Mind Games

[PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White [PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White - Mind Games, Mind Games Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be They look out for each other Protect each other And most importantly they keep each other s secrets even the most dangerous ones Annie is blind but

  • Title: Mind Games
  • Author: Kiersten White
  • ISBN: 9780062135315
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White, Mind Games, Kiersten White, Mind Games Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be They look out for each other Protect each other And most importantly they keep each other s secrets even the most dangerous ones Annie is blind but can see visions of the future Fia was born with flawless intuition her first impulse is always exactly right When the sisters are offered a place at an elite boarding scFia and Annie are as

Mind Games

[PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White [PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White - Mind Games, Mind Games Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be They look out for each other Protect each other And most importantly they keep each other s secrets even the most dangerous ones Annie is blind but Mind Games

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Mind Games : by Kiersten White
    302Kiersten White
Mind Games

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  1. I can t lose Annie because I wanted to dance and kiss James How could I have been so stupid and selfish Everything was already screwed up we were already in trouble I can t believe I did this I did this Again How many times will Annie have to see her own death because of me So there are these two stupid sisters, I want to call them Dumb and Dumber, but for the purposes of this book, they re named Annabelle Annie and Sofia Fia At the beginning of the story, we know that Fia is an assassin, a 17 y [...]

  2. A few months ago I had attempted to read my copy of Paranormalcy, which had been collecting dust on my bookshelf for quite a few months In the mood for a light, funny read, Paranormalcy sounded like it d be perfect, and, even better, it came highly recommended to me by multiple trusted friends of mine I think I may have lasted about one hundred pages before I threw in the towel and abandoned the book From what I had read, Paranormalcy was pretty much the book I was looking for to a T, conceptual [...]

  3. Visit BOOK BRATS for reviews, giveaways, discussions, and bookish funREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS DOES NOT A BOOK MAKE I have no idea My plans changed about five minutes ago I look over my shoulder to see the men, three tap tap tap I hate the number three , thick shoulders, one gun between them based on the way the guy in the middle is walking that was a mistake, they should all have guns guess they ll find out matching our pace and getting closer.The narration style of MIND GAMES starts off annoying [...]

  4. 1.5 stars.You know what I told this book For your reading pleasure, I am going to have many examples of awful awful oh so awful writing for you.Example A The Repeat And Then Repeat Again In Parenthesis Also, snippets of Why this reads like a 13 year old girl s diary You have been warned Okay, so someone posted a comment about her explanation to why in Fia s POV everything is repeated 3 times she s killed three people I gotta say that that makes a whole lot sense than I had previously thought Ho [...]

  5. The first thing you need to know about Sister Assassin or Mind Games, title of the US edition is that it s absolutely thrilling Ferguson, my Kindle, was temporarily unavailable so I was forced to read it on my iPhone and my eyes nearly fell out, but I couldn t stop Not for a second I wouldn t have stopped to save my life.Sister Assassin is a story about two sisters, Fia and Annie, and the narrative is divided between their two points of view It also jumps back and forth in time, and these flashb [...]

  6. Today s lesson is HOW TO TURN A BOOK WITH HUGE POTENTIAL INTO AN EPIC FAILURE And guess what It only requires 4 easy steps 1 Don t bother thinking up an original plot Nobody will notice it s just a cheap fan fiction anyway.I mean really why go through all the work when there are thousands of other books you can just steal borrow ideas from So basically, our story is set in the future where there s a school that uses children with special abilities the ability to see the future, telekinesis, etc [...]

  7. The ratings system is inherently flawed in relation to book reviews I tend to use the 1 star review solely for books that offended me, particularly in their romanticised depiction of rape culture, abusive relationships, women shaming, etc I seldom, if ever, give a book 1 star because it was just awful as a piece of literature I read somewhere that the author Kiersten White finished the first draft of this book in nine days I don t believe that Nine days is far longer than my original prediction [...]

  8. Felt like reading something shorter, so I bumped this to the top of my TBR It s a quick enjoyable read with vivid characters and a unique structure of two different povs two different timelines The ending sets up nicely for the sequel, and I m really looking forward to seeing where this series goes next

  9. Synopsis Fia can t make a wrong decision, because she s got perfect instincts Her older sister, Annie, is blind, but has the ability to see into the future, and she s one of the only people who can see Fia.At the beginning of the novel, Fia is tasked with killing a guy named Adam As someone with perfect instincts, she can easily fight off any guy, and has the ability to manipulate anyone around her to twist them around her little finger She s clearly the perfect assassin.The problem is, she can [...]

  10. Mind Games is surely a dark novel which will eventually force your mind to think about it especially if you are in the head of two sisters who the one has a nearly insane and impulsive attitude and the other is calm and serene The book was direct to the point so there are small amounts of detailing about the environment and the people and I m used to that writing detailed so this was really a shocker and the reason why it has only 237 pages The main point of the book is quite simple but the road [...]

  11. I ve erased this review like ten times because I m having trouble When I say that MIND GAMES is not the Paranormalcy Trilogy, I find myself stuck in an endless loop because I loved the Paranormalcy Trilogy, so I don t want you to think for a minute that this is better, because it isn t better but yet its better sheesh The most accurate thing I can say is that Kiersten White has only begun to play mind games with her readers It is evident by this unique, exciting and riveting book that White has [...]

  12. This book is absolutely amazing Mind Games is simply that a perfect mind game that will leave you begging for I honestly have no clue how I am going to write this review but I am going to try.The POV in this story alternates between Annie and Fia, two sisters each with very unique abilities The time setting also changes from present time to the past making things even complicated, but still in my opinion unique and amazing The overall storyline is not simple either It involves lots of espionag [...]

  13. Enjoyed the concept, but had a really hard time with the writing and how it was delivered Mind Games is told in both Annie and Fia s pov and we are connected to both the past and the present, but it didn t quite work in it s favor since it felt scattered and erratic String of repetitive words and the tap tap tapping was also very distracting and frustrating The characters were intriguing in their own ways, but Annie and Fia felt, at times, like they had the same voice and inner dialog and were h [...]

  14. Really enjoyed this book It s so fast paced and short, it is very hard to put down I really loved the two main characters, Annie and Fia They are so strong This book has a lot of mystery, secrets, and action It definitely kept me on my toes The writing style is pretty unique It switches between past and present, which helps give some backstory and depth in a plot that s driven by action I got confused sometimes, but overall I liked it I also switches points of view between the two sisters I felt [...]

  15. Mind Games or Sister Assassin in the UK is the first book in White s new series of the same name I ve read her Paranormalcy trilogy, and for the most part enjoyed it s fluffy heroine, Evie I assumed Mind Games would be similar, and prepared myself for a book filled with silly humor and sparkly characters Yeah, not so much.I m also bad about ordering a book, forgetting why I ordered it, and then diving in without bothering to read what the blurb on the cover says Lazy, I know So I downloaded it t [...]

  16. Did I hear heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller Because I want in Mind Games is a refreshing addition to the YA genre, especially when psychological thrillers is often exclusive to adult fiction White delivered a interesting plot and a fierce female character albeit she stole the the spotlight from everyone else all in a fast paced two hundred page novel We ve seen all the elements before from crazy training schools Ender s Game, Insignia, Variant, The Vindico to exploiting psychic abi [...]

  17. I really like this one, but not for the reasons you would think I kind of got the Ocean s 13 satisfaction at the end of the book And I think this book is better named Mind Games I think if I had read it as Sister Assassin, I would have been extremely disappointedSTER ASSASSIN FAILWhile the prologue and first chapter throws you right into it, the rest of the book lacked that slick, edgy, heartstoppingly intense action I was expecting from this book The action scenes were too short and kind of dis [...]

  18. It took me a second to get into this one and really understand what was going on, but I honestly flew through this book It s definitely on the action side rather than character development, but that s okay It was a satisfying quick read and I can t wait to read the sequel Also James Just James.

  19. Ugh, you guys I was so excited for this pretty much until I started reading it I mean, that cover Also, I enjoyed the first two Paranormalcy books, though in Endlessly Lend and Evie went way over my sap tolerance Here s the thing the best part of Paranormalcy is the humor it may not be good literature or amazing writing, but Evie is funny Neither Fia nor Annie has a sense of humor, and, without it, the book relies heavily on White s writing and plotting, which turns out not to be a great thing.S [...]

  20. As seen on Ed and Em s Reviews 1.5 StarsWhen I first heard about Mind Games, I was immediately fascinated The synopsis added in with the gorgeous cover made me desperate for this book I thought I would love it and even when the negative reviews started to pour in, I wasn t phased If I m being totally honest, I probably should ve been Mind Games had the premise of a real winner, but was too short, too cliche and too predictable to make a mark There is so much that I didn t like about this novel I [...]

  21. Being the Cover Whore that I am, I was dying to get my hands on Mind Games from the moment that I saw its stunning cover I actually read the blurb for this one and it got me even excited Two sisters with extraordinary powers trapped in a school that wants to use their powers to carry out their evil deeds How epic does that sound This story had a stunning cover and a great premise going for it but unfortunately it failed to deliveruntil the very last chapter Fia and Annie are sisters who at an e [...]

  22. I tried for weeks to keep picking up this book to get into it One of the most disjointed novels I have read in a long time I struggled hugely to not only believe the plot but follow it Very confusing It switches between past and present quicker than I flick through the TV channels With insipid characters and rather ridiculous scenes, this one was just weird, I was waiting for it to get better, but it did not I did not finish this, giving up at around the 60% read mark It also switches between fi [...]

  23. A very interesting beginning I felt like I was kept in the dark about the larger intent behind hunting down the girls with psychic powers, but the dual narrative and switching time periods made for a super fast paced and action packed novel

  24. Mind Gamesis a book that had a lot of potential, but unfortunately just didn t work for me I wanted to like it because it 1 is about people with superpowers 2 is written in an alternating first person POV However, several things prevented me from being able to really like it First of all, the writing style didn t fit At all The author loved repetition and run on sentences I eventually figured out this was part of the character perspective, but it quickly became distracting Also, the tone felt a [...]

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