The Vampire Queen's Servant

Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill - The Vampire Queen's Servant, The Vampire Queen s Servant None

  • Title: The Vampire Queen's Servant
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780425215906
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill, The Vampire Queen's Servant, Joey W. Hill, The Vampire Queen s Servant None

The Vampire Queen's Servant

Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill - The Vampire Queen's Servant, The Vampire Queen s Servant None The Vampire Queen's Servant

  • Unlimited The Vampire Queen's Servant - by Joey W. Hill
    184Joey W. Hill
The Vampire Queen's Servant

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  1. This is NOT a book for the faint hearted There are some VERY strong BDSM elements to it There were several times I felt myself wanting to cringe from the things Jacob is put through to prove his submission to Lyssa Being an alpha male, he has some problems with being submissive, but in Lyssa s world that is not allowed It is made very clear throughout the book that Vampires must be dominate, and demand nothing less but submission with all of their slaves, but honestly some of it was hard to read [...]

  2. I won t be doing a full review because this book just sort of lost me somewhere Maybe it s because I spent a week and a half to read it, stopping to glom the entire Girl Genius archives in the middle of it, but I don t think so.The book shares three things in common with literary fiction a trade paperback price, a love of figurative language and a lack of emphasis on plot Now, the reverse snob in me hates literary fiction, so anytime things start to resemble it, I get cranky Not only that, but i [...]

  3. You should read this book At first I was put off by a review I read that said there was a lot of violence in this book I disagree This is really a love story The story is about Alyssa a 1000 year old vampire queen who was somewhat recently parted with her human servant Thomas For those who read the vampire genre we know what a human servant is Along comes Jacob handsome man who swears he is the one to serve her and be with her He tells her that Thomas himself trained him and that he will do anyt [...]

  4. First things first, I enjoyed this book immensely and I have never read anything quite like it It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and just when you think you know where the story is headed it turns around and goes in the other direction It was romantic,erotic, violent, and morose sometimes all on the same page The sex scenes were very hot and inventive and there was some BDSM, but nothing hardcore The story is about ancient, beautiful vampire queen Lady Elyssa and sexy alph [...]

  5. This was Pure Bloody Awesomeness AND, A FABULOUSLY PERFECT FEM VAMP SPENDIDROMANTICINTRIGINGVIVIDPERFECTION.HAWTNESS This tale is intertwined in three livesul mate per se finding each other when their soul yearns for the other most was so sweet, so unique, and an easy magical readJacob AKASir Vagabondd the Vampire Queen Lyssais book is the beginning of their relationship the next book wraps it up like a gift beautifully and topped with a gorgeous bow and I truly loved it from beginning to end Ok [...]

  6. This was my first Joey Hill book and it wont be my last The Vampire Queen s Servant by Joey.W Hill is book one in her Vampire Queen Series , it s certainly not for the faint of heart or if you are used to something a little tame and vanilla This book delves into BDSM and D s in a big way Jacob is one of those sexy Alpha men that has you drooling, nothing about him says submissive but when he sees Lady Lyssa he wants her, he learns her ways, how to look after her, be her servant It s usually the [...]

  7. I couldn t get into this book Half the time, I thought it was a poorly written sappy romance The other half of the time, it seemed like an slightly edgy paranormal romance erotica It doesn t speak well for the writing that I never once cared about any of the characters Too many cliches, too redundant, with a generally uninteresting story line Even the edgy scenes were fairly boring because it really didn t matter to me if a character was hurt.Premise 1000 year old vampire queen takes an alpha ma [...]

  8. DNFIt really, really pains me to DNF this, since it was a gift from my dear friend Jess I tried, I did, but I couldn t make it work The writing was too precious and not informative enough, and I didn t like the characters Also, the male lead making his first appearance wearing only hose like a half dressed Renaissance man tends to put a damper on things I don t think I truly understand the need for novel lenth erotica.Jess

  9. This book is about Lyssa the Vamire Queen and Jacob a human who applies for the position to be her servant Jacob was trained by Thomas who was Lyssa s previous servant.The problem is that Jacob is an alpha male and he is not submissive Both Lyssa and Jacob try to dominate the other but also want to submit to each other There is alot of sexual tension as well as romance and quite a bit of violence from Lyssa after all she is a vampire I was not sure I would like this book but was pleasantly surpr [...]

  10. This series has received very high ratings on , but for me the book fell flat as the world building was just plain non existent, and the writing contained overly dramatic dialogue that was lacking in descriptive detail The first 1 3 of the book was very repetitive with every second line from Lyssa reading something along the lines of Jacob, you have no idea the can of whoop ass I m going to unleash on you You should leave Did I mention the whoop ass coming your way Since there is so little world [...]

  11. DNF Horrible writing, the dialogue and the plot are lame, editing is nonexistent, and the sex even though it s supposed to be over the top BDSM is mediocre It was like the author couldn t figure out whether to make it a sappy, fluffy Romance or a dark erotica which is why the sex scenes didn t play right for me The Dom sub relationship came off as confused which is probably why it wasn t reading real I felt absolutely no attachment to the characters and no interest in the plot No interest whatso [...]

  12. Joey W Hill is a very unique author She can turn the simple evolution of a couple s relationship into an epic romance, baffling the reader with the scope of this ability within the confines of three to four hundred pages Hill is an author to be savored and dedication of time is necessary in order to appreciate her artistry.Lady Elyssa Amaterasu Yamato Wentworth is a vampire queen not only by birth but also by the shear force of her personality A thousand years has given Lyssa plenty of time to l [...]

  13. There are some authors who are meant to push your boundaries and throw you in uncharted territory, for me Joey W Hill is such an author THE VAMPIRE QUEEN S SERVANT is a story about how Jacob becomes the servant of vampire queen Lyssa A very simple given but the journey they undertake is executed with such depth of character and rich detail of vampire culture that it kept boredom far away from this story.In THE VAMPIRE QUEEN S SERVANT I got a first taste of the vampire culture which bears a cruel [...]

  14. The Vampire Queen s Servant by Joey Hill Read April 2009 I would like to think that I am not the squeamish type when it comes to romance novels However, a book classified as a BDSM erotic vampire novel sounds a bit daunting, does it not Since reading A Mermaid s Kiss and A Witch s Beauty, I have become a serious Joey Hill fan My good friend and fellow writer Michelle heartily encouraged me to start her vampire series, and so I acquiesced, all the while harboring some reservations about the BDSM [...]

  15. Yet another take on the world of vampires their physical characteristics, their heirarchy, their emotional needs, their special abilities, etc This author adds a couple of new elements the importance of a human servant, and what happens when an immortal confronts her mortality This was my first book by this author, and I have very mixed feelings about it Yes, I rated it three stars, as the story was well written and I thoroughly enjoyed parts of it BUT some things were very hard to swallow excus [...]

  16. No interesting character development or plot Cruel female vampire tortures her servant for unrealistic or vague reasonsORY BRIEF Lyssa is a powerful 1000 year old vampire Her previous human servant Thomas died Thomas chose Jacob as his replacement and sent Jacob to Lyssa with a letter of recommendation Thomas also trained Jacob in things he would need to know Jacob wants to be Lyssa s servant She tells him he must be totally submissive and endure torture from her Much of the story is Lyssa sayin [...]

  17. Forget Jean Claude and Anita There is a new vampire series in town Jacob and Lyssa are much sexier, gritter and better developed These very realistic portrayals of flawed lead female male characters is relate able for me I like this new vampire series from Ms Hill The weaving of BDSM and slavery is very sexy and erotic I can t wait to read the second book

  18. This is a comprehensive review of the first eight books in the series.Passionate, raw, often painful to read Hill takes D s to a supernatural level that knows no bounds The world she creates is haunting and addicting, rife with floggers, whips, paddles and fangs It hurts so good, stabbing way down in the deep dark squishy part of the soul.

  19. Really, I just skimmed it It s just not my style I didn t identify with the characters or feel any true interest in their story I just skimmed enough to see where the author was going with the concept Despite some sexy scenes it didn t feel passionate or exciting to me at all, just a dull read.

  20. Although I really enjoyed this story, I wouldn t call it Hardcore BDSM as it has been coined.The Vampire Queen s Servant follows the tale of The Vampire Queen, Lyssa and Jacob her newest prospective human servant Jacob was sent by Thomas, Lyssa s previous servant who got to know Jacob in the final months of his life.Lyssa is originally wary of Jacobs s prescience as she doesn t feel she can go on living after Thomas s death and therefore doesn t feel the need to get close to another servant Jaco [...]

  21. I really liked this story, which is about Lady Elyssa Lyssa the ages old, never aging vampire queen and her introduction to Jacob, a former vampire hunter, to be her new servant, from her former servant, Thomas the monk.It is the story of their individual pasts and present, with possibilities for the future, providing the sick Lady Lyssa has one but that will probably be covered in Joey W Hill s next book The depth of their developing relationship and dare the word reciprocated love be mentioned [...]

  22. She has the mindless courage of a predator, the broken heart of an angel, and a woman s unconquerable soul Thomas the Monk describing Queen LyssaThe Vampire Queen s Servant has the feel of a romantic tragedy in may ways The Vampire Queen is a tortured soul with the capacity for both deep love and amazing cruelty Jacob Green is an alpha male who becomes her servant, her slave, willingly as a knightly act of deep devotion and love This book didn t always go the way I wanted, and it certainly didn [...]

  23. Joey Hill truly is a linguistic artist She can evoke an image like no other Her writing is so sensual erotic The mall sequence in this book is bar none one of the most evocative erotic things I ve ever read There is a pervasive melancholy wistful undercurrent in this book The irony of examining the of issues of mortality ennui in relation to immortality is really quite touching, almost existential at times.This book is the first of the vampire series the story of Lyssa Jacob Lyssa is the vampire [...]

  24. Holy cow this was one sexy book Seriously, I felt like going into the backyard to hose myself off and it is February in the midwest The main reason that this is getting at 3 star for me instead of a 4 star is the huge amount of what I would consider to be emo whining between Jacob and Lyssa about thier relationship that took up a great deal of the back half of the book I liked that they were both so attracted to each other even though they thought they were looking for something different I wish [...]

  25. I loved it Perhaps a bit too deep on the philosophy stuff, but deep is good I love Stuart Reardon for Jacob Jacob is sexy and charmimg and brave and devoted All the good things my hero should be In this book and Rough Canvas, the Dom is soft Jacob is not her slave or her submissive And ordering him to top two women at once is not punishment She never whips him or really even hurts him That s fine with me, i don t like mean scary Doms Dommes in this case.Excited for the next book, but feel daunte [...]

  26. This was a terrific read The only problem I had, and stopped it from being a 5 star read for me, was that even though the author kept telling me how cruel and self centred Lyssa, the main female character was, she didn t show me enough for it to be real for me She did do a few cruel and nasty things, but I saw a lot of her being loving and caring.Jacob was a well rounded character and I could not of enjoyed reading about him The joy of reading about an alpha male trying to submit for his partn [...]

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