[PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey [PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey - Dragonquest, Dragonquest Another Turn and the deadly silver Threads began falling again So the bold dragonriders took to the air once and their magnificent flying dragons swirled and swooped belching flames that destroyed t

  • Title: Dragonquest
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345335081
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey, Dragonquest, Anne McCaffrey, Dragonquest Another Turn and the deadly silver Threads began falling again So the bold dragonriders took to the air once and their magnificent flying dragons swirled and swooped belching flames that destroyed the shimmering strands before they reach the ground But F lar knew he had to find a better way to protect his beloved Pern and he had to find it before the rebellious OlAnother Turn and t


[PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey [PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey - Dragonquest, Dragonquest Another Turn and the deadly silver Threads began falling again So the bold dragonriders took to the air once and their magnificent flying dragons swirled and swooped belching flames that destroyed t Dragonquest

  • [PDF] Unlimited è Dragonquest : by Anne McCaffrey
    274Anne McCaffrey

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  1. So, this is the second book of a trilogy, and then there s another trilogy, and then some other books, and when you ve tallied it all up, you have something like 27 books in the series And I ve read the first two, but unless I get pneumonia and my reading time suddenly quadruples, I m probably done, and I feel strange about it, because when all is said and done, I don t hate these books.The setting is imaginative The stories move along at a good pace The stories are interesting If that was all t [...]

  2. Fantasy Again, this book teaches that the way to a woman s heart is through dubious consent This time it s just F nor being a dick horny telepathic dragons had nothing to do with it Apparently our hero sees nothing wrong with having sex with a woman who is fighting him He s also a big fan of domestic violence It was too bad you couldn t beat a Weyrwoman with impunity Her dragon wouldn t permit it but a sound thrashing was what Kylara badly needed Look, I didn t like Kylara either No one likes Ky [...]

  3. In my review of Dragonflight, I compared that starter Pern novel to a series premiere of a television show although it was a bit rough around the edges, it showed some signs of promise Dragonquest, although still not perfect, was an improvement over its prequel The story was just as good, and the writing was better Now, I just hope that the upswing continues throughout the rest of the Pern series, as long as it is.

  4. Well, we found out dragons can travel in time as well as space, and people from the past don t get along well with people in the present

  5. 2.5 stars A decent sequel to Dragonflight The world created by McCaffrey was well done as was the description of the link between dragon and rider The plot and some of the characters failed to keep my interest the entire time and I did find myself waiting for something to happen Overall, decent but not great Nominee Hugo Award Best Science Fiction Novel Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

  6. I ve always liked this book in the Pern series, probably than I like Dragonflight I really like F nor and Brekke and the introduction of the fire lizards It s also in this book that the characters really start to begin discovering their history and the technology of the Ancients, which is a trope I generally always really like in SF Fantasy I love those cross over books that feel like fantasy but you discover have a solid, SF premise underneath.I absorbed the Pern books so long ago in my readin [...]

  7. These are peculiar books that are beginning to take on an interesting shape.The first novel is something I would probably describe as misogynistic, classist, and maybe racist in what it implies about genetic superiority , and for about half of this I was thinking the same thing It s odd reading a book written by a woman that seems pretty hateful towards women Not that women can t be misogynists it s just not what I expect out of a writer who is a woman.There s at least an implicit argument in th [...]

  8. I expect a certain amount of misogyny in fantasy novels, but I was disappointed in it from a female author Seriously the most interesting thing the female characters did in this story was when two of the female characters got into a stupendous catfight dragonfight in which they both end up dragonless and almost destroyed.Still I will probably give the next book a go They are quick reads after all.

  9. The second part of the series and this trilogy is the same well written as the first and has the same virtues that made me like it In this we add some interesting characters and a little emotion inside the pages and so we have an equally positive result The problem, however, is that apart from some political power games, our heroes are mainly concerned with issues of gardening This of course does not look very exciting but in the author s hands this gardening becomes equally epic and heroic wit [...]

  10. More satisfying emotionally than Dragonflight Lots of changes being put in motion This book is heavily concerned with challenging traditions of all kinds F lar and F nor are definitely the main characters rather than Lessa and I remain frustrated with some of their actions and views on women.F nor s scene with Brekke was the worst part not so consensual sex presented as swooningly romantic but overall less of the stupid underlying misogyny and infantalizing domination of women by men So, notice [...]

  11. If I can t have a dragon, then I want a firelizard I made the mistake of deciding to re read book 1 of The Dragonriders of Pern by audio this time around And yup, I am once again obsessed with this world and these dragons riders.

  12. Jumping ahead 7 Turns, I felt like this book settled me into the continued plot very comfortably She became a bit longer winded in this volume, spending a bit time with character s thoughts and reflections of events, but only once or twice did I feel distracted from the story and the danger of the Threadfall F nor takes a centerpiece in this novel, and it felt natural, being totally separate from the first book, which centered on F lar and Lessa both of whom appear in this book , who have settl [...]

  13. When Thread begins to fall out of schedule Pern is thrown into high agitation, aggravating troubled political relationships and sending dragonriders on a new quest to stop the threat of Thread for good For such a bold aim, Dragonquest is markedly undirected It discards the flawed but compelling POVs of Dragonflight and replaces them with an ensemble cast, headhopping, and a pair of inspired minor protagonists While largely political the plot lacks politicking McCaffrey s antagonists are problema [...]

  14. I ve been very reluctant to continue this series though I did try a month or so ago to read Dragonquest and was so darn confused that I gave up on it I need it for a challenge so decided to give it another try Again it s very confusing but I m determined to read it this time since I ve already committed to White Dragon for August Hopefully I ll be able to stomach another one.Like the first book, this has a very slow start that takes a good 100 pages before everything began to make sense and I be [...]

  15. Buddy read with Vivian This installment was much political with less thread fighting as some major changes are made on Pern F lar has always been a leader but tried to give the leadership over all away but was forced to take it Somehow F lar as been cast as the bad guy in some reader s minds because he tends to hold his cards close to his chest If the poor guy shared most of his thoughts of his imagined future for Pern he would have a revolution on his hands There were some amazing discoveries [...]

  16. I still love this book for what it is and for what it sets up At the same time, I was totally bowled over by a certain dubious consent scene and other attitudes legitimising domestic violence that weren t part of my awareness when I first read these books many times as a teenager They alter my fondness for a character I otherwise like very much and a relationship that I always viewed very positively Disappointing The words might not change, but times and attitudes do A fascinating way to measure [...]

  17. Initial impression So far, slower and boring than the first, with traditional gender roles.Final conclusion It seems like maybe Anne McCaffrey had nothing going on so she decided to try to write a follow up to Dragonflight, but when she started, she couldn t figure out what to write about Not much happens in this book really just a bunch of boring arguing Some of the times dates are off, with certain characters being too young or too old to mesh with what did didn t happen in the first book It [...]

  18. This has my favorite scene in the entire series in which brownrider F nor impresses a newly hatched queen firelizard while recuperating on a sandy beach of the Southern continent The little golden queen even flies between from fright at the sight of his dragon Canth, and F nor realizes with awe that the legends are true about the dragons having been bred from firelizards by the long lost technology of the ancients.When F nor mentions his conclusions to his dragon, Canth s reply is a subdued, I d [...]

  19. Another trip down memory land to the land of Pern Once you get your head around all the names of the people and dragons its smooth sailing into this brilliant story I particularly love when the Eggs hatch

  20. This is the second of the dragonriders of Pern book, not chronologically but in order of publication This is a far important order in my estimation, since the later written books lacked the creativity of the early ones.Dragonquest is set seven years after Dragonflight was but was published a mere two years after the first book The characters are continued from the first book with relatively few changes Lessa, F lar, F nor are all pretty much the same and the Masterharper and Mastersmith continu [...]

  21. I m breathless What an ending to the second book in this series If you want an exciting vacation to an exotic and exciting world, but can t afford one, read this series If you want to ride a dragon, but don t know any, read this series It s mind blowing.

  22. 10 2014 Buddy Reread with Don as we transverse the past to remember what we have forgotten.Holy Crackerdoodle There was a lot going on in this story No time to breath F lar s nonstop strategizing, planning, brooding set everyone on edge in this one Man s gonna get someone killed trying to guess his intentions and eager to save him from the inherent danger in his machinations Pern is still a seething pit of politics and with the acerbating attitudes of the Oldtimers there is major conflict and th [...]

  23. I was lent this book along with nine others in the series by a good friend along with the recommendation they are his favourite fantasy books I have to say now that I am at the second in the series I have not been let down.Don t let the publication date of 1971 put you off This has some seriously well developed female characters of Lessa, Kylara Brekke who I fell in love with in this book The developing relationships, emotional turmoils and childhood scandals appealed to me greatly and I love to [...]

  24. Despite the fact that this one was apparently written as a whole where the first book was written as a handful of short stories glued together, the first book seemed to have a cohesive plot There was just a lot of unrelated stuff happening in this one And all that stuff was telegraphed way in advance just happening to introduce new characters and getting to see things from their point of view for a dozen pages or so so there wasn t even an element of surprise to make things interesting.And what [...]

  25. Whenever I find that I can t get into any of the books I brought home from the library, or any I have been waiting to read,I find certain series to be cathartic Certain writers sometimes it s a series, sometimes it s the built in rhythm that is inherent in whatever way that person chooses to communicate have that chicken soup, warm cuddly blanket feel and are able to help when no other books do Anne McCaffrey is one of these I find I am able to turn to the world of Pern or one of her other myria [...]

  26. Ugh This book.Yes, I m giving it four stars Yes, I really really liked it So where did the fifth star go I ll tell you It disappeared Just like the scene where a villain of the story whom we ve seen from their POV, been inside their head gets comeuppance for doing a violent and horrible thing Readers need closure If we ve watched calumny and nefarious wickedness of a character, it is only right and fair that we get to experience that character s reckoning and consequences That doesn t happen her [...]

  27. If I could just ignore the fact that F nor essentially raped Brekke quote He wanted to be gentle but, unaccountabley, Brekke fought him She pleaded with him, crying out wildly that they d rouse the sleeping Wirenth He wasn t gentle but he was thorough, and, in the end, Brekke astounded him with a surrender as passionate as if her dragon had been involved , I d have enjoyed of the story telling The gender politics are horrific, but I keep reminding myself of the time in which the story was writt [...]

  28. A little better than book one, the characters are a little well rounded.So, good news, so far the series IS improving with each book

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