Hot Ticket

[PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning [PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning - Hot Ticket, Hot Ticket Book in reading order of events in book series per authorThere are things in bassist Jace Seymour s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone To cover his guilt and anguish he seeks dominatri

  • Title: Hot Ticket
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: 9781402245855
  • Page: 234
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning, Hot Ticket, Olivia Cunning, Hot Ticket Book in reading order of events in book series per authorThere are things in bassist Jace Seymour s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone To cover his guilt and anguish he seeks dominatrix Mistress V Aggie to temporarily placate his inner turmoil Aggie doesn t have much use for men besides the power rush she gets when they re begging for mercy at her feet Book in reading

Hot Ticket

[PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning [PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning - Hot Ticket, Hot Ticket Book in reading order of events in book series per authorThere are things in bassist Jace Seymour s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone To cover his guilt and anguish he seeks dominatri Hot Ticket

  • [PDF] Hot Ticket | by ✓ Olivia Cunning
    234Olivia Cunning
Hot Ticket

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  1. Adult review for erotic contentHurt me Take the pain away Hurt me.4.25 stars The Sinners have come a long way What started out back in book 1 as a fun romp between Brian and Myrna has now spiraled into a story of heavy burdens and skeletons begging to be let out of their closet.For as much as I found the early feel of the series to be a lot of fluffy fun, I think there s something about where everyone is now that speaks to me Getting to see inside the heads of every band member and feeling thei [...]

  2. 5 hurt me stars Your beauty steals my breath, he murmured Your kiss steals mine Jace a.k.a Tripod A hell s angel, heavy on the angel Mistress V a.k.a Aggie She was all powerful in total control A goddess A demon An angel Jace has some serious demons he s fighting, and being on tour doesn t help him at all.ed inside the tour bus with the rest of the Sinners, he hides in the shadows, wishing he could just disappear He s the youngest of the bunch, the brunt of all the jokes and pranks, he doesn t n [...]

  3. 3 starsI liked this book but didn t love it I think my love affair with this series has come to an end It was a fun ride while it lasted, but I think it s time I move on

  4. Tortured rock star plus a Dominatrix equals Erotica with a splash of BDSM equals two lost souls coming together and finding what they need from each other If that s what you like, this is the book for you.Jace sees Aggie in a strip club during Brian s bachelor party and knows he must have her especially after seeing her wield her whip so expertly Wanting from her, she gives him her business card but before he can make an appointment, he and the rest of the band members are thrown out of the clu [...]

  5. Hot Cover FUCKING Hot Boy Sexy Babe Steamy Sex the woot woot kind Drama Angst, Dark Past, Secrets swoon In short, this book was AMAZING Had it allYou fall in LOVE with Jace I think Jace ties with Brain as my favorite Sinner and so does this book tie with Backstage Pass for me I reallyyyyy liked Aggie She is the only Dominatrix I ve read about after Nora and I throughly enjoyed her story line and character Your beauty steals my breath, he murmured Your kiss steals mine Jace and Aggie were PREFECT [...]

  6. Buddy read with Iva cupavala Oh, my God this was so HOT Dear Jace and Eric, I have few things to tell you image error Got it DLove,

  7. Is it sad that I now like Jace than Trey YeahThis book is giving me back the need to kiss the land at this author s feet 3

  8. Men I Can t Instantly Label And a review I simply cannot write that will express the love I have for Jace and Aggie s story I thought this was a beautiful piece of work from the Queen of rocker erotica, Olivia Cunning I have been a fan girl for a while and have read everything Olivia has written Backstage Pass broke my rocker erotica bubble a year ago and holds a special place in my heart, mind and you know where else Jace, that shy little man with such self confidence issues can only feel when [...]

  9. BEST SINNERS BOOK YET I Can t say enough.Jace and Aggie are wonderful She is what he needs to get over his tragic past and realize how much love there is in his life They really are the perfect couple.The relationship is phenomenal The sex is smoking hot All the sinners we love are moving along with their lives in supporting roles.Olivia Cunning nailed this book Jace is everything than I thought LOVED If you re a Sinners fanwhat are you waiting for

  10. I ve got you, baby, she whispered.The pain inside was unbearable worse than anything in his experience He couldn t breathe It hurts, he gasped God, it hurts Mercy, he begged her, rubbing his face against her belly Mercy, Aggie Mercy That line really hit me Such an emotional story There are some petty things that I don t like, uhhhmm a bit of the BDSM and Aggie being a dominatrix, but can t help it its part of the story lol Nevertheless, I m a fan of Sinners all the way and Jace and I have someth [...]

  11. Temporary List C Men I Can t Instantly LabelThat s how I felt about this book I just can t rate it It made me uncomfortable But it held my interest.It featured my least favorite troupe the tortured pained hero And this book took it to a whole new level It was too much for me And the beating made me very skirmish I wouldn t have had a problem with it if it really was his thing sexually Okay, I probably still would have had a problem reading about it But as it was, it was a destructive harmful beh [...]

  12. Every romance series has to include the obligatory BDSM guy nowadays Thanks a lot 50 Shades of Shite Personally, it doesn t do much for me Call me crazy, but if I have to put on some crazy costume, go into a special dungeon, tie up and beat the crap out of my man for an hour, I m going to be too tired for the sex It sounds like a lot of work, and I m pretty lazyah, seriously, I have a lazy problem Ehh, I ll fix it tomorrowSo, in this one, we have Jace, the bassist for the band and the guy who ha [...]

  13. image error image error Mmmmmm Five gloriously HOT BLAZING STARS I seriously can t think of anything I d change in this book It had a fantastic blend of angst, sadness, heat lord, did it have heat , romance, humor, twists and turns I guess my only beef is the out of order publishing fiasco with this series I was reading about Trey s head injury and I had this weird sense of d j vu Until I realized this happened in a previous book I read Shame shame shame Such a good series to blow it that way.My [...]

  14. 4 Tripod StarsThis book focuses on Jace Seymour, and let me just say, he is an absolute angel Jace, the quiet bassist of the Sinners band, always intrigued me in previous books due to his suitcase of goodies Well, in Hot Ticket, we get to open Jace s treasure trove of pleasure and it is hot In the beginning, Jace meets Mistress V at a Vegas strip club and propositions her for a private pain session Jace is not a submissive and doesn t want to be dominated, but he craves the pain When he took a s [...]

  15. 5 Stars I loved this one Although Trey will always be my favorite Sinner, this book is my favorite of the series so far I adore Jace and Aggie Jace I want you to hurt me Hard core Aggie You re wrong You don t deserve pain You deserve to be happy The Sinner s are out for Brian s bachelor party when Jace first see s Aggie Aggie is working, but she notices Jace right away Because of Jace s past, he needs to be hurt To feel pain Aggie s job is to give pain to her clients, but Jace is unlike any clie [...]

  16. I luv this band sooooooo much they r so hot sexy I just want a ride on that tour bus 5 hot rockers come on girls u know us want 2 Jace OMG what a lil sweetie he is so cute I know I shouldn t call a rocker cute but he just is I knew there was something about jace that wasn t rite but God jace as had it hard really hard it just made me want 2 hug him so hard I m was delighted that he met aggie God I luv this woman so strong an God is she kinky when u put the 2 of them 2gether holy God they r hot I [...]

  17. The wait is finally over 5 StarsBlown my FUCKING mind Your beauty steals my breath, Your kiss steals mine Oh Jace you stole my breath I am going to get all fangirl on everyone here When Jace was first introduced in the first book Backstage Pass, I knew he was for me I loved him just from his description I wasVERYeager for his story to come out I mean, I was stalking the page waiting for his time to come As soon as I got this book in my hot hands I was jumping for joy An angel and a devil Strange [...]

  18. The first half of Book Three lines up with the events of Rock Hard, told from the perspectives of Bassist Jace and his Aggie aka Mistress V starting from the moment the Sinners walked into the Vegas strip club Paradise Found.I wound up liking Jace a lot than I thought I would He was infamously quiet during the first two books, most of what we knew about him came from the other character s impressions of him the mystery behind his personality actually made his inner turmoil believable that he h [...]

  19. 3.5 stars.Out of the four Sinner books I ve read, I d say this ranks number three behind Brian and Sed s stories I ve been curious about Jace since we started to get tidbits in the first book about how there was some kink hiding behind that sweet angel face Jace flat out broke my heart in this one I think this is the first Sinners book that has centered less around relationship issues and angst, and around the personal issues of the main character It gave the book a whole different feel for me [...]

  20. Hot Ticket review take 2 because sucks donkey balls sometimes and didn t save my original review.In Hot Ticket we go back on tour with The Sinners Here we get to know the quiet, tortured Jace and his Aggie Aggie loves Jace unconditionally and helps him release his pain Their story is one of pain, guilt, acceptance, and love Their journey is one worth reading 3You can t not mention sex when reviewing an Olivia Cunning story.The sex in this book is HOTTT image error And it does include some steamy [...]

  21. nocturnereads 2013 02 Review is up Dear Friendsis review will be a LONG time in coming like Jace since this book is not out until February But, and I mean but, if you have not started this seriesYOU MUST read Backstage Pass and Rock Hard NOW IMHO, do not read Double Time until the end even though I loved that book and reviewed it, don t read it since it is really book 5 If you need reading material between waiting on this book and Rock HardI suggest reading her novellas of one night stands with [...]

  22. Let me start by saying how this book made me feel, actually, better yet, let me show you how this book made me feel First of all it was H.O.T.I d even go as far as saying there were parts where.And then there were the bits that were so touching IOh and don t let me forget these partsSo now the sensible partThis is the fourth book in this series and its definitely one of those series that just gets better and better I can happily say that I am totally and utterly now in lust with Jace There was a [...]

  23. Best cover so far best sex scenes so far best STORY so far Yes there is one Best couple so far BEST sigh everything I just loved it Now I loved the others but this book was just WOW.

  24. Buddy read and re read with Aly This is how I feel everytime I read this series And of course like this for like 95% of the book P

  25. THIS BOOK WAS AH MAZE BALLS I don t think I ll ever be able to do a review for these books, they re too awesome Olivia Cunning you amaze me every single time Thank you for giving us a chance to witness your incredible talent YOU ROCK

  26. Ava s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsOMG Self professed Olivia Cunning Junkie, here to report, Hot Ticket is intense and I loved it.We ve briefly interacted with Jace Seymour in Backstage Pass and Rock Hard He s always kind of been the cute quiet one We ve known there s something dark just beneath the surface, but not exactly sure what it gonna be Knowing he d be spending some quality time with Mistress V, who we met it in Rock Hard, I was a little apprehensive For whatever [...]

  27. Whenever I read an Olivia Cunning novel, I feel like a Peeping Tom I see, taste, touch, smell, and hear on a whole nother level Sensory overload feels like a flippin understatement I could speculate on where she comes up with her material, but I d be similar to an accountant pulling numbers out of his ass What I do know is that I often feel as though I m about to do something illegal, and before the day is out, I m liable to get caught So when I m staring down the barrel of a gun at the two indi [...]

  28. Darkness Desire Need Oblivion Pain PleasureJace is such a tortured soul he lives for his music, but he carries so much guilt and the only way he can forget about all the darkness is to feel pain He meets Mistress V in Vegas during Brian s bachelors party Mistress V Aggie is a dominatrix that specializes in corporal punishment a.k.a she hits the crap out of grown men and break them down to tears in a matter of minutes Hurt me Take the pain away Hurt me During their first session, Mistress V is un [...]

  29. 3 stars only because I don t ride a tricycleI m not going to deny that this book was sexy, funny and all sorts of naughty I m not going to deny that I was instantly immersed in this fast paced sinful read I m not even going to deny that I had a serious girl hard on for Jace In fact, I may be in love So what s the problem Problems One was that I really didn t care for Aggie I saw her as one ginormous clich The BDSM in the story seemd very displaced Aggie was never a dominatrix unless she was enco [...]

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