The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel] The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel] - The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident, The Night Trilogy Night Dawn the Accident The first three works by Elie Wiesel are here brought together in one volume where the terrifying truth of their vision the stunning simplicity of their art and the power of their unity achieve epi

  • Title: The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident
  • Author: Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel
  • ISBN: 9780374521400
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback

The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel], The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident, Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel, The Night Trilogy Night Dawn the Accident The first three works by Elie Wiesel are here brought together in one volume where the terrifying truth of their vision the stunning simplicity of their art and the power of their unity achieve epic dimensions Night first published in is Wiesel s true account of spiritual and national exile and one of the masterpieces of Holocaust literature T

The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel] The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel] - The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident, The Night Trilogy Night Dawn the Accident The first three works by Elie Wiesel are here brought together in one volume where the terrifying truth of their vision the stunning simplicity of their art and the power of their unity achieve epi The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

  • The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident Best Read || [Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel]
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The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

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  1. I don t understand why this is called a trilogy Night is a holocaust memoir Dawn and Day are fiction novels about holocaust survivors Night was a good read but to be honest I expected it to be much better than it was His memoir is mainly about the struggle with his faith, which I can understand, but that didn t appeal to me as much as other holocaust memoirs Dawn was a real drag to read It s about a young holocaust survivor who joins a Jewish underground movement in Palestine and is commanded to [...]

  2. One of the frightening things about the Holocaust was the fact that in spite of what we wish to believe it was predominantly perpetrated by ordinary people We like to think that only monsters do monstrous things I think it is a comfort to us and a way of assuring ourselves that we could never do anything so heinous The truth of human nature is a lot complicated, however I first read Night a while ago and what struck me was Wiesel s guilt over wishing at one point that his father would just die [...]

  3. Dawn and Day I find much better than Night but that is just my personal opinion The short stories are an exercise in imagination on the part of Wiesel, who envisions situations in which he places a character veru much like himself Because his character is always his age and a Holocaust survivor, he seems real, human, tangible, never fake or drawn out I read this the day I visited his Memorial House in Sighetul Marmatiei, a town in my country of Romania He was born and lived here before being dep [...]

  4. An odd little trilogy, comprising of one seminal work of non fiction, and two fictional follow ups I really have no idea how to review this book, honestly All I know is that Night should be required reading That humans are capable of so much depravity shouldn t really surprise me, as it isn t the first time I ve read about the Holocaust, nor have I not heard of other similar atrocities, but it does Night is very simply written, it is shocking in its starkness It is also a very devout boy s under [...]

  5. These books are hard to read, as it is a true first person portrayal of the horrors of concentration camps Night and then the permanent mental and emotional after effects Dawn and The Accident in the survivor Even though it is not happy reading, it is necessary that we all get a graphic and honest portrayal of the atrocities to ensure that it will never happen again.In my opinion, probably the worst effect for each young man hero in each story we could even argue that the three survivors are the [...]

  6. Oddly enough, in reading Night I thought of it as a coming of age story, a Bildungsroman set in a concentration camp At times the horrors of what Elie Wiesel was forced to endure seemed almost Dickensian, admittedly a curious reaction to a Holocaust story but I quickly got the feeling that Wiesel had put off relating the barbarity of what he experienced until time had at least marginally softened his memories provided some minimal distance from his experiences By this, I sense that what Wiesel m [...]

  7. I knew The Night was about the Holocaust, but didn t know much about the other two books I thought about how I would have reacted if put in that situation, as a victim I m not sure I would have acted differently He comments a few times on situations where, looking back, they could have avoided trauma They could have escaped it But, instead, because of fear or naivety, or trust in human decency, they continued to be herded and killed I think I would have continued to hope for the best in others a [...]

  8. I am glad to have read all three of Wiesel s stories at once The first, Night, is the one everyone has read and now me too, finally and the others, Dawn and The Accident, are about Elie s subsequent life experiences and how the shadow of being a concentration camp survivor permeates every aspect of his life and being The night is an important theme that weaves through the stories In Night, night refers to the actual first night that Elie is in a concentration camp but it also means what his life [...]

  9. I gave three stars to the trilogy only because I would give 4 5 stars to the first book and 2 3 to the second and third ones It s difficult to talk about the trilogy as a whole, because the three books are very different For me, it was a mistake to read them all, because I appreciated the first one and struggled over the second and third books.The thing is that Night is pure memoirs, and these are must read memoirs about the Holocaust.However, Dawn and Day Accident in some editions are fiction b [...]

  10. It s difficult to mark a book five stars when your stomach feels like emptying at the end of it.Anyone who s read Night and everyone should knows it isn t your typical light reading Or your typical heavy reading, for that matter Night has a way of slapping you in the face, and what s terrifying isn t the picture it paints of the monstrous Nazis they re actually pretty sparse , but of the monsters that the Nazis succeed in turning their prisoners into spoiler Images of prisoners trampling each ot [...]

  11. Never have I read a piece of writing that has simply moved me to tears Night was eloquently and vividly written that it moved me in many ways that I thought were not possible If there s one thing that I would like people from the coming generations to be aware of, it s this amazing piece of writing that is called Night Dawn and Day depicts in fictional terms the author s struggle in forming a new life after going through such atrocities that has casted a permanent shadow onto him wherever he goe [...]

  12. Bought this copy at a concentration camp in Germany, and the images Wiesel paints have a hauntingly concrete setting in my mind The narrator in the novellas calls himself a storyteller, and the author certainly is a gifted one this work sets out to and succeeds in putting a nightmare in a narrative that honors the victims without forgetting to acknowledge the legitimacy and humanity of their terror Somehow, Wiesel s writing seems to create a shared memory between the ones who suffered and we who [...]

  13. For my masters degree, I set myself the challenge to read all of Elie s books in order of publication starting with Night The journey through his works, one after the other, revealed an increasingly nuanced understanding of one man s struggle to come to terms with human evil, suffering, forgiveness and memory Elie is a man of remarkable compassion We are the richer for having his works in our libraries.

  14. Night is the only true story in this book of 3 they others are fiction and yet, even then they belong They are what happens after surviving the greatest hell imaginable, Hitler s concentration camp, and surviving, not really living, your life afterward Questions of what is God and why things like Nazi Germany were allowed to happen are questioned in the tales, not answered, but asked Don t pick up this book if you are looking for a light, happy read It is a worthy read, but Night depressed me fo [...]

  15. How can I possibly write a review for this truly classical novel memoir that would do it justice I ll still try I read it the first time a long time ago and just recently came back to this book because in the back of my mind it was always there, just like my most favorite movie Schindler s List And just like it was hard to watch the movie, it is just as hard to read this book, however, it needs to be read and re read, because the atrocities committed by the government of Nazi Germany against inn [...]

  16. S per bueno, aunque no s si califica como trilog a Es que el primero de los libros es una autobiograf a real, y los otros dos son novelas, entonces, aunque el tono pueda ser parecido no es lo mismo.El mejor de los tres es el primero La noche , al que le di cinco estrellas pese a que, por concepto, creo que una historia real como esa es dif cil de calificar El alba es bueno tambi n, pero no me gust que fuera una justificaci n poetizada de lo que es asesinar a un hombre independiente de a cu l ban [...]

  17. This is a set of three books which have exactly two things in common 1 They are all written by Elie Wiesel2 They are all about Holocaust survivorsNight is an autobiographical account of Wiesel s experience in the Nazi concentration camp, which I highly recommend to all readers.Dawn is a troubling story about a Holocaust survivor who turns terrorist in British ruled Palestine Day is about a man who tries to appear normal an unaffected by his experience in the concentration camp, though he is haun [...]

  18. This is a collection of three novels the first autobiographical, the second and third with elements of autobiography that lend realism to their traumatic plots.I think the thing that impressed me most about this was how clearly it showed what witnessing and experiencing the horrors of a concentration camp at an early age did to the author Besides the hard work, starvation, freezing, fear and abuse, he saw close relatives fed to the furnace His devout faith in God burned with them, his soul was f [...]

  19. Extremely disappointed in this book While Night had some points where I couldn t put it down, Dawn was hard to get through After the first couple pages of Dawn I quickly turned to the back of the book an learned that Dawn and The Accident are NOT true accounts of Elie s life even though Night is Very disappointed with the way the events in Night were portrayed They didn t seem to have as much as an impact on me as the holocaust should have All of them are very short reads and do not give the rea [...]

  20. To be honest, my review may be a little bias because I initially thought the entire trilogy is a non fiction memoir I enjoyed the first part, Night , but was disappointed to find out that the next two parts Dawn and Day are fiction I found the latter very draggy and abstract However, I think it s very subjective, whether the book is appealing or not It s either you will enjoy it thoroughly, or you won t If you are a fan of pure non fiction and want to read a memoir on the holocaust, I suggest yo [...]

  21. This book So far I have read Night and I m working on dawn This book shows the bonds that people had before and during the concentration camps, and this book also shows the bond that broke I would recommend this book to people who are willing to learn about life in concentration camps and survival inside them There is a ton of plot twists and suspense To conclude this was an awesome book and I really enjoyed it.

  22. Ms moller I hope this is ok so I enjoyed this book And it really made me think a couple parts really hit me hard I enjoyed it so much that I want to read the series Thats big coming from me considering I dont like to read at all I recommend it to freshman and up.

  23. This book is an incredible story of survival and rebirth Just amazing I cannot imagine experiencing some or any of the things inside these short stories memoirs This should be required reading for all.

  24. I chose the book The Night Trilogy Night, Day, Dawn written by Elie Wiesel This book is a three part book about three different stories, all focused around one character The first book I found to be the most interesting it was a detailed first person account of the author s experience of the Holocaust and his time in concentration camps, all while fighting to live I chose this book because of the first book, and the Holocaust is a time period in history that really fascinates me The second and t [...]

  25. The ghetto was ruled by neither German or Jew it was ruled by delusion pg 30 Never shall I forget that night, the first night in the camp, that turned my life into one long night seven time sealed Never shall I forget that smoke.Never shall I forget the small faces of the children whose bodies I saw transformed into smoke under a silent sky Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever.Never shall I forget the eternal silence that deprived me for all eternity of the desire to [...]

  26. Un duro relato no solo sobre el Holocausto en s , sino sobre otros aspectos relacionados con los pertenecientes al pueblo jud o y sus consecuencias El primero de todos, La noche es, con diferencia, el mejor, pues abarca la experiencia del protagonista y de los suyos desde su pl cida existencia antes de la invasi n de los nazis hasta la formaci n del gueto y el posterior ingreso en varios campos de concentraci n, siendo Auswitch uno de ellos, pero no el nico Lo contado puede no sorprender a mucho [...]

  27. This is actually 3 books, and while it is a trilogy , and their titles, would make one think they are all parts of the same story, this is a loose assumption to make Night, truly magnificent, is the story of Mr Elie Wiesel s recollection of life in a concentration camp His survival, his existence, his ability to continue on through daily life is truly remarkable, harrowing, and sympathetically impressive Like The Diary of Anne Frank, this is a story I would say most people should read at least o [...]

  28. The Night Trilogy by Elle Wiesel is a gruesome account of the suffering he and his family faced during World War II A time of Death, loss, and torment This was one of history s nightmarish memories that will never be forgotten The Nazis were cruel dictators killing innocent human beings without a hesitation The page in this book showed it all Young Elle Wiesel experienced what no other teenage boy should have faced He and his family were just one of countless numbers herded onto cattle cars Usuh [...]

  29. This book is the witness of all the suffer the author feels It is not an easy reading My advice for those who want to read the Night trilogy is to stop between each part just to give a rest to your soul I say it beacuse I felt like if the book were pulling out my own life and injecting me a silent suffering.I think that Day goes deep into Elie s soul He writes in such a way that I started to feel a mixture of angry, depression and pity I thought it was cause the novel was bad, but it is all the [...]

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