Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker] Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker] - Skin, Skin A freak storm has spawned three tornadoes that are bearing down on the town of Summerville Yet under the cover of the storm looms a much ominous threat A vindictive killer known as Red who s left a st

  • Title: Skin
  • Author: Ted Dekker
  • ISBN: 9781595542779
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover

Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker], Skin, Ted Dekker, Skin A freak storm has spawned three tornadoes that are bearing down on the town of Summerville Yet under the cover of the storm looms a much ominous threat A vindictive killer known as Red who s left a string of victims in his wake and is now bent on exacting his final revenge on the unsuspecting town But there is an enigma surrounding Red that the FBI is unwilling to adA freak storm has spawned


Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker] Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker] - Skin, Skin A freak storm has spawned three tornadoes that are bearing down on the town of Summerville Yet under the cover of the storm looms a much ominous threat A vindictive killer known as Red who s left a st Skin

  • Skin Best Download || [Ted Dekker]
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  1. Personally I loved this book,I thought it was a great mix of mystery and suspense it kept me on my toes the whole time At first I didn t really understand it and thought it was going to be one of the worst books by him, but as I got farther along I realized how brilliant Skin really is I loved how you really got to know most of the characters but it wasn t just at the beginning it was throughout thee whole story I would have never guessed the ending, it was completely random I think if people wo [...]

  2. What the hell I just what Took this book home hoping I d found another Stephen King, or at least a poor man s Dean Koontz.Koontz he is not King he definitely ain t.The characters are not likeable their backstories are cookie cutter and very little time is devoted to their development I escaped a cult and now I m afraid to touch men She used to be a child model He dabbled in the occult for a while His mom thought he was ugly Very vague and doesn t generate any emotional connection or intrigue.I k [...]

  3. SKIN by Ted Dekker was published in 2006 It is a Christian Fiction book with a twist on life as we know it This book took me only about four days to read because of how much i loved it it is about 300 pages long It takes place out in the middle of nowhere in the present year A group of five people, a cop, young lady and her brother, a restaurant owner, and a video game artist are locked into a town of two building in the middle of a desert An unseen serial killer named Sterling Red demands that [...]

  4. 3.5 5Whew, how to summarize this one Okay a freak storm brings five random people together in the small town of Summerville There, they encounter a mysterious and stealthy killer, Red, who is after them, for reasons unknown to them The five of them, including Wendy, a former cult survivor, and Colt, a cop, take shelter in a library for several days where the mysterious Red hides and forces them to play his creepy games He wants them to choose the ugliest of the five and kill them, and in the me [...]

  5. If you ve ever wondered what happened to Scooby and the gang from Scooby Doo, Scooby got a couple of movie deals and the rest of them ended up in this overrated suspense novel Someone in the town of Summerville, who goes by the name Red, is murdering innocent people He wants to play psychological games with a small group of people, demanding that they kill the ugliest or everyone dies Throughout much of the book, this group of five does little else other blame one another, justify why the other [...]

  6. GAH Nonsense, just complete nonsense The story itself was quite a page turner, I was all interested in seeing what was going to happen, BUT the ending completely ruined it for me All that suspense, all that mystery, and for what To find out at the end that the whole story took place inside a video game Seriously

  7. Dekker s website shows the phrase From the mind of Ted Dekker All I can say is that only from Dekker s mind could come this book Twists and turns, heroes and heroines, mind tripping plotI must say that reading a Dekker book is like drinking expresso to the imagination I can t say this was his best book or that I truly enjoyed it but I can admire the staggering imagination of the author I would recommend this book to die hard Ted Dekker, Stephen King, or Dean Koontz fans I give this book a high f [...]

  8. That was a terrible book For some reason I felt compelled to finish it which just irritated me The plot had an interesting twist, but the writing was sloppy, the editing very poor and the characters juvenile and tedious Not sure how this person has so many books published, but you can be sure I won t ever read another of his.

  9. I really enjoyed the concept of Skin Ted Dekker for me is a hit or miss I have read a few of his books and own that are on my shelves waiting to be read still I have loved some of his books while others have just been total misses for me In regards to this one though I can t say too much without revealing the plot But, I will say that I did not guess what was occurring If that makes any sense lol Now that I am done reading it, it sort of reminds of another book by Erica Splinder but I don t rec [...]

  10. I found this one unintentionally hilarious, then swore off Dekker novels Most if it is yet another Dekker villain who enjoys forcing large groups of people into ludicrous scenarios, all of whom obediently run around like headless chickens screaming We Have No Other Choice ZOMG We MUST kill each other, if he tells us to Honestly, why is there never any heroism No one willing to refuse to play the game No one who says, Kill me if you want, but you can t make me a killer Each of the characters are [...]

  11. I did not like this novel at all I am a fan of Ted dekker, but I just couldn t get into it Plus, the antagonist made me extremely uncomfortable I guess that means Ted did something right, but it was not for me My 16 yr old daughter understood the gaming aspect, which I did not, and she enjoyed the book okay I rather like Ted s Christian fiction This latest stuff is secular and just creepy IMHOI cannot recommend this book at all.

  12. At first I thought I wasn t going to be able to get through this It was just too weird like THE STAND by Stephen King, which I couldn t get through either, despite the fact that I d enjoyed his earlier books.Then I began to get caught up in this By the end I was fascinated in the startling concepts Decker had hit me with.

  13. I picked this up in a bookstore not knowing what to expect Wasn t my cup of tea, I guess Couldn t really relate to the story or the characters.

  14. It was so suspenseful Every turn brought up a new danger Danger of dying from Red Not knowing who was Red Then there was the huge twist at the end This book was amazing.

  15. SKIN embodies everything that both interests and frustrates me about Ted Dekker On the one hand, I love how ambitious it is, and I appreciate the way it pushes the envelope for mainstream Christian fiction On the other hand, I m floored that a novel this inept can even get published, let alone sell half a million copiesIN goes from being a good book in the first act, to being a bad book in the second act, to being a terrible book in the third act Dekker doesn t just waste a good premise he oblit [...]

  16. Could ve been 150 pages, instead it dragged on for 395 Interesting plot, mediocre execution Too much information without enough substance.

  17. This was a very thought provoking book and kept you guessing the whole time I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good suspense story with great plot twists.

  18. Simply destroying ugly evil doesn t solve a thing There has to be a way to make what was once ugly beautifulThe battle of good and evil is a spiritual one and in Skin the truth of good and evil is vividly displayed In a small desert town of Summerville, Wendy a runaway from the occult finds herself in the battle with a brother and sister who are stranded from an accident Carey and Nicole, with the town sheriff Colt and the town gamer Pinkus Being thrown together after a freak storm, they are in [...]

  19. Skin written by Ted Dekker and published by Thomas nelson on April 3 2007 and takes place in a town called Summervill during a freak storm Five random people have been placed in to a wicked game by a man named Red Red is a serial killer that tells the five people to kill the ugliest in the group and he would keep killing people until the ugliest in the group was killed but then they struggle determining on what being beautiful or ugly really means Another interesting factor is that when they lea [...]

  20. I had heard good things about Ted Dekker s books for awhile and decided that I would give him a try I m not sure how good his other books are, but Skin was nothing exceptional It s definitely not a good one to start reading if you want to read books by Dekker I m not even sure I ll read another one.It s not that the book was bad It just didn t interest me I didn t really care about the characters and the ending was a little confusing.In Skin, five twenty somethings are hunted by a mysterious ma [...]

  21. Can I just say that I love Ted Dekker His works leave me wondering right up till the last page what in the world is gonna happen It s all his fault that I m sleep deprived I can never put his books down till I m done, and quite often, I end up reading till 4 or 5 in the morning so I can finish and have a measure of peace for my last hour or two of sleep This book is all that So far, my favorite of his has been Thr3e, but Kiss and Skin run a neck and neck second Can t say much about the story bec [...]

  22. Skin was my first experience with author Ted Dekker The book was on my shelf for a while just staring at me So, I finally decided to read it Ted Dekker has one creative imagination The book is full of twists, surprises and questions I was most intrigued by the mysterious town and the serial killer, Sterling Red He consumes mustard and mayonnaise like it s a food group then causally instructs a group of five strangers to kill the ugliest That leaves the five questioning the true meaning of what i [...]

  23. I was reading over the other reviews of this book and I read this quote, And, of course, his sub par writing is only good enough to be in a book meant for the mass market Dekker s books will never be required reading, or even suggested reading, in high school or college literature course I think this says it all I heard someone call Dekker a genius because he churns out so MANY books but I think compiling 100 badly written stories does not a genius make I do not like this writing style, paperbac [...]

  24. Wow This book was one seriously intense ride I couldn t even put it down when I was supposed to be hanging out with my friends It was like watching an intense movie with a lot of action scenes and suspense, and you don t want to be interrupted A group of people appear to be selected by a psychopath and are switching between two different worlds whenever the killer decides It s a whole game of cat and mouse and it s done very well The dialogue is catching and it was very interesting to see how al [...]

  25. Ted Dekker seems like he wanted this book to thrive off of suspense This story is about a serial killer by the mysterious name of Sterling Red who is forcing five poor victims to kill the ugliest for some unknown reason I can t say this was even close to my favorite book it wasn t the worst thing I ve ever read, it wasn t the best either He tried to put so much suspense in the story that it didn t seem suspenseful at all to me The ending was a little surprising but he had been throwing so many c [...]

  26. It took me a while to get into this one, but once I did WOW It starts out with a group of people being drawn together in a small town It has shifting realities They are playing a game with a mad man who is requiring the team to pick the ugliest of the group and kill that person, if they fail within a certain amount of time then others will die, until they have accomplished what Ted the mad man wants As they flick back and forth between two realities it is hard for them to decide who can be trust [...]

  27. This was my first Ted Dekker book and overall it was a good one The only thing I didn t care for was the fact that there were a lot of characters, some that were only mentioned here and there and at times I had to stop and try to remember who they were Also, by the end of the book I really didn t feel any connection between me and any of the characters I guess maybe I really just didn t like any of them However, I thought the storyline was good It was definitely a page turner I finished in 3 day [...]

  28. mmmmmmmm Now that I got to the ending of the book I don t know if I liked it as much as I did when reading it I loved the idea behind the book I wont say to much because it will give it away, but it was really twisted, intense and in some parts, pretty dark but then ending it didn t feel like an ending there was still one day left BAH either way, I really liked the book, it got my blood pumping and it was really well written

  29. I don t usually do reviews but I just wanted to point some things out that I ve noticed about Ted Dekker s books He writes some good mind fucks And a pleasing surprise is the ones I ve read are not Christian fiction , or at least not what I would think of as such This was a good, fast paced, psychological thriller slash fantasy 4.3 stars

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