South of Hell

[PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish [PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish - South of Hell, South of Hell Dig up the past Pay the price With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a distu

  • Title: South of Hell
  • Author: P.J. Parrish
  • ISBN: 9781416525882
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish, South of Hell, P.J. Parrish, South of Hell Dig up the past Pay the price With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a disturbing cold case and finds himself confronting his own painful past secretscrets that risk his future with the woman he loves detective Joe Frye Ann Arbor polic Dig up the past Pay the p

South of Hell

[PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish [PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish - South of Hell, South of Hell Dig up the past Pay the price With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a distu South of Hell

  • [PDF] South of Hell | by ☆ P.J. Parrish
    254P.J. Parrish
South of Hell

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  1. I ll say it again, this series just keeps getting better and better PI Louis Kincaid heads back to Michigan in this story at the request of a homicide investigator who wants his input on a missing person case that Louis worked nine years ago Of course the question is why is homicide working a missing person case and as Louis discovers there is a whole lot to this case than what meets the eye Joelle is already back in Michigan working as undersheriff in Echo Bay and is a critical piece in helpin [...]

  2. SOUTH OF HELL Pub 2008 by P.J Parrish was an enjoyable read This was my first time reading a book by Parrish a sisters writing team and I will definitely read of their work The authors have a smooth writing style, and the story moves at a good pace The story opens in an intriguing way, and largely held my interest all the way through It is about a 16 yr old girl named Amy, who has been living with an elderly aunt, until the aunt dies Amy is driven to return to her childhood home on a farm in Mi [...]

  3. This book had a lot of twist and turns in it Louis is call by a cop in Michigan to help with a cold case Louis decides to go help him but soon learns this cop isn t telling him the truth The missing women in the case has ties to the cop and Louis almost doesn t help him but something intrigued him with this one.

  4. I actually didn t finish I had read another Parrish book I liked so picked this up But the story main characters weren t compelling enough to put up with the asshole character So many of these guys in real life I just couldn t get in the mood Maybe its my age

  5. SOUTH OF HELL by PJ ParrishThere is a Hell on earth In this case, it s just northwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan along route 32 If you re not familiar with the Louis Kincaid mysteries or P.J Parrish, the author is are two women sisters So, if I want to reference the writer s , I will use plurals like the authors or the ladies and not perpetuate the fantasy that P.J is one person.I liked a lot about this book, but there were a couple of glaring things with which I take strong exception Perhaps it s j [...]

  6. Great Crime Fiction With A Thought Provoking Social Edge This is my first brush with the character PI Louis Kincaid and by now he his into his ninth adventure, with the tenth case seemingly to be his last, as the author is launching a new character later in the year.In this instance though, I have no real urge to go back and read all Louis s earlier cases and history, not because it isn t a fantastic series, which it is, but because this book works great as a stand alone novel, and by now the ch [...]

  7. Okay, also mit dem Buch haben sie mich irgendwie voll verarscht Der Klappentext klang interessant, der Fall an sich sowieso und Thriller sind immer gut Naja, meistens Da ich allerdings eine Aversion gegen alle m glichen la li Lovestories habe, die absolut keinen Sinn machen, f r die Handlung des Romans KOMPLETT unwichtig sind und oder absolut an den Haaren herbeigezogen sind, habe ich das Buch mal oberfl chlich durchgebl ttert, ob ich etwas entdecke, das mich gleich angewidert abwinken l sst Abe [...]

  8. I never knew there was a Hell in Michigan Apparently there is, and so South of Hell is also a place and one that s not making it onto my must visit list anytime soon Not as long as I still have the heebie jeebies from reading this book, that is.Louis Kincaid former cop, current private investigator is asked to return to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to help a cop solve a missing person case that s nine years old When he gets there, he realizes that this was a case he d looked at, and filed under ran away [...]

  9. This is my first PJ Parrish book I found the characters of the investigators Louis Kincaid and Joette Frye highly interesting The bad guy, Owen Brandt is a really bad guy Such monsters do walk among us and very few get what they deserve There are a lot of harsh memories entwined to make this a very good story, but hard to read You ll never look at an old farm house in the country the same way again.The historical and personal perspectives regarding the underground railroad were a surprise, since [...]

  10. South of Hell by P.J ParrishParrish or should it be Parrishes have crafted another entertaining thriller Once again, Louis Kincaid a former cop who now is a P.I is ensnared in OPP other peoples problems These problems involve maturity, death, philandering, friendship, love and perhaps a tiny pinch of the occult Louis s friend Mel plays a very small part in this book His failing health saddens Louis Louis s girl friend is going to run for sheriff in Michigan This driving of roots makes Louis awar [...]

  11. With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago, South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a disturbing cold case and finds himself confronting his won painful past secretscrets that risk his future with the woman he loves, detective Joe Frye.Ann Arbor police detective Jake Shockey wants Kincaid s help in the case of Jean Brandt, who went missing nine years ago and whose husband Owen, has since been paroled Now, Owen Brandt [...]

  12. This is a Louis Kincaid book There are several stories going on in this mystery novel I can t tell too much because there would be spoilers He and Joe have problems during this book, but may get things settled Louis ends up in Michigan where he d gone to college to help out a police officer on a cold case Someone has been missing, presumed dead, for many years Now the officer wants the answers Louis becomes acquainted with two girls, one an adolescent and the other younger His life becomes inter [...]

  13. A lot of these novels seem to include things that happened in the past They hold quite a bit of black slavery history At least the most recent ones I read did I also find that the relationship between Joe and Louis is far from healthy and makes me wonder if it can last a lifetime They both seem to have so many ghosts and skeletons in their closets And communication between them is almost non existent It almost makes me cringe to read about it At least the bastard in thus one totally got what he [...]

  14. The latest in the series featuring PI Louis Kincaid and his girlfriend, undersheriff Jo Frye.They investigate the case of Jean Brandt, who disappeared nine years earlier, a few miles south of the town called Hell, Also seeking her is her violent husband and a homicide detective Unexpectedly arriving on the scene is the ethereal Amy, the Brandt s missing daughter The unearthing of a skeleton of a female slave from 1800 s adds a further dimension.A satisfying conclusion neatly weaves past abd pres [...]

  15. As usual the sisters from the Detroit area known as P.J.Parrish deliver a thriller Hell is Hell,Michigan and it is fascinating to read about areas that are familiar I too am from the Detroit suburbs Louis Kincaid s personal life is meshed with the mystery he and his girlfriend Joe are investigating The sweetness and innocense of the two young girls in the story help to lighten the dark and brutal happenings that are found to have taken place at this desolate farm.

  16. This novel was set in Hell, Michigan and a great deal of it took place in real life locations in Ann Arbor, Michiganwhere I was raised I like Louis Kincaid in a general sense He s a PI who has had some hits in his life and some misses and moved to Florida to work as a detective He returns to Ann Arbor, where he previously worked as a police officer to help solve a mystery with a paranormal bent.

  17. So I m now being honest about my book reading These PJ Parrish books came directly from my grandma, who recommends them highly And for whatever reason I started reading the series, and was hooked I usually don t read her other paperbacks that she recommends, but these are fun, murder mystery stories Quick read,and a pretty decent series I think I ll actually start a Juanita bookshelf for her recommendations.

  18. This is another new author to me, found on a second hand book stall It does make me wonder what will happen, as people read e books I enjoyed this, particularly because it was set in Michigan, where I grew up As crime fiction goes, I could imagine this happening and I liked that even though it made it horrible in a way and left me feeling profoundly sad It was an interesting twist to learn some of the history of the area, too I will have a look at other books by this author.

  19. I enjoyed the book, especially the Michigan setting, and history from the 1800 s It was gruesome if you dwelt on the descriptions and causes of death.Stubborn Joe and the stoic Louis are still struggling with their own romantic relationship amid heinous crimes, children and cold cases It seems I am reading in reverse as I read 11 already

  20. South of Hell by P.J Parrish, A Florida detective is asked to come back to Michigan where he went to collage to reopen a cold case The emotions run deep as we enter past and present The story is Well written I enjoyed the history aspect involving the underground railroad The story is deep and chilling at times.I great read I highly recommend I really enjoyed this book

  21. This book caught my eye because it s set in around Hell, Michigan and I am a Michigander It was well written, kept me engaged all the way through with lots of twists turns in the plot, and the historical aspects regarding the underground railroad were really interesting Throw in some pretty good humor as well I give this murder mystery two thumbs up.

  22. Ugh Gave this book until page 62 Chapter 9 to hook me and it failed miserably Too many mundane details that had nothing to do with the case, i.e ordering burgers in a strange way Who cares The story just did not move along and with the title like South of Hell I expected a good thriller Boring and tedious.My first unfinished for 2010.

  23. Another great outing for Louis Kincaid who finds himself out of Florida and back in Michigan unofficially working a cold case Parrish is always a good place to turn when you need a gripping mystery to take you away from your own life for a day This one is particularily well written No spoilers here so if you want to know the plot you ll have to read it yourself

  24. The past life recollections were a bit unbelievable especially after finding out the child wasn t even the daughter of the guy who was the descendant of the murdered slave Let s keep it real Otherwise, a pretty good murder mystery.

  25. Wow P.J Parrish has done it again The early books of the Louis Kincaid adventures were good, but the latter books have been tremendous Read them if you enjoy really well written murder mysteries.

  26. Buried bodies Domestic abuse, jealousy and slave ancestors Is a little girl mixing reality with her personal history, or was she a murdered slave in a past case The ending lets you decide, but its interesting crime story anyway.

  27. PJ Parrish has a raw style I really enjoyed The language was perfect even though occasionally obscene and the settings were strong and vibrant to the imagination I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  28. PJ Parrish is just good readin There has not been one of the sisters books that I have not given 5 stars to I believe The Louis Kincaid character is one that a reader can easily buddy up to and looks forward to getting to know and

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