Wicked Beat

[PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning [PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning - Wicked Beat, Wicked Beat From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners new front of house soundboard operator drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his Unfortunately she s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills

  • Title: Wicked Beat
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: 9781402245862
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning, Wicked Beat, Olivia Cunning, Wicked Beat From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners new front of house soundboard operator drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his Unfortunately she s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills to pay him much attention Rebekah never planned to fall for the tall goofy drummer with the weird sense of humor and a heart the size of the galaxy But Eric makes her laFrom the moment h

Wicked Beat

[PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning [PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning - Wicked Beat, Wicked Beat From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners new front of house soundboard operator drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his Unfortunately she s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills Wicked Beat

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ý Wicked Beat : by Olivia Cunning
    149Olivia Cunning
Wicked Beat

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  1. 4,5 HOT HOT HOT STARS This book was hilarious and so hot I love it Eric and Rebekah are a perfect couple Two incredibly sexy and quirky characters who find in the other their best friend and soul mate Make a strong and honest relationship In this book Dave, the Sinner s soundboard operator is still recovering from the accident that left him in a wheelchair.Rebekah his younger sister convinces him to ask the band if she could help them until he recoversRebekah has a huge crush on the Sinner s gui [...]

  2. DNF at 68%I started skimming after 40% and finally lost interest by 68% I loved Eric and kudos to Olivia Cunning for having the courage to give Eric the sexual problem view spoiler premature ejaculation hide spoiler he had It was brilliantly done and she made me LOVE him even Sadly, I did not care for the heroine, Rebekah I was disappointed that she kept pining for Trey instead of Eric I felt he deserved someone better someone who had eyes only for him To be fair, though, Rebekah may have been [...]

  3. 4.5 SINNER STARS You re weird You re weird too, she said defensively I guess that means we re perfect for each other I guess so, she said Okay so first off I LOVE the cover Isn t it gorgeous Best cover of the series I think, anyways I could stare at it all day That s it Well, that, and I like to be with you, She placed a hand on his abdomen and leaned closer I like you, period He couldn t help but grin Yeah She smiled crookedly and nodded Yeah I like you, exclamation point Rebekah is now the tem [...]

  4. 4.5 HOT stars Eric Sticks is the random, funny, inappropriate, sweet and sexy drummer for The Sinners He isn t just a drummer He does a lot of composing for the band as well He can play about any instrument From the previous books, I always think of him as the watcher and we learn why he is a watcherRebekah Reb is joining The Sinners on tour She is so excited Being a new graduate, she only gets the job as FOH because of her brother, Dave He is the soundboard operator that got injured, and she is [...]

  5. Adult review for erotic content.Real Life Problems.I haven t checked out many reviews for this book yet, but I wouldn t be surprised if at least a few people took issue with Eric s issue turning out to be something which doesn t exactly fit the role of him being a sexy rock god.Personally, I loved how real his problem was All this time, I wondered why Eric liked to watch than participate And even though his reason for being standoffish was not the sexiest reason in the world and it really wasn [...]

  6. 4.5 deliciously wicked stars You and me alone That s my ultimate fantasy This isn t you re typical boy meets girl, and they fall in love kind of story s not even your typical fuck buddy, friends with benefit bootycall kind of story eitherI mean where would the fun be in that, lol Nope what we have here is a little different You have one of the best drummers and musical geniuses in the industry who is also a voyeur and a big time flirt He gets off on watching his friends fuck their girls and some [...]

  7. HOT HOT HOT HOT COVER FOR MY FAVORITE SINNER ERIC SQUEEEE Did I mention Eric is my favorite duh hhmmm after all the eye rolling b g yay He is still my favorite With his big and trusting heart, his corny jokes, and his antics not to mention his musical genius Rebekah was a little annoying on the first part and her hang up for Trey So just bear with it coz Trey make up with his sexiness on that part But as the story unfold you will like her a lot She s loyal, sweet, fun and playful A total fit for [...]

  8. 5 MERCY, BABY STARS Eric Rebekah Best Sinners Couple My Eric My Reb No drama They say what they mean They mean what they say They center their relationship on never lying to each other awesome Eric is the funny man which is why I love him , and he lets silly and stupid things slip all the time Reb is so perfect for him because she never takes him seriously and laughs at everything he says sounds like me.I was grinning and fanning myself throughout this entire book My favorite moment of the book [...]

  9. 3.5 s We finally get Eric s story and if you were bad like me and read them as they came out instead of in orderan this is the last Sinner s book.I have to be honestI wasn t sure if I would like Eric s book I didn t really ever warm up to him and his voyeurism ways ButI m glad I read it because I was totally surprised Eric, who s the drummer for the band, turned into this sweet, loving, kind person who instead of being hateful because of his past, reaches out and embraces life Wellrta And he jus [...]

  10. Can I say I love Eric He was funny, sweet, sensitive, cool, loving, tough, jealous, patient, sexy just a perfect book boyfriend Reb was a girl on a mission out to prove herself in the rock n roll world and instead of landing Trey who she thought she wanted before she got there she ended up with Eric and it truly was a perfect match She got his sense of humor, loved him for who he is and helped him out with his issueI loved how playful these two were I adored that they couldn t keep their hands o [...]

  11. I love a funny guy And, Eric is always cracking corny jokes and being silly Most people don t even realize he s joking half the time and don t know what to think of him I totally relate to this My husband is freaking hilarious But, when you add his crazy humor to his thick British accent, I have people constantly looking at me with a look that says they aren t sure if he said that, but if he did they might be offended Ha I love that When we drove through the car wash and they asked what scent we [...]

  12. The Fourth Book in the Sinners on Tour Series was all about Eric Sticks Rebekah aka Reb Overall it was a fun book, but it had some ups and downs for me.The Ups 1 I thought it was adorable that Sticks went all stupid love at first sight for Reb right out of the gate.2 I love that Trey view spoiler came to the Eric s rescue twice and how effing hot was that Cant wait for Trey to get his own book 3 I like that Sticks took a step back to look at what he was doing with his life and what was important [...]

  13. UPDATE THANK YOU OF GOD OF NETGALLEY I KNEEL AT YOUR FEET IN HUMBLE GRATITUDE xoxoxoReview BelowWOW What a cover I am a huge fan of this series and I swear the covers and the books get hotter and hotter each time To start this post off I have to tell you Thank you to the Gods of Netgalley for this book for review Months back when the cover for Wicked Beat came out I was urning for it and thanks to NetGalley I read it early I m not sure I would have been able to bear the wait ARE YOU A SINNER FAN [...]

  14. September 12, 2013Gave it another go but still DNF, this time 40%I was so bummed when I got turned down for an ARC of this book but now I see it as an omen of some sort in the last few months, every book I was turned down for, ended up being mediocre at best.I am a HUGE fan of Olivia s Sinners on Tour series but this book just didn t do it for me At all And I LOVE Eric s character I can t believe I am going to say this but this book had way too much sex and almost no story at all Female lead did [...]

  15. Woo Hoo I just go this ARC from Netgalley So excited I actually squealed As soon as I finish what I am reading now I am jumping on Eric into Wicked Beat with both feet ReviewOk, you all know that I am the biggest FUCKING SINNERS FANGIRL, right Well, a part of me is so sad that this is the end of the Sinners books, but WOW What a great ride Now, I promise not to give to much away since most of you suckers awesome people have to wait unit August for this book evil grin Of all of the band members I [...]

  16. 3.5 I love Eric even though he has bad taste in women STARSMaybe you re wondering how many times I wrote a review for Wicked Beat Or maybe you aren t, but I m going to tell you anyway THREE TIMES That s right My first review was a long page of ranting about Rebekah which I hate, and not in the loving kind of way how I do that bish Myrna, plus she doesn t mind sharing Brian and Trey with me Shut up She doesn t Ok Then I deleted my first review, went and opened a bottle of wine I drank it all if y [...]

  17. What is there not to love when it comes to another Sinners release Although I felt like I was cheated by the out of order release of these books, I still loved Eric s story.Eric SticksWe have seen the voyeuristic side to Eric over the last four books we know he likes to watch but never before have we been told why he likes to watchd a little of thisEric always came across as sort of a goof ball in the other books you got to see a little bit of his softer side in Jace s book But now we get to se [...]

  18. 1,5 stars Spoiler free review I really wanted to enjoy that book, and I really tried but for the love of me, I couldn t Here are some of the reasons why.1 The heroine She is one of the dumbest, shallowest, sluttiest, less likable heroine I read about She lusted about everyone and everything even Eric s car but him and she wasn t shy about displaying her interest She eventually turned to Eric only because Trey blatantly dismissed her To now, I still can t understand how these two fell in love 2 T [...]

  19. 5 screaming in pleasure, mind blowing, orgasmic stars On stage, on tour, in bed, they ll rock your world Wicked Beat is filled with scorching hot, sensual scenes that will melt your panties and turn you on so much you ll turn into pile of mush Every page is written specially for erotica fans, who won t be disappointed by this fast paced, hardcore read Wicked Beat is another erotica novel in Sinners Series This time Eric Sticks the kinky, but shy drummer meets his perfect match, Rebekah Now, toge [...]

  20. This book is my favorite Sinners Book and it reminded me of an old Blue Oyster Cult song You re Not The One I Was Looking For, But You re The One For Me youtube watch v BOpxt3You re not the one I was lookin for butYou re the one for me you re the one I m not the one you were lookin for butYou can t go wrong with meYou re not the one I was lookin for butYou re oh so good for meRebekah and Eric s relationship had a bit of rocky start She d crushed on Trey and who doesn t forever and didn t see Eri [...]

  21. Sorry to say that this was my least favorite in the Sinners on Tour series A bit disappointing since Eric has been so memorable throughout this series, and is one of my favorites of the guys He has always been the one guy to bring a smile to my face, with his humor, quirkiness, lightheartedness and his enthusiasm to join in on any fun in the bedroom D view spoiler I didn t even care that he had a pre ejaculation issue unexpected but hilarious hide spoiler So why oh why wasn t there a better hero [...]

  22. Rating A Heat SizzlingFrom the moment Eric Sticks first got his perv on in Backstage Pass, a hot little scene with Brian and Myrna, I was all about the Sinners drummer although, there is an even hotter scene with Eric, Aggie, and Jace in Hot Ticket More than a little bit odd, and always saying the craziest things, I could tell there was so much hidden underneath all that A loneliness A vulnerability And, well, his unusual charm combined with his pervy tendencies made me fall for him completely T [...]

  23. Woo hoo what a book it so good I luvd this from start 2 finish it s so hot like al the other but this book was hot from the start Eric Stick what a man he is just so gorgeous sexy carin I just want 2 hug him an do but I think we r al the same after read in this book an when u put reb in the mix God there good an even trey gets a lil in the begin an if using read the others book u know how hot he can b 1 of the best thing in this book was I could c they were just meant 4 each other from the star [...]

  24. Update I was rejected on Net Galley gasp and cannot bring myself to pay the BIG moneyghWhy oh why are these not coming sooner Need After just finishing an ARC of Hot TicketI totally want Eric Sticks Don t worry babymma will get you ASAP Love Olivia Cunnings Sinners Get your groupie on now with Backstage Pass, Rock On and Hot Ticket

  25. Jointly reviewed on totallybookedblog 2013 08 Gitte I was so excited for Eric s turn in the Sinners series He s been a bit of an enigma for me and as Olivia Cunning is my ROCK STAR I just couldn t wait to devour Wicked Beat So, writing this review hurts like a bitch because I just didn t get it, I enjoyed it but I didn t get that feeling I guess didn t connect I was sadly disappointed I feel as if I don t really know Eric any better than I already did I love Eric and his character but I don t fe [...]

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