Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver - Hana, Hana Lauren Oliver s riveting original digital story set in the world of her New York Times bestseller Delirium The summer before they re supposed to be cured of the ability to love best friends Lena and

  • Title: Hana
  • Author: Lauren Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780062124364
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver, Hana, Lauren Oliver, Hana Lauren Oliver s riveting original digital story set in the world of her New York Times bestseller Delirium The summer before they re supposed to be cured of the ability to love best friends Lena and Hana begin to drift apart While Lena shies away from underground music and parties with boys Hana jumps at her last chance to experience the forbidden For her the summerLauren Oliver s rivetin


Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver - Hana, Hana Lauren Oliver s riveting original digital story set in the world of her New York Times bestseller Delirium The summer before they re supposed to be cured of the ability to love best friends Lena and Hana

  • Unlimited Hana - by Lauren Oliver
    132Lauren Oliver

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  1. Hana has always been my favorite DELIRIUM character, but I wish Oliver would ve given her a thrilling story Her writing shines, as usual, but the intrigue was missing because we ve already been told everything that happened from Lena s perspective.

  2. I think I ve said it before, but I guess it bears repeating Lauren Oliver can write While her style in Delirium and this companion short story from Hana s perspective is rather flowery florid than I usually enjoy, I won t dispute that she certainly has a way with words As with Delirium, Hana is once again heavy on the emotional metaphors and similes Painstaking attention is given to heartbeats, aching throats, unshed tears, longing which is fine except I find it does begin to get a little tedio [...]

  3. WOAH THEREI Never Saw That Coming WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS All along, I thought Hana was this sweet, charming best friend of Lena BUT she actually betrayed her For all I know, she should be the one who understands Lena and her choices Lena told her about everything, even the thing about her mom How could she do that to her In fact, she was the first to become rebellious among the two of them She was also the one who taught Lena how to defy the law She introduced Lena to the things out there the [...]

  4. Slightly Spoilery if you haven t read Delirium Seeing it from Hana s POV makes me definitely understand her I don t hate her I don t agree with her, but that s because for us, love is not a disease, so of course I don t agree with her actions in the end But understanding where she s coming from, how she, and Lena for that matter, were brought up, it makes sense The reasons for her action in the end aren t definitively told outright, but there are a few conclusions as to why she did it, what wit [...]

  5. Read this and other reviews at Madison Says.Initial reaction when I finished Oh I m pissed And my real reviewHana is a novella 1.5 in the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver Told from Lena s best friend, Hana s POV, this story falls during the same summer as Delirium There s not much that can be said about this in particular without giving anything away it is only like 65 pages long.I loved being able to get a glimpse into what was going on with Hana during this summer because while Lena definitely [...]

  6. I really liked it, so five stars The only thing that bothers me is that I liked Hana better before reading her side of the story I was wrong about her, I mean, I ve read Requiem, I already knew what she did, but I thought that, maybe, she did it because she didn t have other choice.It is sad that you can t even trust your best friend Hana betrayed Lena in te worst way possible.

  7. Una historia corta que muestra e otro lado de la historia La historia de Hana Lo que paso mientras estuvieron separadas con Lena, sus sentimientos, contradicciones Deliaria, no deliria Esta bien as , est n haciendo las cosas mal Es que lo que estoy apoyando en realidad no es as Y su decepci n Al final regresa con Lena, para descubrir que ella estaba viviendo lo que en realidad tanto deseaba.No, no no lo puedo creer Fue ella Si es asi las cosas se ponen feas Una traici n Una ciudad de papel, un m [...]

  8. I adored Hana, Lena s best friend, and her vivaciousness in Delirium, so I was excited that she would be getting her own story Hana takes place during the time of Delirium but now we re seeing the story through Hana s eyes I was bummed that the fun loving girl we knew from Delirium is gone, but considering the events that take place in Hana, it is understandable The best part of Hana is the best part of any Lauren Oliver read, in my opinion the writing, which was lovely and powerful, just like i [...]

  9. A piece of Delirium from Hana s point of view Hana is Lena s best friend and everyone thinks of her as the perfect and confident girl when she s just as simple as everyone else She is just scared as Lena From deliria, from the future and life While in Delirium I thought Hana was the brave and fearless one, this installment proves that she is afraid and even vulnerable than Lena She is alone and is fearing that her best friend is already drifting apart Living in that kind of world must require s [...]

  10. Geeze If you weren t pumped for Oliver s second installment Pandemonium coming to a bookstore near you in just 1 week the novella Hana is sure to get you salivating.I just want to take a second right now and remind you all that the novella is Free Online right now If you don t mind reading from your computer Though from personal experience I can tell you it makes it a lot easier to read at work wink But back to the story This novella gives insight into Delirium I thought I had Hana pegged I thou [...]

  11. This book is fine It does not stand alone, though I think you should read it soon after you finish Delirium, while the story is fresh in your mind, but before you read Pandemonium I read it after Pandemonium That was a mistake Still interesting, but not as powerful.I liked Hana from the perspective of her adoring best friend When you are in her head she is complicated and intimate, but I don t know that it really serves to make her sympathetic or interesting I wanted to know about Hana s fut [...]


  13. This book is by my current favorite YA author, Lauren Oliver Her book Before I fall and her Delirium series particularly the recently released Pandemonium rank among my favorite books of all time I think because of this, I have the highest expectations of her work.This installment is in the Delirium verse and is in the viewpoint of one of Delirium s most interesting characters, Hana We get to see the story of Delirium from her eyes and her experiences when she is not in Lena s company Lauren Oli [...]

  14. The finale made me cry And now i want to read Delirium again for the secound time And at the same time i want Pandemonium in my hands right now

  15. This book was such a waste of time Only half of it is actually about Hana the second half is a preview of Pandemonium.In Delirium, Hana was a delightfully complex and realistic character In Hana, she is flattened and demonized view spoiler There is no indication at all in Delirium that Hana had any negative feelings toward Lena and Alex, but it spontaneously appears in this book There is no basis or rationale at all for this dramatic change in her personality, even in the earlier parts of this n [...]

  16. This is a short look not really a complete story at what was going on for Lena s best friend Hana during the events of Delirium Do not read this first I like that it realistically shows that not all forbidden interactions were as sweet and romantic as Alex and Lena s, but the story depressed and angered me and I kind of wish I hadn t read it view spoiler It strongly implies that Hana was the person who betrayed Lena, which considering the strength of their friendship, Lena s trust in her, and wh [...]

  17. This was a very short ebook to tell the story of Hana, Lena s best friend from the delirium story And while yes, it did definitely fill in some blanks, I didn t feel it was really worth it If you re going to brach off and write some an add on have it be a little detailed or a little longer I know it was a short story, but I felt like every word I read was predicted, expected, and didn t say much Not worth the 2.99 I paid for it to be frank Cute story, but not worth the hour it took to read it.

  18. Spoilers Do not read unless you ve read DELIRIUM.Ok so this was a good in between for Pandemonium I had a feeling Hana was jealous of Alex ever since that encounter in the back room of Lena s work I can t say I blame her because those are natural feelings, specially for a best friend, but that to betraying her best friend are two different things I think I was upset by her betrayal than by Alex s death.

  19. De la peor manera posible Hana traiciona a Lena.Las amistades siempre tiene altos y bajos pero eso no te da un motivo para traicionar a tu amiga, y peor a n en este caso Lena siempre supo lo que hac a Hana respecto a sus salidas despu s del toque de queda y ella nunca dijo nada para que Hana le pague as Con amigas as , para qu tener enemigos

  20. Mehhh I love Hana, I really do, BUT I what I don t like is when an author writes a novella, or even worse pulls an E L James, and writes an entire book over but from a different person s perspective Of COURSE I am always curious about what is going on in different characters heads because knowing sure gives you a hell of a lot insight into their motives behind different things So, in this one especially, we can see the jealousy Hana had over what Lena was gaining without her love and it makes s [...]

  21. Isn t it funny how people can seem to be someone from the outside but be somenone completely different from the inside While I was reading Delirium, I loved Hana I really thought her name was Hannah She was the funny, curious girl, who seemed to have a strong personality, who was a good friend and who also had an opinion of her own She was actually questioning the whole system and I thought Man, Hana is such a cool, smart girl Well, yeah, maybe she is But there is also so much to her So much t [...]

  22. This short story told from Hana s perspective is the perfect edition to a perfect series Hana has always been one of my favourite characters and her friendship with Lena was certainly very intriguing Not only does this story provide a further insight into Hana s character, but it also introduces the reader to a whole new perspective in the world of Delirium.Hana has always been different to Lena and this becomes even apparent as the reader goes through the novel There are specific contrasts in [...]

  23. Spoilers for DeliriumProbably like 3 and 1 2 stars, I did really enjoy the experience of reading Hana I ve said it before and I ll say it again, Lauren Oliver captures the complexities of female friendships better than any other YA author I ve read Hana is short and can easily be read in one sitting It is by no means a stand alone story and you must have read at least Delirium before reading Hana That said, I would say it s a must read for fans of the Delirium series It sheds light on what Hana [...]

  24. Hana Review Novella Rating 5 stars out of 5 Story Line 5 stars out of 5 This was an interesting read I actually like reading in Hana s point of view I liked her from the beginning Hana was a lot braver than Lena was She would actually go out to parties, kiss, and other things that were forbidden in Portland She started to realize that Lena was right after a raid What annoyed me was that Lena basically did the same thing and Hana wasn t angry about it She was actually pretty calm about everything [...]

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