The Sixth Man

The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein] The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein] - The Sixth Man, The Sixth Man It s basketball season And for once triple threat Alex Myers is not the one in the spotlight There s a new new guy in town and Max Bellotti promises to turn the Lions losing streak around and lead t

  • Title: The Sixth Man
  • Author: John Feinstein
  • ISBN: 9780385753524
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook

The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein], The Sixth Man, John Feinstein, The Sixth Man It s basketball season And for once triple threat Alex Myers is not the one in the spotlight There s a new new guy in town and Max Bellotti promises to turn the Lions losing streak around and lead the team to a conference title Alex is psyched but some of the older guys on the team resent being benched in favor of an upstart freshman Team morale is rocky at best AnIt s basketball

The Sixth Man

The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein] The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein] - The Sixth Man, The Sixth Man It s basketball season And for once triple threat Alex Myers is not the one in the spotlight There s a new new guy in town and Max Bellotti promises to turn the Lions losing streak around and lead t The Sixth Man

  • The Sixth Man Best Read || [John Feinstein]
    160John Feinstein
The Sixth Man

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  1. Overall good book It was an easy read for me even though I am normally reluctant to read because the book described the basketball games to where I could envision them in my head I think this book is also realistic from a character aspect because I could make inferences about the characters easily, like Zane Wakefield for example From the start, I could tell he was a mean kid He turned out to be nice in the end, though 5 5 Stars for anyone interested in the game of basketball.

  2. I like this book because most books are the superstar number one player but Alex has to work for his spot and still does not play a lot but he still comes in the clutch.

  3. In the end the person that broke Alex s wrist, had trouble being Max s teammate, and was a jerk to the whole team made the winning shot to win the state championship I thought that that was kind of cool because earlier Zane was turning into a better person Then, he wins the state Championship I thought that the author did a great job with making the story seem real All the stuff about Max being gay, teams taking sides, and then having them all come together at the end The only negative thing abo [...]

  4. Very good book, middle grade appropriate Yes, there is a character who is gay, but the situation with him being on the basketball team was very realistic Some of the guys were very understanding and supportive, some of the guys were jerks I did think the part where random protesters came to the high school games and threw things at the character were a bit much, but it could happen My students have liked this there s still a lot of basketball despite the social issues.

  5. This was a great sports book, second in the series by John Feinstein I am not a sports person but thoroughly enjoyed the story Exciting plot line, lots of action, and I learned a lot about basketball.Robert loved it too.

  6. 1.My novel was about a basketball player Alex who is a freshman and is trying to make the varsity team After earning his spot on the team, a kid named Max who is the best player on the team moves into town But Alex and the whole team have to deal with adversity when Max comes out as being gay This makes it hard for the team to play against good teams while trying to get a championship So the team has to work hard and focus or they won t win a chamionship.2.I gave it a five because the plot was t [...]

  7. The book The Sixth Man by John Feinstein was a very good book if you like basketball or you want to be motivated in some way This book had a lot of good parts where the main character Alex and his teammates had started to bond right before there championship game where they had went on to win the game after the team had nearly divided and had split up I really liked this book and it was one of my favorite books this year My favorite part was on page 288 when they had finally came together as a t [...]

  8. I loved the book the Sixth Man There is a lot of twists in the plot starting with Alex not being liked by his coach because his coach doesn t like football players Coach Archer gets over the football player part and then Alex breaks his hand because Zane Wakefield doesn t handle the fact very well that Alex is better than him The team is lousy even though Alex and Jonas play well Then a kid named Max Bellotti comes and he s great and averages 20 a game The team is winning, but the seniors don t [...]

  9. After Alex finishes his football season, Ales starts his basketball season Tons of drama start with the basketball team Older kids on the team arent happy that Alex is taking their spots, the coach doesn t like football players, and their team isn t very good Alex learns to like his coach and his coach likes him back Next their team starts wining becuase Alex is playing But then a new kid comes in who is super good names Max MAx comes out that he is gay and all heck brake sloose with the media P [...]

  10. The sixth man is all around a good book that goes along with a well rounded series.Alex Mayer a 9th grade boy who just moved to a new town from Boston and became an immediate football star leading his team to the state championship but now he had a much harder challenge.The basketball team was horrible and everybody knew it.Alex and his friend Jonas were stuck on JV and had to earn there way to Varsity.When they get there many problems break out and they have to come together as one to win.

  11. This book was about a boy name alex who was in the football team in highschool last season Now he is in basketball team for this season His dad and mom are fixing thier files on deforcing But his mom went to a date with alexis coach archer I think this book is good because its interesting in every chapter For example he broke his arm on the practice id like to recommend it to teens because it has some romance stuff in it.

  12. Alex is a prodigy on the court field In this second story in The Triple Threat trilogy, it s the court and his sport is basketball Feinstein combines good sports action with high drama both on and off the court Alex has to contend with a new family situation and a new home He has to deal with injuries, and juggling basketball, school, friends and family And his team has to deal with elite competition under a new coach, new teammates, and dissension among some of those teammates Feinstein brings [...]

  13. When playing on any team you know that sitting on the bench isn t much fun, but when the time for you to play give it all you got.

  14. Absolutely loved the book So well written This is the second book in the series it would be better to read them in order My nephews 13 and 12 years enjoyed this book too.

  15. I really like this book because it was unique and interesting and that the kid pushed himself to succeed to enjoy basketball and becoming a starter

  16. This was a very good book because the author used such good description , that it made me feel like I was watching the games from the sideline as the seconds tick away Further, It also made each of the characters very relate able and it almost felt like you knew them All in all, The Sixth Man By John Feinstein is a very good book.

  17. A teenage boy named Alex is now a basketball player after not leading his team to the championship game After meeting his new basketball coach and telling him about his life, his starting to noticed that when his dad left his mom and him, his coach and his mom starts dating I like this book because I m a basketball lover as well I also like this book because I like it how the author use romance in a sport book.

  18. The book the Sixth Man is a story about a high schooler named Alex who is a freshman on the varsity team When one of his star teammates comes out gay, the story completely changes I liked this book because it had many cliffhangers and exciting moments that make you want to cheer I would definitely recommend this book to someone who loves sports.

  19. The Sixth Man by John Feinstein is about the Triple Threat Alex Myers, and the new kid in town, Max Bellotti Their school basketball team, The Lions, is on a losing streak Max joins the team and says that he will help turn this losing streak into a winning streak and that he will be the person that leads them to the conference title There s one problem, the older kids on the team don t like that the freshmen are playing while they re on the bench So, there is a lot of conflict on this team, and [...]

  20. I really, really, REALLY, liked this book It caught the actions and movements of a basketball player in it, and it was truly amazing I really hope that in the future he will write books like this because I really enjoyed reading it But first things first you have to read the first book first Otherwise nothing will make sense I really enjoyed this book because I could relate to Alex, Jonas and Max because I am in basketball for my school, and I really hope that one day, I can become something be [...]

  21. Football season has ended for the Chester Heights Lions, and basketball has begin But triple threat, Alex Myers, and his best friend Jonas Ellington, find it hard to find acceptance on the court from their teammates, several of whom resent the fact that they haven t been practicing with the team After a rocky start with the hard nosed coach, Evan Archer, Alex and Jonas join the varsity, and Alex becomes the point guard Although he doesn t start, he gets quite a bit of playing time When talented [...]

  22. The main character at the beginning in Alex who plays football and basketball He starts out playing on the JV basketball team because his football season ran late into the basketball season due to state football games He was put on the JV team so he could prove himself to the coach he was worth varsity and he was worth it It only took him a few days to change the coaches mind About mid basketball season a basketball player named Max transfers to the school and is a freshman who excels with his b [...]

  23. Do you like sport books that includes teenager characters as main characters Do you like sport books with sideline and court drama Well The sixth man by John Feinstein is a perfect book for you The author writes his book in 1st person and 3rd person with a hint of second person And adds in some detail about Alex s family drama on the side So it s not just all about basketball Alex and Jonas, the two best friends end with losing in the state playoff football game and miss tryouts, but meets with [...]

  24. Football season has ended with a hard lost, which came down to the final play with only.3 seconds Alex Myers was the quaterback, he held the faith of the game in his hands As he called out the play a surge of excitement hit him as the ball was hiked to him, the clock ran down and the pressure went up and as soon as Alex was about to send the ball flying towards the end zone, a rushing linebacker ran down Alex and ending the game with Alex losing the game Now basketball has started and now, and a [...]

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