نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا

[PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد [PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد - نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا,

  • Title: نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا
  • Author: Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد
  • ISBN: 9789643127244
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد, نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا, Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد,

نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا

[PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد [PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد - نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا, نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا

  • [PDF] Read ✓ نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا : by Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد
    111Thorstein Veblen فرهنگ ارشاد
نظريه طبقه تن‌آسا

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  1. IntroductionNote on the TextSelect BibliographyA Chronology of Thorstein Bunde Veblen The Theory of the Leisure ClassExplanatory Notes

  2. A dry and difficult read as one must hack one s way through the arcane language and outmoded concepts, but once one does, one discovers a truly interesting approach to economics It must have seemed odd to an economist of the early 20th century, at least one capable of transcending the views of his times, that while economics and human prosperity values certain activities i.e labor, investment, trade and construction , human society seems to value other activities, most of which are downright ini [...]

  3. I recently read Mills White Collar and couldn t get over how often he referred to this book All the same, I hesitated before reading it, not least since my concern that Mills book was a bit old was obviously multiplied by the age of this one But this is brilliant Now, you know when people tell you that you should read a book because it is a classic you are likely to think yeah, that just means you ve read it and so either want to just show off or you think that if I ve put myself through it, you [...]

  4. Everybody knows conspicuous consumption, but that is not the idea from this book that should have survived Sign me up for pecuniary decency any day or rather don t, since it is far insidious and its explanatory value far better Our old friend conspicuous consumption appeals to us, taken out of its context, of course, because it looks so much like an individual decision that we can avoid You add the complete lack of context to the fact that talking about structural issues rather than individual [...]

  5. Woody Guthrie observed, Some will rob you with a six gun, and some with a fountain pen Bob Dylan quoted these lyrics and added, Didn t take too long to find out, just what he was talking about Thorstein Veblen, who found this situation to be bemusing if absurd, undertook to explain the social conventions and values that lead people to tolerate it He presented a picture of society in which routine, casual, legally sanctioned predation is the object of honor and adulation His explanation is applic [...]

  6. So most of the time, he s kind of riffing, but Veblen does his best writing not when he s theorizing about the nature of the leisure class after all, his ideas have become so sublimated into social perception at this point, which I guess speaks to their power but when he s going into specifics and demonstrating how they correlate to the broader theory And when his talking points get Victorian believing in intrinsic and universal aesthetic values, referring to the savage mind , it seems like it s [...]

  7. Polysyllabic.Veblen was the stand out interesting figure for me from reading The Worldly Philosophers having read that I was led to read Theory of the Leisure Class After that I read The Spirit Level and you can see ideas like the invidious comparison borne out in some of the findings discussed in that book.

  8. The first thing I ever read of any substance about Veblen was his brief biography in Dos Passos USA trilogy The Great American Novel It was highly complimentary and its subject was Norwegian and neglected just like me.I actually got around to reading The Theory of the Leisure Class some time after Dave Schweickart s courses in political economy got me interested in the subject and the reading of Kapital and re reading of On the Wealth of Nations got me less intimidated by the subject area.Back i [...]

  9. Conspicuous LeisureThis is the book that coined the term conspicuous consumption My own stance in regard to this practice is demonstrated in the fact that I read this book in a Dover Thrift Edition so, I started reading the book with the expectation of it explaining other people s behavior However, before getting to conspicuous consumption, Veblen describes what he calls conspicuous leisure this is significant time spent in ways which are not aimed a earning money, either immediately or at some [...]

  10. I give 4 stars because of what I read in about the subject not because I understood the text of this book The only thing that I remember is that Old man get woman as trophies because that what we have been doing for 1000s of years I marked the book as re read, so I can go line by line and translate to modern English and learn new words If your English are not on the level of Oxford professor dont get the unabridged version If you want to challenge yourself with this version, you have been warned [...]

  11. This is a great read if you have a dictionary handy Microeconomics is the study of why people purchase stuff This is the best micro economic book ever written I studied micro economics in college, both on the undergraduate and graduate levels The theories I studied were stupid, generic marginal utility theories Those theories told you nothing of why people do things Veblen s classic was published 111 years ago and it s still light years ahead of the valueless micro economics being produced at el [...]

  12. I read this on the plane coming down from Portland, sitting beside a couple of software developers discussing their overseas properties both apparently had second homes outside the US, one in Tuscany ooh, too outre cliche one in Spain Both happened to be interested in viticulture and considered themselves amateur vintners I heard a lot of inside talk such as I hadn t been exposed to for some twenty years when I was working myself as an interviewing plebe for a high tech market research firm in S [...]

  13. Few books will make you rethink and reorder entire categories of your experience This is one of them.The book does suffer from certain limitations many people will find it difficult to read because the language is antiquated and the argument is at times quite convoluted and repetitive Veblen s theory is based on observation and logic and does not provide any numerical data to reinforce his claims he sometimes tries to explain too much and overextends his argument, applying it with a heavy hand t [...]

  14. This is the only book I have ever read in which every single solitary sentence absolutely baffles the hell out of me I made myself finish it, but I was on autopilot most of the time, just looking at the words rather than reading them And I ve now seen the word invidious enough times to last a lifetime.

  15. Difficult language but very interesting It needs to be understood as satirical, and it is therefore quite complicated to get the real drift but definitely worth the effort We are left to ponder some riddles, like if it is only a joke when Veblen states if something is expensive, it is because it less useful It leaves a lot of conclusions open, and I tend to think he is mocking the leisure class It is humorous with complicated yet interesting language All this in an economics oriented text.

  16. Veblen s basic concepts are beyond brilliant According to Veblen, the upper classes must engage in conspicuously unproductive activities to show that they do not have to work in order to distinguish themselves from the masses and one another, and since great wealth cannot be productively consumed, they must engage in unproductive consumption to show that they can It isn t enough for the rich man to do these things on his own he must engage in vicarious leisure through the unproductive activities [...]

  17. As opposed to an economic theory of the leisure class non productive leisure and consumption , Veblen s book might potently be a theory of human nature Veblen writes about rank in today s predatory culture where those of means display their superior status by not having to perform manual work or any work at all hence, leisure , by the accumulation of wealth and the honor it brings, and by conspicuous consumption and waste that displays one s status There is an elaborate system of rank and grade [...]

  18. I think this book is classified as being in the field of economics just because the author was teaching economics, not because of its content The famous biography style intro to economics book The Worldly Philosophers puts Veblen in line with the great economists probably because of his entertaining life story than because of continued citation in the field I think this book is best classified as turn of the century reductivism Freud thought everything broke down to sexual instincts, Marx thoug [...]

  19. David Mamet once said that this was the sort of book that you would use on a film set to indicate that someone likes to be thought of as intellectual Or something like that Curiously, as I have a degree in economics but had accidentally not finished reading it I acquired another copy I still havent read it all though, I mislaid it somewhere and it only turned up, reeking of pseudointellectualism and room decoration recently Should I finish it I wonder What would that mean

  20. Illegible I have been through 2 months and 100 pages, and could not finish it The theories proposed by the author are interesting, the form is simply off putting Kudos to readers who managed to finish it.

  21. I m a sucker for anything that attempts to explain why people act the way they do This book set an early standard for such studies We buy things to show off Imagine

  22. I find Veblen s theories interesting indeed but the language of this book seems very repetitious Some sentences goes over and over Maybe it s because of the polish translation I own.

  23. This is too big a review for my own liking, I shall perfectly understand if you chose to drop off or fall asleep in mid way I have rambled on way too much that is just how much I loved this book For the last half of my life I ve learnt to say sir Its word you use when you ve come down in the world From Brother KaramnazovThere were times in my early teens when I was confounded when upon being called by such titles like sir by some manual laborer, some tourist guide or like, a person much older th [...]

  24. T ketim toplumu k lt r ele tirilerinin en eskilerinden 1899 olan bu kitapta Veblen, end striyel retime kat lmaya ihtiyac olmayan bir aylak s n f n n leisure class belirledi i ya am al kanl klar n n, toplumun t m i in sayg nl k standard haline gelmesinin dinamiklerini anlat yor G steri i t ketim , maddi yk nme , bo a harcama gibi bir ok kavram geli tiriyor ve bunlarla toplumsal itibar kriterleri aras ndaki ili kiyi inceliyor Bunu yaparken de, uygarl k emareleri gibi g r nen bir ok davran eklinin, [...]

  25. Yeri geldi inde ufak bir kitlenin g ndelik al kanl klar n , yeri geldi inde de milyonlar kapsayacak kurumlar n dinamiklerini ayn hassasiyetle irdeliyor Veblen G z n nde oldu u halde g ze batmayan t ketim al kanl klar na, sosyal kurumlar aras nda ayr m yaratan n anslara dikkat ekiyor Tan mlad G steri i T ketim yaftas n beklendi i gibi belirli bir st s n fa de il, toplumun geneline ve tahmin edilemeyecek farkl yans malar rnek vererek yerle tiriyor Ufak tefek edit ryal eksikleri bulunsa da Heretik [...]

  26. The book had some really great insights into certain aspects of our socioeconomic hierarchy and a larger general historical perspective on the topic However I felt that the author had an impressive ability at using an excess of words to say a simple thing, stretching sentences and repeating himself in various unnecessary combinations of said words not that the words used were so long or archaic but just that there was over and over too many of them Ironically this problem of intellectual and aca [...]

  27. Veblen writes about class, not from the perspective of exploited producers, but from the standpoint of the consumer and the consumer s ideology Theory of the Leisure Class 1899 outlines the practices and presuppositions which would underlie the use and abuse of wealth in mass consumer societies like twentieth century America.People with the means to do so participate in something like a sporting match or to Veblen s anthropological imaginary, a substitute for war and violence when they try to re [...]

  28. Reading this book was one of those interesting experiences in which the author s arguments seem obvious, but only because they were so insightful that they have become commonplaces Veblen originated the concept of conspicuous consumption in this book, that is, consumption that is at least partially oriented not toward the direct utility generated by the act of consumption, but toward the status associations generated by the act of consumption Flashy cars, etc.I am glad to have read this book, bu [...]

  29. An interesting and often brutal takedown of the wealthy elite in our society, from the perspective of a non Marxist, 19th century economist While some of his critiques verge on the tongue in cheek sports are predatory emulation , many are still relevant today Veblen s scorn for the wasteful arrogance of the rich is almost Swiftian at times.Even if you feel like such condemnation is too harsh, it s a worthwhile experience reading this book as a form of self examination Like anything else in human [...]

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