The Lola Quartet

[PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel [PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel - The Lola Quartet, The Lola Quartet Gavin Sasaki is a promising young journalist in New York City until he s fired in disgrace following a series of unforgivable lapses in his work It s early and the world has gone dark very quic

  • Title: The Lola Quartet
  • Author: Emily St. John Mandel
  • ISBN: 9781609530792
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel, The Lola Quartet, Emily St. John Mandel, The Lola Quartet Gavin Sasaki is a promising young journalist in New York City until he s fired in disgrace following a series of unforgivable lapses in his work It s early and the world has gone dark very quickly the economic collapse has turned an era that magazine headlines once heralded as the second gilded age into something that closely resembles the Great Depression TGavin Sasaki is

The Lola Quartet

[PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel [PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel - The Lola Quartet, The Lola Quartet Gavin Sasaki is a promising young journalist in New York City until he s fired in disgrace following a series of unforgivable lapses in his work It s early and the world has gone dark very quic The Lola Quartet

  • [PDF] Read ↠ The Lola Quartet : by Emily St. John Mandel
    372Emily St. John Mandel
The Lola Quartet

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  1. I loved Station Eleven so I was interested in trying one of Emily St John Mandel s earlier books While these are two very different stories, I was not disappointed This book also illustrates the author s talent in weaving a story moving back and forth in time I really like this mechanism because we get to see what brought these broken characters to their messy current lives ten years after high school.Gavin , Sasha , Daniel , Jack , four high school friends and members of The Lola Quartet, a jaz [...]

  2. Canadian author Emily St John Mandel hasn t yet published many books four in fact but I m methodically making my way through them I stumbled across the superbStation Eleven courtesy of some good reviews I d seen on and I then picked upLast Night in Montreal which I also loved In my view, this one isn t in the same league as the other two Told in her trademark style that s to say flipping back and forth in time and focussing on different characters, seemingly randomly this tale gradually unfolds [...]

  3. Only slightly less enthralling than her post apocalyptic Station Eleven, Emily St John Mandel s The Lola Quartet is a consistently engaging, refreshingly original novel that is so utterly underrated by my fellow GR readers 3.34 Really it blows my mind Ms Mandel hooked me from the start Young Anna, teen mom, is sitting on a playground swingset in Virginia with her infant daughter Chloe, with 121,000 stashed underneath the stroller The mystery of how Anna becomes a young mother, hiding out hundred [...]

  4. Its difficult to describe the exact literary genre The Lola Quartet falls under, it lives somewhere in the nexus of literary fiction and crime mystery As as a character study with a noir flair, it works pretty well, as a mystery I found it somehow underwhelming and anti climatic The Lola Quartet, the 3rd novel by Canadian born writer Emily St.John Mandel, with its sultry descriptions of run down jazz bars, fedoras and trench coats felt definitively like Noir to me.If you read St Mantel highly su [...]

  5. 2014 s Station Eleven captivated me with its story of life after a pandemic flu caused the collapse of society, and The Lola Quartet, an earlier novel by the same author, shares many of Station Eleven s story elements, including a life during crisis theme, though here the disasters are on a smaller scale Gavin is unsettled by the news that he may have fathered a daughter by a troubled high school girlfriend who disappeared so unsettled he makes mistakes that sabotage his NYC career as a reporter [...]

  6. The best of Emily St John Mandel s The Lola Quartet is concentrated in the novel s first scene Young teen mom Anna Montgomery is going about her daily ritual She wakes early, bundles the bambino and stops at an all night donut shop From there she makes her way to a park where she sits on a swing and frets the bundle of than 100,000 she s got stashed in the stroller A man appears in the distance Dun dun duh Unfortunately, that first burst of intrigue is wasted when the cast of un likeable charac [...]

  7. Four friends form a jazz band in High School, the eponymous Lola Quartetd one the drummer s step sister trumpet player s girlfriend and you have the cast of characters playing in this storyYou also have a pregnancy kept secret, a runaway, a theft of mucho from a meth dealer, a ruined journalist, and a cold blooded murder Oh my Gavin and Anne were High School sweethearts, until Anne became pregnant, and decided to run away with Daniel because he had a place to run to in Utah.Anne spends a lot of [...]

  8. On Thanksgiving Day, I took an entire day off work and stayed in bed all day reading It was heavenly, and I owe much of that happiness to Emily Mandel, who is three for three in my book I adore her writing and was thrilled when she sent me an advanced copy of this newest book, The Lola Quartet The story itself is a fascinating one and as someone who doesn t like for even the first chapter s contents to be revealed, I ll not give even the smallest spoilers , but it s the way that it so deftly unf [...]

  9. This story is just one long string of unlikely coincidences, but it must not have bothered me too much because I read the entire thing in just a few hours I think Gavin s downward slide began when he was too lazy call the landlord to fix the leaky shower Every night while he was sleeping, that running faucet was like the aural equivalent of Chinese water torture, eroding his brain End of sanity and common sense for Gavin Permanent case of the stupids No wonder Karen ditched him Who wants a guy w [...]

  10. I did not experience the unconditional love for this book that I felt after Emily St John Mandel s first two novels This is not necessarily a bad thing because I could feel her growth as an author The fine writing, the suspense, the great characters are all present but she has had a change of heart Last Night in Montreal centered around a young woman whose bizarre childhood compelled her to wander ceaselessly The protagonist in The Singer s Gun tried to outrun his criminal upbringing Both of the [...]

  11. I thought it wouldn t be as good as Station Eleven I was wrong Her characters are brilliant, her writing captivating and beautiful.

  12. Emily St John Mandel is a talented unique writer This is her 3rd book I ve read them all, enjoyed them all Its hard to put into words just what s so different about this author but she is different All three books have well developed personalities of her characters Something very special about these books the style of writing the stories themselves the characters Keep those books coming Ms Emily St John Mandel love your work

  13. An exquisitely constructed literary thriller that pulls you in from its striking opening scene and holds your attention until the end, THE LOLA QUARTET is another solid novel from Emily St John Mandel about the ripple effect of our decisions and their affects on unintended victims.The opening scene of the novel is short but concentrated, the catalyst for the entire novel We find 17 year old runaway, Anne, sitting in a park with her newborn baby with 118,000 strapped to the bottom of the stroller [...]

  14. Station Eleven brought Emily St John Mandel to my attention and she s quickly becoming my literary crush of Summer 2015 The Lola Quartet is not as amazing as SE, but it s still a lovely little onion with layers to be peeled away and enjoyed The Lola Quartet was the name of a jazz quartet at a performing arts magnet school ten years ago Gavin Sasaki, arguably the main character of the book, did not pursue music, but earned a journalism degree at Columbia, although things have not been going well [...]

  15. A superbly written and constructed literary thriller that had me thinking of Donna Tartt s The Secret History and held my attention from start to finish it was only when I came here to make my notes that I made the connection with the novel Station Eleven, about which I ve heard so much buzz.The Lola Quartet of the title is a Florida high school jazz combo, whose four participants are brought back together a decade later by a string of circumstances Gavin, who for a while looked to be becoming a [...]

  16. fedora cul de sac Fedora We thought we were coming closer to nature, but all along nature was creeping closer to us If you tell a lie it s easier to tell another but they wanted different things out of music Anna wanted steadiness and predictability, music with rules Chloe wanted noise, Chloe wanted music she could listen to while she threw bottles against the underpass at the back of the park, Chloe wanted a soundtrack for destruction There were moments of unbearable beauty when Anna closed he [...]

  17. I really enjoyed Emily St John s first book, Last Night in Montreal, and her second, The Signer s Gun, was just okay This third novel is somewhere between the two.The first thing I noticed was that like her first book, this was again about a mysterious girl and a man out to find her Oh how I love stories like this I just can t get enough of guys tortured by the girl that got away The pain of wanting and having loved these women is completely romantic The second thing I noticed is Emily s signatu [...]

  18. Und wieder hatte ich gehofft, Emily St.John Mandel hat hiermit ein weiteres 5 Sterne Buch geschrieben Doch leider reicht es ganz knapp nicht aus, aber ich will hier nicht Jammern das Niveau ist immer noch extrem hoch Denn mit The Lola Quartet versucht sich die kanadische Autorin an einer verstrickten Geschichte um falsche Entscheidungen als Teenager, Vergeltung und Vergebung Sie l sst ihre Figuren in tiefe L cher fallen und zeichnet ein trauriges und oft auswegloses Bild des normalen Lebens in d [...]

  19. The Lola Quartet refers to the musical group created by four of the five principal protagonists when they were students at a high school for the performing arts Gavin, Daniel, Jack, and Sasha were the members of The Lola Quartet The fifth student, Anna, a year younger than the others, was the sister of one of the members and girlfriend of at least one of the others The story tells what happened to them in the subsequent ten years by weaving back and forth in time, gradually exposing the meaning [...]

  20. I m something of a completist If I like the author enough I ll try to read as much of their work as possible, occasionally forgetting to pace myself Mandel has impressed me tremendously, this was an easy choice Though it s possible that I ve read it too closely to Last Night in not be distracted by the similarities Not just minute details, like the characters reading the same obscure book, but the fact that they are all mostly the same age late 20s , there are deliberate disappearances, prolonge [...]

  21. Four friends, and a girl who is the girlfriend of one and the stepsister of the only female, start a jazz quartet in highschool It is their last concert and their last year in high school and they all have bright plans for the future I can relate to this because I remember being in that position, didn t like jazz much, but music was always around Thought at 17 I was all grown up and the future was limitless A decade passes and the group is brought together again by a picture, find out their live [...]

  22. The only thing I can fault about this book is that it feels like a few too many coincidences for the sake of keeping the plot limited to a small group of people It bothered me a bit as I read, but, in truth, the story is too compelling, the characters too believable and the writing just too good to worry about minor details like that.The book starts with a woman and a baby And thousands of dollars in the baby s push chair The story of the money and the baby gradually unfolds in the form of a tal [...]

  23. This was such a fun and riveting read, and like all of Emily St John Mandel s books, the structure thrilled me The way it s put together wow, that takes some skillsThe beginning felt a bit stilted to me some of the high school details seemed off the prom is held after graduation did I read that wrong , and the reporter newspaper scenes struck me as a touch familiar but the book gets its legs soon after and just dances I loved the eerie Florida landscape, part endless suburb, part breeding ground [...]

  24. The Lola Quartet is a jazz group formed by some high school students in Sebastian, Florida, in this novel by the same name As the story opens, it s 10 years after graduation, and Gavin Sasaki, one of the members of the group, is a struggling journalist in New York City The novel begins there, and travels back and forth from the present to the past We see the group playing their last gig after high school graduation After that night, their lives will go in quite different directions The plot is i [...]

  25. I m finding Emily St John Mandel s books to be addicting, and to me it s a little sad that I ll soon be all caught up before she releases another book Mandel has a very smart way of writing, and her words just flow like water in a brilliant, beautiful presentation The Lola Quartet is not a romance, not a thriller I m not sure where to classify this book There s murder, loss, pain sharp emotions, all It could be said that her characters are imperfect, unlikeable, but their stories are ones that y [...]

  26. Very good I like the nonlinear way way the author writes her story I guess I would call this a puzzle or a mystery and I liked the way all of the pieces fit together by the end Emily St John Mandel structured Station Eleven in a similar fashion and I loved that book I loved it than this but that is perhaps because it was set in a post apocalyptic dystopia and this was set in Florida after the financial crisis in 2008 an apocalypse of a sort I guess Despite the setting I really enjoyed this very [...]

  27. Mandel is so good at writing these lovely, fluid, melancholy stories about disaffected people adrift in life There is always a mystery to be solved, but the point is one of self discovery for one or of the characters than the mystery itself Her books aren t fast paced by any means, but they do just read themselves.

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