For Her Spy Only

[PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart [PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart - For Her Spy Only, For Her Spy Only England When Winifred is rescued from her snow stranded carriage by the notorious and reclusive Alistair Marquess of Coventry she is instantly drawn to him Jilted by her betrothed and socially

  • Title: For Her Spy Only
  • Author: Robyn DeHart
  • ISBN: 9781622667444
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart, For Her Spy Only, Robyn DeHart, For Her Spy Only England When Winifred is rescued from her snow stranded carriage by the notorious and reclusive Alistair Marquess of Coventry she is instantly drawn to him Jilted by her betrothed and socially ruined by untrue rumors Winifred is tired of paying for crimes she didn t commit and decides to play the seductress London society claims she is Thinking a night of passioEngland

For Her Spy Only

[PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart [PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart - For Her Spy Only, For Her Spy Only England When Winifred is rescued from her snow stranded carriage by the notorious and reclusive Alistair Marquess of Coventry she is instantly drawn to him Jilted by her betrothed and socially For Her Spy Only

  • [PDF] Read º For Her Spy Only : by Robyn DeHart
    288Robyn DeHart
For Her Spy Only

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  1. When Winifred Wilmington meets the dashing yet mysterious Alistair, Marquess of Coventry, she finds herself instantaneously attracted to the secretive and intense man.So attracted in fact, that when he alludes to thoughts of the ravishment of her virtue, she is than willing to see to it that he makes good on his jest.What she nor he realize is that the nights of blazing passion that they share will have far reaching effects on both their lives and their hearts.Authoress Robyn DeHart strikes aga [...]

  2. This was a novella It told a very nice story in the hidden baby trope Winifred is traveling and has carriage issues She is rescued by the reclusive Marquess of Coventry Since she has had a reputation irreparably damaged by her ex fiance, and, since she finds the Marquess attractive, she invites him to ravish her The man isn t a fool he agrees.Fast forward six years, Winifred is the widow of an elderly mapmaker who married her when she found herself pregnant The Marquess, who is a government agen [...]

  3. Happy Release Week For Her Spy Only is only 83 pages long While it seemed a bit bare in places, it was still a very good read this afternoon It s book two in the Masquerading Mistresses series by Robyn DeHart The couple from the first book is mentioned here, but the book itself can stand alone.Alistair is part of the Seven, a group of spies who work for the crown He sdifferent He s anti social, thinks outside the box, didn t speak until he was like eight His fellow spies know his value, and they [...]

  4. Is love the code for which there is no way to decipher the emotion Miss Winifred Wilmington had not planned on an adventure but that is certainly what she wound up having one dark and stormy night Being stranded on the side of the road in a broken carriage is bad enough but to be rescued by Alistair Devlin, Marquess of Coventry had the potential to be much worse or perhaps so much than her wildest dreams could envision He is a man with a wicked reputation and rumors swirling about his misdeeds, [...]

  5. This is book 2 in the Masquerading Mistresses series.Winifred and her maid are stranded on the side of the road when Alistair, the Marquess of Coventry, comes to their rescue With no other options, they accepted the help and stay with Alistair until they can travel again Winifred finds herself attracted to Alistair and instead of fighting it, Winifred gives into it Her betrothed had jilted her and started spreading rumors Since she was paying for crimes that she didn t commit, why not actually d [...]

  6. Short and sweet, For Her Spy Only was a lovely historical romance novella I really liked this quick and enjoyable read.Both characters were great Winifred was a kind hearted, likable character who was devoted to her son, who had a speech impediment he inherited from his father Alistair, who was brilliant with numbers and not so great with words and people, was sweet in his own way I liked them both.The romance was sweet, though kind of shallow, even for a novella But, I thought it was very sweet [...]

  7. short and sweet, for a novella it is a great read The relationship is of course not as developed as it could have been were this a full length novel but the story has all it needs to be an enticing read I enjoyed it and it s characters.

  8. Interesting romance spy story very quick story that would have been better as a longer novel as it felt rushed.

  9. Our story begins on a dark and stormy night really does in 1808 Winifred Wilmingham and her maid are stranded in a broken carriage during a snowstorm After waiting for the footman to return with help, to no avail, another carriage comes along and the occupant, Alistair Devlin, offers the women assistance Alistair, the Marquess of Coventry, doesn t have the best reputation and is infamously known as a recluse, but accepting his help will prevent Winifred and her maid from freezing to death Inexpl [...]

  10. The 2nd novella in Robyn DeHart s Masquerading Mistresses is a fun follow up to Remy and Emma s story This is a standalone though so there s no need to have read the first one but you ll have missed out on a bit of happiness if you don t Like Remy and Emma s story, this installment has the couple with a clandestine meeting a few years earlier in this case it s 6 years earlier After being left at the alter Winifred Wilmington just wants to get away Once she s on her way though, her carriage break [...]

  11. A quick paced, romance rich, novella that will hook you from start to finish On a snowy Christmas Eve, Winifred finds herself stranded beside the road with little hope of a rescuer When the notorious Alistair, Marquess of Coventry, comes along, she has little choice but to go with him to his estate to wait out the storm She finds herself quite attracted to him, though his manner is less than amicable When the opportunity arises, Winifred decides to take advantage of the situation, and her alread [...]

  12. This is a very quick read I read it on a Saturday morning before even getting out of bed, What can I say It s summer and it made for a very nice start to my day Both Winifred and Alistair are, in their own ways, different from the norm Winifred was left at the altar by a man who then proceeded to trash her reputation in society After a late night rescue during a snow storm, she decided to earn her reputation at least for a night or until the storm ended, whichever she was willing to make that sa [...]

  13. Alistair Devlin, Marquess of Coventry, is a brilliant, if peculiar man who does not suffer fools He feels he is above the base needs and emotions the rest of humanity falls prey to He works for the Crown as a spy and code breaker Under the hard crust he shows the world is a caring, loyal and vulnerable man.They met when he rescued Winifred Wilmington and her maid during a terrible snow storm They had a brief affair while the snow was blowing Fast forward six years and he is looking for a map mak [...]

  14. Alistair Devlin, the Marques of Coventry, is a different kind of hero He is a genius, England s top code breaker, supposedly murdered his wife hermit, but he has the emotional depth of Mr Spock Emotions are a waste of air space in his small world, so try to understand them Miss Winifred Wilmington is a jilted at the altar bride rud to be a harlot by her jilted groom On Christmas Eve of 1806, these 2 meet via a snow storm fall into his bed for an early Santa s present to themselves Now it s 6 yea [...]

  15. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of For Her Spy Only in exchange for my review.Six years ago, Winifred decided that if she had the reputation then she was going to act on it Shocked by her brazenness, Alistair finds himself attracted to her like no other woman After time passes, Alistair finds himself working on a case that leads him to Winifred s door without him even knowing Once again finding himself intrigued by the woman who s helping with Alistair propo [...]

  16. Rating 4 1 2Posted on What I m ReadingA couple of days ago I read For Her Spy Only by Robyn DeHart, and I must say that I did enjoy the story a lot Now this is the second story in Masquerading Mistresses Since this is a novella, I m just going to jump in why I liked the story First off, I liked Winifred and Alistair Both of them are unique characters You have Winifred who is understanding and actually shows Alistair patiences Alistair is a particular guy, and he kind shows signs of Aspergers Whi [...]

  17. For a novella, I don t blame the author for rushing the story Even though it was short it was sweet as well I enjoy this story a lot because you don t really read many books where the heroine s child, in this case son, has a learning disability Winifred has definitely a heroine that everyone can come to like and probably overlook not telling the father of her child that he has a son She devoted her love to her son and doesn t feel the hate towards her son who hasn t speak yet She stays on the po [...]

  18. The second book of the Masquerading Mistresses series by Robyn DeHart Miss Winifred Wilmington was jilted at the altar by her fianc and labeled as a wanton Winifred gets stranded on Christmas Eve when Alistair Devlin, Marquess of Coventry offers a ride to his home In her mind s eye, she is ruined In the mist of jest, Winifred engages in a carefree affair with Alistair Mr Devin is peculiar and extremely intelligent individual with some autism tendencies.Six years later, Alistair meets Winifred ag [...]

  19. I love historical romances where the hero or heroine are spies You rarely read stories where the hero is less than perfect and it makes for a refreshing change When we first meet Alistair I thought he was quite rude but as the story goes along you realize he is just awkward his job is as a code breaker, the nerd of his time His quirkiness makes him all the loveable Winifred does not let her past hold her back When she first meets Alistair she decides to just go for it because she deserves a lit [...]

  20. Alistair, Marquess of Coventry, rescues Miss Winifred Wilmington during a blizzard He takes her to his estate and they become lovers When the weather improved, she left End of Story Now six years later he meets her again She is a widow with a young son The desire is still there, but what happens when he learns her secret This novella is filled with romance and suspense Alistair and Winifred are a well matched couple They are not bound by the strict dictates of society They are willing to take a [...]

  21. It was a quick read with a fast engaging plot I did not really fall in love with either character I liked Alistair though with his oddities Winifred herself was sweet and endearing and it was not hard for me to root for her I was not sure if I saw how they fell in love, but I got enough for a happy for now I still enjoyed the journey the author took me on, and I was never bored at any moment which is a fabulous thing I would recommend to lovers of historical romance looking for light but enjoyab [...]

  22. I love this novella Its exactly what I was hoping for when I started reading It s not that unusual a concept, nor does it have very special characters, but what it does have is a great delivery I loved how the story just flowed and seemed so naturally progress.

  23. Love these booksLove these booksRobyn DeHart writes the best books I love her characters they are all a little complicated Alistair and Winifred were here perfect for each other The plus was they have a special child Keep them coming

  24. I loved it A quick, fun read and a great addition to the series The characters were rich layered and I absolutely adored the hero.

  25. 4 starsThe ending was a bit rushed, but I loved the unconventional hero full review soon

  26. ok first off I read this in less then an hour it could of been so much better if it was longer I never fully got a chance to get to know the characters.

  27. I love that Robyn DeHart can put so much into a novella A mystery and a second chance at love, this was a nice treat

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