The Storm

Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz - The Storm, The Storm When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him Shep the German Shepard is confused Where is his boy Will he ever return And what will Shep do in the meantime now that the extra bowls of

  • Title: The Storm
  • Author: Dayna Lorentz
  • ISBN: 9780545276436
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz, The Storm, Dayna Lorentz, The Storm When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him Shep the German Shepard is confused Where is his boy Will he ever return And what will Shep do in the meantime now that the extra bowls of food not to mention all those tasty things he found in the big cold box are gone Then another dog shows up at Shep s window and convinces him to escape There s foodWhen a hurricane forces hi

The Storm

Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz - The Storm, The Storm When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him Shep the German Shepard is confused Where is his boy Will he ever return And what will Shep do in the meantime now that the extra bowls of The Storm

  • Free Read The Storm - by Dayna Lorentz
    293Dayna Lorentz
The Storm

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  1. I downloaded this to my kindle when I was searching for the Survivors books, but didn t read it because I really wanted Erin Hunter and nothing else I was surprised to find I enjoyed this than Survivors It may be these dogs have a better understanding of the human world, or better characterization I still have no idea of the disaster in the other series, but this was clear I believe after Katrina there were changes to the evacuating without pets because people wouldn t leave without them, but p [...]

  2. This book is superb book about dogs, and if you love dogs then its the perfect book for you The protagonist, Shep the german shepherd is superb and the story he says to his friends of the Great Wolf and the Black Dog was amazing It also gives some lessons to the humans I like Shep and after the rescue it takes you to a some different conclusion that s amazing You didn t have link of what s going next I enjoyed reading the whole book Absolutely amazing for dog lovers A bit of epilogue hurricane l [...]

  3. I read this one with my 12 year old He loves dogs and really enjoyed this book He is eager to read the other books in the series.

  4. YesssI love this book Who cares if it s for kids What an awesome tale I can t wait to read the next book Definitely recommend.

  5. The Storm by Dayna Lorentz was a good book The genre is fiction and the main dog was a German Shepard named Shep and he don t know why his family left him alone He also don t know why there is a storm destroying his city Shep made friends and allies, he also lost friends and made enemies He is the leader of the pack and he is the one who will protect the yappers.

  6. I enjoyed this book quite a lot, but it s exactly the kind of thing I like best It s an animal book, where the animals take center stage, and the humans are shunted off to the side or left out almost entirely, as is the case in this book Granted, the dogs are a little humanized and not only because they talk , but that s to be expected For the reader to properly understand and empathize with the characters, they have to be a little human, otherwise the story wouldn t be so interesting and there [...]

  7. This was a fun book with endearing characters and a good moral message.The story is told cleverly from a dog s perspective the dogs pant when they find something funny, they say things like, I need to bark with you and As you can smell and recall their many battles with the floor sucker vacuum cleaner.Better still are the charming personalities of the main characters and their friendships with each other, especially the noble lead dog, Shep Shep is an escapee from an underground dog fighting cir [...]

  8. Shep has been rescued from a life of dog fighting and enjoys life with his boy in their apartment in the city When a giant storm comes, and the boy and his family leave Shep on his own, he doesn t know what to make of it Another dog, Callie, barks at him from the fire escape, and he breaks a window, jumps out, and the two take off on their own They soon realize that things are not right at all and end up in an apartment building, freeing the dogs that have been left Many of these dogs are yapper [...]

  9. How bad could the storm possibly be In the book The Storm Dogs of the Drowned City by Dayna Lorentz one of the main characters Shep is a dog that grew up in the fight cage but now is friendly as can be He is a German Sheppard who was abandoned at his house for a storm He was forced to leave his house because of dehydration and starvation Shep saved a dog named Cheese who is sweet and loyal Cheese is a tough border collie who is sweet to a little pup named Oscar Shep and Cheese saves other dogs a [...]

  10. This book is the best It was my favorite book in 2nd through 4th grade so I decided to read it again and I still really like it My favorite part is probably when the pack is in the hotel rescuing all the dogs I think that the author did a really good job writing the book from a dogs point of view I am so excited to read the next book in the series My favorite character would probably be Shep He is a German Shepard my favorite breed of dog and he is the main character I really hope the author wri [...]

  11. Shep s dreams are troubled by the nightmares of the fight ring Saved he now has a life with the man, the woman and his boy.Together his boy and him go to the park and play and he is allowed to run and play with the other dogs.Then one day his family has a visitor and he hears the stranger no dogs allowed The woman puts out extra kibble, water and then they leave locking the door and Shep inside.Outside it is raining a lot This is a tale of survival from the dogs point Katrina left many pets home [...]

  12. This is a great animal fantasy, dealing with how a group of dogs survive in a city that human beings evacuate because of a hurricane It suggests New Orleans and Katrina Shep makes a great central characters, and the book effectively shows his struggles to lead a group of dogs that previously have not had any contact with each other except for a few who met at the park Don t let the popularity of Survivors deter you from reading this one It s a great read.

  13. This was a nice story told from the viewpoint of dogs Shep helps free trapped dogs, after freeing himself from his house They form a pack, then crash at a place that has food and water Shep had a troubled past before he was taken to the boy Shep misses, from an animal shelter The dogs have their own mythology stories One of the biggest themes in the book was Big vs Small dogs A friendship gone terribly wrong, and wild dogs that clam anything they see as theirs.

  14. Dog loving kids might enjoy this series about dogs surviving a major storm hurricane without their humans There s suspense and a bit of internal strife for Shep as he weighs his abilities to be a leader in crisis, as well as managing his previous instincts as a dog fighter I myself found it confusing determining who was who among all the different dog descriptions.

  15. This book is so fantastic It is about a dog named Shep He lives a happy life until one stormy day his family has to move without him because of an earthquake He makes friends on the streets, and he has to fight wild dogs that are very aggressive It is very sad at the end because one of the other dogs on his side dies while fighting.

  16. I read this one with my son for school which led to us reading 2 The Pack How does anyone leave an animal behind when you know a hurrican is coming After I got over that fact, the story was great It was a great lesson on overcoming adversity, loyalty, friendship and betrayal My son enjoyed it as well.

  17. Pretty good Kinda sad but it was a good read Action packed and I enjoyed to read it Recommended it to my friend they said they said they enjoyed it to If you like books abut dogs then you will love this book Highly Recommend it

  18. Shep and other neighborhood dogs are left behind when their families evacuate for a hurricane and there are no pets allowed So they don t have enough food and have to escape their dens and figure out how to survive.

  19. This book was slow at first but once I got into it I couldn t put it down I loved the plot and the bond between the dogs and the twist at the end between two of the main characters Cannot wait to read the next book to find out what happens.

  20. Mom s comments I don t know the content of this book It was one of the very first books Van read and we picked it up in the Sci Fi bookstore.

  21. It s Icy Cool Gabriel was really into the suspense in this one and, he didn t mention, but for him it was a tear jerker.

  22. i can t remember if it was in this one or in the 2nd one where zues leaves the yappers to find big dogs

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