[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp - Pleasured, Pleasured From New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp comes the second delicious novel in her trilogy of Scottish historical romances Secrets of the Loch Damon the earl of Mardoun is smitten the mome

  • Title: Pleasured
  • Author: Candace Camp
  • ISBN: 9781476741093
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp, Pleasured, Candace Camp, Pleasured From New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp comes the second delicious novel in her trilogy of Scottish historical romances Secrets of the Loch Damon the earl of Mardoun is smitten the moment he meets Meg the village healer but she rejects every advance from the earl and will have none of him even if he is the most handsome man she s ever laid eyes on But whFrom New York Ti


[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp - Pleasured, Pleasured From New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp comes the second delicious novel in her trilogy of Scottish historical romances Secrets of the Loch Damon the earl of Mardoun is smitten the mome Pleasured

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasured : by Candace Camp
    355Candace Camp

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  1. Good book Meg is the local healer, from a family of women known for their healing abilities They have also been known for their independence, and Meg is no different She also looks out for the local people, and is furious over the things she sees happening Damon is part English, part Scot, and has inherited Duncally He has had an estate manager running things, but has recently arrived, along with his daughter, to spend some time on his property He is recently widowed, and is taking the time to g [...]

  2. This is a nice story.I liked the protagonists, the earl is realistically unaware of the effect of his actions and the heroine is independent but not strident I feel the author has created realistic setting and was happy to meet characters from the first book in the series, especially as they were introduced smoothly without a lot of unnecessary explanations or rehashing that story The parts that dealt with illness and treatment seemed true to the time A few of the plot twists seemed a bit unlike [...]

  3. Enjoy a visit to the Scottish Highlands If you are looking for a straight up romance with minimal conflict, then I have a book for you Pleasured is a diverting mix of instant attraction, sizzling passion, misunderstandings, different worlds, and just a dash of mystery It helps, too, that Meg an independent and respected healer and Damon a widower rebuilding his relationship with his young daughter were warm, friendly people who were easy to like, and I settled comfortably into their everyday liv [...]

  4. Great second installment to this series Can t wait to read next one But, it took me too long to read it as the typeface is small on my copy and my eyes would get tired.

  5. This was a quick read for me It was entertaining and I love the imagery of Scotland Meg, a healer, has been caught in the line of sight for the new Earl of Mardoun, Damon He finds her captivating with her red hair and being a Bonny scot Meg could say the same about his English dark looks Their paths cross multiple times and they never seem to want to leave each other s company especially after Damon s daughter is sick and Meg nurses her He is afraid he will lose her forever Will Meg give up her [...]

  6. This is the middle book in the series and by far my favourite I liked the heroine, the hero was alright, but the overall story felt much _Scottish_ than the first and third books The third is downright anachronistic As with every other Candace Camp there is a lot of sex And it s all pretty predictable Past a certain point it even gets tiresome I strongly advise that nobody read than two Camp novels in a row This was my third in four days.

  7. Och, it s time for Super hump Sassenach man, ye ken.I haven t read Candace Camp since days of yore when she was Lisa Gregory, and that s been a long time The skills of a veteran writer are still very prevalent in iPleasured, but before I begin with my take on this novel let me talk about Peter Jackson I promise, I will connect the dots I m a big fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Love the adventure, love the story But, I am not such a big fan of battle scenes, especially digitized synchroni [...]

  8. I could not finish this booklove her other books but this one just did not do it for me I love reading romances set among the highlands of historical Scotland, I enjoy the mystic and magic usually attributed with these stories Unfortunately this one did not do it for me, I did not like the heroine from the beginning and by the time I stopped reading she never won me over.Meg is a healer who is independent and lives life on her own She chooses her lovers and when she meets Damon, although attract [...]

  9. Meg Munroe is a healer and woman of the woods Independent and passionate Meg loathes the Earl who has been evicting families from his land to make room for sheep Damon, the Earl of Mardoun has travelled to Scottland to see his estate and meet with his land manager to see about making it profitable When Meg and Damon lay eyes on each other they are both surprised by the intensity of their attraction, especially Meg, who dislikes the Earl and his actions towards the people she cares for.As the two [...]

  10. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this book.Meg and Damon are both extremely likable and they have an instant attraction Which for Meg is totally unacceptable Watching them both try to ignore the attraction is very entertaining The denial might have dragged on a little too long but not enough to be annoying This book didn t seem to focus as much on the treasure as the last book But a few pieces of the puzzle fall into place This book is much sensual than the last book The love scenes while not what I [...]

  11. Second book in the series and it s pretty predictable, fiery Meg meets up with the local Earl, Damon who is a widower trying to bond with his semi invalid young daughter Damon from London is despised because his land is being cleared of all the crofters by his overseer in a less than generous manner.Meg despises him but is attracted to him, Damon is attracted to her and eager to know her better after hearing she comes from a long line of women who are healers and who live life their own way.Of c [...]

  12. I loved this book The characters were strong The sexual tension and chemistry between them was great The conflict was believable I loved the setting, and the fact that Meg was portrayed as a true to type healer of the time period The setting was awesome, rural Scotland, standing stones, caves, ancient ruins, small village I also enjoyed the H h relationships with the villagers was believable as well, him a not so well liked Lord of the Manor and an Englishman while she was highly respected among [...]

  13. I really like spunky heroines and Meg is the definition of an independent and self reliant gal She wants to choose her man and is waiting for love Then she meets the hero, Lord Maldoun, and despite her protestations to him that she is not interested he easily seduces her What This is a perfect example of a woman saying no and meaning yes No wonder men get confused The hero misnomer, he s not hero material in my mind is not interested in anything but her beauty and wanting to bed her I understand [...]

  14. This is a second book in a series I haven t read the first one but that did not stop me from enjoying this one I loved the book Also this is a great author I have enjoyed all of her books so far The heroine does have a different life than most heroines but I thought she was a very caring person with strong feelings I will say the hero wasn t the best hero I have read but I still liked him in the end I would recommend it

  15. As for Enraptured, I d say there are too many soliloquies Nevertheless the characters are chiarming and interesting Sometimes the pleasure of deducting the protagonists feeling ourself, without having to read every single thing that cross their minds, gives the reader the possibility to interact with the plot

  16. L ho trovato assai migliore del primo titolo della serie Peccato che il finale sia un po sommario e lasciato sfilacciato perdono la Camp soltanto perch immagino che rivedremo ancora Meg e Damon nel terzo volume, il prossimo anno Ma la prima parte del libro l ho trovata un vero e proprio page turner, tanto da meritarsi cinque stelline.

  17. Secomd book in a trilogy It s about a Scottish healer and the Earl of Mardoun who fall in love It s fairly predictable but well characterized There is a mystery about some lost treasure running through all the three books.

  18. I actually loved this book I will say that when reading these types of romances, there are definitely moments when I m thinking, Really Really Using my Seth Myers voice there I mean, come on Still, I really enjoyed it, and loved the characters Candace Camp is one of my favorite authors.

  19. An entertaining bodice ripper set in the Scottish Highlands Meg and Damon meet, spar with each other, make passionate love, spar some , etc The second in the Secrets of the Loch trilogy.

  20. Love a good romp in Scotland Well, here you go Well, minus the hero in a kilt Such a sweet, simple love story No complex plots, no over the top scandals, no shocking lies, or kidnapping.

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