Don't Die, My Love

[PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel [PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel - Don't Die, My Love, Don t Die My Love Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always been school sweethearts Now both are in high school and deeply in love Luke a talented football player is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarsh

  • Title: Don't Die, My Love
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780553567151
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel, Don't Die, My Love, Lurlene McDaniel, Don t Die My Love Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always been school sweethearts Now both are in high school and deeply in love Luke a talented football player is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarship to a top college And no matter what her parents say wherever Luke goes Julie intends to follow When Luke can t shake what he thinks is a virus Julie persuades him toJulie Elli

Don't Die, My Love

[PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel [PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel - Don't Die, My Love, Don t Die My Love Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always been school sweethearts Now both are in high school and deeply in love Luke a talented football player is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarsh Don't Die, My Love

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Don't Die, My Love : by Lurlene McDaniel
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Don't Die, My Love

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  1. This book was given to me by relatives as a random stocking stuffer when I was a pre teen I never expected to like it, but as soon as I started reading, it became my favorite book, and remained my favorite book for years afterward I read this book cover to cover at least 15 times as a teen I m actually underexaggerating , and never once made it to the end without bawling my eyes out It s still sitting on my shelf, over a decade later, falling apart at the seams from all the use it got in my youn [...]

  2. If it s possible to send a message from heaven, I ll get one to you Luke Spoilers You want a book that rips out your heart and stomps all over it You got it with this one This book is beautiful and the kind of love any woman wants from a man Childhood friends and still deeply in love with one another They reach high school and are still going strong, their love never dies Then Juile finds out Luke has cancer and everything goes downhill However her love for him never died in fact it grew stronge [...]

  3. Don t Die My Love by Lurlene McDaniel is a beautiful love story that will pull at your heartstrings I read it in one sitting and fell for the main characters right away Luke and Julie s love for each other was truly genuine IMHO, and I was sad for Luke when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin s The events unfolded at a steady pace, but I was not prepared for the final outcome, or rather in denial I should say As realistic as it was, I was still hoping against hope and eventually found myself reaching [...]

  4. The author, Lurlene McDaniel, does an awesome job in her work I wish I had time to read her books I love to read her writing It is so vivid I can actually put myself in the main characters place This book is an amazing love story I love how the main character shows how devoted to her boyfriend Yet, as many changes he faces she stills stands by his side even when he doesn t want her love Don t Die, My Love takes you a journey of two young adults as there undivided attention to one another and th [...]

  5. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCfer2.5 5 Stars Luke has always loved Julie since he was a child even though Julie originally hadn t felt the same way Now, years later, Julie and Luke have been highschool sweethearts for 3 years They plan on attending college together where Luke will play football and eventually marrying When Luke receives a scary diagnosis, Julie decides to stand by him and show him how much she loves him The book is heart break [...]

  6. Don t Die, My Love is a book about growing up, love the same person you grew up hating, and have to go through knowing the person you love has only a short life to live Julie Ellis is a young girl who is dating the perfect boy that every girl in the school would be lucky to date, but the only problem is that he doesn t care much for her an only has his mind on making into the big times for football Luke Mulden is her love, he has liked Julie since they were little but she was so mean to him Luke [...]

  7. Don t Die my Love is the saddest love story i have ever read in my life It talks about this guy who is a really good football player, but one day his girlfriend notices something wrong with him and suggest that he sees a doctor He was afraid to go to the doctor because he s scared that if something was wrong with him that he won t be able to play football any, and football was basically his future When he finally went to the doctors with the encouragement of his girlfriend, the doctor told him h [...]

  8. Oh My Gosh Seriously I never cry Never All my friends call me heartles becuase of that reason But I was literally crying a tthe end of this book Just thinking about it makes me want to cry again This is an amazing book and I think everyone should read it.

  9. I am absolutely devasted After reading this book, I think my heart literaly broke into little tiny pieces I can t even get myself together or stop the tears from fallingLuke and Julie s love story is heartbreakingly beautiful It, once , showed that true love can go through anything even deadly diseases Every single word of this book touched my heart Every single paragraph made me crave for and the end, oh well, the end made me end up sobbing and sobbing for very long minutes And If I can t wait [...]

  10. This book really touched me It is the first book that I have read to ever make me get a knot in my throat, eyes fill up with tears and my heart feel the pain that the character Julie feels I have never read such a touching book The only other books that comes close to making me feel like this are books by Nicholas Sparks but this book really got to me and I reccommend it to everyone of all ages

  11. I m still crying More of a review at a later date I am really thinking I read this at either the worst possible time, or the best possible time I just discovered that some dear to me is dying of cancer My emotions were all over the place with this book I cried for a good twenty minutes at the end while everyone stared at me like I had lost my mind I will link a in depth review below.apopofjess 2015 0

  12. Urrrrgghhh My reviewof Breathless basically sums up all of my thoughts about this book The heroine is selfish and vain, but the love interest is actually quite nice even though he does have terrible taste in girlfriends.

  13. I gave this book four stars because it has a lot of emotion and details I love the way it tolls with your emotions This book makes you feel like you re right there with the characters The author did a great job ending the story, she left you filled in with everything and she didn t leave you out in the end Those are reasons why i love this book

  14. 5 stars OMG WHY OMGG WHY OMG OMG WHY OMG.I dont think I ll ever get over what this book just did to me Eventhough someone spoiled this book for me and I knew what would happen, it still broke me

  15. I don t remember when I read it, but I do know that I enjoyed it very much It is such a good book It made me cry and I don t cry over books that often The book was so sweet, and I reccommend it to anyone that like Realistic Fiction

  16. Okay, I read this books years ago I may re read it at some point However, I remember calling a family member, bawling my eyes out, once I had finished I know this book has had, always will have, a special place in my heart Unfortunately, because I so clearly remember the emotional turmoil the ending caused me, I don t know if I can handle reading it while my life is as busy as it is I don t have time to go into a dark, heart broken depression I do highly recommend this book for anyone who wants [...]

  17. Don t Die, My LoveLurlene McDaniel250 pp New York, NY.Random House Children s Book 5.50ISBN 0 553 56715 2 Everyone loves a good cry, and no one delivers heart wrenching stories better than Lurlene McDaniel Don t Die, My Love by Lurlene McDaniel is a beautiful story of young heart breaking, tragic romance This book was burning in past times when young love was the center of attention and still is The story truly shows strong and passionate relationship between two teens and struggles on health, l [...]

  18. This was my first time reading an actual romance novel I ve read books with love stories at their core, obviously, but I ve never read one of these sappy romances.Don t Die, My Love actually wasn t that painful to read, though I got pretty bored when Julie and Luke are on vacation in California, but I liked the rest of the book pretty well I was trying to figure out why books like this would be important for teen readers, and I actually think that some teens could learn some things from them fir [...]

  19. This book is soo Good Well as you can see the two love birds on the front cover of the book is in love Something that the boy didn t even thing it can happen makes him sick how can that happen and he is healthy hes a Football player for crying out loud well when he ends up with the sickness he doesn t have much time left Always going in aout of the Hopital Knowing your girlfriend is finding you throwing up your guts The kind of people that would love the book is people who love books that invovl [...]

  20. This was the novel that started my love affair with reading I first read it when I was 11 and I still remember how I felt reading each page I have 4 copies of it Since I have read this book at least 20 times and I have the entire first chapter memorized word for word I can t say there is anything particularly special about it I just adore lurlene and her talent of relating to teenagers in tough to extreme circumstances.everyone I ve ever recommended this to has loved itI refer to it as my happy [...]

  21. Wow I just loved this book A sweet innocent and CLEAN romance between to young people think the Notebook, but G rated You will not read without shedding some tears The only negative thing would be the way the main characters relationship with and the way she speaks to her mother But that is the only disagreeable part in the whole book I loved the strength these young people showed in the book, especially Luke I enjoyed that the author was very REAL with the book Very sweet, emotional, and healin [...]

  22. Don t Die, My Love was just ok for me I wanted to love it, but I didnt It had a simple plot and a sweet first love story, however it was predictable.

  23. OmgI don t even know where to start.Although this book constantly left me in tears it was still such a great read and one of my favorites in a long time.

  24. Don t Die My LoveBy Lurlene McDaniel3,5 5 stars Julie dan Luke sudah berpacaran sejak duduk dikelas 8 dan telah berjanji akan menikah bila dewasa nanti Mereka merasa ditakdirkan untuk bersatu dan akan selalu bersama selamanya.Saat posisinya sebagai pemain football berbakat sedang melambung dan mendapat tawaran beasiswa dari berbagai universitas, Luke divonis terkena kangker Julie sama sekali tidak mau membayangkan hidup tanpa Luke Julie berkeyakinan Luke pasti akan sembuh Namun bagaimana bila ci [...]

  25. Apa genre novel favoritmu Mengapa Pertanyaan itulah yang pada akhirnya mengantarkan sebuah novel keren ke kediaman saya Don t Die, My Love karya Lurlene McDaniel Saya masih ingat jelas, waktu itu saya menjawab tanpa ragu bahwa genre novel yang paling membuat saya tergila gila adalah genre romantis Alasannya sederhana, saya percaya setiap manusia memiliki kisah cinta dalam versi berbeda Dan menikmati kisah kisah cinta yang bertaburan di muka bumi yang seakan tiada pernah ada habisnya, merupakan k [...]

  26. This wasn t a BAD book, if you like tearjerkers and high school sweethearts But I found Julie s utter dependency on Luke to be really grating I mean, I have a HUGE loyalty kink , I ship a number of pairings involving a clingy partner who puts their lover on a pedestal But Julie basically had no life outside of her boyfriend She didn t care where she went to college as long as it was with him, she insisted on going to every doctor s appointment, staying with him during chemo and radiation, she cl [...]

  27. Judul Don t Die My LovePengarang Lurlene McDanielPenerbit Laluna 303 halLuke Muldenhower menyukai Juloe Ellis sejak berusia 10 th Meski, Julie menghindarinya Luke tidak berhenti berusaha Bahkan, ketika menginjak usianya yang ke 12, Luke mulai bergabung dengan tim football yang dilatih oleh ayah Julie.Membuat Julie semakin mengenal Luke, bahwa ayah Luke tewas dalam kecelakaan di pabrik baja saat Luke berusia 8 th dan ibu Luke harus berjuang keras membesarkan Luke sendirian dengan bekerja sebagai [...]

  28. If it s possible to send a message from heaven, I ll get one to you I read this book when I was younger and didn t fully appreciate it until now P.s one of the reasons I read it when I was younger was because I had okay, have a crush on the male model on the cover This is a heart wrenching tale of love, loss and true soulmates If you aren t in tears by the end of this book, I don t even know what to say I had to stop reading multiple times just to get through the last few chapters I know what yo [...]

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