The Innocent

The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci] The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci] - The Innocent, The Innocent America has enemies ruthless people that the police the FBI even the military can t stop That s when the U S government calls on Will Robie a stone cold hitman who never questions orders and always

  • Title: The Innocent
  • Author: David Baldacci
  • ISBN: 9780446572996
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover

The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci], The Innocent, David Baldacci, The Innocent America has enemies ruthless people that the police the FBI even the military can t stop That s when the U S government calls on Will Robie a stone cold hitman who never questions orders and always nails his target But Will Robie may have just made the first and last mistake of his career It begins with a hit gone wrong Robie is dispatched to eliminate a taAmerica has enemies ruthl

The Innocent

The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci] The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci] - The Innocent, The Innocent America has enemies ruthless people that the police the FBI even the military can t stop That s when the U S government calls on Will Robie a stone cold hitman who never questions orders and always The Innocent

  • The Innocent Best Download || [David Baldacci]
    305David Baldacci
The Innocent

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  1. The Innocent, is the 1st book in David Baldacci latest Will Robbie Series featuring the new character Will Robbie.Will Robie works for a secret clandestine US agency and is one of their top operatives His life revolves around his job and missions and is portrayed as the perfect operative His employer decided who among the living and breathing would qualify as a target And then they turned to men like Robie to end the living and breathing part It made the world better, was the justification.The b [...]

  2. Last August when I wrote a review of THE TOURIST by Olen Steinhauer, I said a few things about some other spy thriller writersLately, my favorite spy, espionage, thriller writers have gotten a bit boring Vince Flynn writes thrillers after the fact which makes them alternative history, Tom Clancy has forsaken Jack Ryan, David Baldacci is writing cute last one was a Nicholas Sparks with a happy ending The only thing Alex Berenson wrote that I enjoyed was his 2008 review in NY Times of THE GIRL WIT [...]

  3. What a ride Baldacci is turning into one of my favourites This is a fast paced, non stop thriller with a few twists and turns, some that I saw coming, others I didn t Superb audiobook narration.

  4. By David baldacci Grade AThis is the first time that I have gotten my hands on something written by David Baldacci, and now I regret not having read anything by him before.As is often the case, I try to guess the plot by looking at the jacket The first one was a common American who turns against some extremely powerful System to save his daughter The blurb cleared that misconception This was the first of many Baldacci is good at that flawlessly leading you to believe something without actually s [...]

  5. I listened to this book on a long road trip, and would have bailed after the first chapter if I had not been trapped in the car for hours My first Baldacci book, I found the writing in The Innocent comically sophomoric Really, I laughed out loud several times and found myself predicting the inane dialog aloud while hurtling down the highway It was impossible to suspend disbelief listening to this over the top ridiculous plot and cartoonish characters Clearly, many people love this book, but I ju [...]

  6. Rereading on Audiobook 2 18 The Innocent is perfect for fans of the enigmatic, laconic, capable action thriller hero Will Robie has already been added to my list of kickbutt artists Robie kills people for a living on behalf of the US government He s very good at it He has never failed a mission yet, until he is hired to kill someone who clearly doesn t need killing He has to flee the scene to stay alive, and ends up on a bus out of DC with another runaway, a young girl named Julie When he observ [...]

  7. I enjoy reading books by David Baldacci and have read many of them He has some great series, Camel Club King Maxwell John Puller and Amos Decker, as well as stand alone novels This is the first book in the Will Robie series It did not start out well Very short sentences that all started with He He this he that he did he didn t I found myself hoping that this would change and change quickly or I would never be able to finish Fortunately it did and the remainder of the book was an action packed ta [...]

  8. Will Robie, a highly skilled U.S government assassin, has a pang of conscience for the first time in his long career and is unable to pull the trigger on an assigned target Soon after his handler disappears Which can mean only one thing Robie is now in an equally talented assassin s crosshairs His contingency plan to assume one of his many aliases and make an urgent and stealthy escape on a hackneyed city bus.Fourteen year old Julie Getty believes her parents when they declare they have successf [...]

  9. This started out as a pretty thrilling and fun ride and promising for my first experience with a Baldacci tale But ultimately the trope of someone trained to be killing machine slowly learning to become human wore a little thin That and the somewhat sappy role of a female FBI agent and a scrappy teenage girl in this process leads me to rate it modestly.Right away Baldacci sucked my tense attention in pretty good as we follow CIA agent Will Robie through a series of thrilling and crafty assassin [...]

  10. Very entertaining Full of plot twists, I listened to this on audio and it was great Sound effects, his and her voices, and music Quite enjoyable.

  11. Baldacci hits another one out of the park with THE INNOCENT He takes his fast paced thriller genre and applies it to this great independent book, keeping the reader interested from the get go and not releasing them until the final page has been turned His apparently newer major male and female characters make this book quite exciting, especially if listened to, as I did.Baldacci applies what may seem a quasi cookie cutter theme to this novel pinning an independent male together with a non suspec [...]

  12. Wow, that ending was sad or what It was definitely a bit tragic than I was expecting, and in my opinion, that said volumes to the wonderful writing of David Baldacci Because, even though after finishing the novel we still don t know much about our protagonist Will Robie s mysterious past or how or why he came to be what he was here, other than the fact that he s a superbly efficient government sanctioned assassin, Baldacci perfectly fleshed out his character and his morale, and made us absolutel [...]

  13. When I realized that other books, that shall remain unnamed here, are being gleefully accepted, hugged and devoured in mere hours, I said screw the hype I have my own quiet, and genuinely good favorites The book is about Will Robie and his priorities in ending and protecting life Other characters are Julie Getty and Vance There s a nifty trick that Baldacci has used a couple of times It consist of showing a major coincidence, an unlikely event, and then show that it was all part of a plan.Baldac [...]

  14. Very enjoyable if wildly implausible thriller type book Just glad Robie finally got laid Boy needed it even if he did have shoot the girl in the brain a few pages later Relationships are hard That s the moral of the story.

  15. How can you become even addicted to reading Well after 3 4 brilliant books that s how I have become even addicted.The Innocent and The Hit with Will Robie are both great.The Innocent is the first of the Will Robie books, and David Baldacci has created a great strong character.This is a gripping, tense, fast paced, action packed thriller, keeping you on your toes all the way.I started to become suspicious of one character, and right to be.David Baldacci brought a new hero matching Jack Reacher, [...]

  16. This book was so much fun to read, but for odd reasons For me the big appeal of the book was Robie and his awkwardness in relating to other people especially Julie, who was the other big appeal of the book At first glance Robie seems like every other bad ass spy assassin, but as the book goes on you realize that Robie is not like that Yes, he kills people, but he he has a moral code, one which seemed to toss him in this mess He kept trying to keep ahead of things and for most of the book he wasn [...]

  17. Assassin Will Robie is back from two assignments to eliminate the enemies of America abroad He doesn t need to know why they are being targetedhe just pulls the trigger When he sees a small child in the bed of a woman he s been ordered to kill, he hesitates Another shooter kills the woman and child as Robie questions his handler What happens next sets an intricate story into motion Robie decides to get away by taking a nearby bus Along comes a 14 year old girl, followed by a man whom Will recogn [...]

  18. A great read to a new series Will Robie, is a stone cold hit man who never questions orders and always nails his target There are two story lines going in this book Will Robie, who was ordered to kill someone at the last minute realizes that something just isn t right with this a mother, with 2 children he aborts that mission which you are NOT supposed to do Then the other story line is about a 14 year old girl who is now running away for she witnessed the murder of her mother and father Baldacc [...]

  19. As far fetched and unbelievable as plot lines go, an engaging and entertaining book nonetheless.

  20. Well read a fun mystery thriller, although the plot was too complex Some of the foreshadowing was excellent view spoiler people going out of his view for 30 seconds, neither being what they seemed hide spoiler , but I was disappointed by one scene view spoiler where they re in the FBI safe house the sniper takes so long to make his shot She happens to sit perfectly lined up for a shot through cracked blinds while he is opposite her, yet not in the line of fire All of that was bad, but I d been w [...]

  21. My first Baldacci book, and I am on the fence about reading any It had some pretty exciting parts, and some that were implausible I did figure out where a couple of the plot points would lead, but I think the author has created some interesting, likeable characters A hired killer with a heart, for one Who would have thought

  22. Just your standard, off the shelf thriller Nothing special here, unfortunately I don t mean to bash this book, the technicalities are all bolt locked in place the dialogue is well paced, there s not a dull moment, the rhythm is kept Unfortunately, there s not much substance to it As well paced as it is, the dialogue is rather vapid There aren t many dull moments, but that s because the plot is pushed forward with deus ex machina moments that make you want to slap yourself with the book And the r [...]

  23. Will Robie is a loner, he s precise, and he s a hit man who takes out America s enemies In the first 50 pages or so we go along with Robie on a few of his missions but the next one goes horribly wrong and now he s being hunted by some scary folks On his escape he teams up with a 14 year old named Julie Getty who s just left foster care only to witness the murder of her beloved parents She narrowly escapes the killers In The Innocent Baldacci takes us all over the globe and into international pol [...]

  24. Now, that s how a mystery spy thriller is done I must confess that I m somewhat biased when it comes to David Baldacci since he has yet to write a book that lets me down but man, this was good Not literary award winning good but crazy fast paced relentless good It s like playing a video game you like a lot, or eating chocolate a sort of guilty pleasure The story is multi layered and there are several mysteries going on at the same time the pages fly by at astonishing speed and just when you thin [...]

  25. Will Robie is a U.S government assassin, tasked with killing enemies After two successful missions overseas, he is asked to shoot a mid level government employee, but he balks when he sees she has two small children with her, but a sniper kills the mother and one child and Robie flees for his life only to find himself on a bus with 14 year old Julie, who is also fleeing for hers Robie saves her life, only to have the bus explode after they jump off, and then the two have to figure out who is bei [...]

  26. Li o todo ontem, comecei de manh e acabei tarde Acho que a escrita muito boa, foi a minha estreia com este autor e gostei imenso daqueles viciantes que d o gosto e que n o se conseguem largar A minha curiosidade foi crescente at porque n o fazia ideia como o autor a ligar as hist rias das duas principais personagens Essa liga o foi a nica coisa que n o me convenceu no livro, que achei um pouco for ada De resto, uma leitura altamente recomend vel OPINI O Os Inocentes foi a minha estreia com David [...]

  27. The Innocent introduces us to Will Robie, a mysterious U.S Government Assassin who targets enemies that threaten the United States Robie never fails to kill his targets, but when he is sent to take out one target, this one feels to him like a set up, so he backs down from this one, but then the target is taken out by a second shooter Now Robie is on the run with a teenage girl named Julie in tow, who s parents have been murdered by an unknown party, and an FBI Agent who is investigating a bus ex [...]

  28. The inviolet things under question here A powerful novel though a bit childish on the surface premise.

  29. Will Robie is an assassin working under the auspices of the U.S Government to rid the world of America s enemies He s always called in to take care of those who cannot be eliminated through the FBI, military, or police A very cool customer who knows that his life isn t worth a nickel most days, Will lives in the shadows until his next assignment is received Soon one comes along that keeps Will very close to his home base of Washington, D.C This is one of those very odd assignments that seems to [...]

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