A Hidden Fire

☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter ☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter - A Hidden Fire, A Hidden Fire No secret stays hidden forever A phone call from an old friend sets Dr Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery he d abandoned years before He never expected a young librarian could hold the key

  • Title: A Hidden Fire
  • Author: Elizabeth Hunter
  • ISBN: 2940013283251
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Nook

☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter, A Hidden Fire, Elizabeth Hunter, A Hidden Fire No secret stays hidden forever A phone call from an old friend sets Dr Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery he d abandoned years before He never expected a young librarian could hold the key to the search nor could he have expected the danger she would attract Now he and Beatrice De Novo will follow a twisted maze that leads from the archives of a universit No secret stays

A Hidden Fire

☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter ☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter - A Hidden Fire, A Hidden Fire No secret stays hidden forever A phone call from an old friend sets Dr Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery he d abandoned years before He never expected a young librarian could hold the key A Hidden Fire How to access Hidden Resolution Options on the Fire TV Similarly, holding RIGHT and BACK for seconds triggers a prompt to factory reset the Fire TV These hidden options seem to be designed to help you get back to a usable state if, for whatever reason, you are unable to access the Fire TV s menus Yesterday I stumbled on some new hidden resolution options triggered from the voice remote. Hidden Fire Stick Features Settings VERY Hidden Fire Stick Features Settings that every Fire TV device owner should know.I will be showing you different hidden features and settings f Hidden Toronto Fire Light Rita Letendre, Hidden Toronto Fire Light Rita Letendre, From Yorkville to the inner suburbs, her public art marked Toronto s transformation into an urban centre in the late s Hidden Lake Lookout Washington Trails Association The Hidden Lake trail is one of the crown jewels of hiking in Washington State No other trail offers so much as Hidden Lake Lookout forest, wildflowers, a true alpine environment of stark granite well above treeline, breathtaking summit views of the heart of North Cascades National Park, and a fire lookout with a sweeping history almost as big as the mountainous landscape it gazes over. Hidden Legacy Books Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy is set in the world much like our own, where over a hundred years ago several countries developed Osiris Serum, a solution that awakened one s latent magical powers They gave that serum to everybody willing to risk dying from it Eventually they figured out that giving humans ability to spit fire and summon monsters wasn t such a good thing, but by that point it was too late Home Damaged By Fire On Hidden Harbor Road Monday A home on Hidden Harbor Road was damaged by fire on Monday afternoon The homeowner attempted to put a fire out in his garage but was unsuccessful At p.m a Camping in jervis bay Hidden Creek Campsite Woollamia Nestled amongst five acres of bushland and surrounded by the Currambene Creek, which flows out to Jervis Bay, Hidden Creek Campsite offers a REAL camping experience with your very own camp fire in natural surroundings and an abundance of wildlife. Do France s plans for small nuclear reactors have hidden Although France plans to invest in small modular nuclear reactors, experts doubt that this is ecologically and economically sensible Yet it may be about geopolitical strategy than energy. Beovu Vision Loss Blindness Dangers Hidden From FDA In Via America s Lawyer Beovu is a popular injection used to treat age related macular degeneration But the medicine has been shown to actually cause permanent vision loss and blindness From the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference in Las Vegas, RT s Brent Jabbour fills in for Mike Papantonio, to talk with attorney Joshua Harris about Novartis s aggressive marketing campaign that Hidden Valley Town Camp Police launch investigation into TWO people are in serious condition with burns after a structure fire at an Alice Springs town camp overnight Police have launched an investigation into

  • ☆ A Hidden Fire ☆ Elizabeth Hunter
    201Elizabeth Hunter
A Hidden Fire

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  1. 3.5 stars This is a spoiler free review regarding plot, but if you don t want to know what type of beings these guys are I say who cares, you find out fairly early in the book , read no further cue ominous music Do you like Gio Check yes or no She wrote back How can you be this childish after a thousand years The dialogue written or spoken was what sold me on this book Was there a mystery happening If so, I didn t really care I much preferred the character interaction to the mystery of the lette [...]

  2. Actual rating 1.5 stars I should have DNFed this one preemptively the minute I saw that some people of despicable book taste of my friends had shelved it as cute and mushy This book is check all that apply Boring Predictable As juvenile as can be Flatter than my favorite herd of ironing boards Packed with dull, uninteresting characters who act like a bunch of 16 year olds Graced with a supposedly strong, clever female MC who is naught but a silly wimp So repetitive and badly written it made my l [...]

  3. Ah, the book that started it all It s been over five years since this book was published FIVE YEARS How did that happen I still love this book I still love Giovanni and Beatrice I still love the world this book began I love book loving vampires I m only going with Gandy bc he s a reader favorite and glasses Ah, who am I kidding He s super hot And librarians who are not impressedwith your specialness.Also FIRE.And twisty, sneaky villains.And all sorts of fun stuff.Yeah, still love this book Still [...]

  4. Okay are you listening to me READ THIS BOOK I got an email from a very good friend She said, try this book She and I read some of the same stuff, but not always, so I was like okay found it on BN for 2.99, so why not I bought it a few weeks ago and kept thinking, I really need to read this so I can tell Tam how I like itESOME I loved Gio Loved Gio Beatrice was someone I d like and trust The development of these characters was really nice I really can t say too much, or I ll spoil the story, but [...]

  5. My Beatrice and Giovanni Eventful story about young libarian Beatrice De Novo and mysterious Dr Giovanni Vecchio is amazing introduction into this paranormal series I loved it and I cannot wait to read I love mysterious, unreadable heroes who keep to themselves Dr Giovanni Vecchio is one of them Well educated and perfect gentleman Self confident, but he never came off as arrogant jerk And there was so much to him It took me long time to partially figure him out and I m sure there is plenty of [...]

  6. First read 25th May 2013 First read rating was Re read 20th May 2015 My opinion hasn t changed still .3rd time read 15th September 2017 and guess what Still hasn t changed .New reviewWith all vamp books I m not always a fan of the fang I wanted a different take I was getting fed up with the Anita Blake series which sucked lemons and after 4 years still does IMO This series is a hit for me every single time With each reread I still find things that can surprise me which I hadn t noticed before I [...]

  7. 1.5 starsContains minor spoilers and complaining and it s mostly for me to remember why I didn t like it.I m not sure I read the same book everyone else has and I m feeling terribly left outAlmost all my friends that read this gave it 5 4 stars I don t know why I found it so incredibly boring I nearly fell asleep reading it times than I can count Literally nothing happens until 70% and when some action does happen, the strategy of it is something a brash teen would do and not hundred thousand y [...]

  8. What a find A Hidden Fire was not at ALL the type of vampire book I am accustomed to reading Instead of a dark, brooding hero oozing sex appeal, and a heroine who can t fall into the hero s arms fast enough, I was treated to a slow cooking romance with a dash of mystery that centers around the search for BOOKS Really, what s not to love about that lol Beatrice De Novo is a librarian in training who works in the rare book manuscript department at her local university When she takes over the night [...]

  9. I was recommended this series by one of my GR friends d I am so happy about it.My interest started with the cover.a library Books Just what I love Then there s the story Vampires, romance, libraries, interesting and endearing characters.I can t say enough about how much I enjoyed reading this.The story line is absolutely stunning The world that the author has created is fresh, intriguing and original.I now have a new favorite couple.Dr Giovanni Vecchio, aka Gio, the gorgeous, sexy, ancient vampi [...]

  10. Me being a gigantic fan of Elizabeth Hunter s Irin Chronicles Trilogy, it was really just a matter of time until I started reading another of her series.This book has been sitting on my Kindle for ages, but the vampire thing just put me off See, I don t usually like vampires with all their emoness and woe is me weltschmerz attitude and perfect looks and mad love making skills Boooring I prefer real monsters.However, I was in the mood for some Urban Fantasy, and I d already downloaded the book, s [...]

  11. This a wonderful book full of rich characters, a puzzling mystery that will have you engrossed in no time Elizabeth Hunter has built a paranormal world that has characters with their own unique abilities But there s no bigger mystery than our own hero Giovanni There s definitely to this character that meets the eye and he s absolutely gorgeous Beatrice our heroine is bubbly, intelligent and is a perfect match for Gio The romance is fabulously written It s not a quick romp when they first meet I [...]

  12. My Rating 10 The best book I have read in a while My Cover Thoughts I absolutely love the cover It is a picture of a library on fire I love libraries and I love to read If you have not gone to an old library you must find one and visit it Old libraries hold so much mystery and intrigue you will be inspired to sit and read or sit and enjoy the priceless history you are looking at My Thoughts Review OH MY GOD This story had me on the edge of my bed all weekend Once I started reading it I could not [...]

  13. Well, this was one huge disappointment It is one of those everyone likes, but me books.I finish reading anything I start, but I was seriously tempted to stop reading this The first half of the book nothing happens I remember reading some of the reviews and thinking it might be fun.It is way too slow for a actually, I am not even sure what this is any It isn t really a paranormal romance There is romance, but in this first book it is in the background or a set up for the future It isn t urban fa [...]

  14. Woohoo A new series for me to obsess over I am a massive lover of paranormal books, and this gem took me by surprise Different from the paranormals that I usually read, this is a very intelligent book with a lot of emotional depth to it It s a bit slow to start rather than being thrown straight into the action, it s the kind of book you slowly sink into, but I think it sets the mood and fits the story beautifully I absolutely loved it Beatrice is a fantastic heroine A young librarian, she is con [...]

  15. I am going have a hard time explaining why I enjoyed Hidden Fire so much As a romance it is mild and up front and without being too spoilerish I have to say that while the ending is hopeful, Hidden Fire is just the first episode and the story continues in This Same Earth, just so that no one expects all the elements of the story to wrap up in a single book.I really enjoyed the slowly building relationship between the gorgeous and unusual book scholar Giovanni Vecchio and library student intern B [...]

  16. 10 24 14 rereadThis was a lot less frustrating on the second pass I don t know if it s b c I ve grown to appreciate a good slow burn romance, or b c I know what happens, but either way, this is one of the rare books that improves on the second reading It s a little annoying that after finishing this book I still don t know what the MCs are after Specifically, I mean I know that they re after old books full of big secrets, but not what those big secrets are, or why they re important not even a l [...]

  17. 5 million starsI still can t believe i m just finding out about this series If you love paranormal romance with a dashing, intelligent vampire professor and a sweet,sassy human heroine, YOU MUST READ THIS It s a series of 4 books and there s romance, suspense and lots of action Off to devour the next book To find out what that word Tesoro means Yeeeehaaaaaaa

  18. Tell the truth, Giovanni Vecchio A mischievous look came to her eye You have a butler, a cool car, and I ve only seen you at night He froze, tension suddenly evident in the set of his shoulders Beatrice leaned closer and whispered, You re Batman, aren t you This debut novel by Elizabeth and the first in the Elemental Mysteries series was published last October Luckily for you readers who decide to give it a try, This Same Earth book 2 and The Force of Wind book 3 are now available.But back to A [...]

  19. 3.5 STARSI just realized this is my first UF read after Georgina Kincaid.Uh oh.And my first view spoiler vampire hide spoiler book in a while.Dubs uh oh.I m not really actively avoiding these particular creatures in my PNRs and the reason I ve put off reading this was it had the lethal combo of having a generic title I seriously can t even remember it while writing this and being offered as a kindle freebie from This is a book that is so easy to overlook if not for the strength of recommendatio [...]

  20. This book came highly recommended, however as i read, I found that there were too many i consider useless characters mentioned The characters weren t very well developed and i couldn t really relate to any of them Too many meaningless characters.The plot is horrible what do i care about some lost books from 500 years before If Lorenzo s had it all these years and didn t do anything with it, why now The plot, the story line just didn t hold much interest for me And drama action TALK ABOUT NONE Ma [...]

  21. This is a nice character driven paranormal mystery with a pleasant slow burning romance Also, there are books and librarians involved which is always a plus for me The pace is spot on and the story is simple and linear, the main strength of the book is the protagonists who, as their surnames suggest, have very different approaches to reality and to overcoming hurdles.While this novel has a proper ending, the central mystery is still unsolved and the story is fully open for the next installment o [...]

  22. As seen on choicebookreviewsAZING.SPECTACTULARAUTIFULULDT.PUTWN.This has been sitting on my TRB s for a while now and finally, FINALLY I read it And my only question isWHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO DAMN LONG It was so fantastically amazing I am still reeling from it s punch of awesomeness This is a paranormal romance and the BEST VAMPIRE DRIVEN PARANORMAL ROMANCE I VE EVER READ Boom that s what I just said And here s the clincher The romance wasn t fast It wasn t love at first sight, not necessaril [...]

  23. 4 1 2 StarsBeatrice or B, a goth girl, works in a library when she meets Gio, a mysterious gentleman Beatrice was on to him, she didn t know what he was, but she knew he was different He was intrigued and attracted to her, but fought it because of his natured he was 500 years older than her There is a connection in their pasts that comes to light and brings them together to solve a mystery.My brain is fried so here is a list of my thoughts and why I loved it Exceptional story a lot of thought pu [...]

  24. 4 StarsFar be it from me to keep a woman from her book That could become dangerous.And with that, Dr Giovanni Vecchio became an instantaneous book boyfriend or my literary vampire beau , as my mum would call him He was swoon worthy in the way many PNR lead characters are, but unlike many of his counterparts he wasn t just a pretty face, all broody or non communicative He came across as intelligent and pensive, and fiercely protective of the rare few humans and vampires that earned his love and r [...]

  25. Solid 5.5 starsI love this book This one is a paranormal mystery romance that caters to and stimulates your intellectual side I don t think I ve read a PNR mystery executed quite this way before It takes what we all have come to know, love, or maybe even hate about this genre and puts a new spin on it While keeping it intriguing, entertaining, touching, mysterious, sexy erotic all at the same time.This is the 1st installment to this series And I am completely hooked Rarely do I come across a fir [...]

  26. 5 emotionally touched and sensual stars.I can t believe I actually put this in my TBR for so long Sometimes I felt that with the ever increasing TBR list, there is often a hidden gem awaiting me to actually pick it up and read it I was actually expecting it to be yet another vamp story, all the lust, a lot of sex and the vamp politic But I m so wrong This really exceed my expectation maybe due to the slow start of the book and the confusing POV in the beginning chapters But don t worry, it gets [...]

  27. 4.5 starsA Hidden Fire is an inexpensive little treasure friends were all aflutter about it a few months back A book challenge finally pushed me to read this new to me author Thank you, Beckyloohoo This is book one of four Yes A series with an ending Oh, happy days The Elemental Mystery series focuses on two characters Beatrice De Novo and Giovanni Vecchio Their romance isn t rushed and appears to evolve through the series There isn t instant love lust and their attraction is simplified with obv [...]

  28. Ok let me say that I am not really into vampire fiction but this book was a freaking guilty pleasure I really really liked it and it has been a while since the last time I ve considered any character as a book boyfriend.Writing StyleI am satisfied with the writing style even though I found it a bit odd at first What I mean is that there was third person POV mostly focused on Giovanni So when the focus was on Giovanni, the writing style was a bit formal, just like him If it was first person POV [...]

  29. Absolutely marvelous beginning to an awesome series So happy to have found it Have been desperately wanting to sink myself into a worthy and intelligently written series and this one is definitely THE ONE I LOVE IT when this happens This first book was just glorious The main characters were such a treat Giovanni and Beatrice are witty, interesting, multifaceted, complex personalities that keep you rooting and feeling for them throughout the entire book Their chemistry is palpable and the relatio [...]

  30. some swearing, lots of anger Uploaded with ImageShackI rated it 3 stars the other day and then I had chance to sleep on it and that s when I got so beyond fucking angry Giovanni is the one of the biggest asshole around, yes, he is Beatrice is the biggest Mary Sue I had ever read She doesn t know what she wants or where she goes or what she fucking does She can t even muster the courage to call Gio on his shit when HE decides their relationship, after EVERYTHING that happened, is a no go because [...]

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