Taken at Dusk

[PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter [PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter - Taken at Dusk, Taken at Dusk Step into Shadow Falls a camp for teens with supernatural powers Here friendship thrives love takes you by surprise and our hearts possess the greatest magic of all Kylie Galen wants the truth so b

  • Title: Taken at Dusk
  • Author: C.C. Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780312624699
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter, Taken at Dusk, C.C. Hunter, Taken at Dusk Step into Shadow Falls a camp for teens with supernatural powers Here friendship thrives love takes you by surprise and our hearts possess the greatest magic of all Kylie Galen wants the truth so badly she can taste it The truth about who her real family is the truth about which boy she s meant to be with and the truth about what her emerging powers mean But she sStep into Shadow

Taken at Dusk

[PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter [PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter - Taken at Dusk, Taken at Dusk Step into Shadow Falls a camp for teens with supernatural powers Here friendship thrives love takes you by surprise and our hearts possess the greatest magic of all Kylie Galen wants the truth so b Taken at Dusk

  • [PDF] Taken at Dusk | by ê C.C. Hunter
    249C.C. Hunter
Taken at Dusk

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  1. I was back to sitting on the fence when Derek came back but then the unbearably romantic flower scene happened I d kill for you, Kylie Galen But than that, I d die for you She felt a tear roll down her cheek You d better not die on me, Lucas Parker yup I m back to being team Lucas xD I really like how the plot is such a mystery and when you re on the kindle version you read the last page and then say, wait that s it because the plot keeps you glued to the pages so much I am getting a little fru [...]

  2. CAUTION Long Review, SpoilersTaken At Dusk is book 3 of the Shadow Falls series, a series that is named after the summer camp turned school for supernatural adolescents At least I thought Shadow Falls was supposed to be a school beginning in book 2 However, it turned out at 83% in book 3 Shadow Falls was getting the camp ready to become a full blown school What All this time Kylie was going to a camp, not a school Fine Then where were the camp activities in book 3 that supposed to have the kids [...]

  3. I m finished And it was amazing Gods, I want to know who the ghost was at the end of the book And I totally called the ghost being Daniel s mom when you saw her first being pregnant And the Brightens , I d figured they were her real grandparents, and I d been close The woman had been her Great Aunt What she really was, I really wasn t expecting that but I loved it all the same

  4. May 11 2016I forgot how truly funny this series is Yes, it s not the best series ever but it s just so much fun July 20 2013Loved this book but it took me awhile to read it Overall I enjoyed it

  5. I am in so in love with all these covers They re so beautiful I cannot wait to get my hands on this book ___This series always seems to somehow entrap me in its pages I read Taken At Dusk in a matter of hours and I loved every moment of it We are back at Shadow Falls and Kylie is still trying to process everything that has happened to her with the vampires Things are never quiet for Kylie though, soon a women who cannot seem to remember who she is, is stalking Kylie and bringing a grave warning [...]

  6. Life s hard Love s harder I was so excited when I finally was able to read this book early, and as always, CC Hunter never fails to amaze me with her story telling, I just loved this series And I liked the new characters and mystery she added that has kept me interested So the story deals with Kylie, who is trying to figure out what she really is and trying to fit where she really belong in this new world she found Kylie seemed to grow through out the story which is really really good But her [...]

  7. I m so tired of hearing Kylie complain about Derek ending their relationship They didn t have any relationship.When Derek tried to get close to her she always pushed him away telling him that she didn t want the other campers to know how she feels when he s close, that she was ashamed of her feelings She repeated that same sentence over in over in the second book and now it s Derek fault because he couldn t stand watching her always thinking about Lucas or because he didn t stood by her side so [...]

  8. More Lucas please and can t wait to find out what Kylie really is 4 23 12 Wow after finding out what Kylie is now I m dying to know what s next for her Plus Kylie being the special supernatural creature she is I m not giving it away for those of you who are planning to read it I want to know about what she really can do What exactly is her powers Loved that there was a lot of Lucas in this book D Kylie finding out what she is at the end of this book makes me VERY eager to read book four Whisper [...]

  9. 4.5 Sterne ich liiiebe diese Reihe einfach Die Charactere, die Stimmung, die Geschichte es ist einfach wahnsinn und ich kann es jedem Urban Fantasy Liebhaber nur empfehlen 3

  10. Okay people Get ready for the spoilers.So we now know what Kylie Galen is She is a wait for it yup, here it comes, oh God it s still so damn funny A C H A M E L E O N Yes You read that right She s a freaking lizard Oh God It actually took my brain a few seconds to come around the fact that what I read was the word chameleon So jokes aside, it does seem to be the perfect name for her kind She just realized from Red whose real name was Robertson that she is a different kind of supernatural that ha [...]

  11. This review features spoilers I really hate this series I d hoped that it would get better, but it hasn t The writing is awful at best and the plot line is either her gushing about a guy, her moaning about her life, or her not being able to make her mind up Sometimes all at the same time No but really this book series is abysmal She just started saying about how her mum should forgive her dad for cheating on her Quite simply, fuck off The fact that she couldn t forgive the guy she flirted with a [...]

  12. Ich kann keine Sterne daf r vergeben, da ich das Buch abgebrochen habe Es hat mich so genervt und gelangweilt mit der Zeit und die Charaktere waren einfach nicht interessant genug, als dass es mich gereizt h tte weiterzulesen.

  13. SpoilersThe plot was blah Kylie meets her grandparents and then finds out they aren t who they seem, Kylie also has to help some ghost figure out who she was and on top of that she has to find out who s trying to kill her Quite a few things were going on but because there was so much focus on Kylie s boy drama and on her moaning about what sort of supernatural she was, I just lost interest after a few chapters.Kylie was dull she spent all her time moaning about Lucas Derek and her powers identit [...]

  14. Kylie Galen has been though a lot and she is getting tired of it She is tired of not knowing what she is and really tired of her boy problems Just when she think that she might be figuring things out Derek comes back But he doesn t come back alone When Kylie finds out what happen with Derek she is furious and tells herself to give Lucas real chance Lucas keeps hoping that she will become a werewolf, but Kylie doesn t think she is She knows that she is something, but no one knows She is getting c [...]

  15. Found it a lot easier to get into than the other 2 and I had no particular eye rolling moments It s not ever gonna be a favourite series but it s an easy read which is exactly what I was in the mood for

  16. Well, I learnt a lot about kissing I especially needed to know this since I m a 30 year old woman But, seriously except for the accessive kissing this was a good book It had a lot mystery surrounding it I also found myself chuckling quite a few times And go hot werewolf

  17. I don t know how C.C does it, but she did it again Just when I don t think her books can get any better they do I love this little world and characters she has created is pretty much amazing Ever since the first book I cannot stop thinking about these characters, even long after I m done reading each of the books To me that s a sign of a really GREAT author I wish I had her skills She takes on quite the roller coaster ride in this book With the ghost that is warning Kylie that one lives and one [...]

  18. Another fantastic read C.C Hunter does not disappoint with the next novel in the Shadow Falls series I enjoyed the sense of mystery throughout Taken at Dusk and I m glad that although Hunter definitely answered several of my questions which I ve been desparately asking for she left me with some to be answered in her next novel After a long, but exciting wait we finally find out what Kylie is Yay I think my favorite part about this book is that we finally see some of the relationships from the p [...]

  19. Pretend it doesn t hurt, and hope like hell that one day it doesn t any Why do books with potential have to be ruined with stupid ass love triangles First of all, this damn camp Shadow Falls was supposed to be a camp where kids with magic learned to control their powers I don t see any of them doing something even remotely close to learn stuff.I hate Kylie with a passion, she s so dumb She s all Oh Derek, oh Lucas B H SHUT UP And I don t like Lucas, there I said it I always prefered Derek, tbh a [...]

  20. The Good At the last moments of the third book in the series, we finally learn what Kylie is Pretty much It s not like we got a clear definition, but at least we have a label of sorts It s unexpected because, I assume it s a completely made up by the author thing, but I could be wrong , but it s something We get some real action and some real life and death stuff, there seems to be a definite upping of the ante Kylie now has a direction to focus in so there is real hope for faster paced plot pro [...]

  21. 4.5 starsAbsolutely brilliant I m in love with you, Kylie He looked almost embarrassed by the admission He jumped up, took one step away, then swung around and faced her again I don t expect you to say it back and I don t think this will change your mind about anything But you deserved to know And I needed to tell you becauseI ve never felt this way before for anyone But I have to go Thank you, Kylie Galen Thank you for being my friend Thank you for teaching me to think beyond myself Thank you f [...]

  22. To start off, the beginning was a total disappointment Here I was looking forward to the next book because of how Awake at Dawn left off, but then nothing I just expected too much because of the last book, but still I wish that the author revealed , since it has been left a mystery for 3 books so far The part where Kylie goes to confront Derek, about his little fling with a certain vampire he mentioned in the past, was a bummer I was anticipating for Kylie to tear Derek apart, but yet again Like [...]

  23. Find this at Scott Reads ItShadow Falls is an addicting series that keeps you on the edge of your seat Taken at Dusk is the third book in this intense series and was as thrilling as usual Taken at Dusk might be my favorite in the series so far.Kylie is still in the dark but what kind of supernatural she is Problems arise in Shadow Falls between the campers soon to be students and outsiders continue to cause problems Taken at Dusk continues where Awake at Dawn left off Kylie is still in love with [...]

  24. It seems so long ago that I read the 2nd book in this series, I forgot the storyline with Kylie and her love triangle with Derek and Lucas I guess I wanted her w Derek, but in this book I was wavering Kylie still doesn t know what she is, and in this installment she is being visited by a woman with a shaved head with a huge scar on it, who is sometimes pregnant but doesn t know her name or what happened to her her only message is one will live and one will die So that s the big mystery of the bo [...]

  25. Kylie Galen still has no idea what she is Ghost whispering supernatural that no one can identify pretty much sums up everything she knows Great In the romance department, she s finally decided that Lucas is the guy for her At least, until his pack forbids her to be with him They keep coming up with errands and other excuses to keep them away from each other Fantastic To top it all off, Kylie s newest ghost has severe amnesia and all she can remember to tell Kylie is that someone lives and someon [...]

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