Keeper of the Lost Cities

☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger ☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger - Keeper of the Lost Cities, Keeper of the Lost Cities Twelve year old Sophie Foster has a secret She s a Telepath someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her It s a talent she s never known how to explain Everything changes the day she meets Fi

  • Title: Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • Author: Shannon Messenger
  • ISBN: 9781442445932
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Twelve year old Sophie Foster has a secret She s a Telepath someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her It s a talent she s never known how to explain Everything changes the day she meets Fitz a mysterious boy who appears out of nowhere and also reads minds She discovers there s a place she does belong and that staying with her family will place her in graveTw

Keeper of the Lost Cities

☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger ☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger - Keeper of the Lost Cities, Keeper of the Lost Cities Twelve year old Sophie Foster has a secret She s a Telepath someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her It s a talent she s never known how to explain Everything changes the day she meets Fi Keeper of the Lost Cities

  • ☆ Keeper of the Lost Cities ô Shannon Messenger
    184Shannon Messenger
Keeper of the Lost Cities

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  1. Okay, I may be biased here But I think it s pretty darn awesome D is an incredibly nerdy author

  2. Original review posted on The Book SmugglersThea s Take There are two ends of the CG animated movie spectrum On the one side, there are gems like Wall E and Up and Toy Story On the other, there are the lamentable films like Fly Me to the Moon, or Robots, or Shark Tale Granted, many kids like all of these films and there is some entertainment value to find in each of them but there s a huge difference in storytelling skill and in quality.Unfortunately, Keeper of the Lost Cities falls deep on the [...]

  3. ALL KINDS OF AWESOME Seriously am in love with this book series and its characters KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES is a fantasy mystery of epic proportions and it s captivating from page one.While it s perfectly fitted for middle grade readers even reluctant readers will burn through this and beg for I have to be honest and say that I don t read very much middle grade But I m 31, and this book is still one of my all time favorites The reach of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES extends from those middle grade [...]

  4. Alright, I will start this off by saying that this book was written by my little sisterd for you to fully understand what this means I must explain a few things to you Shannon has always been the over achiever in the family, she s younger than me, yet managed to graduate a couple days before me, 4.0 and valedictorian no less She graduated college, which I never even went to, and she always manages to do things like change the lightbulbs, wear accessories and eyeliner, and bring a jacket whereas [...]

  5. Original review poetrytoprose p 2148I wish I had read books like Shannon Messenger s Keeper of the Lost Cities when I was younger, but I m so glad to be able to read this now This book is a winning combination of excellent characters and an exciting adventure, all while also being very heartfelt and touching.To start off with, Sophie is the best type of main character She was so interesting she s twelve, but in high schoolWHAT and I really enjoyed her journey of self discovery in Keeper of the [...]

  6. Rating Though I nearly DNFed in the beginning they re ELVES She s HARRY FREAKING POTTER THEY RE ELVES , ultimately I was charmed by this middle grade fantasy.The cover 99% of the reason I wanted this LOOOOK at it And at Sophie s oh so glorious middle grade hair Let s pretend I looked like that at age 12.The story I came so close to giving up on this one I thought the beginning was a MESS Normal but not normal preteen girl suddenly discovers she is part of a magical world she never knew existed Y [...]

  7. Originally posted on my blog swiminbooks 2012 There are so many things that go through my mind when I think of this book I could go on and on about character development and pacing, but that s not what the book is all about Since this is one of the first MGs I ve read in awhile, I can t compare it to anything but what I remember of those experiences But I will do my best to explain why this book is so freaking awesome I had fun reading Keeper than I have reading a book in awhile I probably look [...]

  8. This is why I love Middle Grade reads Shannon Messenger s debut is fantastic There s plenty of adventure, some snark, a lot of fun, and a mystery to be solved Did I mention there might be a little bit of danger I love a middle grade book that gives me a richly detailed story, world and characters to fall in love with This book exceeded all that, and then some One of the things that makes KEEPER s stand out is Shannon s writing I didn t feel like I was reading a middle grade book I felt like I wa [...]

  9. 4.5 starsFull disclosure I do, in fact, know Shannon in real life and met her before I read Keeper of the Lost Cities however this is my professional opinion of her work.Despite the fact that I don t read middle grade that often I ve only read a handful of MGs , and the fact that I don t particularly care for third person POV, Shannon Messenger s debut middle grade, Keeper of the Lost Cities, has been one of my favorite reads of the year Messenger writes a story that children will find adventuro [...]

  10. I LOVE IT It s now my 1 favourite book Shannon Messenger did an outstanding job writing this novel I could picture the characters so vividly, it was like I was watching a movie I WANT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK SO BADLY

  11. I had some problems with this book for sure, however there were some things I really liked I will definitely be continuing because I want to know what will happen, but I hope some of the things that I didn t like are fixed.

  12. Final count Here s the count for ships Sophitz 16Keefoster 7So, as you can see, so far Sophitz has an overwhelming lead Will Keefoster be able to catch up next book You ll see in the nnnnnnnnnnnnext book I m going to put the amount for the book, and then an overall amount You see, my mom had the genius idea of highlighting important stuff in yellow, funny in pink, Sophitz moments in blue for his blue eyes that Sophie s always talking about and orange for team Foster Keefe she never really made i [...]

  13. SO good Loved this middle grades fantasy novel by wonderful debut author Will definitely appeal to fans of Harry Potter and The Unwanteds Full review to come Review originally posted on Heise Reads RecommendsA few months from now you ll be able to get this book, and you should especially if you live or work with middle schoolers in any capacity KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES blew me away I knew I really liked Shannon Messenger from following her on twitter and on her blog, and then when I heard she h [...]

  14. I needed a few days to write this review, because if I had written it right away, it would have been one big chunk of gushing I haven t read a middle grade fantasy that kept me as enthralled through all its pages since Harry Potter KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES is the story of twelve year old Sophie Foster, who has never quite fit into her family or her life She has a photographic memory, is at the top of her high school class, and is constantly bombarded by the pounding of other people s thoughts i [...]

  15. Let me say, I easily gave this book 5 STARS I never even considered anything less It is absolutely wonderful I laughed, I cried hard , I cheered and held my breath I loved every character and think Sophie is MG heroine perfection This is truly one of my favorite middle grade stories of the year

  16. Oh my God I bought the boxset of this series how could I have done this Ugh I mean it s not like I haven t done this before I bought the City Trilogy by Darren Shan all at once for around the same price and I ended up hating those books too But at least with the first book of the City Trilogy I could see the promise in the series and could enjoy the unique vibes it gave.With this though I really can t see any promise for this series At all It just failed on every level I just can t imagine it ge [...]

  17. I have waited many months for this book Many months spent dying for it And it was worth the wait Totally was But now I must wait one year for book two Gah I hate waiting, lol But this book is amazing First, I love the cover than anything It is beyond perfect I love it so much It is gorgeous Characters are so pretty I adore middle grade book covers And I LOVE Shannon s art work for this book It is perfect So stunning And I loved the writing And the characters And everything Even the heartbreak [...]

  18. Fablehaven by Brandon Mull The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens Vampirates by Justin Somper Harry Potter by JK Rowling Knightley Academy by Violet Haberdasher These are all great juvi middle grade titles that entertain kids 8 to 108 After sailing through this amazing read, I must add Keeper of the Lost Cities to that list Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger is a fantastic book You don t want to miss out on the pure enjoyment found in this debut novel Keeper of the Lost Cities follows So [...]

  19. I picked this book up on whim when I remembered hearing a friend mention the series It was such a neat idea, and I loved the world building The mystery element was definitely the best part of the book, and I found myself surprised every time a new clue was discovered Brilliantly executed And hooray for view spoiler cool old neighbors hide spoiler My favorite characters were Sophie, Alden, and Elwin 3 although Grady and Edaline grew on me as the story progressed I especially enjoyed some of the v [...]

  20. This was a reread, but I don t remember when I read the book the first time All I remember was that I loved it so much And Keefe I am rereading the first three books in await for the 4th and final book in the series because I don t remember much of it, and I don t want to be confused When I was reading it, I caught all sorts of clever details that I missed the first time around which lead me to enjoy this much much And since I had already rated it 5 stars, I don t know how to increase it lolAny [...]

  21. Could not put this book down I stayed in bed this morning until I finished it My 10 year old finished her copy before me and was beaming with how much she like it Shannon s writing is delightful and engaging, and somehow pervasive with the hope of cupcakes at the end.The magic is enchanting, the characters full of life Sophie is pitch perfect with her wild 12 year old emotions which could completely empathize with She experiences an isolation that many 12 year olds go through only hers becomes t [...]

  22. It was a pretty good book I think I would have enjoyed it a lot a couple years ago now I found it a bit immature The main character annoyed me A LOT and wasn t very realistic into the bargain Several of the other characters annoyed me, too It was relatively well written The plot was interesting I was disappointed with the wrap up something seemed to be missing All the crushing of different boys on different girls was super annoying, too.2.5 5 stars Kellyn Roth

  23. I LOOOOOVED THIS BOOK IT S ONE OF MY FAVORITES 333I loved the world of the elves, and I loved every detail the author wrote I really enjoyed reading this amazing novel and loved the characters 3 but I also felt sorry for Sophie Alden is my fav character 3 the cover is one of the best book covers that I ve ever seen

  24. Best book I ve read this year If the Weasley twins were your favorite HARRY POTTER characters, this book is for you Dex and Keefe kept me laughing And Sophie was SO easy to love and relate to Great characters an intricate plot one fabulous read I couldn t love it 6 stars o

  25. AMAZING And epic And Brilliant This is a seriously stunning book that totally captured me and blew me away I so cannot wait for , and this is absolutely a book EVERYONE needs to read.

  26. As this book ends, Sophie finally had a few days of peaceful life After the kidnapping and a huge environmental change, Sophie stayed strong and managed to start a new life in the World of Elves Just like Auggie in the book Wonder, Sophie, once considered as a freak just because she looked different than others, lived in the human world for 12 years and she had rare abilities that were stronger than everyone else in her grade While everyone kept on distancing her, Sophie didn t care how others t [...]

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