[PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor [PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor - Inishowen, Inishowen Inspector Martin Aitken s life is a mess Divorced his career s in chaos and the last thing he needs this Christmas Even is a strange woman collapsed on a Dublin street Ellen Donnelly is a woman on a

  • Title: Inishowen
  • Author: Joseph O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9780099286530
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor, Inishowen, Joseph O'Connor, Inishowen Inspector Martin Aitken s life is a mess Divorced his career s in chaos and the last thing he needs this Christmas Even is a strange woman collapsed on a Dublin street Ellen Donnelly is a woman on a mission coming to Ireland to find her mother and escape her unfaithful husband Dr Milton Amery is a New York plastic surgeon All three of their roads lead to Inishowen


[PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor [PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor - Inishowen, Inishowen Inspector Martin Aitken s life is a mess Divorced his career s in chaos and the last thing he needs this Christmas Even is a strange woman collapsed on a Dublin street Ellen Donnelly is a woman on a Inishowen

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Inishowen : by Joseph O'Connor
    280Joseph O'Connor

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  1. I d had a bad day The repairs to my bicycle in Ulster had got me to Sligo but then the repairs needed repairing and this was beyond me The man in the local Halfords was tremendous He worked for hours and sent me on my way Just in time to buy bubble bath and a book I was now about half a day behind schedule and needed a good rest And then the book kicked in I loved Star of the Sea, but I liked this one better Like outranks love Martin Aitken is one of the best literary detectives of modern times [...]

  2. I read this book in a day I loved Martin s character, Ellen was a bit of a mystery to me and Amery was an asshole who I didn t empathise with at all A simplistic view maybe but these are the impressions I got from the writing O Connor s sense of humour cuts through the general sadness of the themes in the book very successfully His political views are refreshingly unromantic and honest He uses the Irish weather in a manner akin to Wuthering Heights to add to the melodrama O Connor writes emotion [...]

  3. Absorbing but flawed writing Gripping in its storytelling, but this book has too much weak writing to convince me that O Connor is a major Irish voice.

  4. Seriously thought this was never going to end Like a recipe of nice ingredients that really don t mix well, leaving a lumpy texture, and a weird taste in your mouth And the two main characters narrative voices middle aged losers with dysfunctional family relationships yawn were so similar that I kept getting mixed up as to which child belonged to whom But the plot was reasonably interesting for the first couple of hundred pages.

  5. Some bits really good other bits silly and beyond belief but enjoyable read An interesting Irish location and time.

  6. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I live in Inishowen I have some nitpicks I ll leave those until the end.This is the kind of novel that I like to read various characters are introduced and then their lives intertwine in interesting ways as the book progresses I thought the characters were quite well developed and I could understand their motivations and peccadillos Each Amery, Aitken and Ellen had serious personal issues which I could be empathetic to, and each one had their own comedy I [...]

  7. Il titolo non granch , ma O Connor ci mette dentro tutto l a che prova per la sua bella Irlanda, le scogliere sferzate dal vento, la storia travagliata di lotte contro gli anglo E un inno ad un Paese contraddittorio, fatto di gente che il pi delle volte non se l passata tanto bene, ma che non smette di provare un attaccamento quasi animale per l isola di smeraldo, vivendone sulla propria pelle i problemi e le loro conseguenze quasi con orgoglio Comunque, Ellen alla fine della strada c davvero e [...]

  8. This was my first Joseph O Connor novel According to the blurb on the book jacket, I expected it to be a crime story, with an Irish cop trying to solve a missing person case in which a rich American tourist has disappeared I was pleasantly surprised Joseph O Connor s style is not very high brow, but the story flowed easily and with a very refreshing undercurrent humour It was well structured and well paced The voices of the two male characters were utterly convincing, and so was their Irish and, [...]

  9. Standing firmly across the line of great fiction that isn t literary fiction, Inishowen is an entertaining, even engrossing, tale of dissolute middle age, lost love, and longing that takes you deep into the experience of the three characters at its core an Irish detective, a philandering NYC plastic surgeon, and the wife of the latter, whose return to Ireland to meet the Irish mother who abandoned her long ago is the linchpin of the tale and, perhaps best of all, gives O Connor the room he needs [...]

  10. Martin Aitken is a Dublin police inspector whose marriage and career imploded after the hit and run death of his young son The Christmas Eve 1994 collapse of an unknown woman on a city street provides him a welcome mystery to unravel during his solitary holiday She turns out to be Ellen Donnelly, Irish born and American bred, whose own life is a shambles as well The last of the trio of viewpoint characters who narrate Inishowen is Milton Amery, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who is a serial adulter [...]

  11. I like Joseph O Connor s work the pizzazz of his early short stories the inventiveness and psychological drama in The Salesman the tenderly drawn family relationships in Desperadoes and the historical interest and careful plotting of Star of the Sea.Inishowen is less successful The main protagonists are somewhat stereotypical the work obsessed cop, with the broken marriage, prepared to bend the rules to get results and the wife who has everything, including a cheating husband, only a short while [...]

  12. Scrittore magico sa dipingere i dolori dell anima con una scrittura dura, che commuove, ma nello stesso tempo capace di creare momenti di leggerezza e di ironia Un caso fa incontrare Martin, poliziotto irlandese distrutto da sciagure non superate, come la perdita del figlio adolescente ucciso da un pirata della strada e dallo sfacelo della sua vita matrimoniale, ed Ellen che dagli Stati Uniti e da una vita apparentemente appagante scappa per far ritorno nella sua terra d origine, l Irlanda, alla [...]

  13. This was going so well for a long time, but there is a moment of bizarre farce towards the end that doesn t fit in and knocks at least a star off The characters are mostly well developed, if slightly formulaic, and parts of the book, mostly conversations, are very funny and provide relief from the tragedies in the characters pasts Some nice reflections on the troubles in Northern Ireland, and in particular between the pragmatic Dublin Garda s attitude and that of a idealistic Irish American Des [...]

  14. The book really starts for me at page 79 when Amery starts to place Christmas gifts under the tree Its the writing i recognise from Star of the Sea from here on His description of the pain felt by Detective Aitken s family after the little nippers fatal accident is very moving and similarly Ellen missing her mother, his mocking mournful ghost would hover around martin aitken, like a fragment of a melody from a childhood summer, only played out of tune, in a minor key p90

  15. IncipitL antivigilia di Natale del 1994, a mezzogiorno meno dieci, un elettricista fuori servizio di nome Dermot Shouldice fu avvicinato davanti alla stazione degli autobus di Busaras, a Dublino centro nord, da una donna con i capelli grigi, magrissima, elegante, che lui prese per una svitataLa fine della strada incipitmania

  16. I quite enjoyed this but at the end I looked back on the book and felt disappointed There were bits of the book that I looked back on and thought why was that in there I m thinking of the guy who was following Aitken in particular it all seemed rather unlikely and didn t add any suspense to the story I just felt the book should have been so much better it was so nearly there but not quite

  17. There were moments when I thought that this book might break the bonds of being a good enough read and become very good indeed, but these were matched by times when it pitched pretty steeply below the bar and into the territory of not very good at all Sadly the final dozen pages were spent deep in the latter This could so easily have been 2 stars, but was marginally better than Desperados and so I erred on the grudging side of generosity.

  18. Joseph, Joseph, Joseph You were doing so well And then you wrote chapter 32 I honestly thought it was a dream Amery was having I hoped it was But when I saw that the ridiculous story of the Lear jet went beyond that chapter the book was ruined for me I would love to know how you and your editors agreed it was the right way to go with this book Baffled

  19. Rich and well written, but no match to Star of the Sea Although Inishowen is evocative enough, O Connor fails to create the sort of universe that draws you in and that is the charm of many of his other books.

  20. O Connor s a very gifted writer More funny than sad, and the story s quite sad I found the ending a bit flat and there are moments that felt a bit trite But the story was engaging enough, and O Connor s a masterful teller of the tale I look forward to reading his other works.

  21. I m a big fan of Joseph O Connor, and this was the first and perhaps my favorite of all his books, a touching story of an Irish policeman who lost his son and an American Irish adoptee who is facing a terminal illness and wants to find the mother who gave her up.

  22. A well written book which provided two interesting main characters Despite the the serious story line the writer made both the charcters funny and engaging You really cared what happened to both of them.

  23. A good enough read, but uneven At times it is gritty, unforgiving, human reality, e.g depiction of the flawed character Amery at times unbelievable comic farce e.g the hijinks around landing the Lear jet.

  24. I liked the detective but found Ellen annoying Crazy silly bit of story involving an aeroplane near the end didn t seem to fit the book, but did liven things up a bit.

  25. Extremely powerful and recommended to others, even if you ve read Star Of the Sea and think you know O Connor

  26. Expected Too much time and nothing ever really developed Disappointing after investing so much time and hope Would not recommend Sorry

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