Sliding on the Snow Stone

Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk] Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk] - Sliding on the Snow Stone, Sliding on the Snow Stone It is astonishing that anyone lived this story It is even astonishing that anyone survived it Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine Stalin s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine millions

  • Title: Sliding on the Snow Stone
  • Author: Andy Szpuk
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  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk], Sliding on the Snow Stone, Andy Szpuk, Sliding on the Snow Stone It is astonishing that anyone lived this story It is even astonishing that anyone survived it Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine Stalin s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine millions of people starve to death To free themselves from the daily terrors of Soviet rule Stefan and his friends fight imaginary battles in nearby woods to defend theirIt is aston

Sliding on the Snow Stone

Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk] Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk] - Sliding on the Snow Stone, Sliding on the Snow Stone It is astonishing that anyone lived this story It is even astonishing that anyone survived it Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine Stalin s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine millions Sliding on the Snow Stone

  • Sliding on the Snow Stone Best Read || [Andy Szpuk]
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Sliding on the Snow Stone

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  1. I found the first about 60% of this book gripping and hard to put down The plight of Ukranians under Soviet rule is something we hear little about especially what happened in the early 1930s We, here in the privileged and relatively safe 21st century of the West can only read, aghast living through something like this is beyond our comprehension Mr Szpuk s experience of the war kept me reading even when I was too tired to do so One of my very favourite types of book is the historical event told [...]

  2. This memoir that begins with the author father as a 5 year old growing up in the Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union certainly had it s peaks and troughs At times it was immensely moving as the young boy experienced first the famines and pogroms that had to be endured under extreme Stalinist policy, and then as a teenager, the brutality of Nazi rule as Hitler s armies invaded However, on other occasions it stretched credulity beyond breaking A lot of the views expressed by the very young boy [...]

  3. A stark and moving biography of a Ukrainian who lived through the Holodomor or Ukrainian Holocaust where millions perished as a result of Stalin s custom made famine and firing squads.With amazing detail, Andy Szpuk transcribed the life of his father, born into a catastrophe he could little comprehend and his journey through unimaginable hardship which in many ways depicted the lives of many other fellow Ukrainians of that time At times sweet, other times heartbreaking, even shocking, Sliding On [...]

  4. Sliding on the Snow Stone by Andy Szpuk is an amazing memoir of a young boy from the Ukraine, who comes through Soviet caused starvation only to be torn into the madness that was WWII for the Ukrainian people Told with astonishing detail and a captivating voice the story gets to explain what life was like living under and between the horrors of the Soviet and the Nazi regimes.It is the tragic story of the nation as much as it is that of his family, mis treated and fallen victim to injustices fro [...]

  5. I knew nothing about the history of the Ukraine before reading this book even though I have a Ukrainian friend but she s very young so had no idea if I would like it or not I did, I found it fascinating and interesting A frustration but may have been due to reading the kindle version was that there were Ukrainian words used that I didn t know what they meant and couldn t find a glossary although there were tips on how to pronounce at the end Would heartily recommend and am happy to receive recom [...]

  6. Beautiful book This author is a born writer The story was extremely readable and at times was heartbreaking, but also enlightening I love these types of stories like The Kite Runner which give you an insight into the lives and the cultures of other countries, and the turmoil they often have to go through Stefan s story is one of tragedy, but the end of chapter 13 gave me chills Finally some happiness Will definitely be looking out for books by Mr Szpuk

  7. I was left with much to ponder after reading this, a harrowing but beautiful triumph of the human soul Stefan s love for Ukraine and family is his steady heart, as brutal forces attempt to wear down his body At many times chilling, Sliding on the Snow Stone rings with the warm of familial love, and of love for one s country I am so glad I read this book, albeit slowly due to the disturbing but honest scenes set during the 1930s 1940s Highly recommended.

  8. Here, a son honours his father In these memoirs of an old man we go on a journey to freedom with one Ukrainian, from the evil of Stalin s terror through the cold brutality of the Nazis We are taken across the steppes and into the wild Carpathians by a boy who carries two things his grief, and his longing for a free homeland It is a story that enters a reader s heart and stays there.

  9. A mesmerizing, heart wrenching memoir, Sliding on the Snow Stone by Andy Szpuk AndySzpuk tells the story of Stefan Szpuk the author s father Told by Stefan in prose that is simple yet wonderfully descriptive, it is an amazing tale of survival, familial love, courage and perseverance I m not ashamed to admit I choked up several times reading Stefan s tale.The story begins during Stefan s childhood in Ukraine during the Holodomor the horrifying famine created by Stalin s Soviet Union with young St [...]

  10. Full disclosure Andy Szpuk sent me an ebook copy of his book in exchange for an honest review I m not a person that cries easily any, but this book had me in tears verging on hysterical sobs The only reason I didn t break down completely at some parts was because there was someone in the room Had I been reading this while staying up alone in the evening, I would have been a complete mess.Andy Szpuk wrote his father, Stefan s, memoirs and I imagine that it was a hard story both to tell and hear I [...]

  11. REVIEW SLIDING ON THE SNOW STONEStefan dreams of the day when Ukraine will be free His childhood was a difficult one suffering from extreme hunger at the Soviet imposed famine and then fleeing the Soviets and the Nazis throughout WWII Before receiving entry into the UK at the end of the war, he had taken a 750 mile trek through harsh geography, in all kinds of weather, foraging for food, and constantly fearing for his safety He dreams of reuniting with his dear mother of whom he only has memorie [...]

  12. Wow The horror, the unthinkable images, the anger and exasperation I feel that people have suffered for millennia and still are such unutterable persecution at the hands of fellow men fills me with such sorrow Vengeance is mine, saith The Lord, I will repay That day, Lord, cannot come to soon While the sorrow of this testimony makes it difficult to read, we must read it to know remember And not just to remember, but to read to our children and teach them, so that we can do all we must to fight s [...]

  13. I loved this book It s an amazing story simply told but with warmth and humanity Wonderful Thank you for the recommendation Harry Nicholson

  14. I love to see so many other sides of the story I have read a lot of Holocaust stories and really have an empathy with the Jewish people and all they suffered at the camps in the Nazi Regime Though I still have that empathy I am expanding my mind into other territories, other lives and other people The atrocities the Nazi Regime forced on the Jewish people was horrendous yet now I am seeing and sides of this war WWII did not only affect the Jewish people but people from every walk of life I hav [...]

  15. The things we d seen and the world we lived in were too terrible for children This sentence from Sliding on the Snow Stone concisely describes the tragic real life events of Stefan Szpuk, who was born in a village in Ukraine in the 1920s By the time he was five, he had survived the famine architected by Stalin across Ukraine By the time he was 15 and had left his village forever, he had survived oppression by both Soviets and Nazis But his struggle was not yet over Eventually, in the ensuing yea [...]

  16. This is a brilliant story The author is retelling his father s story with all of us Born in the Ukraine under Solviet rule, and over coming what what we find unimaginable today Stefan shows us through his eyes what it was like growing up hungry through the Ukrainian holocaust And then again the horror of Nazi rule This is not a regular genera of mine so I found it a little slower of read for me, I had to put it down reflect a bit and take a break, but it was interesting to me non the least I bel [...]

  17. My new blog is a review of Sliding on the Snow Stone by Andy Szpuk and can be found atgoo 1F7weIt s the story of the Stalin s forced famine and mass starvation of Ukrainians from 1932 1933 and the events surrounding WW2 as told through the eyes of a child There is a review of the book by my Ukrainian wife, commentary by the author, and a BBC mini video documentary The video materiel is quite graphic, and not good for the timid You can find this book review and all my other blogs at hsclarkmyster [...]

  18. What a beautiful story This author s words transcend my puny attempt to review his book I cried for the refugees of WWII who could not return home at war s end I cried over the memory of my father who fought in the thick of WWII but would not speak of the horrors he saw I cried for the people who had never known freedom from governmental tyranny It is beyond my life experiences to understand how families could be scattered apart around the globe and have no way to find one another ever again I w [...]

  19. Being born and raised in America of course we have learned of WWII but it is mainly about Nazi and Jews I ve never really thought about the small countries and people caught up in between in the war The main character brought their story to light in a brilliantly written description of everything he went through His pride and love for family and country really touches the heart I would highly recommend reading and my personal opinion is it should be a required read for students learning about WW [...]

  20. This is an interesting book about growing up in the Ukraine during the 30 s and 40 s Mistreatment by the Soviets, fleeing the Nazis, spending several years after the war in a Displaced Persons camp and finally making his way to England where eventually he finds a wife, a good job and has a family The author s father returns to the Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union and finds nieces and nephews and discovers the fate of his brother an mother It is a view of Soviet Life that we don t see v [...]

  21. A story about Stefan, told in first personGrowing up in a small village in the Ukraine during Soviet occupation and then living under the harsh rule of the Nazi occupation he had never not known both hunger and fear At 15he and his father escaped to avoid being either forced to join the Army or be shot This is the story of their their 2000 miles quest looking for freedom We also see him as an old man with a wife, children, and grandchildren.Another bit if history during WWII and about some of th [...]

  22. This is the story of the authors father, a heart wrenching memoir of growing up in a small village in the Ukraine during Soviet occupation, of cruelties endured, lives lost, family separation, endurance and of love for ones home land Reading this made me realize how petty so many of our everyday problems are in the U.S It also saddened me to know that this same kind of treatment still happens today in some countries.

  23. I have a great interest in reading about WW 2 times, the lives that were going on behind the war and the horror This book is a recounting of a man s life in Ukraine during Stalin s genocide and his subsequent journey from the Ukraine with his father, running from both the Nazis and the Russian army, his life in between and the return to his childhood home when he was much older.

  24. This book takes you into a sad and unbelievable story of survival The author is forced to leave his homeland as a young boy with his father during a war they have no desire to be a part of I enjoyed the descriptive language of the Ukraine, his love for his country, and felt his pain in this well told story.

  25. Pretty good, yet a little lengthy than necessary Memoir of a Ukrainian boy who s family was persecuted by Stalin and the Soviets then the Nazi s, forced to leave his mother behind, his brother was taken away and he watched his father die He survived to tell the story at 86 years old.

  26. True stories are often the best, and this is one of them I bought a paperback copy as well, to share with my Ukrainian friend The book was fascinating reading and helped me to appreciate my friend s heritage.

  27. Horribly sad personal account that starts with Stalin s starvation of millions of Ukrainians and then goes through the 1950s Very proud, nationalistic feeling throughout that you can t help identifying with how wronged the Ukrainians have been in recent history.

  28. The history is interesting, but I found myself feeling a large generational and cultural gap with the author He describes things often in poetic prose, which is not a style of writing I enjoy It s a finish able book, but just barely.

  29. Although not brilliantly written, the story is striking and stays with you As the true story of one man s rather incredible it is a striking read.

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