As Dead As It Gets

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  • Title: As Dead As It Gets
  • Author: Katie Alender
  • ISBN: 9781423134725
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

Þ As Dead As It Gets ↠ Katie Alender, As Dead As It Gets, Katie Alender, As Dead As It Gets None

As Dead As It Gets

Þ As Dead As It Gets ↠ Katie Alender Þ As Dead As It Gets ↠ Katie Alender - As Dead As It Gets, As Dead As It Gets None As Dead As It Gets

  • Þ As Dead As It Gets ↠ Katie Alender
    434Katie Alender
As Dead As It Gets

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  1. Magnificent Outstanding Devastating in a good emotional way If this is the end of the trilogy, then I know I m going to miss it I ll miss Lexi I ll miss Carter I ll miss Megan I ll miss Kasey I ll miss Lydia Katie has grown so much through the three books The first was normal, the second was incredible and this one was UNFORGETTABLE Here is a quote that gives me chills and reveals how far Lexi has grown I ve been bad.I ve been good.Weak and strong.Brave and afraid page 441 There is a last line i [...]

  2. Third and final book of the series and hard to review without spoilers of the series After getting rid of Alart and watching Lydia Small die in front of her, Alexis can now see ghosts especially through her photography Lydia is now haunting Alexis and again strange things start to happen when girls, Alexis knew are starting to disappear and are getting hurt or killed Alexis thinks Lydia is behind the attacks, especially when she thinks Lydia s bright light leads them to her and the ghost of the [...]

  3. This review is also available over at my blog._______________________I love this series so friggin much.It may not top my list of most favorite YA ghost series of all time, but it s pretty damn close These books were so easy to devour, and I didn t waste any time in reading them all, even if I ve been a little lazy and slow on my reading The books in this series just have that I ll pull you in and won t let go feel, so I just can t help but read and .This book starts off quite some time after t [...]

  4. Finally I know I said I m not that excited to read this book, but I m glad I still did This is better than the second book and way creepier At least Alexis wasn t thinking about just herself here She s still mopey but it s tolerable Anyway I ll miss her and the other characters especially Carter I really like him I just wish there were of him here I don t know that much about him It would be really cool to find out about him because well, after all the things that happened he s still there alon [...]

  5. Welcome to NEWSFLASH the review thingy where i amaze you all with my brilliance not Overall, i loved the book Its plot, how it unfolds, and everything else about it Alexis has not changed a bit for me Sometimes, i feel like stabbing her for her behavior but then she Kicks butt in the next chapter and i fall in love with her all over again Kasey, on the other hand, feels like a background character Which is good She already had enough spotlight in books 12.Lydia, is the bigger story however Lydia [...]

  6. As dead as it getsSob sob omg this book is finished already I love the whole entire series I loved the ending and cried a few too Alexis this girl I will be missing her soo much, I always love how fierce she is and IMF lad in this book we can see her vulnerable side I love the relationship with Lydia I m this book, the conversation touched me alot And she is finally back with carter yes Jared this guy I was always shady with him and turns out I am right, I liked his soft words with Alexis but I [...]

  7. Let me tell it to you straight this book was amazing It sucks you into this unknown world, once you start, you can t stop it s almost an addiction to read The drama and topsey turvsey moods in this book just adds to the suspense.Alexis is one of the most diverse characters I ve ever seen she just amazes me by her ability to see ghosts and communicate with them Katie Alender tells the story of Alexis messed up life perfectly and you can totally imagine the pain, and loneliness or the excitement a [...]

  8. I couldn t put this book down I wish I could write a full on review but I have school so this is a rushed review But honestly, this is just such a beautiful piece of writing So much better than the first and second novels I ve waited MONTHS to get my hands on this and book 2 and it was well worth the wait I m sobbing right now bc BEAUTIFUL.

  9. 3 1 4 starsReposting review.Am I the only one who disliked this book, in contrast to the other two It was underwhelming, chaotic and all over the place.As Dead as It Gets takes place right after the events of book 2 Alexis Warren can now see dead people, including Lydia Small who had died three months ago, in the second book This causes her to give up her hobby of taking photos as she continues to be spooked and haunted by ghosts.Now that Carter Blume has broken up with her and has started datin [...]

  10. Imma say 3.5The first half was meant to be exciting but I just wasn t really roped in I wasn t too interested.The second half was way better.Okay LOVE Lydia Who knew she could be so awesome, even as a ghost But she isn t our evil ghost I totally fell for that one.Haha nope Our ghost isn t actually a ghost It s a poltergeist, and evil spirit type thing that was sprung from Jared s seriously depressed thoughts Why Because it s a poltergeist of his girlfriend, Laina But they were so in love they co [...]

  11. This series has been a solid hit from Book One, and each and every step of the way seems to get better and better.With this newest tale, we are right back with the girls who once upon a time decided to use a bit of magic and power in order to become part of the in crowd Alexis is the one who readers are focused on, as she tries to deal with the fact that she witnessed Lydia Small s death at the hands of some truly supernatural powers Although most people believe that Alexis was actually a killer [...]

  12. Just AMAZING One of the best book I ve ever read One of my favorite book now It just sad that this is the last book.Okay This is only a quick review of this book I didn t expect that Alexis and Jared will be together I thought she and carter will be together again after the incident But i was wrong He moved on with Zoe But all i know is he still love Alexis and Lexi still love Carter Just too complicated to be together again because of Zoe and Jared And now we know how complicated her life is, h [...]

  13. Note that this is 3.5 stars Reason beingi loved this book I was kind of sad that view spoiler Jared turned out to be a nutcase I kind of felt like Carter didn t deserve Alexis He abandoned her when she needed him the most, but i don t disagree with their being together hide spoiler What did annoy me though was the fact that Alexis was pretty much alone She had no one I had gotten used to her having her sister or her best friendmeone But it got kind of annoying that the only person Lexis could re [...]

  14. I absolutely loved this series when I really wasn t expecting to I got into these books because I d never really read anything paranormal Mostly because, I happen to be a big wimp The final book was my favorite by far, I never wanted to stop reading it I was annoyed every time I had to stop It was the first time in a while it was a real page turner I was constantly on the edge of my seat I even found myself thinking about it throughout my normal work day trying to decipher what exactly was happe [...]

  15. If i could give this then 5 stars i glady would.By far this is the best book in the series So many twist and so much ghost adventures I love love loved it It was a great pick up from the second book, but the whole time i was wondering if there would be a 4th book, im not sure there will be because of how it ended wich i wont spoil This one kept me reading and reading 3 I love this series 3 So worth it

  16. Another compelling work from Katie Alender A perfect five stars for this book The author find a great way to end this trilogy Truly deserves the average rating of 4.44.

  17. This book was way better than the other ones I found the story way interesting and actually of a horror story These books could have been left as standalone books, but they did work together as a series This book was about Alexis overcoming the death of Lydia and while this is happening there are death s of other girls happening Alexis believes it s Lydia who is behind these deaths, but then she learns there is someone elseThe BadI can t really say what there was bad about this book because i [...]

  18. The third book in the Bad Girls Don t Die series, author Katie Alender continues to tell the story of Alexis Warren, a teenage girl who has been targeted by numerous ghosts Recently including Lydia Small, a girl whose tragic, savage death was witnessed by Alexis three months prior Soon girls go missing, with evidence left behind pointing towards Lydia s ghost being to blame In addition to seeing ghosts in photographs, Alexis is the only one who can save the girls Katie Alender has a fantastic po [...]

  19. So I just finished this book, and I was amazed by it, I didn t think it would be that good, on the account of it being the third book in the series, but by God it was I now agree with the other reviewers that this was way better than the second, and I like the second one as well I have yet to feel this way about any other book, but it truly felt like I was growing up with the Lexi the main character , and it is very sad for me that this story has ended I was starting to feel like Lexi was a real [...]

  20. I have just put down the book and I m feeling very grateful, that I ve had the privilege of reading all 3 books back to back, they re not only great in all aspects, ghostly or humanly, they re super fantastic Books 12 were serious for me, in a good way And very creepy Very real and chilling In this last book, even terrifying, but you get humor and some very funny dialogues as well amidst all the ghostly tension and drama Perfect The book wrapped up beautifully, I could only wish that there d b [...]

  21. Rarely do I ever read a series where the final book is as good as the others And even rarely do I ever read a series where the final book surpasses the others in terms of sheer brilliance As Dead As It Gets was one of these rare cases It is truly amazing and Alender really outdid herself with this book I couldn t put it down for than a few moments and in those moments, I couldn t help but wonder what would come next Some parts were truly terrifying and others were completely shocking and kept [...]

  22. This was so good I am quite happy with the ending of this series Although I wish they could have mentioned Megan at the very end Nonetheless, I really liked the multiple plot twists and how Lexi grew I loved how she finally acknowledged who she is and how that plays a role The last chapter was quite sweet, even if it does not appear as so I really want to read other books from Katie Alender in the future Her writing might seem simple at first, but her plots find a way to amaze me and to get me h [...]

  23. This and other reviews can be found on Reading Between ClassesCover Impressions So much cover love Even before reading the book I was a big fan of the creep factor behind each of the Bad Girls Don t Die covers After reading, I am happy to note that every detail included in this cover, from the dress to the flowers, is reflective of the story The color scheme features the prettiest lavender and makes me want to blow it up and frame it.The Gist Alexis and ghosts go way back She has successfully th [...]

  24. This review can also be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl.If you ve read my reviews on the first two books in this series, you will know my love affair with the Bad Girls Don t Die series Katie Alender has fast become one of my top three favourite authors I loved As Dead As It Gets as much as the first two which is saying something as usually most sequels fail to get my love.Alexis is back in the next installment of Bad Girls Don t Die This time girls start [...]

  25. In this 3 book in the bad girls don t die series, Alexis finally thinks everything is normal, that is until Carter breaks up with her and she senses that a super ghost is stalking her and killing a bunch of random people that she happens to get blamed for every time All she wants is for innocent girls to stop dying and for her relation ship with Jared new boyfriend to calm down a bit However, when she realizes that the ghost is killing everyone who flirts with Jared, she decides she has to talk [...]

  26. As Dead As It Gets by Katie Alender is the third and final book in the Bad Girl s Don t Die trilogy, and it was an great end to an amazing series For me, this is one of my favourite YA horror paranormal series that I d definitely recommend I love the main characters in this series Alexis, Kasey, Megan, Carter, etc And I loved Lydia in this book, she was so saracstic but loyal and so much nicer than she was when under the influence of Aralt in the previous book She made serious situations so funn [...]

  27. Great end to the trilogy This third book was leaps and bounds better than the second I hope Alender continues to write many creepy YA books

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