Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee] Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee] - Noah, Noah Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere In hours I lost everything I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man The next day a plane crash ripped my f

  • Title: Noah
  • Author: Cara Dee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee], Noah, Cara Dee, Noah Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere In hours I lost everything I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man The next day a plane crash ripped my family away from me shattering me in the process In many ways I died that day too The fun loving man who d lived in the fast lane and loved his career in the film industHave you ever woken up a


Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee] Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee] - Noah, Noah Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere In hours I lost everything I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man The next day a plane crash ripped my f Noah

  • Noah Best Read || [Cara Dee]
    258Cara Dee

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  1. 3.75 StarsNoah is a 40 year old film producer.He returns home from a job earlier than expected to find his girlfriend of 4 years with another man.The next day his family are killed in a plane crash not a spoiler,it s in the book blurb Unsurprisingly he falls into deep despair and finds comfort in drink.The only family member he has left is his dead sisters stepson,Julian.He hasn t had too much interaction with him over the years until he turns up for the Memorial Service.Julian,23 is a complex y [...]

  2. 4.5 I didn t fall in love with this book until Paris At the beginning, there s grief and tears, and cheating ex girlfriends Noah wants to do right by his nephew Julian, but following an unspeakable tragedy, he can barely get out of bed and shower Julian is Noah s older sister s stepson She raised him, and he calls her mom, but he is not related to Noah, who s been so busy living the Hollywood life he hasn t seen Julian in years Noah was never a true uncle he barely knows Julian when Julian, now [...]

  3. 3.5 Stars Mehis one didn t do much for me I never really connected to Noah or Julian Every time jump was less on page time they spent together connecting Yeah, Paris helped Some But by the time we got there I had already checked out, so it didn t save it for me Something about the writing was off too Choppy Monotone Something.I didn t really like being in Noah s head the whole time either It seemed to be the same thoughts over and over again The sex was hot, I ll give it that But ultimately ther [...]

  4. Cara Dee nailed this one NAILED it I have enjoyed the Aftermath series and Public Display of Everything, but this was special Without any dramatic plot twists or suspense, it is the perfect blend of realism and emotion that really touched me That, and the great writing.The author couldn t have chosen a better title This book is all about Noah Being inside his head was an absolute delight and I loved every minute of it He s all in, or all out He s a romantic but rational as well He will give you [...]

  5. I loved this book just as much the second time around Brilliant Original Review, June 2016 Does love conquer all No, but I believe it gives us what we need in order to fight And so it does Noah is a gorgeous story by an author who has managed to become a favorite of mine, very quickly I, easily, got lost in the imagery and the feelings of loss and of love Noah has a tragic beginning of betrayal of a lover and then the greatest loss of a family, in an instant The story is told from Noah s POV so [...]

  6. 4.5 starsI love Cara Dee s work Most of the time her characters have to go through a painful journey before they find their happiness And that s what happened here too A tragedy followed by healing.In Noah we follow the MCs through two years of their lives They change a lot from the first time we see them till the moment we leave them I liked Noah and Julian s story and I m looking forward to seeing them again in future books.It was very interesting to see the making of a film and following it t [...]

  7. This book was free when I picked it up, and I enjoyed it a lot Despite the concatenation of losses that open the book, it felt realistic than melodramatic I found the writing here engaging and emotional than in Aftermath, and I identified with the narrator Noah held my attention, as he tried to cope with the loss of most of his family, the breakup with his girlfriend, and the attraction he felt for his sister s adult step son The conflict was well done I believed in the way Noah was caught bet [...]

  8. I started this this isn t a spoiler, it s in the blurb but the pain of the betrayal and deaths at the beginning left we reeling I need to be in a better mood to get past it Today isn t the day But I ll read this as soon as my funk ends

  9. I didn t really like this I was so happy when it was over.I have to admit, Cara Dee is a very talented author and the writing was great It was just the story that didn t do anything for me.I really liked how Noah and Julian found comfort in each other after losing their family I loved the first part where they grew closer, and that first sex scene was HOT But this book is filled with one of my major pet peeves, time jumps After the first sex scene we get a 9 month time jump where we re told both [...]

  10. This was a really sweet read Noah Julian lost their whole family in a terrible accident and simply fell apart While Noah was technically Julian s uncle, it was through adoption and not blood Julian had secretly adored Noah from afar and had avoided him in later years so that his secret wouldn t have been noticed Of course tragedy brings people together and while Noah spent a year fighting his feelings, Julian persisted Working together on set cemented their relationship and the chemistry built I [...]

  11. This book gets all the stars There is something about Cara Dee s writing I simply adore the way she tells a story And she doesn t pull you in because it s the Pride and Prejudice of 2016 She writes in a way that s the perfect relationship build, angst, inner dialogue, etc to come up with an equation that equals perfect in my eyes This was MY perfect MM romance.Noah Collins is a 40 year old assistant director in Hollywood The book opens with the complete upheaval of his life He returns home a day [...]

  12. Wow With the mixed reviews I ve read from the people I follow on here, I was wondering if this might be a meh read for me It definitely was not This pushed every one of my buttons for what makes me fall in love with a love story.To begin, the premise grabbed me I m a sucker for a sob story beginning with the promise of a happy ending The beginning was downright depressing, which I love because I m weird like that Noah has lost everything his girlfriend of four years has cheated on him, and short [...]

  13. Noah and Julian, two men who may never had gotten together without the tragedy He walks in on his girlfriend in bed with a guy, then the very next day a plane crash takes his family Horribly sad, yes, but we as readers are not torn to shreds like Noah and Julian are, I think because we didn t know the family We the readers are spared that, but we then feel deeply for our main characters as they grieve and come to terms with the life changing events Terrific cast of people, main characters that w [...]

  14. Cara Dee can write and write well I also appreciate the nearly spotless editing in her books.Even though I enjoyed reading it, this particular story didn t quite wow me It should have, given the circumstances of the MCs getting together But I didn t quite connect The relationship taboo isn t really a taboo for me and the reveal seemed so minor.In spite of the lack of wow factor in the story I still remain a big fan of Cara Dee She has mad writing skill I look forward to reading of her books.

  15. One tragedy, two men Noah is the first book I ve read by Cara Dee and has placed her solidly on my need to read list I love an author who can draw me into a story from the very start, who makes me feel what her characters are feeling with an intensity that stays with me even after I ve finished reading Noah is the story of how two men related by marriage and family lose that family and together find a way to rebuild their lives as seen through Noah s eyes We are taken on his journey as he loses [...]

  16. DNF at 54%I should have know not to keep going when I came upon this statement here at 22% I m not really into labels, kid It restricts my fun I suppose I m straight, yeah I never felt anything deep for a dude Doesn t mean I ll turn down a threesome with a hot couple, though And it sure as hell didn t stop me from having fun with my buddies in college This usually would mean that you re bi, but it seems like so many authors have issues with using the word bisexual so I m not surprised However, I [...]

  17. Loved the hot dirty sex and unflinchingly honest relationship between Noah and Julian Loved the way they both fought tooth and nail to overcome their almost unbearable loss and came out the other side stronger, and together And, did I mention the sex BUT I got lost toward the end with Brooklyn and Sophie and Daniel and Tennyson and Ash and Zane who the heck are these people Okay, I now see that Sophie and Tennyson s story is told in Breaking Free and With Brave Wings but the rest Anyhoo, I found [...]

  18. oh my god LOVING THIS I really enjoyed the creativity of the story and the characters were all fine, I just felt by the end there I was getting tired of all the two weeks later Not that I was looking for this book to be any longer, but it seems a bit of a cop out by the author, esp to do it so much Regardless, I still gave it 4 stars It wasn t enough to ruin the book for me or anything, it was just tiresomete go on the author s website and read Julian s prequel if possible before you read the bo [...]

  19. Noah fucking Collins can be my uncle any dayriouslyThis book surprised me in both good and bad ways I didn t love it as much as I thought I would because who doesn t love a good taboo story line and I really wanted to 5 star this shit Unfortunately something was missing for mewhat that was is still a mystery to me Things I liked spoilery ish Noah was vegetarian Why is this so awesome Well, I m vegan so I was legit happy to FINALLY get a book where the vegans vegetarians aren t made fun of Score [...]

  20. 4 stars a great down to earth romance.Too lazy to write a review and my BR friends said it all anyway and in a much better way I could muster.Right from the start, I loved Noah and Julian, the main characters and was immersed in the book No BS, no drama It felt REAL.Noah and Julian relationship was not rushed but developed nicely and the sex was hot.Really recommended

  21. This was cute and enjoyable but there wasn t anything that made it extra special for me Does love conquer all No, he answered, but I believe it gives us what we need in order to fight.

  22. Review by The Blogger Girls.What a wonderful story Sounds funny to say that given the circumstances early on with losing their family, but yes, other than that, it was fantastic The grief and loss happens pretty quickly, and understandably so, Noah is at a complete loss He feels like he has lost his purpose and can barely be bothered to get up and shower, turning to alcohol to help keep him numb The day before the crash, he broke up with his girlfriend of four years after walking in on her and a [...]

  23. This book felt like a screenplay with a monotone cool grey being it s dominant color.It s elegantly written,has a really beautiful cover narrated almost analytically with a single mature voice of a 40 year man who is sexually enthralled to his 23 year pseudo nephew who is not really a blood relative.Their bonding occurs due to tragic circumstances even though the book has mildly incestuous overtones,the sexual scenes are it s biggest draw.They are raw lack the sugar overdose that is usually prev [...]

  24. 3.5 starsI m not sure if this was a taboo read Maybe I didn t felt that way for me at least Noah is Julian s step uncle Julian s dad married Noah s sister Noah knows Julian but they never had a any type of bond They barely knew each other to be honest Noah is 17 years older than Julian.I liked the pace of the story, there was early attraction but I felt like both characters had to let go of a lot of things before being together so the timeline worked for me There were a few times that I was conf [...]

  25. This is a book that takes a little while to warm up, but once it does, yowza I loved these guys Once they both got their heads outta their asses, anyway.

  26. This is than a romance, it is a love story I also want to make clear that this is not a GFY OFY story One character is gay, and the other doesn t believe in labels, though he has had experiences with other men It s also important to know that Noah is 40 and Julian 23 at the beginning of the story In less than 48 hours, life as Noah knows it, comes to an end First, he comes home from an extended work trip to find his girlfriend of 4 years in bed with another man The next day, his whole family ex [...]

  27. Good.damn good But, but, but.I just had a few things This could have easily been a 5 star read for me but the 2 week time jumps at the beginning of every chapter and the 9 month jump after the incident kept me from really seeing the relationship build between these guys One minute they are pseudo uncle nephew the next minute they re all over each other It felt so contrived and it felt like the author tried to cut corners on any relationship building because she spent the first half dealing with [...]

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