The Patriot Paradox

The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont] The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont] - The Patriot Paradox, The Patriot Paradox When ex CIA analyst Kurt Vetter receives a mysterious package of encrypted files from his dead brother he s drawn back into the world of international intrigue he thought he had left behind forever T

  • Title: The Patriot Paradox
  • Author: William Esmont
  • ISBN: 75898
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook

The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont], The Patriot Paradox, William Esmont, The Patriot Paradox When ex CIA analyst Kurt Vetter receives a mysterious package of encrypted files from his dead brother he s drawn back into the world of international intrigue he thought he had left behind forever The files lead him to London where he meets Amanda Carter an enigmatic woman from his brother s past With Amanda s help he uncovers a rogue CIA plot to detonate a nuclear bWhen e

The Patriot Paradox

The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont] The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont] - The Patriot Paradox, The Patriot Paradox When ex CIA analyst Kurt Vetter receives a mysterious package of encrypted files from his dead brother he s drawn back into the world of international intrigue he thought he had left behind forever T The Patriot Paradox

  • The Patriot Paradox Best Read || [William Esmont]
    397William Esmont
The Patriot Paradox

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  1. I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway on 02 19 2011 and received it on 02 24 2011 Let me start this off by saying that I am not a fan of authors I ve never read It is almost like a fear of rejection I don t want to waste my time on a book that is going to stink and I want a refund from This viewpoint sometimes makes it a little difficult to find things to read if my usual authors don t have anything new out William Esmont has completely blown that to smithereens I had never read anyth [...]

  2. Mike Vetter has taken something that doesn t belong to him He s being tracked by co workers who would rather see him dead than allow him to leak the information he has taken from them In no time at all, his life is over but not before he sends the package to his brother, Kurt This special package finds its way to Kurt, giving birth to a wild journey overseas Kurt locates a woman, Amanda, and together they try to solve a conspiracy within the CIA, if they can stay alive long enough to do it.Esmon [...]

  3. Splendidly written novel exciting, superior characterization and a plot one simply cannot resist a must read When Kurt hears of his brother s deathd a mysterious package sent to him amazing race against time takes placeperb and fast paced I loved the plot as well as the strong female co lead read great location detailsLondon, Paris, Moscow Rick FriedmanFounderTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

  4. Article first published as Book Review The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont on Blogcritics.Drawn back into a world of espionage by the death of his brother Mike, Kurt Vetter is already suffering the loss of his wife and child, Kurt is doing his best to forget his prior life A plea from his mother brings him back to the states, to just one pain filled memory The death of his only brother Following the funeral, Kurt receives a package from Mike a package Kurt now knows caused his death He is imm [...]

  5. I have to say, when I initially saw the length of this novel, I was skeptical about much could really lie within less than three thousand Kindle locations Color me surprised, then, when Esmont delivered a hard, driven story with a complex conspiracy and an unexpected emotional range.This novel had me constantly agitated, afraid for the fates of various characters as rogue CIA agents set about eliminating obstacles to their nefarious plot The amount of information gleaned from simple communicatio [...]

  6. The Patriot Paradox is a thrill ride of conspiracy and sabotage Fearing for his life, Mike Vetter sends his brother sensitive information, making him the target of a rogue group of CIA agents who plan to annihilate Russia with a nuclear missile.The plot is strong, I like the basic premise and though it s not exactly an original idea, Esmont has thought out events carefully The detail he uses seem genuine which gives the plot a sense of possibility The action is fast paced as Kurt and Amanda run [...]

  7. To start with, the plot is remarkably good Ex CIA analyst Kurt Vetter has just lost his family his wife and daughter over a road accident He hasn t recovered yet from this loss, he receives another bad news His brother, whom he loves so much, Mike Vetter was killed in a carjacking gone wrong Well, that was the official cause of death though just before the funeral, a package was delivered to him containing a classified information the package was from his dead brother sent the day he was killed [...]

  8. The Patriot Paradox starts off with a bang literally there s a murder and then takes off on a non stop race from Peru to Washington, DC, London, and Moscow Along the way there are spies, double agents, terrorists, and a nuclear bomb Reluctant hero Kurt Vetter teams up with Amanda Carter to locate the bomb and stop its detonation.I really enjoyed this book The writing is clear and vivid, and I could easily visualize the action unfolding as if on a movie screen I would be interested in reading if [...]

  9. Won this through the Giveaways.This may appear to be a relatively short book as thrillers go but my god it packs a punch The story follows Kurt Vetter as he tries to deal with the lose of his brother and the subsequent conspiracy he gets drawn into as he receives a disc of classified information which cost his brother his life Although the story has been told in various guises before but then again that s that what thrillers are all about, the government conspiracies and the little guy battling [...]

  10. Like most genre fiction, spy thrillers have their tried and true formulas, generally involving a conspiracy to uncover that left unchecked will mean, if not the end of the world, a disastrous outcome of some kind Suspension of disbelief is required is there any James Bond plot anyone truly believes could happen I m sure there are plot elements that push individual readers beyond what they re willing to believe, but readers prone to object to this probably stay away from the genre.Although spy th [...]

  11. William Esmont s The Patriot Paradox is a action packed story that grabs you from the beginning and does not let go till the actions culminates in the end scenes It starts with a man searching for a location from which to post a package to someone What happens to him draws the reader in to the action and the question has to what has he mailed It is a story of a rogue group in our government who in their own way is still fighting the Cold War it falls to an unlikely hero Kurt and a mysterious wom [...]

  12. from Murphy s Library rated 3 and a half thereThe Patriot Paradox is a great thriller Kurt Vetter s brother, Mike, was a CIA agent who got caught with privileged information about a rough path of the CIA agency that was planning a big conspiracy against a country With the evidence his brother gathered before getting killed, Kurt starts an emotional and rushed action trying to discover everything that lead to his brother death The super intelligent Amanda Carter, Mike s friend, is there to help h [...]

  13. I was lucky enough to win a copy of The Patriot Paradox in a Librarything Giveaway.After reading Elements of the Undead Ominbus by the same author, I had high expectations for this novel, and was not disappointed William Esmont has a wonderful writing style, with a knack for drawing out suspense he keeps the reader effortlessly engaged with the plot that he tugs along at breakneck speed.The Patriot Paradox is essentially a race against time the reader doesn t necessarily know this from the outse [...]

  14. 4.5 stars, Typical government conspiracy top secret plan manhunt death a friend with vast connections high tech gadgets saving the world story.What I like about this is that it s easy to read with only minimal eye strain thanks to its large enough font size ,easy to grasp and understand,the book itself is lightweight with a great looking glossy cover.It immediately starts off with a chasee characters springs into action at the very beginning and won t let you down til the very last page.You ll b [...]

  15. Two brothers.dangerous jobs agedies.Kurt and Mike Vetter both were employed in dangerous jobsMike knew something was in the works and mailed secret information to his brother s house so it wouldn t be found in his home When Kurt opened the package and scanned the disk, he knew he had to find out what this classified information meant, and he left for London to try to find out When he landed in London, so did the enemy Kurt was being trailed, but didn t know it.Kurt had to find Amanda, the only c [...]

  16. I received this free audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review This is a fast paced, action packed conspiracy techno thriller involving a rogue U.S government group who must be stopped as they deal with the Cold War on their own terms I found this book difficult to turn off just wanted to find out what would happen next Kevin Pierce does an excellent job as narrator and I found him easy to listen to The book has a cliffhanger ending and I will be reading the next book in the Rel [...]

  17. Unlike some of the other free downloads I ve read, this one actually shows some potential The plot and characters are good, and the writing doesn t feel amateur ish The biggest difference between Esmont s book and those by, say, Vince Flynn, is complexity Flynn s books have multiple plot lines interwoven that connect later in the story, while The Patriot Paradox is much simpler Still, I liked what was there.

  18. Giveaway Overall, I enjoyed this story I wish the end had been a little longer with a little detail But, with it s cliffhanger ending, it leaves the reader looking forward to the sequel Ps Thanks for the book William

  19. When I m not writing or working at my day job, I m reading William Esmont has written an engaging spy thriller that keeps you reading page after page His references make sense and his characters are real A fun, fast paced read I loved it

  20. Good plot, though it was helped by a few conveniences A good summer read, especially for the.99 price in the kindle store.

  21. Great story from a new author Fast paced action thriller Lean, get to the punch line writing style Can t wait for Episode II of the Kurt Amanda series Definitely a good read

  22. Good thriller Former CIA analyst Kurt Vetter gets a hold of some classified information after his brother is killed that leads to a terrorist plot against Russia He enlists the aid of Amanda Carter, a woman associated with his brother with an unknown background Good plot line, however, there seemed to be a few gaps where the story advances without understanding all the clues as to how it happened There were also and very noticeable on audio version , too many character responses of okay There we [...]

  23. I immensely enjoyed the book The beginning is intriguing and invites the reader to read on The plot is well constructed and logical with the twist that both changes the way the events unfold and the way reader is looking at the story The book reads really smoothly, I didn t have to put much effort into moving from one page to another I don t want to say by this that the language was at such a low level because it wasn t I loved how skillfully author wrote the story, the language in my opinion ha [...]

  24. Mike s last thoughts, of his wife and children, flew through the back of his skull at four hundred and fifty feet per second The last sentence of the first chapter I was hooked Mike iswasMike Vetter, a CIA agent, likely killed by his own people His brother, Kurt, himself a former CIA analyst, rushed home from Peru, where he was escaping the tragedy of the sudden death of his wife and daughter Instead of mourning for his brother, he was thrust into what Mike was unable to complete before his deat [...]

  25. Only a short book of around 250 or so pages, I wondered just how much action could be packed in to such a small volume, just how well the characters could be developed.Covering 4 countries America, England, France and Russia the action was certainly all go Full of various different government agencies, intelligence and counterintelligence, the author certainly managed to pack a lot in.Quite scary in places, just how much information can be had at the touch of a button was terrifying and yet tota [...]

  26. Patriot Paradox by W EsmontThe last thing Kurt Vetter expected to hear was that Mike was dead Since he was on a vacation trying to recover from the death of his wife and daughter this was not good news His older brother, the one who played by the rules , worked in Washington and the one Kurt had always looked up to gone Stranger than that was the manner of death, run down In the burbs Not likely The Kurt pokes the worse things get until, with very secret documents that had been mailed to him mi [...]

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