Fatal Voyage

[PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs [PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs - Fatal Voyage, Fatal Voyage Investigating a plane crash in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan discovers in a most disturbing way that the evidence doesn t add up Tripping over a coy

  • Title: Fatal Voyage
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9781416510567
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs, Fatal Voyage, Kathy Reichs, Fatal Voyage Investigating a plane crash in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan discovers in a most disturbing way that the evidence doesn t add up Tripping over a coyote chewed leg at the crash scene she performs a little mental arithmetic and realizes that this victim wasn t on the plane Once again Brennan s high tech DMORT snaps intoInvestigating

Fatal Voyage

[PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs [PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs - Fatal Voyage, Fatal Voyage Investigating a plane crash in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan discovers in a most disturbing way that the evidence doesn t add up Tripping over a coy Fatal Voyage

  • [PDF] Download Ý Fatal Voyage : by Kathy Reichs
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Fatal Voyage

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  1. My husband is a fan of the television show Bones and I inevitably end up watching the series with him I occasionally roll my eyes at the unlikely social ineptitude and maturity level of these scientists but it s fun to watch Oddly, my least favorite character is Temperance Brennan, while my favorite is Boothe Go figure Back in November, with the prospect of a ten hour road trip to Texas looming over me, I dashed to the library in the lobby of my employer s building and was reduced to borrowing c [...]

  2. This series just keeps getting better and better Reichs truly knows how to write a novel that keeps you trapped and glued to each page Tempe is a very down to earth character that is relentless at finding out what happened You literally feel all her emotions No matter how bad things seem, no matter how much it looks like anyone would give up, Tempe clamps down as hard as a pitbull s jaws and doesn t let go And even though no one can figure out how Tempe gets herself into these situations , she a [...]

  3. I keep picking up this series because I like the show Bones Sadly I would say the show is nothing like the books They are completely different Makes me wonder if Kathy Reichs had anything to say about how the show went They basically took Brennan s name and occupation and made a completely different personality to go with what they wanted There are so many things different you just may as well say it is a separate series altogether.I liked the book however I did have a few issues Brennan is supp [...]

  4. Eh The story was interesting, but I had trouble really getting into it Everything started out with such promise the opening few chapters drew me in quick unfortunately, as the pages turned, I grew less and less interested Partially, I guess, because I didn t really understand Dr Tempe Brennan, the main character, and partially because Kathy Reich s writing style was too clipped and analytical for my tastes.Everything s told from the first person Tempe s point of view, but she s such a distant ch [...]

  5. Okay I will admit that I am a nightmare for reading books out of sequence its not something I go out actively looking to do but its just something I have a natural talent for, well this book is no different so it would seem, but I didn t plan it this way, honest.Well the book itself was picked up at random and even though I have followed the TV series which I know has diverged from the world in the books considerably and that there are numerous books before and after it I decided to give it a go [...]

  6. It s Dr Brennan vs the airplane crash Once again we get to meet an old acquaintance for the first last time When the woman s friends aren t in mortal danger, you can bet your booty that Brennan is You d think that perhaps she d take to carrying a gun We also get another encore of the needlessly complex fraught ridden relationship she has w Detective Ryan I m starting to wonder if she s going through early menopause All fun ranting aside, let s get to one of my serious gripes I feel like it s ki [...]

  7. I have read other books by Kathy Reichs and enjoyed them This one, however, I did not It has two main flaws 1 the plot is just too complicated Too many names and tiny details to remember After awhile, I didn t care 2 Time after time the running dialogue of single sentences spoken between two characters is written in such a way that you can t tell who is saying what I actually had to go back several times and count him, her, him, her, etc before I could tell which character was speaking Sheesh

  8. Tempe is back, this time investigating an airplane crash I have to confess that I took particular creepy delight in reading Reichs fourth book while waiting for my flight to Las Vegas the week after 9 11.The book opens with a somewhat confusing description of bodies scattered through a forest At first I thought it was a dream sequence of some sort, it was so weird Then the situation became clearer and we find forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan on the horrific scene of a downed plane Part of t [...]

  9. The series have improved so much since the first book I was surprised at how attached and not willing to put the book down I was Absolutely exciting and pageturning So good as ever I am a huge fan of all the historical references.

  10. Kathy Reichs s Fatal Voyage , while intermittently suffering from the common flaws of implausibility and jargonese , is still an engrossing thriller It just begs to prove to its the reader all the passion and research of not just its protagonist, Dr Temperance Brennan, but of its charming author, Dr Kathy Reichs, as well One aspect have stood out from my reading of Fatal Voyage from all the others The similarities that exist between the book s protagonist and its author is what really recommends [...]

  11. A good mystery is enhanced by having great characters This book does indeed have a great, interesting and well drawn character It is a chow dog named Boyd Unfortunately, pretty much all of the other characters fall short And that is just scratching the surface of a very scattered, disappointing and worst yet, boring book by Kathy Reichs.Reichs is a very frustrating author to read, because she shows great promise in many different areas, but she is never really able to put all elements of a great [...]

  12. A blurb on the back of this book says Reminiscent of Patricia Cornwell at the top of her game Well, they got that right, I guess In this book, Temperance Brennan seems like a Kay Scarpetta who has traveled forward in time about 15 years In place of a grown niece, she has a grown daughter Her personal relationships are falling to pieces around her And she is a highly respected workaholic at the top of her field, with international connections and a world that is just bigger and important than ty [...]

  13. Three and a half stars, actually The novel moved at a really fast clip The dialogue was fast, crisp and short in form meaning without prolonged diatribes from whoever was speaking But there was still a slight caveat in that during conversations between two people Ryan and Tempe, for example it was not always clear to me who was specifically speaking I appreciated all of the forensic and technical details and found them interesting as this is the first of Kathy Reichs novels I ve read, and I know [...]

  14. Examining a plane crash in North Carolina s Smoky Mountains may lead to the loss of Tempe s career and credibility It all starts with the finding of a human foot that doesn t belong to any of the passengers on the doomed aircraft She is accused of unprofessional behaviour and ordered off the scene It seems she s getting too close for comfort but too close to what Andrew Ryan is back, no longer under a cloud His partner was supposed to have been on the flight accompanying a extradited prisoner bu [...]

  15. If you like the Bones tv series, this is nothing like it Ok, so the tv series is based off of this author s books, but Temperance Brennen is nothing in the book like she is on the show However that being said, while I m a huge fan of the show, I also like the books Basically, you have the anthropologist figuring out who the body is and who dun it, and throw in a little of her personal life and drama They are engaging and enjoyable Warning she has no issue with swear words This one actually has l [...]

  16. Oh, Brennan What a ridiculous book I m gratified to find that it s still possible to predict the moment she will do something silly and ill advised just in time to put herself into mortal danger Someday, I tell myself, there will come an installment where no one she knows well is dead or in danger, where events in Canada don t coincidentally involve events in North Carolina, where she s neither kidnapped, beaten, nor held at gunpoint But what will I do then

  17. This is the fourth book in the Temperance Brennen series and it was predictable as I expected but still entertaining enough to spend a weekend flipping through the pages The details of the plane crash were interesting Brennan, of course, got herself into the same scrapes as always but she always makes it out alive her body and career intact.

  18. I didn t remember how this turned out, though parts weren t too difficult to guess It was much less annoying than 10 and 15 in the series that I d just read It might get 3.5 stars, but not 4.

  19. This installment takes place in and around Charlotte, NC, which I enjoyed I liked the storyline involving a plane crash I thought it was quite interesting, especially the ending I wasn t expecting it or the ending of the other storyline That one was very strange all the way around.

  20. I really like this series This story is one of the best in the series so far full of suspense and I loved the plot twists The suspenseful ending was great.

  21. Kathy Reichs is keeping me up nights Initially, that was because I couldn t bear to put down her fourth novel, Fatal Voyage Now it s the subject matter of the book well, that or the medicine I ve been taking for a cold that I just can t seem to shake Either way, I m up late tossing and turning and thinking about the novel I just finished And haunting is an accurate word for this particular book.Riechs is well known as the creator of the Fox television series Bones The show is loosely based on bo [...]

  22. In Fatal Voyage, Kathy Reichs is starting to hit her stride as a writer I personally found it to be better than any of the previous Temperance Brennan books While the basic mystery story may be no better or worse than the previous books the story of this book revolves around a plane crash , the writing is quite a bit improved Four things in particular jumped out at me, although I m sure there were others All of them fall into a broad category of toning down extremes in the writing.The first majo [...]

  23. 3.5 I have been fascinated by forensic pathology since I was in about 7th grade and read a biography of a famous French pathologist whose name I cannot recall now So I really want to like this series, and, basically, I do.Dr Temperance Brennan, PhD Tempe is a forensic anthropologist tasked with examining remains sometimes ancient, sometimes crime related, sometimes just an old animal bone found by an excited hunter This book opens with a plane crash in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee or Weste [...]

  24. Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier wort welten Zusammenfassung Es ist ein Massaker, das sich Dr Temperance Brennan bietet, als sie als eine der ersten an der Ungl cksstelle eintrifft Eine Passagiermaschine mit mehr als achtzig Menschen an Bord ist in den Bergen von North Carolina abgest rzt Ein Anschlag Oder doch ein Ungl cksfall Als Mitglied des zust ndigen Notfallteams macht sich Tempe an die Bergung und Identifikation der berreste denn berlebt hat diesen furchtbaren Absturz n [...]

  25. Although still relying on several outlandish coincidences, Reichs has managed to keep her heroine from dashing headlong into obviously dangerous situations in this novel, for which I am quite grateful Tempe is assigned to investigate a plane crash in Appalachia on which Jean Bertrand, Andrew Ryan s former partner just happens to be a passenger But that, although the title significance would have you believe differently, is not the major mystery of this tale Tempe finds a foot that may not belong [...]

  26. If the show Bones brought you to these books please be aware the only similarities between the show and the books is that the main character s name is Temperance Brennan and she is a forensic anthropologist I love the show and was disappointed at first that there weren t tie ins However, once I got over that I was addicted to the series This Tempe is older has a daughter and is not as socially awkward as Bones The author does a great job building the suspense The narrators accents and voice are [...]

  27. Reichs is good Just really, really good This tale of working a commercial airline disaster, mixed with no one knows what, is well plotted and filled with real flesh blood characters Brennan s insistence on following through on something that doesn t make any sense gets her thrown off the airline case and threatens her professional reputation her entire career, actually Since this is an early entry in a long series, it really isn t a spoiler to let you know that she figures out what is going on a [...]

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