☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane ☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane - Accordance, Accordance In the sequel Maggie learns much about all the strange things that happened to her and has to face new ones She rebels against it but ultimately must face it for her new families sake and maybe ev

  • Title: Accordance
  • Author: Shelly Crane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane, Accordance, Shelly Crane, Accordance In the sequel Maggie learns much about all the strange things that happened to her and has to face new ones She rebels against it but ultimately must face it for her new families sake and maybe even her life Bish went from being her biggest supporter to her biggest pain in the butt and Kyle s intentions to attract her interest may not be so innocent Caleb and MIn the sequel Maggie


☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane ☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane - Accordance, Accordance In the sequel Maggie learns much about all the strange things that happened to her and has to face new ones She rebels against it but ultimately must face it for her new families sake and maybe ev Accordance

  • ☆ Accordance ↠ Shelly Crane
    345Shelly Crane

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  1. I am soooo excited about this book The things I have planned for this series are making me anxious insert girly giggle The first book was all about Caleb and Maggie s relationship and coming into their love and book two will not be lacking in that but, it will also be about Maggie coming into her own as an Ace She is important that anyone ever imagined and the people they meet, the situations they get into, the decisions that are forced on them and the people who betray them will, hopefully, bl [...]

  2. Warning This is NOT a book for people who are opposed to love, the concept of soul mates, Valentine s Day or who are currently single.Okay, jokes I m single and I read it and survived But it will make you sigh And then tear up And wish you were Maggie.And that you had a Caleb.Because their relationship is just too darn perfect.Note This book is best read in private Because grinning to yourself, laughing at intervals and then yelling out, LEAVE THEM ALONE CAN T YOU PEOPLE SEE THEY RE IN LOVE at r [...]

  3. I m not really even sure what to say I loved the first book and Accordance was even better The love story was sweet and passionate I love Maggie and Caleb how devoted they are to each other I will admit I want Bish to get his day He deserves it All in all this was a fantastic book I don t do reviews often but I just wanted to say what a great series this Shelly is a great author and has a wonderfully tender heart to write such devotion.

  4. This book was okay, but there were things that irked me I feel like the author was trying absolutely too hard to show how much the main character Maggie and her Significant Caleb love each other I understand that the imprint that they have makes them this way but its reiterated too much We know that they calm each other and so on but hammering it into our heads every other second is annoying This book unlike the first was very predictable There were new characters that were introduced that seeme [...]

  5. I m only about halfway through but ooohmyfriggingod Bish and Jen need to imprint already it s driving me nuts If they turn out not to be significants I m gonna find a way to print this series off my iPad and burn them for justice and maybe a little revenge.72% So close so effing close I m still rooting for team Jish I don t care how long it takes if they don t end up together I m writing a spinoff jeesh Well that was the best freakin roller coaster of a book ive read in a while.Here s my special [...]

  6. He smiled graciously and pressed his nose and cheek to mine with a hand on my jaw I m so in love with you Shelly Crane has done it again and knocked out ANOTHER fantastic novel Significance was the first book in the series and it literally blew me away and now Accordance the second book in the series has left me lost for words because of how awesome it was Accordance starts where Significance finishes and from the start you re thrown into Maggie s and Caleb s wonderful but dangerous life Their s [...]

  7. This book didn t really advance the story much Bish continued to be annoying, as did Kyle The supporting characters in the series seem to be there especially to say inane, spiteful, or ignorant things so that the main characters can stroke each other and whisper sweet nothings Sometimes the actions were inconsistent, like with the double standard with Jen Bish and Kyle Lynne if Lynne s future could be changed by Maggie s actions, then why couldn t Bish Jen s That made no sense, and seems to be t [...]

  8. After the first novel I was into the story, a little on the YA side for me but still I was intrigued by the world of Aces and was loving Caleb All that good stuff But then.I started reading Accordance.And, contrary to the many 5 star reviews, which btw I m still trying to figure out, this one was uber slow Actually, it was uber everything the pacing was painful with the relationship and on the action front It was dead in the water or overstuffed with filler scenes that didn t add to the momentu [...]

  9. Accordance was perfect sequel to Significance There were so many unexpected twists and I found myself speechless and surprised quite often during reading this book I literally could not stop reading, storyline was maximally exciting and my heart was furiously beating most of the time It is only 2nd book out of 4 and I already love this series so much Development of the characters comparing to the first book was pretty visible Even though Maggie was overwhelmed and freaked out after she learnt al [...]

  10. HOLY HOCKEY PUCKS BATMAN, was that a doozy of a cliffhanger How on earth do I wait till next year for this sequel Accordance, was an excellent follow up to Significance More heart stopping action, tons of clean romance, endearing devotion and loyalty, and a story line that won t disappoint I said it once before, but I m going to say it again This Ace concept has TONS of potential, and ENDLESS possibilities Full review to come Five Stars.

  11. So, since I did enjoy Signifacance , I was hoping to like Accordance I was hoping even that this book would have better editing than the previous one, but no such luck I felt the story line dragged a bit and while I do like Caleb and Maggie, I quickly tired of Caleb s, I would never hurt you line and Maggie s This is all my fault line Plus, the overall structure is just poor There are a ton of missing question marks, their that should have been there , and vice versa, and threw instead of throu [...]

  12. This seemed like of a transition book than anything else, and it seemed to be lacking in both focus and plot Not much really went on, there was not much action or movement along, and it felt like time was just dragging on There was a section of the middle of the book where I got really frustrated with Maggie She just seemed so I don t know Like too much of a goody two shoes or something Too good Too unreal Caring too much about other people and not the right people I didn t like how they just a [...]

  13. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFIf you haven t started reading the Significance series yet then you should fix that immediately It s a phenomenal paranormal romance series for young adults It s exciting, romantic, suspenseful and dramatic The first two books, Significance and Accordance, are now available on , and the third book, Defiance, will be released May 2012 I am not sure how many books will make up the complete series, but I know that De [...]

  14. If i could , i would have rated it Infinity God this book is sooooooooooo good It is the most awesomest book ever I finished it 2 hrs ago and was so speechless that i just didnt know what to say WOW , AMAZING , FANTASTIC , BREATH TAKING BEAUTIFUL , i can just go on and on about how good it was The book starts off exactly where the previous one finished Our destined love birds Caleb and Maggie , enjoying a quite nice time in California under the scrutiny of their super hot chaperones But trouble [...]

  15. Accordance takes off where Significance left off, with Caleb and Maggie arriving in California for her protection against the Watson s Just when they thought they have some time to themselves to learn about each other, Kyle and Bish show up to chaperone Time alone is few are far between now Bish is there to find out what his sister is hiding, and why everyone is ok with Maggie running off to another state with a guy she just met And Kyle just won t leave well enough alone.Maggie is coming to ter [...]

  16. Okay, so if you read my review of book one in the Significance series, you ll understand me when I say that the fifteen year old within me won out in even reading the sequel to Significance As with the first book, the second one was completely relationship driven With the exception of a brief appearance early on, the bad guys don t even come into the story until it s almost over Once again, Kyle is the most interesting character not, mind you, the main character , and the main players seem as ob [...]

  17. 5 Stars I reallyreallydon t understand why I was giving this series 4 stars when reading it the first time.I love the living shit out of this series, and honestly I have to mention this again but Ms.Crane isthebest insta love author in forever.o MAGGIE AND CALEB ARE SHOO CUTTE I CANTo I wanted Kyle and Lynne scenes but shrugs o The bish and Jen thing always breaks my poor fragile heart even though I know what ll happeno But honestly though I need a Calebo Wait better yet give me an imprinto No [...]

  18. Let s talk about Maggie and Caleb first In case you didn t know I am a huge Maggie and Caleb shipper They are awesome together spoiler And when Caleb asked Maggie to marry him, we re talking major fangirl moment.Kyle got on my nerves so many times I m not a fan of love triangles spoiler And then a girl named Lynn came and imprinted on Kyle and I was like Yay , now Kyle is in love with Lynn, and there are no love triangles I hope.And I understand what the cover of the fourth book is about, with [...]

  19. My heart has just broken I went to purchase the 3rd book and realized it isn t released yet Oh, snap, I have 6 7 months to wait No coffee or potty breaks for you, Shelly Crane Well, I loved it It picks up right where Significance left off It s hard to say a lot about this book without posting spoilers, so I ll just say that it was awesome and creative I ve typed erased a dozen different things because they contained spoilers so I m gonna shut up now Great Book Georgia Cates

  20. Hmmm, my interest was slowing waning by the end More to come.I guess I just felt so blown away by the first one that I had really high expectations for this one as well I think part of it is that the novelty just wore out But it was still a pretty good book I still die for Caleb I can t decide if I need a little break from the series or if I should dive right back into the next one

  21. My Cover Thoughts I absolutely love this cover It is of a tree with leaves growing on it To me the tree signified a new grow and change for the coming season Change is always good when you re with the one you love The saying on the cover is so true To become what you re destined to be, you have to first find out who you are.My Thoughts Review In Significance we found out the Maggie and Caleb had imprinted and are soul mates She is coming to terms with it but is having a hard time because her bes [...]

  22. 3.5The story I love The characters I love This book just needs a good editor to take out all the unnecessary stuff There is too much repetition Too much of the same thoughts and words coming from the two main characters Too much space in between, waiting for something else to really happen This book could be condensed and not loose anything vital But, I really am enjoying the story It s a fun change from the other books I ve been reading I ll be going back for the next book but not quite yet I n [...]

  23. Accordance begins with Caleb and Maggie in California with their chaperons Bish and Kyle Now that the couple have ascended, Maggie is now a Seer but Caleb s ability haven t manifested at all With Kyle s constant attempt to make Maggie like him, Bish being overprotective and her new found role as a Visionary, Maggie can no longer handle the pressure on her own Together with Caleb and the rest of the Jacobson s, they will find ways to get used to her abilities and face the trials ahead.Likes Caleb [...]

  24. Accordance A significance Novel, Book 2 has the power to seduce This is once again, another fantastic book I couldn t put down.Destiny the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events The power of agency that determines the course of events.I love that the author didn t waste time covering events from Significance, Book 1 You don t need it because Significance is one of those books you just don t forget The evil plotting Marcus is back and he wants to know what Maggie s ab [...]

  25. Summary Maggie and Caleb continue to learn about their imprinting and the new roles that they assume While they are sent away for their safety, Kyle and Bish arrive to help keep Maggie safe The problem is, they aren t helping They re causing issues for Maggie So, not only does Maggie have to deal with them, but she has a whole new set of abilities that she has to learn to adjust to Is she willing to accept her new role and how will their love survive these changes My Take On occasion I m disap [...]

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