The Last Anniversary

[PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty [PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty - The Last Anniversary, The Last Anniversary Sophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one she let get away He was the perfect boyfriend but on the day he was to propose she broke his heart A year later he married his travel ag

  • Title: The Last Anniversary
  • Author: Liane Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9780060890681
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty, The Last Anniversary, Liane Moriarty, The Last Anniversary Sophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one she let get away He was the perfect boyfriend but on the day he was to propose she broke his heart A year later he married his travel agent while Sophie has been mortifyingly single ever since Now Thomas is back in her life because Sophie has unexpectedly inherited his aunt Connie s house on Scribbly Gum Sophie H

The Last Anniversary

[PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty [PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty - The Last Anniversary, The Last Anniversary Sophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one she let get away He was the perfect boyfriend but on the day he was to propose she broke his heart A year later he married his travel ag The Last Anniversary

  • [PDF] The Last Anniversary | by È Liane Moriarty
    296Liane Moriarty
The Last Anniversary

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  1. I actually feel jealous of all the people who still have all of Liane Moriarty s books to read, when I m going to have to wait for her next one to come out While this isn t my favorite of her books I did really like it and feel she is an incredibly talented author Maybe her books won t win Pulitzers or whatever, but her characters have so much detail and depth that it is sheer pleasure to know them through the books.Sophie broke up with Thomas a few years ago, right before he was about to propos [...]

  2. Not my favorite Liane Moriarty read by any means, but an interesting mystery just the same.SoWhat happened to Jack and Alice Munro Well, you ll have to read through several family related side stories to find out For me, it just took too long to get to the meat of the MUNRO BABY MYSTERY, and Sophie s story in particular, turned out to be rather a disappointment.I did like Margie and the outcome of her story but the very best part of the whole book IMHO was when Rose told the Mr Egghead story unc [...]

  3. I likedLittle Lies so much I ve been working my way back through the author s back catalogue This is one of her early works and it s easy to see that by the time she got around to writing LL she d honed her craft and worked out how to extract the best from her particular way of telling a story That s not to suggest that this book doesn t have any merit it does but I do think it lacks the polish of her later work.Here we are introduced to a large group of characters who have some link largely fam [...]

  4. This woman tells a wicked story This is Liane Moriarty s second book, and I have read most of them, and all out of order as well Her first two are just as good as the rest in my opinion As always I love the Aussie references throughout, it s all gold This setting, not too far from where I live, seems like a little slice of heaven The storyline asks us to suspend belief a little, but it s easy to do so as it s just so heart warming The characters are self deprecating and loveable, and of course, [...]

  5. Give Liane Moriarty her due Nobody can introduce a story quite like her Immediate, smart, funny, upbeat, energetic Throw in the characters one by one and soon the reader is on a fast boat to an exciting thrill Sophie Honeywell terrifyingly thirty nine years old, mortifyingly single blessed with a disorder called Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema , or severe facial blushing.Thomas Gordon her ex boyfriend Their break up was spectacularly bad he is part of an eccentric family living on Scribbly Gum [...]

  6. Another entertaining and totally charming book from Liane Moriarty I loved all the characters I loved the setting which was actually not far from where I live And I loved the way the quirky and the funny was mixed with serious issues like post natal depression and anaphylaxis The final revelation about who the Munro baby actually was came as a delightful surprise and then right at the very end Rose has one final little shock for the reader All written in this author s very readable style I belie [...]

  7. I tried to read this book before, about two years ago, and didn t finish This month, it is the BOTM in one of my favorite groups so I d figure I would give it another shot Again, I found the plot slow and the character development to be overkill, taking up the first half of the book just reading each character s perspective on every little thing I remembered why I DNF d the first time around But, I am so glad I stuck it out because when the family dynamics and mysterious plot began to take shape [...]

  8. Typically, when reading a good book, I think of the story in terms of a character I m usually reading about their story This is the first time, where the story AKA the secret felt like an entity of its own, with the characters circling around it, each adding to the overall greatness I was reading if that even makes ANY sense at all At first, my thoughts when starting The Last Anniversary was there are too many characters How am I meant to keep track of all of them As I kept reading, though, I re [...]

  9. 2.5 My least favorite of the Moriartys I only finished hoping for that trademark twisted surprise ending and what little there was of that disappointed I had to resort to the Evelyn Wood approach to reading to get through this one I m ready for some man lit.

  10. After I went crazy about Liane Moriarty s What Alice Forgot last month, I ordered another of her books, The Last Anniversary What a disappointment I will agree with the book jacket s assessment, her characters are eccentric To say the least They re actually downright weird And quite perverse, in some cases The storyline completely collapses and toward the end of the book you feel very frustrated that you wasted the time to read it Do NOT bother with this one I may have overstated my praise for W [...]

  11. Hot Mamas Book Club took one for the team.Whether it s dentists, doctors, or authors, performance generally improves with experience If we were to pay for the service of drilling a tooth, removing an appendix, or penning a novel, a seasoned hand often gives us confidence of the outcome.That s not to say that inspired, focused debuts aren t often terrific Here, however, this genre is way outside my circle of choice If chick lit is not exceptionally well done by an experienced writer, it feels lik [...]

  12. Liane Moriarty delivers another solid beach read with a brain in The Last Anniversary Like many of Moriary s books, Anniversary has a good plot and a terrific cast of believable characters Much of the plot centers on relationships romantic, familial, platonic, etc This one has a lighthearted mystery thrown in, which most readers will at least partially figure out fairly easily.Readers who hate ambiguity may not enjoy the ending of this one While not as good as The Husband s Secret or Big Little [...]

  13. If not for my curiosity over this novel s Munro Baby Mystery, I would surely have abandoned the book I did not enjoy getting to know any of the characters, least of all Sophie, who kept me wondering exactly what anyone could see in her Even the endearing characters Connie Rose are disappointing by the time it s all over.

  14. Disappointing Ms Moriarty I ve read some of your other books and they have been much better Your characters in this book were either boring or ridiculous in spite of all your obvious effort in making them cute and quirky Didn t work You did touch upon some very important themes loss, abandonment, motherhood, marital relationships, adultery, post partum depression, single motherhood, being single in a married world, spinsterhood, family relationships, friendship, the list goes on and I don t want [...]

  15. Liane Moriarty is genius in writing her characters, her characters are full of life and colour It s hard not to have fun reading her books So Australian, so relatable Despite all the fun and frivolity there are many strong issues and themes here This one revolves around a big crazy family who are all involved in a mystery set in the fictional place called Scribbly Gum island The setting is unique and the storyline is straight out wacky the family deal with the generational family business surrou [...]

  16. I have now officially exhausted my supply of Liane Moriarty novels, and am missing them already This was possibly my favorite, along with What Alice Forgot and her most recent, Big Little Lies Moriarty just has a style that sucks you in immediately, and the characters are ones I feel an instant interest in, though I sometimes do not take much of a liking to them as was the case with The Husband s Secret which still managed to be entertaining The Last Anniversary is set largely on a slightly odd [...]

  17. The Last Anniversary is the second novel by Australian author Liane Moriarty The story starts with 39 year old Sophie Honeywell finding out that she has inherited a house on Scribbly Gum Island on the Hawkesbury River The house has been left to her by Connie Thrum, the Great Aunt of her ex boyfriend, Thomas Gordon, and causes some commotion within the extended family on the island Scribbly Gum Island is famous for the Munro Baby Mystery , a seventy year old unsolved crime involving a cake, a ket [...]

  18. Love is a decision.Quite predictable, and the characters were a bit stereotypical absolutely perfect for a beach read And as I m currently on holiday I thoroughly enjoyed it I have read almost all of Liane Moriarty s books except for one and the two best ones are What Alice Forgot and Big Little Lies, but in all of them she has a unique way of saying something that you already know and believe in such a way that you go yes, yes that s exactly what I feel I can t wait to see what she does next.

  19. The main character is the most spoiled, ignorant twit on the fictional planet She breaks up with her perfect boyfriend on the eve of his marriage proposal and then wished she could have postponed the breakup for the free trip to Fiji Despite that, I was really interested in the Munro baby mystery and Grace s battle with postpartum depression When the main character confessed to being jealous of an armless and leg less woman with a handsome husband and asked if the woman rode by on s skateboard a [...]

  20. First book by this author that I did not enjoy I was racing through it, trying to finish, so I could read something good Convoluted plot, many unlikeable characters, and I saw the secret coming from nearly the beginning Very disappointing read.

  21. This book had some great moments, but there were way too many characters with way too many plots It felt like a series of broken up vignettes rather than a complete book There was no real resolution to any aspect of the story, and if this was intended to be a glimpse into the life of a weird clan like family, the mystery element was really not necessary, especially as it wasn t much of a mystery at all I m bummed that I didn t like this because I was really into the beginning Ultimately, I kept [...]

  22. A good book about the lovely quirky community on the island of Scribbly Gum The story plods along charmingly and is written from the viewpoint of each character There is drama, sadness, grief, happiness, struggles, love and all aspects of the human experience The characters are portrayed with all their goodness and flaws intact You end up liking them all despite their flaws I wanted to give it 3.5 stars but the app wouldn t let me A lovely page turner with a hint of mystery I really enjoyed it a [...]

  23. 3 1 2 stars reallyI enjoyed the book but it didn t draw me in to the characters lives, I think there were too many of them and I had to keep stopping to think who was related and who was whose daughter etc nice story although I guessed the twist I never guess the twist

  24. Odavno se nisam tako mu ila sa nekom knjigom kao sa ovom i to ba knjigom moje omiljene Moriarty Suprugova tajna mi je bila odli na, Male la i jo i bolje, sje am se da sam ovu knjigu pro le godine na moru pro itala za samo dva dana A onda Posljednja obljetnica koja naizgled ima sve kao i ove dvije, ali ipak ne O igledno napisana prije njih ovo je zapravo Moriarty u nastanku Bespotrebno odugovla enje radnje, brojni nesimpati ni enski likovi, a onda zbrzan raspletabo, vrlo slabo

  25. A bit fluffy to rate 4 stars, but it was a throughly enjoyable vacation read and I m starting to develop a huge soft spot for Liane Moriarty Her writing is just so sharp and witty, and although this one definitely lacks some of the polish of her later novels, it has the same twisty, multi narrative structure and there s a great little oh moment at the very end.

  26. 4.5 starsThis is my first novel by Liane Moriarty which feels strangely like making a confession The characters made me laugh, particularly Sophie and her parents I also found the scenes with Grace and her new baby very well done.

  27. This is the 1st book I have read by this author I had a little trouble with the Australian dialect some words I did not know the meaning of them I really liked all the characters Quinn was so easy to like What I wasn t fond of was some of Grace s private thoughts but I know why she had them I wish LM had given it a different conclusion or a sequel thus my 4 stars It was emotional, mysterious, funny, romantic, heartwarming and all that other good stuff

  28. True rating if possible 3.5 stars rounding up to 4 because I just ate a delicious cookie and I m in a good mood I m going to do something a bit different in this review than I have not done in the past I need to quickly summarize the book I promise no spoilers and describe a couple of characters otherwise my comments will mean nothing to those who have not read the book Speaking of commenting on the plot Why do some people come here to write a review and it only consists of a book report They si [...]

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