If I Should Die

Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum - If I Should Die, If I Should Die I will not lose another person I love I will not let history repeat itself Vincent waited lifetimes to find me but in an instant our future together was shattered He was betrayed by someone we both c

  • Title: If I Should Die
  • Author: Amy Plum
  • ISBN: 9780062004031
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum, If I Should Die, Amy Plum, If I Should Die I will not lose another person I love I will not let history repeat itself Vincent waited lifetimes to find me but in an instant our future together was shattered He was betrayed by someone we both called a friend and I lost him Now our enemy is determined to rule over France s immortals and willing to wage a war to get what they want It shouldn t be possible none oI will not l

If I Should Die

Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum - If I Should Die, If I Should Die I will not lose another person I love I will not let history repeat itself Vincent waited lifetimes to find me but in an instant our future together was shattered He was betrayed by someone we both c If I Should Die

  • Unlimited If I Should Die - by Amy Plum
    194Amy Plum
If I Should Die

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  1. More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesI can t believe I put off reading this one for so long, especially after the ending in Until I Die This was such a great conclusion and I am so glad I finally got around to reading it I love Kate and Vincent and I am so glad I was able to experience their story I also want to take this second to pride myself on completely guessing where the story was going Yay me Note I originally posted my theories for the ending here on GR and I don t have the hea [...]

  2. UPDATE 10.05.2013 Before reading At first THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED I can t wait to get started Celebrating by my self Walking home from school I was like and And then Should I really read this What if Vincent never comes back And what if he dies, if he hasn t already Am I ready for this to be over I postponed it for 3 hours before finally saying hell with it and began to readNCENT VINCENT VINCENT HOLD ON, I M COMING FOR YOU After reading Can t Form Sentences Right now Breathing deeply and try [...]

  3. Why is the release date so far away D And with the ending of Until I DieCOME TO MOMMA ALREADY.I d say I hate Amy Plum for 1 The cliffhanger that made my heart feel like she twisted it out of my chest, stood on and then chewed it apart.2 THE RELEASE DATE IS UNF SO FAR AWAY UNFUNF 3 Giving me an extremely high expectations in men I NEED my own Vincent or Jules I M BEGGING YOU.But there is no way I d ever hate Amy for creating one of my favourite series ever JUST PLEASE RELEASE IT NOWEEEEEEEEEEAAAA [...]

  4. Just got this for my Birthday Damn I guess, its about time we get the Nook Color anyway Btw,yes, the screen is cracked along with our hearts This was chucked across Starbucks, we were asked politely to pick it up, and leave This is what Until I Die , made us do Now, we know you re thinking This chick has some serious anger issues But think about this, we read Die for Me , and Until I Die , in the same day, back to back So it went something like We LOVE you so much Vincent to OMG you re dead We g [...]


  6. As someone who s been a pretty big fan of this series from the day Die for Me came out, I had very mixed feelings about this final installment I ve spent a lot of time wondering about Kate and Vincent s fate, and even after a whole year of living with that awful cliffhanger in mind, a part of me was reluctant to have it resolved and let them go not because I doubted their happily ever after, but because they are so very dear to me Although things turned out exactly as I thought they would in the [...]

  7. Dry and soggy at the same time, okay in places but only if you surrender yourself to very minimal enjoyment that s this book, like overcooked meatloaf I hate meatloaf, and I ve only had it a couple of times never again but shit if that stuff isn t nasty If it s the only edible substance available in the house, then fine, I ll take it and it ll fill me up, but don t expect me to enjoy it.The best thing these books have going for them is the incredibly original biology and mythology of the revenan [...]

  8. Oh My God Look at that cover AmazingI am so happy right now and then I see the release date

  9. FINAL RATING 1.15 STARS CATCHALLYeah, honestly, I don t even know what I wanted to read this book so badly The first book was okay, the second book was bad, and this book just blew me away with how absolutely awful it was I hated it so much I didn t even know what to do with myself I wanted to love this book, and I really wanted this series to redeem itself because I honestly believed that it could But it just didn t even live up to the lowest of my expectationsE HEROINE KATEI have never like Ka [...]

  10. Dear Amy Plum,I realize that you are not going to read this but since all of us are suffering from the date of when this book comes out because of the end of Until I Die and all I was kinda hoping that we could get an early copy of the book since you love us so much Thanks Sincerely,Your Dying Fans Yes, we are dying so your characters need to save us.

  11. Really loved the end of the series Favorite parts the auras and the rembodiment Lots of action and twists at the end Great job Amy I am, however, having a croissant craving now.

  12. Reviewer s Note For those of you new to the party, Revenants is a series near and dear to a certain heart around these here parts Just not mine As I explained in my review of Until I Die I was intrigued by all the five star reviews of Die for Me, so I decided to investigate, by asking the one person I know who d rush out to get Until I Die and devour it in a couple of hours even though it usually takes her a month to finish anything, my little sis, who I ll refer to as Amy Plum s Number One Fan [...]

  13. MY BABY S ALL GROWN UP.With each book in this series, you can see Amy Plum progress in her writing In the first book, there was unnatural sounding dialogue and overly theatric scenes In the second book, she expanded in other characters backgrounds just a little , took some unexpected twists, but her secret antagonist was poorly disguised, and she fell into the trap of the major cliffhanger ending Though that may be pressure from the publisher or edittor who knows And in the finale, Plum has hone [...]

  14. UPDATE The name has been released If I Should Die What Uh.Is this because Rachel Vincent s book, If I Die Soul Screamers 5 came out recently, and Amy Plum was maybe planning on naming this book that Update Cover Reveal PRETTY I just wish that stupid heart wasn t around the title It makes it look uber cheesy Update Oh hey, they changed the cover so the heart isn t around the words any Much better.

  15. If I Should Die is the heart stopping and heart pounding final conclusion to the Revenants series by the very talented, Amy Plum It s action packed plot and wildly romantic story line will leave you spinning breathlessly till the very last page Fresh, tender and passionate, this has been one gorgeous series to loss your heart to It will be missed

  16. I gave this 5 stars it had you turning the page when all else was you thought lost they pulled together Just absolutely loved this book

  17. Una novela muy entretenida Un final de trilog a fant stico Una trilog a que atrapa much simo Muy recomendable.Si diera mi vida es la tercera y ltima parte de la trilog a Revenants Una trilog a de literatura juvenil fant stica que tiene una idea muy buena y que he disfrutado much simo El primer libro me encant , el segundo libro me gust pero no tanto y este tercero me ha vuelto a encantar Si diera mi vida es una tercera parte muy buena Como todas las novelas Revenants empieza muy fuerte Desde la [...]

  18. Just finished Until I Die and how does Amy expect us to wait so long after such a heart wrenching cliff hanger EDIT Finally read it SPOILERS AHEAD I have a bit of mixed feelings about this one I loved it but there were certain scenes that kind of made me roll my eyes a bit And unlike the previous two, I was able to put this book down half way through and not pick it up again for a day which is usually unheard of for me lol I don t like how Jules disappeared half way through I get why he did but [...]

  19. 4.5 estrellitasNo te creas esto no es un review regular como los de mas de miles de palabras yo solo quiero dejarles saber lo que siento de el final Es triste saber que no sabre mas de Vincent que este es el ultimo libro de la serie,me he disfrutado esta serie tanto Me Encanta el final x.x image error no no NO para mi el final fue tan blah,pero tambien puede ser que la autora se aya quedado dormida escribiendo el final del libro uno nunca sabe D.haha.No es que estuvo terrible el libro si no que [...]

  20. AAAhhhhaAAAAAAAaaaAAAAA First of all, my jaw dropped to the floor at that awful cliffhanger d right now im screaming my head off at the release date MAY ONE WHOLE YEAR man, im dying for the book this moment am i supposed to wait for a whole FREAKIN 366 days oh amy plum.have pity on us and release it a bit earlier X

  21. I absolutely loved the conclusion to this trilogy It was an absolute honor to be able to follow Kate and Vincent s story I don t think I could have asked for a better ending to this series It had everything I could have possibly hoped for.Kate grew throughout these books in so many ways She used to be an introvert, living her life through books but after all these trials she found who she was An important point is that she didn t allow her relationship with Vincent to cloud her judgement on cert [...]

  22. NORMAL OBSERVATION the cover is great, but i kinda wish it was a single bold color like book one or twoT SO NORMAL why in Gods name is this book coming out in 2013 and did anyone see the suspense in the last book is she trying to kill us screaming at the computer really not even a plot pulls hair out it better not be something like Kate and Jules cause i will rip this book apart so fast my paper shredder would be amazed screams running out the door like a crazed person Edited Reviewokay so the p [...]

  23. If Vincent isn t alive I don t think I ll be able to make it through life It is completely unfair to make you fall THAT in love with him and then to just tear him away The least you could have done is give him some kind of fault so that his death wasn t so completely unfair.

  24. SPOILERS AHEAD 4.5 Champion stars Holy hell That was one unbelievable conclusion to such a unique and unforgettable trilogy I absolutely loved this book Though there were some things that bothered me that happened and a few things I wished would have happened that didn t But overall it wasn t enough to keep me from almost rating it a full 5 stars Wait, I mean I would ve given it 5 complete top notched starsexcept for a few things I wanted Vincent Kate romance I mean the ende on you two, you cou [...]

  25. 4.5 stars Kate is a very, very cool and tough girl I love reading about her Drawbacks are the for me sometimes slightly too cheesy romance between her and Vincent and the occasionally too high predictability of the story Still, the plot kept me on my toes anyway, the atmosphere was great and the characters all stayed dear to me Thank you so much, Amy Especially for one of the endings , which fulfilled a wish of mine I leave this world with a pleasantly mushy heart Aching a little, but also burst [...]

  26. Great ending to the series I m going to miss it A lot happened in this one, totally was taken by surprise, whew What a ride full review to come

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