The Art of Dreaming

☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda ☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda - The Art of Dreaming, The Art of Dreaming After six years of study and meditation the author presents a book which takes the reader on a journey of the soul via the teachings of the great sorcerer Don Juan Like layers of an onion the autho

  • Title: The Art of Dreaming
  • Author: Carlos Castaneda
  • ISBN: 9781855384279
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming, Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming After six years of study and meditation the author presents a book which takes the reader on a journey of the soul via the teachings of the great sorcerer Don Juan Like layers of an onion the author reveals that there are worlds existing within our own that can be visited through dreams

The Art of Dreaming

☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda ☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda - The Art of Dreaming, The Art of Dreaming After six years of study and meditation the author presents a book which takes the reader on a journey of the soul via the teachings of the great sorcerer Don Juan Like layers of an onion the autho The Art of Dreaming Art cyclopedia The Fine Art Search Engine Art Movements Abstract Expressionism Academic Art The American Scene Art Deco Art Nouveau Arte Povera The Arts Crafts Movement The Ashcan School The Barbizon School Baroque Art Bauhaus Byzantine Art Camden Town Group Classicism Contemporary Realism Cubism Dada Der Blaue Reiter Die Brcke Die Neue Sachlichkeit Expressionism Fauvism Futurism Golden Age of Illustration Gothic Moniteur Belge Belgisch Staatsblad Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lsst dies jedoch nicht zu. Home The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world s largest and finest art museums Its collection includes than two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe. Unique Art, Home Decor, Holiday Cards, Wedding Minted Collection of designer wedding invitations, enclosure cards, and matching save the dates. Art and Soul Mixed Media Retreats Art Soul is a creative art retreat offering unique workshops taught by a hand picked group of professional and talented instructors Choose from a diverse array of mixed media classes featuring collage, assemblage, jewelry, fabric, fiber arts, sculpting, and painting You ll do than learn at one of our retreats, you ll make immediate and lasting friendships, while you experience art Art Ba Ba icp Mark Harden s Artchive Point offer fine art giclee printing for artists rated . out of PATRONS To access the password controlled, no banner ads version of the Artchive click here What s this about Search the Artchive ART POSTERS WELCOME PRIVACY POLICY JUXTAPOSITIONS GALLERIES PATRON PROGRAM THEORY CRITICISM ART CD ROM REVIEWS ARTCHIVE LINKS Partners Thesis Geek has the History of Art From Paleolithic Age to Contemporary Art From pre history to present day, cave paintings to computer art, classical music, photography, illustration, posters and many , History of Art brings together art from every age and from every corner of the world ENTER See also The Complete Visual History of the World Get a Picture in your email every week Delivered directly to your email Home Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art Cornell University Central Avenue Ithaca, NY Map this on Google Open Tuesdays Sundays, AM PM Closed Mondays Thanksgiving hours Admission is free For information, call or send an e mail to museum cornell Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University Contact Terms Conditions Credits Art Museums in the United States Art cyclopedia Guide to museums and art galleries in the United States which have an online presence.

  • ☆ The Art of Dreaming ☆ Carlos Castaneda
    349Carlos Castaneda
The Art of Dreaming

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  1. The Art of Dreaming The Teachings of Don Juan 9 , Carlos CastanedaThe Art of Dreaming is a 1993 book by the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda It details events and techniques during a period of the author s apprenticeship with the Yaqui Indian Sorcerer, don Juan Matus, between 1960 and 1973 The Art of Dreaming describes the steps needed to master the control and consciousness of dreams 2009 1374 334 1 The Teachings of Don Juan A Yaqui Way of Knowledge 1968 1365 2 A Separate Reality Further Conver [...]

  2. Though I have loved all Castaneda s books so far, I have a predilection for this one This is because I have a particular interest in dreaming, and dreaming the kind of dreaming Don Juan teaches about.Don Juan said Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds we can feel how dreaming opens up those other realms He calls dreaming the gateway to infinity Dreaming is the sorcerers practical way of putting ordinary dreams to use.We learn that the whole universe is energy Don Juan taught his apprenti [...]

  3. Carlos Castaneda is certainly considered required reading for any person even slightly interested in the occult, ancient practices, magic, dreams, altered states of existence or completely different planes thereof This one was the first book by him I finished, if you exclude The Teachings of Don Juan which I began reading in Spanish but never finished because my Spanish just isn t as good as I d like it to be yet Contrary to other of his works, this one he wrote many years after the events he de [...]

  4. So deep Truly a work of art in terms of consciousness, if not with his literal writing style which can be somewhat tiresome at times But, it s true you ll never look at the world or dreaming the same again after reading this

  5. A few pieces of quality lucid dreaming advice embedded in a towering monument to human suggestibility Moderately entertaining, but not very efficient.

  6. Livre pas fini Ce n est pas que ce n est pas int ressant, mais c est un peu trop mystique perch je ne sais quel mot choisir pour moi Au niveau litt raire c est pauvre il m a dit alors je lui ai dit et il m a r pondu, alors je lui ai dit je caricature peine C est donc extr mement descriptif, ce qui n est pas forc ment g nant en soi, mais quand le sujet est un peu trop loign de mes int r ts, a plombe forc ment la lecture J aurais voulu y accrocher, mais non, rat , ou en tout cas pas assez pour con [...]

  7. This is one of the seminal works of anthropologist and researched on shamanic lore, Carlos Castaneda If it doesn t knock some sense into you, the dreams you can see, will If you can t read this, please first understand that you re missing the point of reading, which is partly vicarious experience If you can t prepare in book form, you re going to have to go the hard way And nobody really should go the hard way down that dream corridor You ll love this book if you think that there is to dreams t [...]

  8. If this is a work of fiction, as many of the critics claim and I believe they are probably right, although it could have been partially based on, or inspired by, real people and events , I would say Castaneda has one hell of spectacular imagination Throughout the book, I was constantly reminded of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass except in this case Alice is a hot tempered adult male anthropologist The chapter in which he meets the Death Defier is absolutely thrilling t [...]

  9. I love itI absolutely loved it, the best book i read for a while, my first book for carlos, and definitely i will read his other books, this book was an eye opener for me and proved itself very helpful, explained many matters in plain ways, a humble extremely beneficial bookmehow he reminded me of Paulo Coelho in means of spirituality not writing , i felt like their orders had some connectionjust a thoughti wished the book didn t end, however it ended, but my dreaming continues

  10. This is a fascinating book in a series of several books by Carlos Casteneda about his training from Don Juan, a Yaqui native American sorcerer I read it once before, several years ago, and it is even better on second reading Some critics have claimed that Casteneda made all of this up if so, it is still a remarkable story This book covers Carlos mastery of lucid dreaming and the other worlds that are accessible through dreaming.

  11. My favorite Castaneda book I now have a fantasy that I can use some of the techniques to sleep better, we ll see At the very least this is an enjoyable read

  12. At the time of its release this was a much discussed work on that most Freudian of worlds, the dreamscape Castaneda wrote at length about active dreaming to use another term Probably still too esoteric and obscure for most readers or those without cause to delve into this type of work June 2011Another box of books has been reopened for cleaning, sorting, and reevaluation and lo and behold, many of the collected works of Carlos Castaneda are part of the contents.Many years have gone but I remembe [...]

  13. This book is an autobiography of Carlos and him learning the teachings of Don Juan he was a graduate student learning about anthropology, he did his thesis on Mexican shaman and their use of medicinal herbs to induce psychotropic effects to help cure various illness In my opinion this book was a pretty difficult read, introducing new concepts and beliefs that boggle the mind, well at least for me a tenth grader Although its a difficult read its still very interesting The whole idea of perceiving [...]

  14. In The Art of Dreaming Carlos Castaneda recounts his time with a sorcerer in Mexico Having studied dreams, lucid dreaming and astral projection for many years I very much resonated with a lot of the material presented Castaneda s accounts parallel my own in a lot of ways Shame on those who may be quick to dismiss altered states of consciousness without the experience and the incredible value they hold Castaneda goes a bit over board with drama in his account and the writing style leaves a bit to [...]

  15. I ve always been fascinated by the mystery of dreams and how some seem to take bits and pieces of one s day and turn them into a fully realized 3D technicolour movie, whereas others seem imbued with meaning and even personal guidance other dreams which seem to take place in familiar but different real worlds and others are eerily life like I began this book with great expectations based upon the buzz I had heard over the years with regards to the author s other books, and with the book s jacket [...]

  16. Cuando le por primera vez a Carlos Castaneda era mucho m s chica tendr a a lo mucho 17 a os, y leerlo fue super impresionante y cuando supe que exisit a este mor a por leerlo pens que al estar relacionado con los sue os ser a una de las lecturas m s impresionantes que pudiera llegar a tener los a os pasaron y la sensaci n segu a siendo la misma, pero tambi n he le do mucho m s y creo que ya no soy tan f cil de impresionar, es una excelente historia y estoy segura que si la hubiera le do en ese t [...]

  17. I read 30 pages of this and really couldn t get into it substantively, or writing style It s super new agey, so I suppose if that s what you are looking for, this would be a good choice for you However if you are interested in the psychology or meaning of dreaming interpretation, this isn t for you I m just in the latter category.

  18. This grabbed my attention at first but then I felt sunk into a formula, a type of reading experience, somewhat masturbatory, and I no longer felt like I was learning anything I m putting this one away I got this for education not to live vicariously through Casteneda.

  19. O lectura extrem de interesanta, o realitate ce, presupun, poate deveni palpabila Castaneda povesteste despre posibilitatile pe care punctul de asamblare si translatia acestuia le deschid Visatul este o calatorie prin celelalte perceptii, celelalte lumi, si se poate face prin mutarea punctului de asamblare In carte sunt relatate intrarile prin primele porti ale visului, incepand cu un obiectiv exercitiu diferit de obiectivul real In prima poarta a visului este importanta mentinerea acestuia si a [...]

  20. The Art of Dreaming has Carlos wearing a little thin on his one stringed bow When I read Teachings as a teenager, I was enthralled and genuinely opened up to the possibilities of life, which had until then been hidden under the cloak of scepticism and cynicism we hide under at that age I re read Teachings a couple of years ago, and though the book may not have had the same impact, and probably never happened, for me it reads as a kind of shamanic bible, a way to live that would make Jesus a litt [...]

  21. Votre accent est vraiment extraordinaire, lui dis je D o vient il De tout proche de l ternit , dit elle en soupirant Dreaming does not mean having dreams Dreaming allows to perceive other worlds and describe them This is the essence of the teaching that Don Juan, Yaqui sorcerer of Mexico lavished on Carlos Castaneda The art of dreaming takes us to the heart of shamanism We discover that by the dreams we can achieve an altered state of consciousness that enables easy access to other areas, as rea [...]

  22. Do not believe anything written on this book like on the outside of the book about this book Even the back cover gives a laughably dishonest description of the contents inside This book is not a guide or how to in the least, it is a strange anecdotal, autobiographical account of Castaenda s intense and bizarre dream training with Don Juan And it reads like science fiction If you came to this book looking for advice it will leave you kind of chilly and maybe even creeped out But if you want to es [...]

  23. i had not read this book in 15 years goosebumps i had forgotten it completely but then again, on reading, i seemed to remember every sentence i even remembered my reading posture and thoughts from back then in fact, i still thought the same thoughts and only then remembered that these are my reflections from 15 years back how little i had changed yet the book, in its entirety, remained perfectly unpredictable like its contents had always been there, inscribed on the back of my forehead, part of [...]

  24. Castaneda was a graduate student studying Anthropology and was doing his thesis on Mexican Shaman and their use of regional plants and herbs to induce psychotropic effects in an attempt to cure people of various illnesses Castaneda starts off with a scientist view, as a skeptic and later is blown away by what happens to him, which then becomes his life long pursuits If you plan on reading these books, start with the Yaqui Way of Life, which is the first book and be prepared to be engrossed in Do [...]

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