Death's Rival

Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter] Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter] - Death's Rival, Death s Rival Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don t want to cross especially if you re one of the undead For a vampire killer like Jane having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to Bu

  • Title: Death's Rival
  • Author: Faith Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter], Death's Rival, Faith Hunter, Death s Rival Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don t want to cross especially if you re one of the undead For a vampire killer like Jane having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to But now someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it After an attack that s tantamount to a waJane Yellowro

Death's Rival

Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter] Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter] - Death's Rival, Death s Rival Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don t want to cross especially if you re one of the undead For a vampire killer like Jane having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to Bu Death's Rival

  • Death's Rival Best Download || [Faith Hunter]
    415Faith Hunter
Death's Rival

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  1. 4 A buddy read with the Wednesday UF fanatics BBB because we love the Beast in all of us I was not planning on writing a review, but I felt I had to say couple of words about this very important point of Jane s development in the series When we left her at the end of the last book, Jane s boyfriend went the way of a separate from her life and somewhat blames her for being a cheating douchebag and screwing his life up her best girlfriend turned her back on her and blames her for everything going [...]

  2. Wow, this was the best one so far Truth be told, I didn t expect than a 3.5, 4 star rating on this book, saw some pretty bad reviews But wow, I absolutely loved this one I mean, I don t even know where all those pages went, it was a really fast paced novel that I couldn t put down I love the Jane we find here, and the plot was brilliant What can you want from a book, great characters, an excellent plot, really good writing and a fast paced story It s the kind of book I d read again and again.

  3. Not a bad read, likely a 3.7 rating for me but Jane has to really decide who the hell she wants Everyone is good mateEveryone wants a piece of JaneLeo Bruiser Rick Eli.Damn vampire politics.Damn the crazy vamps.What I really hope not to read again What type of gear she is wearing what weapons she has on.Just go out and kill someone.And really the romance.Fix it, if not sleep with everyone and move on

  4. Oh Jane I want to love you but you make it really hard sometimes At least I always love beast.Honestly I was the most engaged in this book for various reasons and I had probably my strongest emotional reaction to this one so I think that in ways FH s writing is getting a better but I struggle with Jane s incessant need to take responsibility for abso freaking lutely everything If a meteor hit near New Orleans I m sure Jane would find a way to make it her fault and her responsibility to clean up. [...]

  5. 3 starsIncoherent rant ahead, as a reminder to me, why I will put this series on pause view spoiler I don t think I can actually review this objectively I just want to rant The writing was excellent and it kept me engaged but some of Jane s and Beast s actions were just too stupid for words.If you re going down the Anita Blake road and you fancy all the boys at least have sex with them so I enjoy something out the whole debacle But no we don t get sex, we get endless triangle,squares, hexagons [...]

  6. So I ve had a nasty migraine lurking all day, getting breathers for an hour or two after i take some drugs It s my sister s birthday and she kind of insisted on having lasagna, and by insisted, i mean that she threatened to have a temper tantrum So I had to run to the grocery store with a pounding headache because she was only in town for ten days Drugs kick in again and I m feeling almost human, so I drop off the groceries with my mom, so she could do the truly dirty work of putting the lasagna [...]

  7. Buddy read with the amazing Wednesday UF Freaks at BBB This was the best book in the series so far I was tempted to give it 5 stars but the beginning was a bit disconnected from the previous book and that annoyed me enough to knock out a star from the rating.Jane is in a bad place at the beginning of Death s Rival She s lost the foundation of her life Molly has turned her back on her, Ricky s gone to be a supernat cop and most important of all Beast is silent Somehow Jane has turned from a vampi [...]

  8. Death s Rival is book five in Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter Jane, kicked ass and Beast, really shined I was pulled in from the first to the last page So much happens that you just can t help, but get pulled in The story is action packed, full of suspense, secrets, and shocking moments The story was set at a perfect pace and gives readers no excuse not to gobble this one up I enjoyed Jane Loved Beast, Eli and the Kid It was great to get some new characters I hope Eli and the Kid become [...]

  9. I m trying to stick out this series because a I love urban fantasy and there s not enough of it, and b I m still unreasonably hoping for some romantic resolution or character growth for Jane.I d also like to give a big shout out now for all those liar liar pants on fire reviewers who said this series is like Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson That could not be further from the truth If you re looking for a good comparison think Anita Blake and getting cray cray by the minute or Sookie Stackhouse.In [...]

  10. Three stars do not accurately reflect my feeling appreciation of this entry in the Jane Yellowrock saga, but than three stars ignore the many problems that plagued this book.This series has been something of a surprise to me from the beginning, and after reading I am still very impressed with the scope of the plot Ms Hunter has created I find myself reading to find out what has happened, which is out of character for me I usually read to follow a character, not the plot.However, Jane changed in [...]

  11. Death s Rival is the 5th book in Faith Hunter s Jane Yellowrock series If you haven t read the first 4, stop reading this and get ta readin those Spoilers may exist throughout consider yourself forewarned.I ll let Jane give ya a rundown of the sitch I m Jane Yellowrock, and I used to kill vamps for a living Until I started working for them It wasn t easy money, and I d dumped the contract with Leo Pellissier, the chief fanghead of the Southeastern U.S when the retainer ran out But when Leo had r [...]

  12. Much better than the last one Love Eli and the Kid Don t like Leo Not sure about Bruiser I m not even sure I like Jane right now And Rick well, we ll see in the next book I m reserving judgment on him right now.

  13. Once again another awesome Jane Yellowrock novel I loved the ending of the book where she got revenge for her Native American Heritage Awesome series.

  14. 4.5 5.0There is a point in a few very rare series that one must admit that no matter what is happening in the storyline, the writing is near perfect and there is very little one can honestly fault This is one of those books So no matter what I think of the events in the book please remember, the overall is almost pitch perfectW what I think about certain aspects Oh My GOSH The scene where Jane was betrayed about tore my heart out After growing to love this character for four previous books, and [...]

  15. This latest installment of the Jane Yellowrock series has me so ready for the next one So much happens in this one and it all seems that it is a direct result of Jane killing a man in her hotel room during Raven Cursed Poor Jane How was she supposed to know that guy was the Enforcer of another MOC come to check her out so that he could challenge her to fight so that a Blood Challenge could be made against Leo But like others said, why did he come into her hotel room, at night, while she was slee [...]

  16. Review Death s RivalThe latest installment of Jane Yellowrock s story, Death s Rival could also be called Jane s Revenge.Jane walked out of the forest as a young child, without memory of who she was and not speaking As an adult she becomes a vampire hunter, killing rogue vampires for a living I guess it s as good a profession as any.In Skinwalker we discover Jane s dark world, a universe filled with vampires and Jane, the last Cherokee Skinwalker Skinwalkers are able to shift into various animal [...]

  17. I have to say, I didn t love the last Jane Yellowrock book, but this one came back for me with a vengeance I was absolutely enthralled in the story from the beginning to the unexpected ending which left me gaping like a fish.This latest installment follows Jane as she investigates a mysterious illness that is infecting some of the vampires It seems an unnamed vamp is making a power play, using the illness to force other vampires to swear fealty to him Leo thinks it s the same person who attacked [...]

  18. Well good We get back to the Jane we know and love with this book and the story elements I care about got some definite progress even if some of it was retrograde.This one starts off a bit slow and, for me, boring I mean, fighting a disease is dramatic and all, but it s all labs and blood samples and infection avoidance It doesn t help that all the fighting is by proxy neither Jane nor those close to her are infected yet Still, the whole time she s wandering around trying to get the right data t [...]

  19. Jane, our little Vampire Hunter is still working for Leo She is now sent to two different states to retrieve blood samples from sick vampires A new master is getting vampires under his wing, if they don t plegde to him, they get infected with a disease that can kill them.During these two trips, Jane is attacked Again, Beast comes to the rescue.As Leo s Enforcer she is to have a blood Bond with Leo She is trying to avoid this.Jane decides to hire two guys to form her own team The older brother, E [...]

  20. In some ways one of the best and in many ways one of the worst and most frustrating I m at the point of the time lately to WANT Jane to try to leave just to see what would happen Molly is pissing me off, Derek is pissing me off, and screw Reach now too There is a horrible scene with Leo and Katie can t stand that twisted vamp that made me turn again the master vamp until the end again Bruiser is still my favorite a particularly steamy scene made me forgive pretty much everything, although let s [...]

  21. I loved this series from the beginning I love Jane, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she kills and her regrets aftwerwards, her relationship with Beast, her indecisive nature regarding Leo, her interactions with Bruiser and especially the fact that she view spoiler is no longer with Rick hide spoiler I think she will eventually have to give in to Leo and be his mate, because if Beast wants to submit to him, then Jane will desire him too.All in all, excellent installment Looking forw [...]

  22. This review might bounce all over the place I might clean it up later, but most likely I won t To summarize I liked the plot, but not the characters or the romance So, I started this book this book when it first came out and had to put it down because the way Jane spoke worked my last nerve I want to say she used peeps or something and it was just so out of nowhere that I had to stop until I was clearly less irritable to pick it back up Started it this morning, was enjoying it until the author d [...]

  23. Jane is raped, tortured and betrayed by everyone she held dear Beast was raped, tortured and betrayed, and is now enslaved And you people think this is good The total annihilation of yet another strong female character Hunter did a crap job in this one Leo sent her to Ashville to do a job, she protected herself from death, and protected his scions also, and she was punished for it.A man breaks into her room in a hotel while she is sleeping, naked, and shoots at her, TWICE, before she responds, s [...]

  24. Death s Rival4 StarsLeo Pellisier, Master of the City of New Orleans, hires Jane to discover the identity of an unknown master vampire, who seeks to supplant him by using a deadly plague that targets the Mithrin As Jane gets closer to uncovering the truth, her role in the mysterious vampire s dangerous game becomes personal and she will have to deal both with threats from afar and betrayals closer to home Unlike the previous books, the storyline in Death s Rival is less convoluted and easier to [...]

  25. An explosive addition to the Jane Yellowrock series I had almost lost interest in this series, but this book revived it Jane is back to working for Leo as a strategic plague strikes the vampire population There are two new character additions to the novel, the Younger brothers, that the readers will love We also learn a lot about Jane s past And finally, there is the ever present Beast She is such a hussy I love her She always keeps pushing Jane to take mates, because why have one, when you can [...]

  26. First read November 24, 2012.Fifth in the Jane Yellowrock urban fantasy series based in New Orleans and revolving around a skinwalker who works security for a kiss of vampires.My TakeArghhhh I do NOT want to have to wait until April 2 for Blood Trade No don t make me Faith Hunter, you are so unfair leaving us as you did in Death s Rival This was so excellent Resolves that Rick Jane question that s been floating around GR Even as it opens some new ones We learn about a very formative episode in J [...]

  27. Chronique tir e de mon blog Une pid mie se propage chez les vampires, ce qui devrait tre impossible vu que du fait de leur condition les vampires sont immunis s toutes les maladies Deux grosses villes ont t infect e, S dona et Seattle, et juste apr s ont t conquise par un nouveau maitre, inconnu de tous, a t il juste profit de la situation ou l a t il d clench Leo d cide de s en occuper quand la maladie commence toucher ses alli s et que l inconnu se rapproche.Il envoi Jane rencontrer certains v [...]

  28. Vampire Masters of the City across the US are being afflicted by a plague Which should be impossible vampires are immune to disease Yet Sedona and Seattle have both been afflicted and when in their weakened state, they were threatened with take over Both cities now look to a new, unknown master And to make it even worrying, some of Leo s own vampires are being afflicted with the disease.Time for Jane Yellowrock to do some investigating, using her new team to track down how the disease came abou [...]

  29. Posted on Under the CoversThe impossible has occurred Vampires are now victims in a plague that is stretching across Seattle and Sedona More and vampires are being taken down due to this outbreak This shouldn t happen Vampires should be immune to disease, and yet Jane Yellowrock gains further proof that curse is spreading as she sees the deterioration in people who should be eternally resilient Sent in to investigate, Jane Yellowrock is placed right in the center of it all Added to that is the [...]

  30. Death s Rival is the 5th Jane Yellowrock novel A lot has happened in the past 4 books Jane started out as a rogue vampire hunter, who was not averse to taking contracts even from vampires After all, money speaks and vampires have a lot of it Now, she is in almost permanent employ of Leo Pellisier, the Master of the City of New Orleans She is a lot of things, a bodyguard, an investigator, a solver of violent problems, and sometimes an errand boy She is also too deeply enmeshed into the vampire wo [...]

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