Night School

Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty] Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty] - Night School, Night School Allie Sheridan s world is falling apart Her brother s run away from home Her parents ignore her And she s just been arrested Again This time her parents have had enough They cut her off from her frien

  • Title: Night School
  • Author: C.J. Daugherty
  • ISBN: 9781907411212
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty], Night School, C.J. Daugherty, Night School Allie Sheridan s world is falling apart Her brother s run away from home Her parents ignore her And she s just been arrested Again This time her parents have had enough They cut her off from her friends and send her away to boarding school far from her London friends But at Cimmeria Academy Allie is soon caught up in the strange activities of a secret group of eliteAllie Sheridan s

Night School

Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty] Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty] - Night School, Night School Allie Sheridan s world is falling apart Her brother s run away from home Her parents ignore her And she s just been arrested Again This time her parents have had enough They cut her off from her frien Night School

  • Night School Best Download || [C.J. Daugherty]
    332C.J. Daugherty
Night School

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  1. I always enjoy boarding school books unless they re contemporary, in which case I tend to run away screaming , and I d hoped Night School would be a fine addition to the group, or in the best case scenario, that it would stand out in some way Sadly, it s not special at all, and it s not even paranormal like I d expected It has the structure and the tropes of a paranormal YA novel, but no paranormal elements whatsoever Consider yourselves warned Allie is a very troubled teen After her older broth [...]

  2. Yup, this is definitely a Tina book Since the Harry Potter days, I ve always loved boarding school books So as soon as I saw this book, I ve wanted to read it, I m not sure why but it sounded like something I d enjoy and enjoy I did, in fact, it became an instant favorite Also, the fact that it s set in London and it s British is an extra bonus I love British books Night School has just about everything I love in a good escape Mystery, intrigue, excitement, driven character and a heart pounding [...]

  3. I liked Night School But I say that with a massive caveat More on that later So, Night School and upcoming Night School sequel you and your ratings are on probation The synopsis is fairly ambiguous as to the genre of the novel It drops hints about a strange boarding school and a mysterious loner guy, but is evasive on the specifics Even the cover looks like it would be home among a shelf of paranormal romances So while I don t think it s a spoiler to say this, I ll put in spoiler tags all the sa [...]

  4. Una historia original con unos personajes geniales Allie es un personaje fuerte y rebelde eso me encanta y los chicos tan diferentes pero con tantas cosas en com n al tiempo.El libro atrapa por el misterio, solo descubres de que va todo en los ltimos cap tulos y el final te deja lleno de curiosidad TeamCarter Rese a Completa bastvilard 2015 0

  5. Man, this was A.W.E.S.O.M.E C.J Daugherty managed to keep me in the dark about what was really going on in Night School until the very end I had no freakin clue and I loved that Daugherty scattered a few hints here and there to make sure you never stayed on the right track After a while I thought I had the whole thing figured out and was like Ah well, this is just another one of those boarding school stories about vampires or whatever but I was wrong It really isn t I think it s best to go into [...]

  6. Actual rating 3.5I honestly don t know how to rate this book It s such an odd read, I came in with certain expectations as to the plot, the characters, and the writing, and none were reached That isn t to say it s a bad thing, considering I had low expectations, but this book was so different from what I actually got From the title, I expected a House of Night ripoff, and instead I got Gossip Girl meet cloak and daggers with a hint at the paranormal and a set of rules straight out of Fight Club. [...]

  7. Sixty four percent in four days does not a good sign make I just couldn t get into it but, the Lord be thanked, for if not by the powers of skimming then I doubt I d have managed to get through to the end Should I say that it s the same old, same old Should I say that the boys are ridiculously controlling in this one Should I repeat the fact that, yet gain, there be two boys in this one both of whom are into the same girl who thinks herself, yet again, as not that much to begin with Should I say [...]

  8. 5 Words Privilege, school, friendship, family, love.I have to admit that I put off reading this for a long time.Why The cover It just screams PNR Or YAFantasy.No, thank you.But this month I wanted to finally read some of those books that have been sitting on my physical TBR for a long while, starting with the UKYA And Night School was the first one I picked up.And wow Why did I leave it so long I m not sure what I was expecting but it was absolutely NOT what I read This book was all kinds of awe [...]

  9. Odli na pri a, zaista odli na ali mi fali ne to dobro, bi u iskrena, fali mi seks u pri i xD valjda u poslednje vreme stalno itam ljubavne romane sa barem jednom seks scenom, ali avaj, ovde nema nijedne tako da sorrynotsorry ostaju 4 zvezdice Lin ujte me P

  10. Awh man I really wanted to be able to give this book Instead I shall tell you why I didn t and why I gave it what I did of course Right, so the blurb and the first chapter of the book give the impression that Allie is somewhat of a troublemaker, what with the arrests and all Sounds fun, right We all love a good troublemaker However, as the book went on I found her character quite and by quite I mean really inconsistent She changed the moment she went to the boarding school to generic female pro [...]

  11. 1.5 starsSixteen year old Allie is sent away to boarding school after getting arrested for the third time Hoping Allie will start to behave, Allie s parents drop her off at her new school Cimmeria Academy, which much to Allie s dismay is in the middle of nowhere This conveniantly gets rid of the heroine s parents pretty much straight away everyone that reads YA knows that parents can t heaven forbid actually be there to parent our young heroes and heroines It was a bit unbelievable that Allie s [...]

  12. Night School tells the story of Allie Sheridan, a teenage girl who is having a tough time dealing with her brother s disappearance After being arrested for the third time, her parents decide to send her to the mysterious Cimmeria Academy, whose students include the children of the country s most powerful and influential people Though the boarding school may house teenagers, electronics of any kind aren t accepted no phones, mp3 players, laptops, TVs, anything.Allie s life at Cimmeria starts out [...]

  13. This is not a paranormal or fantasy book Ignore the bookshelves that say it is It is instead about spoilt teenagers who are whiney, full of issues and extremely annoying to read about The big surprise about what night school is That wasn t a surprise at all I wouldn t recommend this book, nor continue the series.

  14. If you, like me, saw the cover of Night School and assumed it was a paranormal romance novel then let me assure you it s nothing of the sort Allie Sheridan is having a tough time coping with her brother s disappearance He was her best friend until one day he just wrote a note and left When Allie gets arrested, her parents decide that they are unable to deal with her self destructive behaviour any and send her to boarding school Cimmeria Academy.Cimmeria Academy is no ordinary school It is phone, [...]

  15. I need That is the only thing going through my brain right now I just want of these words and sentences that Daughtry has strung together The story flows like water and for 454 pages it has to flow to keep my attention and it not only did that but it left me wanting another 454 pages Allie has been sent to a school tucked in the middle of nowhere as a last resort to save her from herself Ever since her brother left she has been on a downward spiral and her parents are at the end of their rope, [...]

  16. Read This Review More Like It On My Blog C.J Daugherty has several things going for her in her debut novel and the first in her Night School series a chilling, thoroughly Gothic vibe, an interesting and just convoluted enough conspiracy theory, and a somewhat rounded main character Unfortunately for both Night School and its readers, Daugherty loses sight of what she should write about and focuses on mean girls, petty high school drama, mysterious boys, and an obnoxious love trianle with Allie a [...]

  17. This review is also available on my blog.__________________________________I can t think of a rating for this Either 3, 3.5, 3.75, I just don t know.So I decided to get this book because the reviews I ve seen gave it the impression that this is a book of pure epicness I was intrigued and curious, so I was excited when I managed to get my hands on it.Unfortunately, it kind of let me down.So this book is about Allie Sheridan who became a rebellious girl after her older brother Christopher ran away [...]

  18. Ein Buch, das ich schon sehr lange lesen wollte Ich muss sagen, dass es mich sehr gut unterhalten hat und auch ziemlich spannend war Leider hat mich das Ende ein bisschen entt uscht, weswegen ich nicht wei , ob ich es weiterlesen werde Ich habe das Gef hl, dass immer neue Geheimnisse aufkommen werden und es in st ndige Geheimniskr merei ausufern wird Also ich wei noch nicht, ob ich weiter lesen will Das erste Buch hat mir jedenfalls sehr gut gefallen Selbst die Dreiecksbeziehung war ziemlich coo [...]

  19. sighs Night School by first timer C J Daugherty isn t awful, but the way too overused setting had irritated me quite a bit 1 New girl in a new school a secretive boarding school, that s it 2 Love triangle we all know there is no escape from this one 3 Two mouth wateringly hot male love interests one moody bad boy and one Straight As student and he is rich, mind you , and we all know there is no escape from this one neither I m actually surprised these two boys don t turn out to be view spoiler v [...]

  20. Night School was recommended to me by my good friend Tina She told me not read any spoilers, to go in knowing as little as possible and I am so glad I listened to her Becaused it was so different from what I was expecting but I mean that in a good way Now I don t want to say anything about what this book was actually about because it is nice to have a book that takes you by surprise Let just say it was intriguing plot I loved the mystery too it and how it leaves me with questions that I desperat [...]

  21. No me acordaba lo intrigante que era Me encanto como la primera vez que lo le.Carter West Sin lugar a dudas espero poder muy pronto con la segunda parte El misterio que hay en este libro es impresionante FASCINADA

  22. OMG THIS BOOK WAS SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED It kept me on the edge of my seat all the time I ll immidiately start the second book of this series todayed to know what will happen next

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