Surrender the Past

Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns] Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns] - Surrender the Past, Surrender the Past Elinor Abbott was only years old when she and her father left England for America Six years later with war at their doorstep Elinor is being forced to return to her land of birth and a life among

  • Title: Surrender the Past
  • Author: ElizabethJohns
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  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook

Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns], Surrender the Past, ElizabethJohns, Surrender the Past Elinor Abbott was only years old when she and her father left England for America Six years later with war at their doorstep Elinor is being forced to return to her land of birth and a life amongst the aristocracy she abhors A return to England also means facing the man who brutally attacked her as an adolescent Viscount Easton came to the United States at the behesElinor A

Surrender the Past

Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns] Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns] - Surrender the Past, Surrender the Past Elinor Abbott was only years old when she and her father left England for America Six years later with war at their doorstep Elinor is being forced to return to her land of birth and a life among Surrender the Past

  • Surrender the Past Best Download || [ElizabethJohns]
Surrender the Past

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  1. Secrets drive this book There are secrets held by a few that kept me reading and wanting to find out what would happen to Elinor.Six years ago at age 14 Elinor left her home in England to make a new life in America with her diplomat father While grieving for her mother she became the victim of a violent crime Leaving the past and starting anew was what she needed Love, trust, forgiveness, and recovery are themes in this story Elinor struggles through many emotions as she strives to put the past [...]

  2. A wonderful storyWhat a wonderful clean book The storyline was great The beginning was a little slow but it was necessary to introduce the characters I loved how the author handled what had happened I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

  3. SURRENDER THE PAST by Elizabeth Johns is an intriguing Regency Historical Romance set in 1814 America and England 1 in the Loring Abbott series, and what a beginning An intriguing tale With a sexual assault, betrayal, secrets, healing, finding forgiveness, and finding love and happiness A well written tale where with healing comes forgiveness This is a new author to me, but will not be my last read by the author.I believed the author handled the sexual assault on Elinor Abbott as an adolescent, [...]

  4. A Myrt s ReviewSurrender the Past by Elizabeth JohnsA New Series DebutFor a gentle Regency romance, this story takes a strong look at the severe expectations put on women by Society at that time and the relative freedom that men were allowed in comparison The heroine is a lovely intelligent young lady who is living with the secret of a violent assault she suffered as a young girl The hero, a handsome, charming gentleman is struggling with resigning his military commission to take over the duties [...]

  5. Surrender the Past by Elizabeth JohnsBook OneElinor Abbott has an experience on her last night in England that changes her life Her father s work for the king brings them to America and a new life While her father is mourning the loss of his wife, Elly is mourning silently as she becomes stronger and independent Glad to be away from all the rules of Society and the incident As the war gets too close to their plantation, they must return to England The one place where she must face her past that [...]

  6. This is a great book by new author Elizabeth Johns.This is book 1 of what will end up being a great series Can not wait until book 2, book 3 and book 12 if there is one This book is a multi pov based in 1814 The war is here in the Americas and Elinor Abbott is forced to go back home to England that she left when she was only 14 Things were not pleasant when she left and she dreads going back Her father and grandmother are determined that she is to have her season that she does not want Elinor wi [...]

  7. This book is just amazing It s set in the early 1800 s when the United States in still in a war with England Elinor was just 14 when she and her father left England for the Colonies With trouble brewing and her dad off to try and make a truce between the 2, she is having to go back to England and stay with her family that she hasn t seen in 6 yrs Instead of being happy she is dreading it Adam is a major in the army for England and is sent to warn his godfather of the troubles that lie ahead With [...]

  8. This book had a lot of promise and the story line was very interesting, but the writing was choppy, the sentence structure was weird, and the grammatical errors drove me crazy I ended up re writing some of the book in my head I like something light and fluffy to read before I go to sleep, but this book made my brain work even harder to understand what was happening First they were riding horses, then they were dancing without ever having gotten off their horses Also, in the first chapter, the he [...]

  9. This is actually a very good first outing I really enjoyed the story overall The attacker was interesting in that he was hopped up on opium at the time Being drunk is never an excuse for rape, but if one twists one s mind with opium I could see it happening not as a youthful indiscretion, but as an opium induced aberration.Drug addiction is no small matter Because it was opium and not simply alcohol, I can hope that Nathaniel gets his own redemption story.

  10. Rating 2.5As stories go, it was an okay surface story but lacked any richnessd what do I mean by that I don t know How to explain this The story seemed thinly written to meke the difference between rich cream and fat free milk My biggest problem, for example, was that there were things that did not seem period accurate expressions, situations, reactions, thinking, etc I really do not want to read on in the series.

  11. Super book,sometime I cried right along with our ladyI am proud to say this author has all her ducks in a rowis author is at the top of the list of super and unique author in a long time I need to find books that bring you right in to the book live.just as if I was there wonderful

  12. I really liked this book Adam aka major Easton was pretty amazing and handsome with Elinor I wondered if they would ever get together This book is a lot about forgiveness I was really proud of Elinor and the situations she faced.

  13. SadShe try s to pretend everything is fine but is dying inside Life will never be the same Can she ever trust a man again This story begs forgiveness and shows how one act of violence can hurt many people and change lives forever because the scars still remain.

  14. An enjoyable reading experienceA four star rating for this lovely romance that takes place post American Revolution This author takes the tough subject of rape and incorporates it into the story she weaves Handled well during this time period with the message of forgiveness.

  15. Great charactersGreat charactersI enjoyed this a lot Not only was Ellie strong, but she was also vulnerable Not a one dimensional leading lady And I did like how it ended.

  16. Amazing, wow I was so into this I can t even begin to explain how absolutely great this story and the writing is, so I won t even try An absolute must read I highly recommend it.

  17. This Story Is So Good, So Romantic, and So Well Paced IT S BETTER THAN SIPPING COLD ICED TEA ON A HOT SUMMER AFTERNOON This review is from Surrender the Past Loring Abbott Series Book 1 Kindle Edition by Elizabeth JohnsElinor left London for America six years ago after her mother s death and, with her father, headed for America It was supposed to be a brief stay But she loved the Plantation and the life they had there And even though her family her sister and brother and Grandmother were still i [...]

  18. The thing I liked the most about this book, aside from the gentle way a difficult subject is handled is how it shows the ridiculousness of English rules and customs in that time period I love regency books and have always thought, well, that s just how it was But seeing it through Elinor s eyes opened mine to the freedoms we had in America even way back when I also liked how gentle the battle hardened Easton was with the orphans and villagers He was such a good man It is clean, which I appreciat [...]

  19. Surrender the Past, 1 in the Loring Abbott series byElizabeth Johns, is a sweet with one exception see the bottom of my review Regency romance, set in 1814 America This book was Johns debut novel, published in 2014 I ve been admiring the gorgeous cover for a while, and was very happy to finally read it At 294 pages long, this book was the perfect length for me Elinor Abbott, 19, and her father, Sir Charles Abbott, left England for America six years ago for Sir Charles to serve as minister to the [...]

  20. Elizabeth Johns is a new author for me, and Surrender the Past is first in a family series I really did enjoy it and quickly ordered the next three.What was different about this Regency story is that it opens in America during the War of 1812 Sir Charles Abbot has been serving as minister of the king in Washington His daughter Elinor, having left England with him six years ago as a young teen, has easily adjusted and is well accustomed to all things American, literally and socially Because of th [...]

  21. far too many anachronisms to work for meMs Johns sets her story in 1814, but then litters it with inappropriate language idioms e.g personality , wrap my head around , etc Then there are temporal errors like having the groom wear a cutaway coat for a wedding breakfast of that time and her reference to toasts made with flutes of champagne when champagne saucers were the proper glass The worst anachronism, however, is how the family reacts to Ellie s being raped by her cousin It s lovely that John [...]

  22. Surrender the Past is an enjoyable regency romance Elinor grew up as something of a tomboy, and is used to keeping useful during the military conflict between the forces of her native England and those of her current American home When she is thrust into the life of the ton while resignedly going through the motions of her own debut to English society, she feels like a fish out of water Major Adam Trowbridge, aka Lord Easton, is pulling out of the army and returning home to England after his old [...]

  23. This is how a Regency romance should be written With a laser focus on emotional content and actual story rather than sexy times and witty banter, this author pulls out all the stops to create a beautifully written historical romance that I m proud to have read.I liked that the author s focus on story and emotions There actually is no sex in this book and for a very good reason The author takes the time to explore some very emotional and traumatic issues that affect our characters Elly s and Adam [...]

  24. I think it is a rare instance when you are introduced to a new author and feel like you ve hit the jackpot Not just a new to me author, Elizabeth Johns nails it with her touching and emotional debut novel Elinor Abbot is beautiful, intelligent, independent and scarred Rebuilding her life and self after suffering a staggering loss compounded by a brutal attack when she was a child, she is happily removed to America way from all that she abhorred She misses nothing of her life in England except he [...]

  25. For me, this was a sweet romance with a slightly grey undertone not dark It wasn t your normal H h meet, fall in love, have angst, fix problem, and live HEA The heroine who is British is happy in her home in America when the British bring attacks to her area Her father s godson now a Lord is finishing one last task before heading home to buy out of the military by delivering a message to his godfather He gets shot and stabbed by a commander before he s able to leave and the heroine gets put on a [...]

  26. Good book I would read another one by the same author and being that this is a series I do believe I will Pros Fast read Good story Nothing to really dislike about itexcept Beatrice I REALLY dislike Beatrice Good romance and clean I really like how all of the older folks were scheming to get Adam and Elinor together Thought provoking.Cons A few little grammatical things Nothing you can t get past though I never really got into the characters Usually I get extremely invested in them but for some [...]

  27. Sometimes we have to surrender the past before we can make our path to the future This was a lovely story that focuses on the path of healing The main character Elinor has skeletons in her closet Her dreams haunt her and she feels nauseous around men and is afraid of them An attack on her person has caused her distrust of men Elinor takes some getting used to, especially in the beginning, her personality seemed a little bit lacking She was a bit bratty However as the story progresses, it is quit [...]

  28. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It was nice to read a historical book and not cringe all the time at how the women were treated back then Elly was a tomboy at heart and she spoke her mind without thinking she was brave and funny and i loved watching her grow she did have to go through some cattyness but at the same time i thought she brushed it off well and she didnt care what people thought of her I loved easton he was the knight in shinning armor type of guy and all he wanted was Elly t [...]

  29. This is book one of The Loring Abbott Series This was a very interesting story that dealt with two people who were battling their own demons One dealing with a sexual assault and one dealing with the cruelties of war The hero and heroine were both strong in their own right The characters were well developed, complex and very likable This story had a nice blend of drama, deep emotion, humor, along with a couple of villains and a sweet romance I was drawn into the story very easily and was thoroug [...]

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