Double Digit

Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan] Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan] - Double Digit, Double Digit To say eighteen year old Farrah Higgins or Digit is good at math is a laughable understatement She s been cracking codes since childhood and is finally at home with her people at MIT in Cambridge Her

  • Title: Double Digit
  • Author: Annabel Monaghan
  • ISBN: 9780544105775
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover

Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan], Double Digit, Annabel Monaghan, Double Digit To say eighteen year old Farrah Higgins or Digit is good at math is a laughable understatement She s been cracking codes since childhood and is finally at home with her people at MIT in Cambridge Her talents are so off the charts that her laptop is under surveillance by both the CIA and an ecoterrorist named Jonas Furnis So when she thoughtlessly hacks into the DeparTo say eighteen y

Double Digit

Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan] Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan] - Double Digit, Double Digit To say eighteen year old Farrah Higgins or Digit is good at math is a laughable understatement She s been cracking codes since childhood and is finally at home with her people at MIT in Cambridge Her Double Digit

  • Double Digit Best Read || [Annabel Monaghan]
    139Annabel Monaghan
Double Digit

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  2. UGHHHH why why why.why is there a freaking love triangle Who cares about this Bass in any way ,shape, or form He s just thered the fact that Digit even CONSIDERS him over John sickens me why the waiting nonsense In the first book they d made it quite clear it was fine for Digit to see him on weekends Other than that horrible little detail I quite liked the book Digit was cute, humorous, and a great heroine in general She got a bit immature and whiny though, although her voice was still cool She [...]

  3. O M freakin G Why ,oh why do I have to wait a whole year for the fabulous uber romance sequal to one of my new favorite books Loved the first book After reading.What a disappointment I enjoyed the math and the solving of the code, but there was too little actual plot She spends time getting into the problem than solving it there not a lot of romance, too much time was spent dwelling on Bass, and what the heck was that ending It wasn t very clear at all why she made the decision she made After r [...]

  4. The first thing i want to say is I have mixed feelings about this book I m not a fan of love triangles but honestly by the end of Double Digit I liked Bass better than John Which is mind blowing because I read both books back to back and while you can see in the first book that part of John, you expect him to get it together Didn t really appreciate the blackmail from Mr Bennett Yeah she wasn t an angel but come on He was just going to use any excuse to get her so after she talked to the preside [...]

  5. Yayayayayayyay I had a lot of firsts with this series.1 First book that used my favorite subject Math 2 First book where the main character wasn t unrealistically brave.3 First book that raised environmental awareness in a way that wasn t obvious.4 First book that I actually understand the terrorist group Well.until the crazy came out.5 First book with chapter titles that I actually stop to read because they are so great.Not a First The quote that made my day.John Digit, can you give me any reas [...]

  6. MEEEEP MEEEEP WHAT YES Another book dances around like a crazy child on sugar high But The dreaded date.2013________.

  7. I enjoy stories about brilliant people so this was a good read for me The fact that the brilliant person was a teen was even better It was full of surprises and I have to admit at times quite riveting I liked the general concept of the story However, I had a few misgivings about a few things First, please do a grammar check before the final printing Second, the relationship between the teenage main character and her 21 yr old FBI boyfriend was a bit unsettling for me He read like another teen i [...]

  8. Posted on cleanreadspleaseOk I m annoyed.I am annoyed because I LOVED A Girl Named Digit I loved it so much that as soon as I finished reading it, I immediately started Double Digits the sequel.I don t even want to rant because I m still a fan of Annabel Monaghan But this sequel disappointed me, solely because of the creation of a love triangle and we all know how much I hate love triangles that really didn t need to be there Also sure, Digit started to get annoyed by all the people making decis [...]

  9. maryinhb 2013 08 I have left out a lot of stuff in the above review since it is so far out from the release date.Just note that this book is made of AWESOME I am not going to spoil it for you I know Digit and John break up at the beginning of the book and don t let that make you cry or freak out Remember John is a lot older than Digit and wise beyond his years The fact that he sees Digit needs to be on her own says a lot about him as a person Also remember that Digit is super impulsive and doesn [...]

  10. OMG I want the sequel to this book I want the sequel But even if there s a sequel, I will probably have to wait two years of eating ice cream to finally get my hands on the book Errr Why did I read this book Oh yes I have to keep my out for Digit She s simply amazing and truly one of the kind She didn t make me feel dumb, like what Independent Study reduce me to being I m not kidding Just read my rants on that part Actually, I have a better idea Don t read my rants I don t want you to see how ba [...]

  11. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed A Girl Named Digit last fall I gave it 4.5 stars , I quickly tweeted my gushing admiration to Annabel Monaghan My excitement ratcheted up several notches when she replied and told me there was Digit to come Yes So I ve been plenty ready for Double Digit.Digit is at MIT and has found her people math and science geeks abound But the past hasn t truly been put to bed there are issues with boyfriend John and the bad guys are still out there There s a lot of growth [...]

  12. In this sequel to A Girl Named Digit, the titular Digit, real name Farrah, is officially a freshman at MIT After an eventful last year of high school involving lots of math, codebreaking, a fake kidnapping, and taking down an eco terrorist group, Digit is ready to settle into life in a place with other self defined nerds where she can finally feel normal She should have known that she was too far gone for a normal life She wants her biggest worry to be whether she should do the long distance thi [...]

  13. I ve had Double Digit for a while, but I was worried I would not remember what had happened so I had a quick recap of the first book, and then began reading.Digit is in MIT, and faces new challenges, mainly meeting her new roommate, and getting along with her fellow students She doesn t want to come across as a geek, but wants to be normal , and hopes that people don t find out who she is She quickly finds out that normal isn t so easy, not only is her relationship with John on the rocks, but he [...]

  14. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsDouble Digit begins when Digit goes to college Things between her and John are confusing and rocky to her They aren t exactly going her way And to get it off her mind, she hangs out with hackers, and ends up creating a code This lands her into a whole lot trouble when she makes a terrible mistake Now, not only is someone after her again, but she s also going to risk being in serious trouble Add to that the issue with John, and him keeping things from he [...]

  15. I m honestly not sure how I feel, do I prefer the book ending at 123 Sort of Kind of not really Do I like the real ending Ehhhh maybe Do I like Tiki, Bass, John, Digit Yes, but where do I really stand on them, I m not sure Book three might help me figure it out so book three is needed.

  16. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting an easy read His book has an easy going mood that gets stressful for the character at some points in story especially when the dorm get broken into and other things.

  17. Maybe 2.5 The plot was a little too convenient and the ending wrapped everything up too well but at the same time I m obsessed with this story and want a third book I shop Bass and Digit HARD.

  18. What a horrible way to end the whole series People don t like cliffhangers Annabel you must have been able to end it better than that

  19. Want to read a book about a normal life in collage, this is the book for you This book is about a girl whose nickname is Digit, since she is really good with numbers, and her life as a college student Unfortunately, because of a break in that happened in her room, many problems were made One problem was with her boyfriend and another one with a man who want to change the world, but no tin a good way.

  20. A second adventure with DigitFans of the TV series Numb3rs will enjoy this clever, YA, mystery adventure series with an 18 year old heroine who is a math genius.Farrah Digit Higgins has just begun her freshman year at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts She is delighted to be there, because she has finally found her people She can just be herself, utterly brilliant at math, and not pretend to be a so called normal teenage girl, which is how she spent the past four years while attending a public high [...]

  21. I was putting this book off because of the impression I got from the first book in the series Actually, I don t remember what I rated A Girl Named Digit, or what I said about it, but if Double Digit has anything to show for itself, then AGND was fabulous Seriously, I was putting off Double Digit because my impression of the first book was that it was a little flat, a bit unrealistic, and maybe just a two second read when I had nothing else to do The small size of the book didn t help How could a [...]

  22. I m giving this book a 5 just because it made me totally crack up at some of the sarcastic things Digit was thinking or saying I hardly ever laugh at anything so the fact that I was guffawing throughout the first half of the book puts it high on my list There are plenty of other things about the book that are, by my standards, below par I liked it better than A Girl Named Digit but there are things from the first book that are not retold in this one so you need to read them in sequence The autho [...]

  23. Just finished Okay, where I should start, from the jealous John of Digit s dorm s RA up to the death of Jonas Furnis Yes, Farrah Higgins is finally coming clean about her true self She s well known as Digit now with a new roommate named Tiki in MIT Besides, she s not the only brainiac in 10 miles radius, in MIT you couldn t throw a paper airplane without hitting the genius around here So, it is obvious that Digit finally found her place, she has a boyfriend who used to be FBI and working for Ter [...]

  24. 1.5 starsThis book just didn t work for me I found it super boring It started off mildly hilarious and I was intrigued by the direction the book was going to take, but the rest of the book was a blur and not in a good way The first novel in this series was entertaining enough for me to continue to this sequel I enjoyed the math and coding aspect of these books because it s rather difficult to find books with it However the plot was very simplistic and felt way too short to properly explore this [...]

  25. Digit is off to MIT and gets off to a good start she finds a group of hackers on her floor, her roommate is awesome, her RA is kind of hot and works for the professor whose work enthralls her, and John is willing to visit with her on weekends However, when he visits the first time, he tells Digit that she needs to have the full college experience, which she won t have if she keeps visiting with him Fresh from her broken heart, Digit tries to throw herself into her work with a professor, and ends [...]

  26. First, I m really annoyed that this book came to an end Why couldn t it have just kept going forever I am than a little frustrated that the third book is going to be a long while away I love the story that Monaghan weaves and the way she incorporates secondary characters It was great seeing Digit s relationship with Mr Bennet, Mrs Bennet, her dad and Danny in greater depth Also, I had to laugh that even Mr Bennet thought Digit was too good for his son Though Digit s dad, just wants his gal to b [...]

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan, so I was delighted to discover that there is a sequel I had enjoyed that one so much that I was very excited about While I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as I d enjoyed the first, this is still a very good, enjoyable read.Digit is in college now, at MIT basically in her element with other brainiacs like herself She s able to completely get into her nerdiness and be herself 100% But she also quickly gets herself into some serious [...]

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