[PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille [PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille - ABC3D, ABC D Easily the most innovative alpabet book of the year if not the decade Beyond clever The Washington PostPrepare to be amazed From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands all the

  • Title: ABC3D
  • Author: Marion Bataille
  • ISBN: 9781596434257
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille, ABC3D, Marion Bataille, ABC D Easily the most innovative alpabet book of the year if not the decade Beyond clever The Washington PostPrepare to be amazed From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands all the way to the Z ABC D is as much a work of art as it is a pop up book Each of the three dimensional letters move and change before your eyes C turns into D with a s Easily the most innovative


[PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille [PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille - ABC3D, ABC D Easily the most innovative alpabet book of the year if not the decade Beyond clever The Washington PostPrepare to be amazed From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands all the ABC3D

  • [PDF] ABC3D | by ✓ Marion Bataille
    329Marion Bataille

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  1. Thanks to this book I might have a future career as a hand model Yay internet strangers You made my day week month I made it a rule that I ll never say how AWESOME I may think any RB books are on here since I m biased cause they pay for my rent and Chipotle addiction , so I won t say how AWESOME I think this book in particular is Nope I won t say it the video I made showing off the book which went CRAZY viral on youtube150,000 views in four days and it hit 12 overall on with 8 months to go befor [...]

  2. One of the most original and creative books I ve ever come acrossI had to buy this one for my own collection As the title implies, this is a book of alphabet and all of the letters are three dimensional However, it s not just simply a book of 26 pages, each with a letter One of the amazing aspects of the book is the various ways in which some letters morph into others Very impressive overall The only potential downside is that I would be worried that little kids, who are still learning the alpha [...]

  3. This book looks absolutely amazing if you watch the preview that is running online for it I had high hopes that it would be this years Gallop an interesting, inexpensive gift ish book high on visual flair , but I was pretty disappointed when it arrived in the bookstore I work in Some of the pop ups are unexpectedly fussy and fragile A couple of pages even have difficulty closing without crushing the pop up once you have opened it, meaning that our display copy was trashed within an hour of its a [...]

  4. I got to see a prototype at least I think that is what it was of this book and it is very, very cool The book trailer gives you a pretty good of it.

  5. I first saw this book demonstrated on a YouTube video a year or before it came out Although I obsessively checked to see if it had been released yet I eventually forgot about it Then one day last fall I was poking through a bookstore and noticed it sitting there on the shelf I quickly picked it up and purchased it on the spot Then I went straight to a nearby park and opened it up and checked it out.My first impression was that there was far too much packing paper involved It seemed like such a [...]

  6. This is a really cool Alphabet pop up book The cover is one of those optical plates sort of holographic , where what you see changes depending on your angle of approach Kids of all ages love this type of stuff The pop ups too are pretty clever, and are not restricted to one every two pages C becomes D , for example, when the C flops over and a previously hidden vertical bar becomes the upright part of the D Similarly, pulling the page taunt, turns E into an F And O and P have a special transpare [...]

  7. This is a book that needs to be held It is awesome to experience the creation of each new letter as you turn each page and a new letter pops, slides, spins and appears The design of this book is seriously clever Bataille has detailed an elaborate series of folds, cuts and glued edges to create each unique letter The finished artwork is simple, elegant and bold with a striking colour palette of red, white and black.The book documents all 26 letters in the alphabet and each letter moves and change [...]

  8. Aaaah, Marion Bataille, je t aime This book is gorgeous, intelligent, deliciously designy an art object as much as it is a book, it s a total interactive experience, as lame as that sounds it s a pop up book for grownups Simple, primary colors combined with ingenious slides, popouts and volvelles It forces you to hold it and turn it in your hands, flipping and turning it upside down, rotating the pages and craning your neck, discovering the clever little tricks and surprises probably not the bes [...]

  9. Marion Bataille, ABC3D Roaring Brook Press, 2008 I will say right up front which is a silly thing to start off a one paragraph review with, but there you go that I ended up very reluctantly taking points off this delightful little tome because of its fragility it s a book you re going to want to enjoy a great deal, but you ll be forced to keep it on the shelf rather than on the coffee table if you want it to last any length of time at all But the pop ups, transparencies, slidy bits, etc are all [...]

  10. I love pop up books There s nothing like material that springs to life as you turn each page Fairy tales are brilliant told in pop up form, but ABC3D turns the pop up treatment on the alphabet Each letter springs up, slides out, or flexes itself across the page O become Q, you can thrum the delicate ribs of the U, or peek through the skeleton of the Z This book is a little fragile to hand off to a child unsupervised, but the most extravagant pop ups are all that way It s a gorgeous, delightful w [...]

  11. Definitely a very neat, interesting, and clever creation But not durable in the least I have NO idea why this would have been bought for a library We put fragile books like this in our Storytime collection, but I don t see how this could ever be used in a storytime like the others we have I don t even see how a person could buy this and use it only a few times before crushing or manging some of its parts Still, I cannot get over its thinking out of the box in its format as well as in some of the [...]

  12. I thought it was so interesting but the problem I have is that the perspective changes halfway through and you go from looking straight at the book and the You have to level the book flat to see and back and forth randomly For personal read it s fine but I just would have like to see them in the same position I did love how some were multiple letters depending on how open the page is It s a very intricate book.

  13. There are no words to this book, just letters But the way the letters are constructed are amazing This book is a delight for adults and children You ll walk away saying, Wasn t U great or, Q and R took my breath away Every child learning to read and write should be exposed to the artistry that is within this book.

  14. This is a highly unusual pop up book It is an artistic ABC book I d have a hard time letting a preschooler handle it since it is so elegant and fragile I think it s almost a paper sculpture instead of a book to teach the alphabet You can watch a video about it on ABC3D Marion Ba

  15. I thought this book was super cool I loved the 3D art It made me want to look at it again I really liked the colors and how each letter moved in the book I think this book would be really good for anyone.young or older I think it also can help children learn the letters because the letters move in the book and that could help a child learn the letters.

  16. BEST ABC book every It is both a ABC book and a Pop up book all in one i am 19 years old and i am asking for a copy of this book for Christmas for my personal collection their is not one thing in this book that i would say is boring or disappointing, every page presents a new letter and a mind blowing design.

  17. This book is seriously so cool I have always enjoyed pop up books, since I was little, so that was one aspect I really enjoyed I liked how all the letters came of the page in interesting designs, I also liked how some of the letters turned into the next letter when turning the page This book is very fun to look through, and has a creative way of using shapes as letters.

  18. ABC3D by Marion Bataille was one of the most detailed alphabet books I have ever read As I read the book, I found myself fascinated by the design of the 3D letters Some letters transformed to the next letter on the same page by the way the reader turns the pages This would be a very fun book to use when helping early readers remember the alphabet.

  19. This was an AWESOME pop up book I think the book really made the letters come alive and become some bigger than what they actually were I think the book also did a great job of creating a marriage between the text and the illustrations This would be a good one to have in one s classroom

  20. This is an amazing pop up book of the alphabet Some letters change into others the best one being V which changes into W with a mirrored image Also make sure you check out the U very intricate paper work I love the engineering behind pop ups

  21. Such a clever way to introduce the alphabet to children, especially in pre k to younger elementary This book would also be great to introduce geometric terms 2d 3d planes.des.c So the elementary grades can use this as well subject transitions are definitely an option

  22. a beautifully and imaginatively designed Alphabet book what a treat not for small hands b c some of the pages are fragile, but for age 5 and up a true treasure buy one for a favorite child, and watch him her explore the delightful cut outs and pop ups.

  23. A creative and imaginative alphabet book The different letter designs are genius, and make you actually WANT to turn the page just to see what the next letter will look like Great book for sparking young children s interest in letters words reading.

  24. This book is absolutely brilliant It could easily be used to teach children how certain letters look similar to others you could go even further and discuss how the book was made and make a pop up book in the classroom.

  25. ABC 3D is a awesome book I love how the letters are 3d and can change into different letters in unique ways I think students will be intrigued with this book and fight over it in a classroom because it is so fun to look at Overall, I loved this book and the unique designs inside.

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