Angels Watching Over Me

× Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel × Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel - Angels Watching Over Me, Angels Watching Over Me Happy Holidays Bah humbug Happy is not the way Leah Lewis Hall woulddescribe herself at the moment She s spending her twelve days of Christmas inan Indianapolis hospital while her mother is thousands

  • Title: Angels Watching Over Me
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780553567243
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback

× Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel, Angels Watching Over Me, Lurlene McDaniel, Angels Watching Over Me Happy Holidays Bah humbug Happy is not the way Leah Lewis Hall woulddescribe herself at the moment She s spending her twelve days of Christmas inan Indianapolis hospital while her mother is thousands of miles away on ahoneymoon with husband number five Leah went to the doctor with nothing than a broken finger but he ordered her to undergo some tests Now she ssHappy Holida

Angels Watching Over Me

× Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel × Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel - Angels Watching Over Me, Angels Watching Over Me Happy Holidays Bah humbug Happy is not the way Leah Lewis Hall woulddescribe herself at the moment She s spending her twelve days of Christmas inan Indianapolis hospital while her mother is thousands Angels Watching Over Me

  • × Angels Watching Over Me ☆ Lurlene McDaniel
    306Lurlene McDaniel
Angels Watching Over Me

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  1. If you want a book that is bringing you to tears ever other page, go for it IT makes you feel good and feel horrible at the same time.

  2. Leah is not happy about being stuck in the hospital for the holidays while her mother is thousands of miles away on a honeymoon with husband number five Until she meets her hospital roommate, Rebekah, and her big family Cynical 16 year old Leah has never known people like this before From Rebekah s handsome brother, Ethan, who can barely look Leah in the eye, to her kind older sister, Charity, the Amish family captivates Leah with its simple, loving ways When Leah receives frightening informatio [...]

  3. You wouldn t catch me buying or reading this book ever in public, unless I was dead But the only reason I did was because I read the other two books in the trilogy when I was in late elementary and really liked them, so when I went to a library sale and saw this for super cheap, I thought Why not and got it It was okay The characters weren t fleshed out because the story was so short, so I didn t feel any connection to them, nor did I feel any chemistry between any of the interactions the charac [...]

  4. Genre Category Friendship Romance SicknessIf you enjoy sentimental, cheesy stories that purposely pull on your heartstrings through unrealistic means, then this book is for you The story follows a girl named Leah, who is put in the hospital because of a broken finger Confused by the many tests her doctor insists on running just because of a broken finger, Leah eventually finds out that she has bone cancer While in the hospital, she becomes good friends with her roommate, an Amish girl named Rebe [...]

  5. My Actual Rating 3.5 Another quick and easy read A little far fetched as far as Gabriella goes but that s just me.Leah seemed like a pretty level headed young girl who has kind of had to take care of herself a lot growing up Here she is in a hospital by herself with some mysterious illness when she meets her Amish roommate and her family The Amish thing was interesting I ve never read about Amish characters who put their religion and beliefs into such easy to understand terms Anyways, Leah meets [...]

  6. this is one of the best books i have ever read no matter how many times i read it again and again, i never get tired of it it s a sad, cute love story and i guarantee it ll make you cry at some point or another and make you fall in love again.

  7. The ANgels trilogy kept me reading for days.once i found out they had in the series i ran to the library.i wish ethan and leah could have made it i cried when rebecca died and when leahs stepfather died.

  8. Sometimes, it is the memory surrounding the origin of a book that leaves the larger impression.The advent of the digital book has been a wonderful thing for me Now I can own and carry with me an innumerable number of novels without having to worry about whether it fits in my bag, the weight of carrying it while commuting or whether there is room enough for me to store it Add in the fact that most ebooks are much, much affordable compared to their physical counterparts, and it is small wonder th [...]

  9. Let s seeI sorta kinda forgot to write this review so we ll see what I can recall Had I read this book when I was 8 or 9 or so, I probably would have loved this book I m not sure exactly what age group this book and others by this author are aimed for but everything was so simple, it seemed geared towards young preteens or so Examples of why it seemed that way First of all, the writing is very simple and not meant for someone with an extensive vocabulary who likes to learn big words It s very mu [...]

  10. In Angels Watching over Me by Lurlene McDaniel, Leah Lewis Hall, the protagonist, deals with various pains over her body and because of these pains, she ended up in the hospital almost the entire setting of the book Without her mother being by her side because she is in Japan for a honeymoon with her fifth husband, Leah meets and becomes friends to a Amish girl named Rebekah and her siblings, Charity and Ethan in addition to Molly, their nurse When Leah was hospitalized, she learns the differenc [...]

  11. It s been ages since I ve read this book but it s still one of my favorites of all time The entire series is wonderful and it was about time I reviewed it Even after almost a decade since I last read this book, I still remember it with great clarity, having read it so many times back when I was a pre teen.Leah s story is quite moving Lurlene McDaniel has always been one to write fascinating books I remember someone telling me that people called her books tearjerkers because they were always so s [...]

  12. I ll give the first book in this trilogy 2 2.5 stars, however the other two books are substantially.well have substantially substance This book is really an exploration of themes and an introduction to the central characters and the vastly different worlds they come from Leah embodies the typical 16 year old girl, slightly neglected by her oft absent mother and new stepfather and is written in a easily projectable and identifiable first person manner Ethan s life is worlds away, living traditi [...]

  13. Angels watching over me was an exremely good book I recommend teenage girls to read this book It was really interesting and the writing just draws you into the text I thought this book was really interesting and I loved learning about the Amish culture compared to our culture today Alhtough it was a little sad and depressing, it did have its high points.If you are interested in learning about other cultures, you should definitely read this book This book teaches about the Amish culture and how i [...]

  14. Angels Watching Over Me by Lurlene McDanielReligion Miracles Illness FriendshipLeah is in the hospital because of a broken finger The doctors say they want to do some tests Her mother is currently on her honeymoon with her new husband and it is almost Christmas Leah is feeling scared and lonely She ends up making friends with her roommate, a little Amish girl named Rebekah, and her brother and sister When Leah finds out she has bone cancer, she relies on the faith of her new Amish friends This b [...]

  15. This book is about how Leah Lewis Hall, a teenage girl went to the hospital because her finger and her knee hurts and later from diagnosis from doctors, she was told that she had cancer During the time that she was in the hospital, she met an Amish family which are people who a bit isolated from the modern world, such as the way they dress and even speak In the hospital, Leah met Ethan and they both are falling for each other.In this book, I learned that it can be very hopeless in a situation wh [...]

  16. This pulls at your heartstrings for sure That s the first thing that you need to know because if you don t like crying or feeling down while reading a book, this one probably isn t for you AND FOR THE REVIEWThe story itself was beautiful and well written It was easy to understand and follow and easy to love The characters draw you in, and the choices they make keep you reading The plot was interesting and entertaining.For the bad things I felt as if the story and its characters should have been [...]

  17. I am not an Amish book fan, but I m reading this to get experience with these books, since I m writing a pirate Amish romance don t ask.I mean, there wasn t anything about this book that I hated I couldn t tell if it was because it was written around 1996, or because the audience is meant to be middle schoolers, but Leah was not as mature as an average 16 year old, which I can say being an average teenager But, though I hate it, I m getting and partial to romance though I still enjoy other thi [...]

  18. I loved this book when I was younger and I love it still I may not be as infatuated with it as I was before but it s still a good read This is the first book about the Amish that I ever read and led me to others by Beverly Lewis Some of the things Ethan says seem kind of silly now Maybe because I know not all Amish boys are like him either Leah is kind of annoying but there is something about this book that makes me want to keep reading it I can t figure out what it is.Anyway if you like Lurlene [...]

  19. I have finished Angels Watching Over Me by Lurlene McDaniel I really enjoyed this book It made me very sad, but also happy If you are willing to shed a few tears, I would recommend this book to you Little Rebekah was so sweet, I felt so bad for her I am definitely going to read the rest of the series One thing that I thought was weird was that Leah knew so little about the Amish, since there is so many shows about them, but I suppose when this book was published, there was not so much media dedi [...]

  20. This is a very uplifting book It is clearly written with a religious young adult audience in mind, and it explores the questions of faith and doubt from deliberately faithful stance It is relatively well written, though the dialogue of the 16 year old protagonist sounds a bit old fashioned the language is fitting for her Amish friends, but unconvincing for a modern teen There are also some laughable romantic moments, but, like I said, it is an uplifting read, and inasmuch as this was McDaniel s [...]

  21. This is for me anyway an example of a story that you either love or hate It s not that the books are absolute classics, that I would recommend them to everyone I know or even to buy them But there are stories that are worth telling and reading Even if they are labelled young adult novel I m not saying that the whole thing isn t a bit over the edge but still I can understand if someone was to say the books weren t that good or that the events weren t that credible any However I liked the books Li [...]

  22. I must have read the first two books in this trilogy at the same time, because I could have sworn a couple things that happen in the second novel happened in this one In any case, this is pretty typical Lurlene McDaniel fare Pretty girl gets sick, pretty girl is resentful of being sick, pretty girl meets boy and learns a valuable lesson It s formulaic, but McDaniel s earlier work was always pretty solidly written.Definitely still better than The Fault in Our Stars.

  23. This book is about a teenager girl named Leah Lewis Hall, and spends her Christmas in the hospital Throughout that time she meets a little Amish girl named Rebecca This book explains the difference of the Amish culture and the culture that we live in today Leah and Rebecca become close friends and share their beliefs and what they enjoy Each day Rebecca is getting sicker and sicker, were as the docters are still trying to figure out what caused Leah s finger to break.

  24. Een lastig te plaatsen boek de cover doet denken aan een goedkoop damesromannetje, de achterflap impliceert een young adult boek met bovennatuurlijke kantjes, maar na lezen van het eerste hoofdstuk lijkt het nog het meest op een kinderboek.De Amish familie wordt interessant neergezet, maar de Christelijke lading ligt er voor mij iets te dik bovenop Het is bovendien een vrij kort verhaal, er gebeurt in feite niet zoveel.

  25. I always loved this book as a teenager Reading it now it still felt nostalgic I loved the book and especially the charachters And even though I do not believe I think it is a pretty sweet story about discovery and finding a way to get along I also love how this story is about the amish Not many books are about them so I did like it a lot.

  26. Angels Watching Over Me is the first book in the Angels trilogy I found the story to be pretty enjoyable, even though it s geared for a younger audience I still liked it a lot I m looking forward to reading the next two books Recommended if you enjoy contemporary stories or Lurlene McDaniel s books.

  27. Angels Watching Over Me is about Leah Lewis Hall and her relationship with an Amish family she meets in the hospital With her mother on a honeymoon, Leah went in for a broken finger but test made he stay with no one their for her This book is good for students to learn about Amish families and their way of life.

  28. I love this story, I first come upon it in high school and have fallen in love with Leah and Ethan This is the first book of a trilogy Lurlene McDaniels has a way with words, that you just can t seem to put the book down until you are completely done with it Definitely a tear jerker A must read.

  29. Loved these books when I was in elementary school and even into middle school Looking back I knew they were ridiculously melodramatic and indicate a bizarre morbid tendency but I loved them nonetheless and had friends who felt the same For whatever reason, they were very compelling to me at that age.

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