Criminal That I Am: A Memoir

Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha - Criminal That I Am: A Memoir, Criminal That I Am A Memoir A candid memoir from a talented young lawyer who becomes romantically entangled with the convicted drug felon she represents Cameron Douglas son of film actor Michael Douglas and who soon makes the m

  • Title: Criminal That I Am: A Memoir
  • Author: Jennifer Ridha
  • ISBN: 9781476785721
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha, Criminal That I Am: A Memoir, Jennifer Ridha, Criminal That I Am A Memoir A candid memoir from a talented young lawyer who becomes romantically entangled with the convicted drug felon she represents Cameron Douglas son of film actor Michael Douglas and who soon makes the mistake of her life Or does she Criminal That I Am is a defense attorney s account of the criminal justice system as seen through the prism of a particular case her own Jen

Criminal That I Am: A Memoir

Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha - Criminal That I Am: A Memoir, Criminal That I Am A Memoir A candid memoir from a talented young lawyer who becomes romantically entangled with the convicted drug felon she represents Cameron Douglas son of film actor Michael Douglas and who soon makes the m Criminal That I Am: A Memoir

  • Free Read Criminal That I Am: A Memoir - by Jennifer Ridha
    484Jennifer Ridha
Criminal That I Am: A Memoir

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  1. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Criminal That I Am This was an odd reading experience Jennifer Ridha was a criminal defence lawyer She was on the team defending Michael Douglas son, Cameron, against drug trafficking charges She seemed to be a bit star struck and got romantically involved with Cameron She ended up smuggling him some anti anxiety prescription drugs while he was in jail Not suprisingly this makes Ridha a party to a criminal off [...]

  2. There is no story here I have no clue why anyone thought this should be published An attorney does something stupid, gets a slap on the wrist, is embarrassed that people find out about it, and then wallows in self pity for the majority of the book.

  3. So, you committed a crime and got caught Your got lucky and get no trial or jail You manage to keep it out of the papers, even though there was a son of a celebrity involved Then, it all comes out in a different way You are humiliated and angry to see all the details of your crime in the papers No one should have to be subjected to that Your privacy should be respected So, then, of course, the only thing to do, obviously, is write a book Sigh.This navel gazing memoir is manipulative She wants yo [...]

  4. A brutally honest cautionary tale by this very young lawyer never get too involved with your client.Jennifer Ridha was one of a team of lawyers representing Cameron Douglas ,the actor.Michael Douglas s son.Even though she was one of his lawyer he the defendant they seemed to have an immediate bond.Jennifer wound up spending time with him passing up vacations to visit himSuffering from anxiety Cameron desperately needed a perscription that the jail just coukdnt seem to get him day he asked her t [...]

  5. 3.5 Stars Anyone can Make a Mistake, Right I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This memoir starts with Jennifer Ridha being woken up in the middle of the night by federal agents pounding on her door She knows exactly why they have come I was immediately pulled into this novel by this engaging and mysterious first chapter This late night visit by the feds felt like a suspense novel than a memoir As the reader, I was immediately wanted to know what had she done An [...]

  6. As a lawyer, I found this story particularly interesting The legal profession can be a bit snobby, especially when it comes to law school, my reaction to Ms Ridha s situation are complicated, to say the least I didn t go to Columbia, be part of a high profile case, do research in Iraq, or become a law professor On the other hand, I didn t lose my career by smuggling drugs, so I guess it all evens out.Joking aside, I related to her The fact that she was justifiably bewildered at how her case proc [...]

  7. I thought the author had of a personal relationship with Cameron Douglas outside of being his lawyer, which would mean some juicy details, intense emotions between the two, how to cope with a jailhouse love, etc WRONG Basically, she gets used by a user and whines about it for three quarters of the book Face it you screwed up A lot of people do A lot of people have to completely change professions due to a scandal, a mistake, something but they move on What I loved She s very likable in the begi [...]

  8. I thought I would love this book after reading about it in Psychology Today, but it seemed shallow From page 1, we learn that the author fell in love with Cameron Douglas the first time she met him and that she would do whatever he asked So no mystery about why she broke the law for her client It also seems like the author had some need desire to be a criminal herself, like the middle class teens who have a desire to be gangstas The true mystery is why some people feel the need to self destruct [...]

  9. I just got done with this book I love the insight that helps you see how inherently good people get caught up in bad situations I hate that Ms Ridha went through this, but I do think this was a story that needed to be told, especially with society the way it is today I love how nothing was off limits, she laid everything out there bare bones from beginning to end.

  10. Complete enjoyment reading this.Raises some intersting questions that have leaked into many conversations I ve had in the past week Yes, there s a little whiing and yes, it comes from a place of privilege but she s reflective and smart I liked her I like her writing The Book of the Month judge who recommended this said If nothing else, Criminal That I Am will make you feel better about your own screw ups true that.

  11. I enjoyed the first 2 3 of the book I couldn t wait to find out how this beautiful, young lawyer got herself caught up in illegal drugs with Michael Douglas s son, Cameron Once I got that all figured out, I lost interest.

  12. I listened to this on audio while I ran It was the perfect thing to keep me company during those runs I was interested in every part of this HOW could an intelligent, independent woman allow herself to 1 fall for her criminal defense client and 2 be persuaded to commit a crime for him I was incredulous while listening to this There were many times throughout the book when I scoffed or gasped out loud, while running, and was worried someone would be around me wondering what I was doing, haha Whil [...]

  13. Criminal That I Am A Memoir by Jennifer RidhaThe Lawyer Could Not Resist This conversational, easy read leaves you wondering how a brilliant, pretty and highly educated female attorney could allow herself to get entangled in a self destructive situation that could ruin her career Apparently, her client, Cameron Douglas who just happened to be the infamous drug addict son of famous actor, Michael Douglas exhorted upon her a childish attraction During her multiple legality visits to him during his [...]

  14. A young lawyer with a promising career succumbs to her client s wishes and commits a crime When the source is discovered, her criminal case begins and she thinks her life is over This memoir is an interesting look at an attorney s account of the criminal justice system as seen through her own experiences of being on both sides of the process Ridha s memoir provides important anecdotes on the justice system from someone who was usually on the other side of the process as an attorney I found the f [...]

  15. This book is the quintessential 3 star book liked it enjoyable, quick, but nothing particularly amazing My favorite moments are when Ridha indulges the unexpected an early passage told in the 2nd person about the effect as an adolescent of watching sex scenes with Michael Douglas a visit to Baghdad that helps put her own crime into perspective the perfect final chapter that ties the story into a national tragedy.But I think there s a fundamentally odd focus issue here the first half had the effe [...]

  16. I couldn t put it down It is hard to tell what is true and what s not But the writer says just that It s her memory of what happened And her memory is gut wrenching and raw, pathetic, but realizing I felt for her I feel that she s a good person who screwed up I see her in my clients But, what was redeeming was she has real regret, real realization that not only did she ruin her life, she negatively impacted so many others The line about how families do time, that s real stuff She s luckier than [...]

  17. While I cannot relate with the choice that Ms Ridha made to smuggle prescription medication into a detention facility, I can appreciate that she seems humbled by the experience She appears to fully understand that what she did was a mistake, even though she readily admits that put in the situation again, she would likely make the same poor choice again, and have the same life altering outcome This is an interesting perspective of good guy doing bad I fully agree that Ms Ridha did not deserve to [...]

  18. Criminal That I Am by Jennifer Ridha is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading in late March during the Elite 8 round of college basketball I was really interested in reading this book, due to it involving a topic near and dear to me criminal justice.If I haven t already bemoaned it, I worry a lot about being under the thrall of a prison inmate, ala Harley Quinn, despite having years of training to buffer me from doing so That being said, I saw Ridha as or less being guilty of this and for [...]

  19. Small Spoiler Alert I very much enjoyed this insightful book I was and am appalled that the prison system would deny medications with NO accountability to a patient who was prescribed them I became aware of just how much power the justice system has to prosecute others even when their hands are dirty Of all things, this is something that will remain with me This is a rise and fall novel with excellent writing I found I could relate in ways to the choices made in that they came from a place of s [...]

  20. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher and the story is quite fascinating A young female lawyer, Jennifer Ridha,is a part of the legal team hired to defend Cameron Douglas son of actor Michael on drug trafficking charges Their relationship goes beyond professional client attorney parameters and Ridha is forced to make a critical decision when Douglas repeatedly asks for a favor The results will impact both Douglas and Ridha and are a reminder that persons struggling with add [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book The parts with her parents were the most touching Unconditional love is a rare and beautiful thing and the author seems to truly appreciate that Her parents sound like lovely people I agree with other reviewers in that the author seemed to gloss over and or entirely skip all but one of her friends reactions and we never heard anything about the reactions of her employer, co workers or colleagues It is very well written and a fascinating story of how getting sucked into [...]

  22. Admittedly I did not have much sympathy for Jennifer She did so,etching completely idiotic and she definitely should have known better However, I loved this book I thought it was so interesting and really good The end dragged on a little bit but other than that I found it fascinating Just a note I had no clue about this story at all and if I knew what was going to happen I probably wouldn t have enjoyed it so much So don t read about it

  23. If you liked Orange is the New Black, you may like this memoir I admit I was attracted to the tabloid nature of it but it s really a introspective book that made me appreciate the author s plight and self examination I gave it 4 stars but it s probably of a 3.5 however the fact I finished it in a day and didn t want to put it down made me go with 4 stars.

  24. Wah, wah, wah A silly woman does a stupid thing for reasons she never convincingly explains She then details the really rather mild, all things considered, consequences And then, of course, she writes a book about it sharing what seem to be unethical details about her former client her co conspirator and his family Tabloid journalism disguised as memoir Left a bad taste.

  25. Lots of 3 star books this vacation This one was ok I mean, this woman is a criminal defense attorney and professor but doesn t really seem to know much about the criminal law I don t know, but as a criminal lawyer it bugged me Also, I guess I wonder if she would have fallen in love or done this if the client hadn t been the son of a famous person.

  26. Readable But self indulgent This lawyer and law professor gets involved with a client and furnishes him with prescription drugs And it destroys her life A cautionary tale But Self indulgent.

  27. Interesting in the way of all reality television shows this train wreck makes MY train wreck look manageable by comparison Ridha seems likable, if na ve, and while I found myself rooting for her recovery, I wasn t all that surprised by her discoveries.

  28. An interesting example of someone becoming victim to a master manipulatore didn t seem to get it, even at the end IMHO, her journey has just begun

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