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Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener - The Source, The Source In the grand storytelling style that is his signature James Michener sweeps us back through time to the very beginnings of the Jewish faith thousands of years ago Through the predecessors of four mo

  • Title: The Source
  • Author: James A. Michener
  • ISBN: 9780375760389
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener, The Source, James A. Michener, The Source In the grand storytelling style that is his signature James Michener sweeps us back through time to the very beginnings of the Jewish faith thousands of years ago Through the predecessors of four modern men and women we experience the entire colorful history of the Jews including the life of the early Hebrews and their persecutions the impact of Christianity the CruIn the grand st

The Source

Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener - The Source, The Source In the grand storytelling style that is his signature James Michener sweeps us back through time to the very beginnings of the Jewish faith thousands of years ago Through the predecessors of four mo The Source

  • Free Read The Source - by James A. Michener
    487James A. Michener
The Source

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  1. I can remember reading this thing for hours each night curled up in bed when I was 13 years old It basically began my career in archaeology fingers crossed for grad school apps Based on Tel Megiddo, it tells the story of a fictional Tel from its birth to its excavation 12,000 years later It follows the path of a single family against many gods as it tells the story of Canaanite, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Israeli civilization While some of the material is dated, it nevertheless remains o [...]

  2. I have mixed fond and not so fond memories about The Source I am a huge Michener fan and have read all of his books The Source is at the top of my Michener list along with The Drifters I started The Source in 1974 when I was visiting Israel, the subject of the book Part of my visit included a bus tour of Israel I was delighted to read about a place, then reach the actual site of which Michener was writing The problem was that, about the time I arrived in Israel, I developed a serious case of Neb [...]

  3. This was a book that helped me have a complete view of world history and all the tensions surrounding the middle east I read in in high school during the first gulf war My high school was pretty substandard, it was a small town, and the students didn t care or try very hard The school was struggling just to teach the basics I wanted than that and I read a lot of stuff My mom had a subscription to Newsweek and I read it nearly cover to cover every week since I was 12 Despite all my history clas [...]

  4. If you ve ever held something really old in your hands and wondered, what was life like when this was made The Source is a chance to have your musings answered Michener weaves fiction and history together seamlessly as he intertwines a narrative of an archeological dig in the 1960s think Indiana Jones without the bullwhip with the stories of the artifacts and the people who created them He traces the history of a single town in Israel Palestine through the ages from man s earliest attempts to ta [...]

  5. The Source is a thing of beauty in its planning and intricacies This books is three things at once A novel, a collection of short stories, and a history of religion from ancient times through to the modern era, and it works wonderfully on all three levels, though it is best as a novel since every story actually ties together in the end, much like one would expect human history to do Everything is connected, and that includes us all as people Most of all, though, if you have any interest in Judai [...]

  6. The current news of a 1,500 year old church uncovered in an archaeological dig in Israel was like d j vu for me after reading The Source early this New Year s This picture above, and its story could be straight out of a movie version of The Source I think the book s dig was based on Tel Megiddo, but Michener observed archaeologists at work at Hazor to prepare for writing this book As you can tell from reading the other reviews here, the conflicts between peoples and the layering of religious his [...]

  7. This is typical Michener, and he went on the archaeological excavations at Hazor to research it I really loved it when I read it in junior high, which I did partly to prove that I could read such long books I reread it several times afterwards Now, as an archaeologist who specialized in ancient Israel, I can say that it s a fun book to read, but the interpretations are sensationalist, overtly Zionist, and now out of date On the other hand, it probably stirs up interest in my field, and it is fun [...]

  8. One of my favorite books ever It s a long one, so give yourself plenty of time.Tells the story of religion in Israel through the findings of an archaeological dig 90 miles north of Jerusalem It s divided into stories about 100 pages long, so it doesn t feel quite like you re reading a 1,000 page book Like all Michener novels, it is very well researched The characters seem real, and Michener also fleshes out historical figures.Some sex and violence have you read the Old Testament but nothing grat [...]

  9. This book should be required reading for all students Michener uses his historical fiction style to trace the development of the worlds three great religons jewish, Christian and muslim through the story of the family of UR The UR family s orgin was in the caves of Makor in 10,000 BCE The story is based on a dig in the Tell of Makor in 1964 Makor is a fictional place that had been refered to in the old testament The dig is made by a group from Chicago but most of the workers are from the newly f [...]

  10. Loved it It s daunting since it s over 1000 pages and has been on my shelf since my mom gave it to me in high school or college I finally picked it up in August and had a rough start with it, but once I got going, found it facinating and of a history lesson that I feel I got in school even though it s fiction I would recommend it strongly to anyone interested in world history any era and world religions It was particularly relevant to the past weeks events in Gaza Many parts of this book made m [...]

  11. I have read this torn, twenty five year old copy three times now No easy feet, as it is one of the thicker michener books The first time I read it, Iwanted to convert to Judaism and go to Israel and live on a kibbutz I wanted to dig in the dirt and find relics and artifacts that would confirm the existence of God I wanted to be a part of the spirit that was behind the community of believers, scientists, anthropologists The educated and strong I wanted to get tan and lean and smart and worldly.Th [...]

  12. The Source is definitely a highly entertaining and extremely interesting work, and I never lost interest It presents the panorama of history of the Holy Land, particularly the Galilee, through the agesI had to read it a second time to realize what a work of genius it is.There is so much in this incredibly long book, that does depict the experiences and spirit of the Land of Israel, and the Jewish people, who originated in this remarkable land.In The Voice of Gomer a Hebrew mother is commanded by [...]

  13. The Source is another of James Michener s epic fictional histories This one explores a part of northern Israel from the times of the pagans, through Jewish independence, Christian ascendance, Muslim conquest, resurgence of Judaism nationality, to the establishment of Israel.Note some of the story does take place in Italy in the middle ages as Michener relates the plight of Jews there and their decision to migrate to the Land of Israel.The story is told through an excavation of a site in norther [...]

  14. 5 Stars.This book will take you back in time It will take you back 10,000 years to the land of Canaan, when the Canaanites inhabited the landMichener starts off the book with a modern day archaeological site, and in parallel takes the reader back in time to when Judaism started, and to when it was the Jewish people following Moses who were brought to the holy land, with their god YahwehThis is a wonderful book, full of so much history It speaks of Jewish persecution from the beginning It speaks [...]

  15. I did it I have had this book on my to read list for a long time The subject matter, the history of Judaism, has always been of great interest to me The problem is the sheer length of this book It is a monster and so I always found starting it to be a daunting task As my early Christmas present to myself, I decided to go for it It sure did not disappoint I am awed by the scope of this book Michener tells the tale of Judaism starting in 9834 BCE and continues to 1964 CE He does this through an ar [...]

  16. I have read a number of Michener s books and this is one the best I just loved how Michener introduced each period in the story by how a dig reveals artifacts in different layers era I particularly enjoyed the parts where the Olympic games were held how the people observed them There was also a fascinating chapter about the evolution of religion through the introduction of a figurine of Astarte This book is quite educational I recommend it to those who are interested in learning about Israel an [...]

  17. Long and languid, the two weeks I spent on reading this saga has torpedoed my 2015 Reading Goal A very good and absorbing story typical Michener although a couple of sections and the end were very slow going and not captivating, which is why it clocks at at four and not five star read.

  18. The Source is James Michener s Magnum Opus It presents a stunning vision and scope, with a fine exploration of Jewish culture and history.The book is extremely long over 500,000 words 1200 pages, fine print and covers pre Judaic, proto Judaic Hebrew, and Judaic history going back to ca 10,000 BCMuch of what I know about Jewish culture and history comes from this book sad perhaps, but true Like some of my friends say, historical novels are a great way to read history This novel is structured as f [...]

  19. In which I review this book s one star reviews Painfully simplistic, implying that some of the greatest, centuries long developments of mankind could happen within a generation or two I had to stop reading less than halfway through, as I couldn t get past the gaping inaccuracy, anachronisms, and sheer fallacies Other than that, and a few fairly flat characters, the writing was decent enough Our reviewer opens up his review with his metaphorical knife at the throat of the book Not only does he fe [...]

  20. Another epic novel by my favorite author This book was a beast to get through and I ve been reading it off and on for months now It was utterly fascinating The book is about the land we now call Israel It starts with primitive peoples and their creation of religions There were many difficult things to read about such as killing of 1st born sons to the God Baal I think symbolic of things to come The Jews were of course the central characters in this story and the evolution of their religion The s [...]

  21. Not so easy to summarize a book like this in a few paragraphs.Basically this book gives a broad deep picture of the Jewish history from prehistoric times naturally before Judaism to the mid 1960 s The frame of the story is an archeological expedition digging in an imaginary site of an ancient town in the north of Israel Using this framework the author goes back in time to various episodes in the history of the site and other places related to Jewish history and related to the site in some way A [...]

  22. I can t help putting five stars on this and most of Michener s novels I read this slowly than usual and consequently had already forgotten some things I learned at the beginning But I get the feeling that if in my history class any teacher had handed me any Michener book, my classmates and I would not have been sleeping and acting up This one dealt with the Holy Land, from the time when man was first a man out of ape stage, still living in a cave and built the first house And it moved on from t [...]

  23. I began reading with enthusiasm for the premise of this book looking at the history of Israel through the eyes of archaeologists at a dig Unfortunately, now I feel it was a subject too large in scope for even this author and his legendary research After throwing out the first chapter on cavemen as an anomaly, each subsequent chapter could not stem the sliding credibility factor I m pretty certain Michener didn t understand Biblical history for example his characterization of King David was laugh [...]

  24. I LOVED this book It is at time desperately sad and then incredibly inspirational It made me proud of my Jewish heritage I think it is a must read for all, but especially for people like me with little Jewish education, but a strong sense of Jewish identity This will give you a sense of your roots.

  25. This book is long A very good read but long I would recomend reading another book alongside this one to keep from becoming burnt out Still, this is a very good book, from one of the best authors of the day This book tells the history of ancient isreal and its religions in a very interesting way it begins with a group of archeologists that discover the remains of an old city in modern isreal They begin to dig and as they get deeper come across artifacts of older and older civilizations When they [...]

  26. One of my favorite books ever Like most of Michener s books, The Source is enormous, so get ready to spend a lot of time by a lamp in a comfy position It begins in the late 1970s at an archeological dig at fictional Makor in the Middle East The archeologists discover artifacts all the way down to bedrock in the first chapter Each succeeding chapter is how each artifact got there, and subsequently, the story of religion in the Middle East One thing I love is that the book feels smaller than it is [...]

  27. This is a difficult review to write I found the characters that the author created to be pretty compelling, and that s what kept me reading the than 1,000 pages But the overall message of the book is disappointing, and maybe even maddening In making this book primarily about the trevails of Jews in creating their own state, Michener pretty much dismisses the idea of God as an invention of human beings And while one might take what is written as simply a storyline of the imagination, it seems pr [...]

  28. This book is the story of the history of Israel from nearly 10,000 BC to 1964 AD It s told from the perspective of an archaeological dig at the city of Makor, near Galilee The story begins at the dig in 1964 and then jumps back to the deepest layer of history, telling stories of items they find and painting a picture of what life might have been like then, helping us understand the complex history and life in Israel today It helped me understand the history of Judaism much better and to see the [...]

  29. Good Story 85 Julie trudges through the desert with no water Scott knows where to find a good well and also fascinating history about the Holy Land A lot of history They both enjoy a tall glass of ice water while discussing The Source by James Michener Goodbye Don Quixote Farewell Saratoga Trunk.My copy of The Source has just gotten here from Paperback Swap I d forgotten just how freaking big it is Small type too, which normally delights me, but not when I m reading to a deadline.The Holy Land i [...]

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