Perfect Escape

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown - Perfect Escape, Perfect Escape Kendra has always felt overshadowed by her older brother Grayson whose OCD forces him to live a life of carefully coordinated routines The only way Kendra can stand out next to Grayson is to be perf

  • Title: Perfect Escape
  • Author: Jennifer Brown
  • ISBN: 9780316185578
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown, Perfect Escape, Jennifer Brown, Perfect Escape Kendra has always felt overshadowed by her older brother Grayson whose OCD forces him to live a life of carefully coordinated routines The only way Kendra can stand out next to Grayson is to be perfect and she has perfection down to an art until a cheating scandal threatens her flawless reputation Behind the wheel of her car with Grayson asleep beside her KendraKendra has alway

Perfect Escape

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown - Perfect Escape, Perfect Escape Kendra has always felt overshadowed by her older brother Grayson whose OCD forces him to live a life of carefully coordinated routines The only way Kendra can stand out next to Grayson is to be perf Perfect Escape

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Perfect Escape : by Jennifer Brown
    381Jennifer Brown
Perfect Escape

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  1. Road trip books can go from kookie to serious to fun to depressing Perfect Escape is a beautiful story that has the perfect blend of happy and sad, leaving us with a heartfelt tale about a girl trying to escape her life, and, hopefully, her brother s OCD.Overshadowed by her brother s illness her whole life, Kendra is struggling to achieve perfection She s become an overachiever so that she can balance out Grayson s imperfection We don t notice Kendra s crumbling mental state at first She s stron [...]

  2. Quick review for quick read So a few confessions on my read of Perfect Escape I read this book in a matter of a 2 hour marathon reading session and it was a random read I picked up from my library I loved the other books I d read from Jennifer Brown, so Perfect Escape was a definite pick up for me for the author as well as the promise of a roadtrip family story with coming of age leanings and a character with a disability OCD.Yet, the story itself didn t hit me as hard as I would ve liked despit [...]

  3. I liked this book a lot, but I didn t absolutely love it It s a character driven story that s all about the journey The characters are interesting and sympathetic I really liked the sibling relationship I would certainly recommend it to teens I think what kept me from completely loving it was Kendra s back and forth about understanding herself and her brother Periodically, she has a revelation about one of them, but then seems to revert back to previous thinking Then comes another revelation, an [...]

  4. This was a good book, made me laugh, cry and reinforce we don t always have to be perfect Kendra is used to everyone treating her brother differently because he has difficulties being OCD She has always acted as perfectly as she can to make up for the trouble her parents have with her brother When her world comes crashing down around her, she finds her brother counting again and decides to take a road trip with him and fix him Only she doesn t fix him, but she does fix their relationship and rea [...]

  5. 4.5 star rating Jennifer Brown, Okay, I m obviously kidding but I bet you didn t know I was but this book seriously was gorgeous and was such a special read and something powerful and unique I recommend this to any lover of Sarah Dessen, or just to someone looking for a heart clenching contemporary fiction book Summary Kendra is hiding something, and is waiting to not be caught She cheated on an exam, and did much than you could think of She s living a difficult life having to deal with her old [...]

  6. Thousands of miles of bad road This story of a sister and an OCD brother running away after the sister is caught cheating is tiresome The sister complains and feels sorry for herself for over 300 pages The book also does not feel the need to resolve any of the problems in the end It s just painfully bad.

  7. Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown is another fantastic read I m starting to believe that woman can t do anything wrong when it comes to writing Just as with her other books, she isn t scared to pick up a difficult topic in this book and doesn t shy away of showing flawed characters, people who make mistakes and who aren t always good And an ending that is fitting to the story and not forced into a happily ever after mold And that s why I loved it I loved the rawness of the emotions, I loved that [...]

  8. This is probably one of the most realistic representations of a sibling relationship that I ve ever seen Kendra and her brother, Grayson, are so real Their relationship is flawed They live in each others shadows They criticize each other and mock each other and tear each other to pieces The fact that Grayson has OCD makes it all the interesting, causing even challenges that the two of them have to overcome And they do overcome them They overcome them together, and I love them for it.The whole [...]

  9. Having read a lot of roadtrip novels this summer, this was by far my least favorite I had a difficult time connecting with most of the characters and found myself not really caring what happened to them I wish Jennifer Brown would rewrite this and turn it into Rena s story instead.

  10. Originally posted at teenbookguru This review is based on an Advance Readers Copy thank you so much, Jennifer 3 Perfect Escape is touching, heartwarming, and poignant I LOVED Jennifer Brown s latest novel It actually brought tears to my eyes but in the best way possible After reading this, I felt sad, happy and really grateful that I was privileged enough to read this amazing novel before it is released Thank you, Jennifer 3It s a story about siblings, and family the best kind and how no matter [...]

  11. Perfection really is a sort of link between sister Kendra and older brother Grayson She has veered towards overachievement in large part to compensate for his extreme OCD While he stops trips to Grandma s at Christmas with total screaming breakdowns in the car because he can t handle their driving on overpasses, she moves closer and closer to the top of her class, even when they both lose their perfect neighbor Zoe Kendra s best friend and Grayson s first love Her parents can t stand weirdo Gray [...]

  12. I m a little rusty on review writing I ve been taking a break, and picking a book I want to gush about as my first review back was probably a bad idea but it does deserve a bit of gushing Not to be all clich d or anything, but this book really was a perfect escape from heavy and over complicated stories and stressful real life While Kendra was at times very young and selfish, I loved her voice It was a really touching story, especially with all the sibling interactions I just adored it all Usual [...]

  13. Meh There wasn t anything much to this novel Kendra wasn t anything special or interesting if anything, she was sort of unlikeable and boring, like I wasn t invested in her character at all Most of the 350 pages of the book consisted of their road trip, and even then, nothing much happened except for a few flashbacks They met a girl named Rena at the first motel they stayed at and eventually took her with them, which ended up being pointless view spoiler Her baby got sick so they had to take her [...]

  14. This is my first novel that I have read by Jennifer Brown and it leaves me with the strong desire to find her other novels and bury myself deep into them Perfect Escape first caught my attention due to the fact that it deals with the main characters brother having OCD and how she struggles to deal with it I have a close family member who struggles with OCD and refuses to take medicine It isn t easy dealing with someone with this disorder It makes it hard for the people around them, and I can t e [...]

  15. Kendras Leben wird durch den an Zwangsst rungen leidenden Bruder Grayson bestimmt, ihre Reaktion darauf ist, m glichst perfekt zu sein, vor allem in der Schule notfalls mit Betrug Ihr Kartenhaus droht einzust rzen, als ihre Schummelei in der Schule auffliegt und in ihrer Panik flieht sie mit dem schlafenden Bruder auf dem Beifahrersitz in Richtung Kalifornien.Die Charaktere haben mir gut gefallen, vor allem Grayson war toll Seine Schrulligkeit und sein Humor kommen wunderbar r ber Mit Kendra bin [...]

  16. Having read Torn Away by Jennifer Brown, I expected much of Perfect Escape I wasn t disappointed at all Kendra, needing to be perfect to compensate for her brother s mental difficulties, has to do something desperate to remain perfect.Despite the fact that this book isn t a suspense laden, adrenalin inducing read, I couldn t put it down The magic of this story is all in the brilliantly crafted characters.At first Kendra appears to be somewhat insecure, living in the shadow of her brother, Grayso [...]

  17. See full review here I received this ARC at ALA2012 Here s my honest review Something about this didn t connect all the way with me I still enjoyed it and read most of it in one sitting, but I didn t feel it 100% I did like that it was really different from most YA novels I ve read lately There was no real love story, let alone a triangle It s a road trip story, but it s also kind of a runaway story And there were layers to this one It isn t just what s on the surface The book isn t super deep, [...]

  18. From Blue Butterfly Books.Rating 4.3 5I love Jennifer Brown Her first book, Hate List, blew me away so much, I was feeling and crying for days afterwords Even now, I m like, Man, that book, whenever I think about it With Bitter End, I enjoyed it, but not as much as Hate List, and I m afraid that s the same for this one as well I enjoyed it I very, very much enjoyed this book, so don t think I didn t for one second just because it didn t live up to Hate List Jennifer Brown set such an incredibly [...]

  19. CONTAINS SPOILERS.Yet another book of Jennifer Brown that was about nothing Though this was much less about nothing than Bitter End I hate books where the protagonist isn t succesful in obtaining her goal Where the purpose of a journey is gone Where instead of the protagonist landing on the last page in a heap of succes happiness something close to that she lands on the ground from the same place she jumped She doesn t even have to land in succes just make her I don t know How can everybody else [...]

  20. As we all know, I am a sucker for a good contemporary story I am also a proven lover of Jennifer Brown her writing is beautiful and I always find her novels heartbreaking and yet uplifting So when I saw Perfect Escape, I knew it was one I had to get my hands on.I m always on the lookout for a novel that will pull at my heartstrings, and at the center of achieving that lies great characters In each of the novels by Brown I have read I became friends with the characters I haven t come across any t [...]

  21. Perfect Escape was just the book that I needed to break me out of the little slump I was having I ve not read any of other of Jennifer s books, but she did such an amazing job writing Perfect Escape It s so real, and it really draws you in and you form such a deep connection with the characters I was actually really surprised with how amazing it turned out to be.The story is so heartwarming, while being very simple Kendra and Grayson take a trip to California, for multiple reasons One of which b [...]

  22. Siblings They re your closest genetic relative You love them You hate them You wish they would shut the hell up and go away Yet when someone else hurts them, it s on But imagine what it s like to have a sibling whose behavior controls your life You can t take family vacations because of panic induced freak outs Your best friend s family moves across the country to get her away from the crazy boyfriend who also happens to be your brother You aim for perfection to ease the worried strain you see o [...]

  23. Perfect Escape is a very different realistic fiction than the most ones I read out there Kendra, the main protagonist, is always overshadowed by her older brother Grayson, because of his OCD Kendra s parents always have to pay extra attention to Grayson because they re always worried something might cause him to get obsessive too much Because of this, Kendra thinks that she has to be the perfect child in order to make up for Grayson s abnormality One day, Kendra gets herself into a huge mess at [...]

  24. The cover and title of this book seemed to me as though the story would be about a couple of teenagers taking a road trip and having some life changing experiences along the way In reality, I guess the author must have been shooting for that but, in my opinion, the story just fell short We are introduced to siblings, Kendra and Grayson Kendra is an honor student that can do no wrong and is suddenly caught up in a cheating scandal at school Grayson is her older brother who suffers from severe OCD [...]

  25. Jennifer Brown has been one of my favorite YA authors since her first publication She takes on tough subject matter but with enough tact to hand it to even a younger teenager without insulting an older reader.Of the many books on obsessive compulsive disorder, this is the first book written specifically for the sibling of the squeaky wheel While Grayson suffers mightily with his OCD, settles into the identified sick family member, accepts the enabling parents help, cringes at the oversimplifying [...]

  26. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Jennifer Brown is an author with so much talent I read Perfect Escape in a few hours, and completely and utterly fell in love with the sibling relationship between Kendra and Grayson I m the oldest of eight, and it s not very often that the dynamics between siblings is so perfectly captured.This isn t a typical road trip novel, it s a mix of happy and sad It felt real though Grayson was a sweetheart and he really cared about Kendra I loved him from the first few min [...]

  27. Somewhere between a 2.5 and a 3.Kendra always feels like she lives in the shadow of her brother Grayson, but specifically, she felt like she lives in the shadow of his OCD She puts pressure on herself to be Miss Perfect, so much so it causes her to get involved in some risky business at school When she s near to being caught for her actions, she takes her brother and runs away from it Hits the road to escape But on the trip, she learns so much about herself and her brother than she could imagi [...]

  28. Grade CPerfect, good girl Kendra, four weeks before graduation, is about to get caught as the ringleader in a cheating scandal She grabs her brother Grayson, who has debilitating OCD and is fresh out of a psych hospital, and they take to the road The plan is to drive cross country to see her best friend Zoe, whose parents moved her to California to get away from Grayson Along the way they pick up a young mother and her infant California or bust.The Good Kendra, Grayson and Rena were interesting, [...]

  29. Kendra has always felt the pressure to be perfect, as she stands in the shadow of her older brother Grayson His severe OCD has resulted in numerous hospitalizations and has completely disrupted the entire household When Kendra s carefully constructed life starts to crumble, she takes a lesson from her older brother and escapes the situation Taking her brother with her, Kendra begins a journey that she hopes will help Grayson and herself as well.As far as realistic YA fiction goes, Perfect Escape [...]

  30. I loved this book but not as much as her first two Mainly because it was lacking romance which through me off since the other two had it 1 The most interesting part of the book to me was Rena I m not quite sure why she was in the story, but I liked her Her backstory with men, her current situation with Archie, and her personality were intriguing Maybe she was in the book so Grayson could see that he could be a little normal Or that Kendra s problems didn t seem so bad after all 2 I have had road [...]

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