Born of Silence

[PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon [PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Silence, Born of Silence Death Stalks Them All Kere is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization known as Sentella An explosive engineer who strikes terror into the hearts of the League the bounty on his hea

  • Title: Born of Silence
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780446573313
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Silence, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Silence Death Stalks Them All Kere is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization known as Sentella An explosive engineer who strikes terror into the hearts of the League the bounty on his head is truly staggering No one knows his true identity The daughter of a traitor Zarya Starska grew up hard on the back streets of hell her family hunted to the brink ofDeath Stalks The

Born of Silence

[PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon [PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Silence, Born of Silence Death Stalks Them All Kere is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization known as Sentella An explosive engineer who strikes terror into the hearts of the League the bounty on his hea Born of Silence

  • [PDF] Born of Silence | by Ê Sherrilyn Kenyon
    405Sherrilyn Kenyon
Born of Silence

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  1. SPOILER FREE I went into this book convinced I was not going to like it Darling has been a beloved character for me ever since the start of the series And I was absolutely livid about the idea that after three books, Sherrilyn Kenyon was taking a character who had always been gay and making him straight From the moment I finished the tepid Born of Shadows, the idea festered in my head I complained about it for a year Then I started reading this book and it blew me away from the very beginning.Ob [...]

  2. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date May 1, 2012Publisher HachetteImprint Grand Central PublishingAuthor s Website sherrilynkenyonMy Source for This Book Part of a Series Yes, Book 5, The League SeriesSeries Best Read In Order Works well as a standalone,but I would recommend reading the series in order.Steam Level SteamyI m devastated Simply devastated I have been anxiously awaiting this book since before it was actually written Darli [...]

  3. We can never escape the pain of our pasts, or the flashbacks that assault us when we dare to let our thoughts drift unattended, but we can choose to not let it ruin the future we, alone, can build for ourselves The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton view spoiler I know they ve hurt you bad.Why hide the scars you have Baby let me straighten out your broken bones,All your faults to me make you beautiful.I can t help it,I love the broken ones,The ones whoNeed the most patching up.The ones whoNever been l [...]

  4. Well, I was right Sherrilyn did have a humdinger of a story here Wow Just wow What a great book I can t recommend this highly enough

  5. Where do I even begin with how annoying and disappointing I found this book to be Do I start with the selfish heroine, the plot holes, the torture, or the insanely selfish heroine Well how about instead I start with what I likedDARLING Oh, and while I thought it was a bit of a cop out that Darling ended up being heterosexual after all the hints in the other books that was not a disappointment Although I would love to see all these romance novelists take a shot at a m m book Darling was a great c [...]

  6. Best in the series so far All the others are worth reading just to make it to this one I absolutely loved this book All 614 pages of it if I was still living in the Paper Age Darling is definitely now on my list of favorite tortured heroes of all time What happens to Darling is possibly worse than some of what Acheron went through, but we don t have to read about it for 400 pages like we did with Ash Its just spread out equally across the 614 pages of this book This story is the epitome of why I [...]

  7. The fifth addition to Sherrilyn Kenyon s The League series Darling Cruel has been abused by his uncle for years and the time has finally come to exact his vengeance Meanwhile, as Kere, Darling s Sentella name, he has found love in resistance fighter, Zarya Starska But will Zarya love him as Darling Cruel Wow I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon s The League series only a few months ago and devoured them all quickly For whatever reason her other series didn t do it for me Anyway, I have been anxiously a [...]

  8. 6 stars One of my ultimate all time favourites that I ll happily re read time after time after time I think that I read it at least a dozen times up to the date And it s still not getting old.

  9. We finally get to Darling Cruel s story, aka Kere, one of the most feared assassins who is allegedly gay Allegedly as in not gay.blasphemous right I have to admit, I felt a bit betrayed when I first heard Wondering what in the heck Sherrilyn Kenyon could be up to, I just had to find out and boy, what a tale Let me just say that no oneNO ONE does a better tortured and abused hero than Sherrilyn Kenyon If you thought Archeron s story was bad or even Zsadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you w [...]

  10. spoilers within Honestly, I have to wonder why in the world I keep reading most of the Kenyon novels nowadays, especially when I thought I learned my lesson when Acheron came out It used to be I was in love with a lot of the novels, mostly for the Dark Hunter series, that she wrote, but now Now I just find myself shaking my head and trying to come up with reason why each novel only gets worse.This was the first book I read of the series since most of the others were taken by other people at the [...]

  11. I am a reluctant fan of this series, I normally find SK s writing style a teensy bit annoying, but I can t get enough of The League series BUT DUDE Wasn t Darling Cruel gay WTF is he doing with a female HEA There better be a good explanation why suddenly breasts fascinate him again, otherwise I may have to give up ReviewKere is a lethal assassin and also one of the founding members of the Sentella, an organisation whose aim is to fight injustice where they find it But, he is also Darling Cruel, [...]

  12. UPDATE4 years later and I stand with my first opinion Zarya isn t only a bad heroine, she is human waste She should never have been written She is NOT worth of existing This book has spoiled all this author s works for me I just stopped reading ANYTHING by her I can t even read the other series That s how much Ms Kenyon has screwed up And I loved Archeron, goodbye forever my love You re tainted to me How can an author devolve so much, I have no idea She is my auto don t buy I don t even read the [...]

  13. 4.5 starsMove over Ash, Zsadist, and any other romance hero with a tortured and tragic past There s a new guy in town Darling Cruel has endured than his fair share of abuse growing up He s been mocked, ridiculed, locked up and beaten and he s braved it all to save his family from a similar fate But all of that is nothing compared to what he s suffered at the hands of his fianc e s friends Disturbing doesn t even begin to cover it I think I m going to have nightmares now.The misery doesn t go on [...]

  14. Born of Silene by Sherrilyn KenyonFifth in The League series5 starsKere is the second most infamous member of the Sentella He s an explosive engineer who can scare even the toughest assassins of the League and it doesn t hurt that he has a bounty on his head worth than imaginable But no one has ever seen Kere s face, except for his other leading Sentella members, so no one knows who Kere is Zarya Starska is a daughter of a traitor and hardly has any family left As the leader of the Caronese Res [...]

  15. Warning SPOILERS This is, without a doubt, my favourite The League book of all time Possibly my favourite Sherri book of all time.l She experimented with a lot of new things this time around and didn t follow her usual pattern when it came to her plotline and characters I mean I love all of Sherri s books but they usually follow or less the same grid frame and structure As per usual with paranormal romances The first thing that was different was that Zarya and Darling were already dating before [...]

  16. I have stated numerous times that I would read and love anything Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote up to and including a soup can I read Acheron and was probably one of maybe 5 people worldwide who didn t think it was too intense That being said, Born of Silence devastated me It was so intense, so dark so unbearably harsh that I almost stopped reading it Fortunately my love of all things Kenyon took over and I was able to read this story.In Born of Silence, Sherrie has mastered the art of the tortured hero [...]

  17. Dnf at 33% This book had WAY too much torture in it Most heroes have tortured past, but this one has a tortured present Good God, the hero went through so much shit, I was wincing for him in every page But the reason I stopped wasn t because of the hero The heroine in this book is a straight up bitch Of all the heroines I have ever read, she s the most whiny, self centred and lacks empathy almost to the point of being a psychopath She is the LEADER of the resistance movement Her men captured the [...]

  18. Won from First Reads Basic Plot Everyone thinks Kere aka Darling Cruel , heir to the Caronese Empire is gay, but his girlfriend Zarya would beg to differ They have to go through a lot to be together including but not limited to surviving torture and imprisonment as well as starting a war with the League.This was a monster of a book for a romance at 614 pages That s a monster of a book for just about any genre except epic fantasy, come to think of it It s hard to quantify my feelings about this b [...]

  19. I was really looking forward to this installment of the League Series I wish I could say I liked it than I did At first I thought I might be over Kenyon s style, but then I remembered that I really liked Infamous, so my dislike can t be because her style doesn t appeal to me anyI think it was just this book.First of all, everyone seemed excessively whiney Maybe it s because this was an audiobook and the reader s voice was a little overdramatic, but I just kept thinking, If one person spills th [...]

  20. If you think Acheron was Kenyon s most tortured hero, think again Darling Cruel can top it But that does not make the book good In fact It s the worst book of Kenyon for a long time.Because the heroine is annoying, stupid, incompetent as a rebel and behaves unexcusable towards the hero the hero is just too good to be true there are endless repetions of nobody has ever been nice to him , nobody ever loved him etc the writing is bad it much too long 625 pages I like reading long well told stories [...]

  21. I m still processing, but this is easily one of the best books I ve read in a long time Possibly the best in the series so far Syn is still my absolute favorite, but Darling has carved a deep spot in my heart His story is so heartbreaking and beautiful and overwhelming I laughed, cried, cried a little , swooned, sighedI ran the gamut Zarya is one of the best female characters I ve encountered in a long time Maris will own my heart forever and ever I have no words for my love for him Ryn and Drak [...]

  22. Not a review, just a reminder to myself why I do not wish to read this review showThank you October I have finally decided not to read this one.I don t think I would be able to take the heroine.

  23. 3.5starsThis installment gets close to lovable teddy bear Darling Cruel whose name even leaves a smile on your lips as he finally gets from under his Uncle Arturo s thumb and opens the door for his HEA with his dream lover Also making guest cameo s were of course the Sentella and their brides to push things along and show their prowess in some great action scenes Maris, an enjoyable character from Born of Shadows is in a featured role putting extra effort in to push the storyline forward and of [...]

  24. I just finished 18 hours of audiobook That s right 18 Hours And I loved, loved listening to this book I used to be a huge Kenyon reader I blasted through her entire Dark Hunter series a couple of years ago and had read the first 3 books in The League series However, I got sidetracked from reading this book by a whole lot of newer, shinier reads that stole my attention When I saw that this audiobook was available from my library, I figured, Why not I have listened to a few audiobooks in the past [...]

  25. OMG this is such a heart wretching story.Darling has endured so damn much pain and emotional battering.I could hardly read it and at the same time I could not put this book down.Darling is everything I expected him to be and all the suffering he has endured did not change the man he grew to be His strength and determination are qualities I couldn t help but love I loved every word on every page I fell asleep thinking about him and he was the first thing I thought about when I woke up He is beaut [...]

  26. This series in itself is hit or miss for me Perhaps it could be the time difference between when the first books were written and when the newer ones were This book was unbelievable to me Her heroes always have heartbreaking pasts and Darling Cruel was no exception I just couldn t get past the torture when the resistance held him captive It was beyond depraved and I understand that it happens, but it was still too much for me to believe that he could come back from that so easily Sure he went on [...]

  27. With this book, Sherrilyn Kenyon has lost me as a reader forever.I read the entire book, and felt so unclean by the end that I wanted to bleach my brain.I have nothing against the existence of torture in a book, just as I don t have a problem with sex or violence, provided it serves a purpose in developing the characters or forwarding the plot I may cringe, or feel uncomfortable, but I can deal with it and still enjoy the book.Nothing, nothing justifies the torture contained within these pages I [...]

  28. I was very disappointed in this book I fell in love with this series when I read the original, back before she rewrote them and when they were spread across publishers I was really disappointed in her one dimensional gay characters Apparently, the author gets all her information on gay men from 1980s sitcoms The editing was terrible Words that should have been plural were possessive, words that should have been possessive were plural, and some words were misspelled I also didn t buy the magical, [...]

  29. This was approximately 300 pages of torture I could not even bring myself to go through the remaining 50% of the book Never again will i punish myself to read such a depressing story.

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