and mishaps Touching but not cringe worthy The start to a beautiful romance and horrifying mission Starting with Miach fighting for Morgan s heart in the touchiest swordsman training camp, to Morgan learning new horrors of her past and finding out who she really is Meeting family she never knew she had, to nearly losing the ones they hold dear, Morgan and Miachs journey has just tru [...]

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