The White Dragon

[PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey [PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey - The White Dragon, The White Dragon Jaxom a rebellious young aristocrat and Ruth his white dragon fly into another time to retrieve the queen s stolen egg thereby averting a dragonrider war and find their planet threatened once ag

  • Title: The White Dragon
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345341679
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey, The White Dragon, Anne McCaffrey, The White Dragon Jaxom a rebellious young aristocrat and Ruth his white dragon fly into another time to retrieve the queen s stolen egg thereby averting a dragonrider war and find their planet threatened once again by a Threadfall

The White Dragon

[PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey [PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey - The White Dragon, The White Dragon Jaxom a rebellious young aristocrat and Ruth his white dragon fly into another time to retrieve the queen s stolen egg thereby averting a dragonrider war and find their planet threatened once ag The White Dragon

  • [PDF] Read ô The White Dragon : by Anne McCaffrey
    401Anne McCaffrey
The White Dragon

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  1. Okay, wow, I had forgotten how unpleasant I find Jaxom about half the time He s a sympathetic character in that he gets to do all this cool stuff, but the internal monologue and motivations McCaffrey gives him are kind of tool y His distress over having no one real place where he fits is deeply appealing, but the way he whines about it is not Also, hi dodgy gender issues, how I didn t miss you They re prevalent enough in the Lessa books and the Menolly books, almost negligible in Piemur s book, [...]

  2. No extra points in the rating for the awesome dragons and unique world this time around The shine of Pern has worn off, and all that s left is the author s writing In that regard, this book was pretty lackluster.I had a lot of hope for Jaxom and Ruth after Dragonquest I was pretty much completely disappointed Jaxom is a whiny, bratty kid that I had absolutely no investment in In fact, I actively want him to fail Characters that are special and wonderful at everything just for the sake of it anno [...]

  3. The White Dragon wraps up the Dragonriders of Pern trilogy quite neatly however, pretty much everyone knows that it isn t the end for Pern Although the series got off to a slightly rough start, it actually got much better as it went on If you re a fan of science fiction, and you ve never read anything by Anne McCaffrey, what are you waiting for Give her books a chance

  4. Oh, my gosh I read this over and over in sixth grade, giggling naughtily all the while Good grief, Jaxom and that buxom farmer s sister I think I read this before any of the other Pern books, though I had read DRAGONSINGER I loved Ruth, and the idea of a dragon who was just big enough to ride, but small enough to be kept at home.

  5. As much as I loved the first two books of the Dragonriders of Pern series, The White Dragon remains my favorite And not because of Jaxom, whom I never liked as a lead character protagonist Ruth was my favorite character Ruth, the stunted runt totally unique White Dragon The archaeological discoveries on the Southern Continent at the original landing site are the most memorable and compelling parts of this installment in the saga of Pern And Ruth s abilities to manipulate time and space are unpar [...]

  6. This is basically a review of the three books that make up the trilogy There actually was a book between books two and three that I m not counting, but which do introduce several characters in this book, but I m not counting it as one of the main books because that book was originally published as YA and it wasn t available at my local library.I prefer to review the books as they exist, and not the book I d wished someone had written I also think that if a book is part of a series that is than [...]

  7. After Anne Mcaffrey died late 2011 I rooted around in my bookshelves for all my old pern paperbacks from the early 80 s I was utterly obsessed with these books when I was a young teenager, and they were extremely formative in my own history as a writer The first novel I ever wrote longhand, in mead spiralbound notebooks was a thin knockoff of Dragonflight I seem to remember it had unicorns, but I m so embarrassed by that book I haven t managed to actually read enough of it to check I reread all [...]

  8. 10 2014 Reread The continuing adventure with Don to rediscover Pern I love Ruth I love Jaxom They are pleased to see us in the air together Ramoth and Mnementh are very happy to see you on my back at last I am very happy Are you happier now And fire lizards I forgot how jam packed the Pern stories were Ruth and Jaxom s maturation is only a small portion of what happens as the politics expand, problems inflate and then are resolved, but really the bond between the two is what drove the book for m [...]

  9. Summer Fantasy Fest read 25I think many of the ya audience would find the Ruth the white dragon dynamic fitting He s just not into it And that s ok He s absolutely lovely.

  10. As in the previous book in chronological order of this series Dragondrums this book supposed to be the last of a trilogy but is actually a stand alone novel Also like the previous book the protagonist is an angry teen thirsty for adult admission and hungry for sex, as most teenagers I think Of course, this teen is not an ordinary one as he is having many important responsibilities, to which he adds even as he tends to get involved where he does not have to With his ally the white dragon, howev [...]

  11. This was my favorite of the first three Pern books I loved Jaxom and Ruth, and the scene where the dragons keep Robinton from leaving always has me in tears It was a fun way to spend the day.

  12. I have said this before and I still think it s true, there are some books that are meant to be read at certain times And if you miss that particular time, then they just won t do it for you the way they might have I suspect that The White Dragon is just such a book I have found, and it seems to be often the case with science fiction fantasy novels, that I seem to have missed the space boat with McCaffrey s novel Back in the 80s, when I was in the midst of my science fiction binge, my best frien [...]

  13. Hm, I don t remember Jaxom being so irritating before haha He whines and groans and talks a lot about how unfair things are, and yes, he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but it doesn t stop me from wanting to smack him upside the head a few times It also doesn t help that his romantic attachments bore me to death, and that there is no rhyme or reason for Sharra view spoiler I felt like he fell into love with her too quickly and it came out of left field I felt nothing for her as a c [...]

  14. As much of an Anne McCaffrey fan as I am, it s sad that I bought this over 5 years ago and just got around to listening to it But, as good a job as Dick Hill did in narrating the book, I can t say that it made the book any better than it was during my years long love of reading and re reading this, the 3rd of the Pern books Maybe it s just that the story can t get any better than it is, whether read or heard Fans of Pern and her dragons and dragonriders waited 7 long years from book 2,Dragonques [...]

  15. The old saying goes, You can t judge a book by its cover I can still remember that summer day when I spotted the Michael Whelan cover on The White Dragon and how it caught my eye I remember picking it up, reading the blurb on the back cover and deciding I wanted to read it I was fourteen years old and I liked that the protagonist was around my age It was the last book of the Dragonriders of Pern series that introduced me to McCaffrey s world.But it was the story inside that cover that absolutely [...]

  16. Yes by all means, judge a book set in a feudalistic world surrounded by dragon on your personal interpretation of feminism on Earth circa 2013 This makes no sense to me If you re going to read a book I think you should read a book and suspend your sense of self to really get a feel for the world that s being created Now yes McCaffrey wrote a lot of these books in the 60 s and 70 s and she did not write super liberated women, though for her time they would have seemed quite progressive no doubt H [...]

  17. Okay this is the final book I have read in my recent Pern binge Definetly one of the best books in the series, though it may be a bit confusing as a first read as it requires a knowledge of the personalities of the major players on Pern.Anne McCaffrey has written some great scenes into the story I particular love reading as Jaxom develops from a boy into a man and into his role as Lord of Ruatha.

  18. This is one of my favorites of the series Ruth and his rider are just plain nice people Both are disabled in their own way Ruth is the only white dragon on the planet Pern and Jaxom was born early from a mother who died at the time of his birth, and whose father died a short time later, making him the lord of Ruatha as an infant Both will have to prove themselves to the humans of Pern The dragons accept them as they are.

  19. I think The White Dragon is my favorite of The Dragonriders of Pern trilogy In this story Jaxom, Lord Holder of Ruatha, has impressed Ruth, the only white dragon in existence Ruth is smaller than a typical dragon, but demonstrates special abilities and intelligence than a normal dragon.In The White Dragon, is discovered about the original colonists of Pern And I m off to continue my binge re read of the Pern books I do this every time

  20. With this book, I have completed the original 3 book Dragon Riders of Pern series This was definitely not what I thought is was going to be I will go on and read other series someday, but what I will say is, if you like stories about dragons this is the series for you.

  21. Jesus has McCaffrey never heard of a plot I mean, what is she waiting for, her grand finale Forget the characterization of Jaxom that everyone s complaining about he s barely sketched in enough to even be called a character and this strange fetish she has for men who force themselves on women let s just stick to the basic level of narrative, of plot mechanics, of conflict and a focused through line The biggest problem with this book is that, for hundreds of pages, basically NOTHING HAPPENS There [...]

  22. Fantasy More dragonriding with some archeology thrown in for color and the first appearance by a female green dragonrider Except the text calls her a dragon girl and she doesn t get the honorific apostrophe like the men do and also no one likes her very much because she s bitchy We also get our first female crafter, a harper, but she s the appropriate combination of bossy and nurturing and everybody loves her If, on Pern, you are female and only bossy or only nurturing, then you re out of luck m [...]

  23. When I was very little I read all of the Pern books Now I remember little snippets and pieces so that the books have stopped being books and started being just one long and glorious plot line Now that I am rereading the books I have found that I actually remember whole quotes and can read one page and quote the beginning of the next page That is a little bit freaky.The plot is one of my favorites, however I strongly dislike Jaxom I was reading other people s reviews earlier and my view is wide s [...]

  24. Sometimes, you read a book when you re thirteen, and you re all, Yeah, Jaxom No one understands what it s like to be stuck in between so many things except you and me I get this I want a dragon Then you read that same book again when you re 32, and you re all, Jaxom, you are an arrogant little snot Anne McCaffrey took the Dragonriders series down the coming of age trope storyline with the third installment She really does a marvelous job building that sense of self conscious egocentrism that pla [...]

  25. Although I lost interest in the later books of the Pern series, the original trilogy and the Harper Hall books remain among my favorites in speculative fiction This is the third book in the series and you should read Dragonflight and Dragonquest first This book feels a little different with its focus on different characters Jaxom and his dragon Ruth Ruth comes across as a character in his own right than other Pern dragons, and he s an endearing one The plot has than enough twists and turns to [...]

  26. After all these years i still love this series Jaxom grows up so fast in this book but Ruth is the star of the story He may have been the runt of the litter but he is smart and very fast I also think he is waiting to fly a gold dragon which is why he has no interest in the green and bronze as he points out he is the only white dragon on Pern, so why would he not hold out for gold.

  27. After being disappointed with the first two Pern books I read Dragonflight and Dragonquest , I thoroughly enjoyed reading The White Dragon I think this book had great character development and a strong, likeable protagonist that were both lacking in the other two books IMO I also found the plot much enjoyable than the other two books.

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