The End Has Come and Gone

[PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo [PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo - The End Has Come and Gone, The End Has Come and Gone She is coming for you

  • Title: The End Has Come and Gone
  • Author: Mark Tufo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo, The End Has Come and Gone, Mark Tufo, The End Has Come and Gone She is coming for you

The End Has Come and Gone

[PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo [PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo - The End Has Come and Gone, The End Has Come and Gone She is coming for you The End Has Come and Gone

  • [PDF] The End Has Come and Gone | by ✓ Mark Tufo
    476Mark Tufo
The End Has Come and Gone

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  1. I listened to the book through Audible and I LOVE THIS SERIES I love meeting the rest of the Talbots and thus far BT is my fave character As a Black person I am so glad he has not died yet I started the series a week ago on Audible and I am hooked Mike drives me crazy at times and I am just waiting for Tracy to beat him with a tire iron.

  2. I m a little irritated because I just found out this series has quite a few installments I m hooked enough to want to find out what happens to Talbot, but am getting tired of neverending series too.

  3. STILL A GOOD STORYHOWEVER s noted that the story of Mike Talbot and his family is starting to drag on a bit Here s why most of book four was told as flash backs and back stories, not enough moving the story forward Don t get me wrong, I m still invested, if for no other reason than to finally have an acceptable end to this nightmare or at least a reasonable hope of a new normal for the Talbot family, their friends and all of humanity.I m beginning to have issues with the repetitive phrasing and [...]

  4. This is a post apocolyptic zombie vampire masterpiece And, no, the vampires are not of the glittery variety I finished this book with the full expectation that I would be able to go into book 5 I am so disappointed that I will have to wait Oh such is the world of the e book Instant gratification of a continued saga will not be immediately met this time around I have travelled this far down the rabbit hole and am not quite ready to leave wonderland just yet Oh how books 5 and 6 can not get here f [...]

  5. Damn this series just keeps getting better and better Just when you think it s going to end, nope another wrinkle thrown in to keep it going.

  6. I know my imagination can be like a three year old on Red Bull and still I feed it I think this series has now jumped the shark.Or maybe it did that with the prequel that was tucked in between books 3 and 4, which I panned in a recent review I think the story could have been tied up neatly with a trio of books, or at most with this fourth At this point I m than a little burned out and the story is starting to seriously drag.The pros Less vile, disgusting stuff Or maybe I m just used to it now A [...]

  7. If you ve been reading my last 4 reviews of this Zombie Fallout series you will know Im addicted to this brilliant series, its my alltime favorite Mark is the master of the zombie fiction.Each book has something quite different thrown into the mix and Book 4 is no exception Still written in journal form but this time everyone is writing in it so we are getting some different point of views I dont normally like characters jumping around from first person point of view but Mark has made it work se [...]

  8. This series is getting downright convoluted in nature and I mostly get infuriated when stories get too convoluted it generally reads to me that the author is trying too hard In this case though I ll make a huge exception The book becomes and complex with various twists and turns appearing throughout the title As soon as you think that you have gotten a good enough grasp of the series something new is introduced which adds a twist to the series but makes it a bit harder to follow I find myself [...]

  9. My Rating Scale 1 Star Horrible book, It was so bad I stopped reading it I have not read the whole book and wont2 Star Bad book, I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend I can t believe I read it once3 Star Average book, Was entertaining but nothing special No plans to ever re read4 Star Good Book, Was a really good book and I would recommend I am Likely to re read this book5 Star GREAT book, A great story and well written I can t wait for the next book I Will Re Read this one or times [...]

  10. this audio book took me a while to finish it got boring about half way through so I started listening to something else Something fluffy and funny the one and only Janet EvanovichI ended up going back after I was done and got really into it near the end it was an action packed ending overall not one of my favourite ones I mnot understanding how the whole vampire theme fits into a zombie world but I guess that sounds kind of funny how I can believe enough in zombies to enjoy a book after book abo [...]

  11. Funny and horrific all at the same time with a great twist as always you can predict some of the things that will happen simply cos its what you would do hopefully but then Eliza and Tommy pop again and it has that great original edge to it this is an amazing series with some great side lines Hughmans and Henrys viewc Already looking forward to ZF5 and hopefully beyond will have to limit myself to a few pages a day tho as tend to read them in one sitting, nearly forgetting work one day stayed up [...]

  12. Zombie Fallout 4 is quite possibly the best in the series so far Many of the loose threads were explained away The best part was the non stop humor though Mark Tufo truly does understand the sarcastic nature that is bred into people from Massachusetts I must say the ending was a bit of a letdown, but overall this was a highly entertaining read Now if only Eliza and Tomas can find their end.

  13. Another good story from Mark Tufo His Zombie Fallout series is truly one of the best I ve read in a long time Mr Tufo manages to keep the reader hooked from beginning to end, one book to the other Not only does he keep his storylines interesting but he infuses a freshness into an on going tale that has contiued over four books I will certainly be reading of this wonderfully horrific series.


  15. I just can not put this series downI am moving on to book 5 now I love Mike and his familywell worth your creditsI had to buy creditsThis one was a lot of action and misadventuresart at the beginningd your hooked 2 huge thumbs up Mark Tufo rocks Second listen was just as entertaining.d I am continuing on to book 5 3RD TIME WAS GOOD TOO

  16. I am so excited that ZF will be made into a movie You go Mark Tufo I can t wait to see who the actors will be I m sad about Tommy, but I liked what he did for Mike And I loved what Mike did with what he was given Ok, Ms Deneaux, hoardin all the cigs wouldn t even happen She d have to unass em I m just sayin As always I look forward to the next book, which I m about to get right now.

  17. Not as fantastic as the first three books, but I will tell you there were several times where I gasped over the horror and gore and several times where I laughed out loud literally The narrator has such an awesome sense of humor This book takes the Talbot family in a very different direction and I am really looking forward to reading book 5 to see where Mark Tufo takes these characters.

  18. the fifth book is a little tiring in some places with the story barely inching forward, ever so slowly, because of too much flashback storytelling otherwise a good read in a action zombie series.

  19. The great time for a great battle arrives as Mike just do everything he can to ensure the safety of his family Great little book.

  20. I was torn between 3 and 4 stars Given I ll likely not continue on with the series, I m going to give it 3.While I like the overall story, the splinters of subplots are starting to get very convoluted to the point where I wonder if it s worth continuing on with the series It seems, that with all of these background subplots on Eliza and the Talbot s, preexisting to the Zombie Fallout itself, it is a bit much Sure they are entertaining, but again, there are just so many And now with the big twist [...]

  21. CoolWhat a great story In this one the Talbot family and their friends face off even zombies than before They find new friends and allies as well Can t wait for the next one.

  22. Mike Talbot to the Rescueor is he Fighting their way to their friends is never easy Talbot and Co meet their share of Zombies, dangerous men and stragglers The climax looks like all is lost when help comes in the most unlikely way.

  23. Unicorn FartsThis book was an entertaining read I ve been reading this series and I am very pleased with the progression of the story There are so many components going on that it keeps the reader on edge Sometimes Mike can ramble on a little and over explain a situation, but besides that I have no negative things to say It s on to the next one.

  24. Mark TufoZombie Fallout 4 The End Has Come and GoneThis set of books has it all, the humour shines through to lighten the darker parts of the book, the psychological terror of the situation drags you into the story making you feel a part of the family, Mike Talbot is the hero of the piece protecting his family and loved ones to the best of his ability from the growing Zombie threat, the zombies are not all slow and lumbering as in the majority of Zombie films neither are they as fast as in 28 da [...]

  25. Orignally posted to AudiobookreviewerI love what Mark Tufo has created with this series During the fallout of the Zombie Apocalypse, caused by tainted H1N1 vaccinations, Mike Talbot and his family battle against humans, Vampires, and of course Zombies Despite having made a mortal enemy of an ever powerful vampire named Eliza, Mike fights his way to his family He makes it but his adopted son Tommy is abducted by Eliza, it turns out they are siblings His best friend, Paul, and a few others split o [...]

  26. Great book I greatly enjoyed this book and I am going to purchase the next book in the series asap Highly recommended

  27. Okay, so you know how most sequels get to the point where you wish that the author had stopped after the first book Well, that is definitely NOT the case here Mark Tufo absolutely out did himself with ZF4 This book is the absolute best I can t talk about specifics of the book because I don t want to spoil it for anyone, but when you read this book, you will come away feeling like an addict thirsting for and There were so many parts in the book that I thought were my favorite, then I would keep [...]

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