Mordet på Harriet Krohn

[PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum [PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum - Mordet på Harriet Krohn, Mordet p Harriet Krohn Charles Olav Torp konnte es selbst nicht begreifen Harriet Krohn lag vor ihm auf dem Boden ihrer Wohnung tot Im Grunde war es ihre eigene Schuld sie h tte nur stillhalten m ssen Wenn das hier alles

  • Title: Mordet på Harriet Krohn
  • Author: Karin Fossum
  • ISBN: 9789170013584
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum, Mordet på Harriet Krohn, Karin Fossum, Mordet p Harriet Krohn Charles Olav Torp konnte es selbst nicht begreifen Harriet Krohn lag vor ihm auf dem Boden ihrer Wohnung tot Im Grunde war es ihre eigene Schuld sie h tte nur stillhalten m ssen Wenn das hier alles gutgehen sollte durfte Torp jetzt keine Fehler mehr machen Karin Fossum eine der erfolgreichsten skandinavischen Krimiautorinnen pr sentiert einen neuen Fall f r KommiCharl

Mordet på Harriet Krohn

[PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum [PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum - Mordet på Harriet Krohn, Mordet p Harriet Krohn Charles Olav Torp konnte es selbst nicht begreifen Harriet Krohn lag vor ihm auf dem Boden ihrer Wohnung tot Im Grunde war es ihre eigene Schuld sie h tte nur stillhalten m ssen Wenn das hier alles Mordet på Harriet Krohn

  • [PDF] Mordet på Harriet Krohn | by ✓ Karin Fossum
    199Karin Fossum
Mordet på Harriet Krohn

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  1. Karin Fossum transcends the familiar concerns of mainstream crime fiction and once again offers an original and fascinating novel of psychological suspense and proves herself the heir apparent to the late Ruth Rendell Translated out of order and appearing belatedly as the seventh outing for Inspector Konrad Sejer, this is an atypical investigation for the series and has markedly in common with the standalone novel, I Can See In The Dark, meaning that it serves as a poor introduction to a contin [...]

  2. As a fan of Karin Fossum, the author responsible for introducing me to my love of Nordic Noir, it pains me to give her book The Murder of Harriet Krohn one star However, I would be lying if I did not say that this is my least liked book in the entire Inspector Sejar series.Ms Fossum s previous works and even those after it, while not strictly police procedurals or psychological studies always manage to do a fantastic balance between the two Unfortunately with this book, we do not see this Ms Fos [...]

  3. A very good read.I m a fan of Scandinavian Crime Novels or as some refer to it, Nordic Noir actually I really like that I m going to use it They re just so moody, dark and simply written Perfect reading material for me.Karin Fossum and her Inspector Sejer series is fantastic, and totally glom worthy Nordic Noir as a whole is easy to glom The Murder of Harriet Krohn is a bit different to the usual Inspector Sejer novels in that it is narrated from the view point of the murderer I really enjoyed t [...]

  4. The preoccupation for Scandinavian crime fiction of many readers is sometimes questioned One response is to get people to read Karin Fossum s Inspector Konrad Sejer series Within the one series, Fossum is able to shift the perspective, analyse the reasons why, explore the outcomes and long term effects of crime, and play with accepted perceptions of clear cut resolutions In THE MURDER OF HARRIET KROHN, whilst still part of the Sejer series, she s tipped the perspective completely this is not a w [...]

  5. I generally appreciate that Karin Fossum tries new storytelling techniques with each novel, but this one really missed It is told from the perspective of the murderer, and Inspector Sejer doesn t even come into the story until 60% in thanks, Kindle The main problems with this book are a is is completely lacking the the fun of a mystery figuring out what happened and following the investigators as they piece it together and b the voice of the narrator was completely unengaging almost stream of co [...]

  6. Saddens me to give this rating, which I STRETCHED to a 2 star Karin must have tried to do a Crime and Punishment Nordic style It came off as a whining, bumpy, pathetic characterization Most of the book is thought patterns of the murderer s thoughts and through his eyes Sejer isn t visible at all until way after the half, and then minimally I skimmed at the three quarters point onward Large sections had nothing to do with the plot, IMHO Horse buying and tons of back information about his daughter [...]

  7. I read 45 pages and decided I didn t like the book It is completely written from the murderer s point of view and the murderer is not an interesting person He s just wierd and a misfit Time for reading is limited so I am not finishing this The advantage of getting a book from the library is guiltless discarding.

  8. Anyone who picks up The Murder of Harriet Krohn and expects to read a typical Konrad Sejer police procedural is in for a rude shock This seventh book in the series is told from the killer s point of view At the beginning, this is a successful ploy as we get to see just how messed up Charles Olav Torp s life is, how he s ruined his relationship with his 16 year old daughter, how far he s willing to go in an attempt to straighten everything out and ultimately how self deluded he is Harriet Krohn i [...]

  9. This was a story about a man who envisions his life as being imperfect and who wants to improve it via committing a crime Things go downhill for him and we witness his fall A good study of guilt, desperation and depression However I have read her other books and enjoyed them .

  10. This newest book by the author of the lauded Inspector Sejer series is presented from the point of view of Charles Olav Charlo Torp, a widower just over 50, unemployed for the past two years after he was found to have pilfered a relatively small amount of money, following the discovery of which he was fired on the spot An inveterate gambler, and in serious debt, he is terrified by the thought of what the unsavory people from whom he borrowed the money have in mind for him as his debt grows ever [...]

  11. I guess it is of a 2.5 For a Karin Fossum book it is disappointing, would it not be for the quite excellent self excusing and self serving description of a murderer, his motives and actions and in the end the very well written interrogation by Konrad Sejer However, the whinning, self serving description of the murderer quickly goes on ones nerves and as the whole story is written from his point of view, other interesting aspects of his life, murder and why he chose his victims, comes a bit sho [...]

  12. This series may look like a police procedural and does use Inspector Sejer as the common element, but these varied books are focused on the crime and criminal Karin Fossum spends a lot if time in her characters heads I found this one book and protagonist boring and depressing and not even Sejer when he finally appeared on page 150 of 242 could redeem it Translation to English was out of sequence.I m thinking publishers knew it wasn t a winner.

  13. I ve read a lot of police procedurals Investigators spend a lot of time trying to get into the minds of the perpetrators Karin Fossum has shown us that it s not a nice place.

  14. was terrible stopped than half way through was about a guy who killed a woman dont know why and for so many pages you read about his daughter and horses.

  15. I have enjoyed the 5 or 6 I ve lost track of the Inspector Sejer books Fossum gives us a series of books, well written and with enough humanity and humility in Sejer to make them both realistic and interesting This book, however was a departure from her usual format it was written almost exclusively from the viewpoint of the perpetrator not a spoiler, you re told that on the flyleaf I have to say it s well written but it just didn t do it for me I slogged through this book I was so tired of the [...]

  16. A really interesting read It is part of a series that features a detective, Konrad Sejer, but in this book he is actually behind the scenes as it is told from the perspective of the murderer The murderer is a ne er do well kind of guy, a sad sack, so most of his troubles are brought on by his foolishness, but there are events that are beyond his control as well, so it rounds him out My favorite scene counting the peppercorns, trying to see if his good deeds evened out the bad.

  17. Charlo Olav Torp is in debt, actively hunted by his creditors to pay back the money he owes Following the death of his wife Inga Lill he has become estranged from his teenage daughter Julie, their only contact reduced to long letters from father to daughter, one of which sets the tone for this novel.So Charlo comes up with a plan to solve his biggest problems pay off his debts and to persuade Julie that he is a changed man now that he has stopped gambling which is why on 7 November he is out in [...]

  18. My View Can you balance the scales or wipe out an evil act with good deeds Fossum poses a very interesting question in this psychological study when Sejer asks the suspect What is a human being and he answers profoundly There are probably as many answers as there are human beings And I hate all that guff about free will Sejer responds with equal insight, Because you feel you haven t got it But many people would maintain that they do have it You re envious and so you dismiss the term p.275 This b [...]

  19. T m oli sen lajityypin dekkari, jossa murhaaja paljastuu lukijalle jo heti alkulehdill , j nnityst tuo se, miss vaiheessa Konrad Sejer saa j ljitetyksi tekij n Luin t t l hinn psykologisena kuvauksena ep toivoisesta murhaajasta, joka pyrkii kielt m n tekem ns ja toisaalta selitt m n tekonsa v ltt m tt m n keinona selvit taloudellisesta ahdingostaan Ei siis mit n huippuj nnityst , mutta mielenkiintoista luettavaa sin ns.

  20. I was provided and ARC of this book via the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review, thank you to Random House for this copyGripping, clever and intelligent writing This novel is by far one of the best books I have read in 2014 and I have read a lot , it s incredibly unique and I really don t think all writers could pull it off the way Karin Fossum has No wonder she s the Queen of Norwegian crime fiction I did not realise this book was part of a series of crime novels, and unlike [...]

  21. The Murder Of Harriet KrohnByKarin FossumKey charactersWellHarrietpoor Harrietbut she doesn t last longpoor thing And the narratorCharlod Inspector Sejerd Charlo s daughterJulie and her illegally purchased horse and Inspector Sejer s dogFrank SettingsHonestly I am not clear on thisa small town in Norway was unpronounceable It was where Harriet lived.Simply putwhat s going down Sois was a fabulous easy fun book to readwell fun except for the murder of Harriet Krohn The book is told from the view [...]

  22. I picked up this book for two reasons I had previously read Scandinavian noir writer Karin Fossum s Don t Look Back and greatly enjoyed it secondly, I was curious how she would deal with writing a novel from the killer s viewpoint Be prepared to be inside the delusional mind of Charlo Torp ,the murderer, for the first half of the novel Fossum goes into lengthy details as she presents the reader with a portrait of a criminal mind, examining Torp s thoughts and justifications during and after the [...]

  23. Actual rating is 2.5 stars I haven t read Karin Fossum in awhile But I gave her a try on a friend s recommendation and ended up devouring all the Inspector Sejer mysteries that had been translated into English I wonder if I would have liked The Murder of Harriet Krohn if I d read Fossum recently or hadn t noticed the book s low rating on.In some ways, the Inspector Sejer books are less mysteries than thrillers I recall that the killers were revealed early on in many if not all the earlier book [...]

  24. This book captured me from the moment I began reading it I had no idea who Harriet was let alone what to expect Charlo leads a very sad life and drives himself to the most outrageous circumstances, his only positive thing in his life is his daughter Julie for whom he will do anything, sadly the anything turns out to be the worst thing he could do for her, he figures he could buy her forgiveness and happiness but in the end obviously that is not the way to go This book gave me an insight on the t [...]

  25. Thank you very much to Random House for my copy of The Murder Of Harriet Krohn by Karin Fossum.After gambling debts put him in a pay up or else situation, Charlo Torp tries to solve his problems by robbing Harriet Krohn, an elderly woman he sometimes sees at a local caf Obviously by the title, I m not giving anything away by saying that the story here is focused on how Charlo copes with the guilt and his everyday life after the robbery goes badly wrong.This is actually one of the titles in Fossu [...]

  26. A Scandinavian Crime and Punishment, this newest installment in the Inspector Sejer series is told entirely from the perspective of the murderer While Fossum is an excellent writer, and really gets into the head of her protagonist, it makes the book quite a departure from the series Harder for me to maintain interest in the narcissistic, unappealing protagonist no mystery to speak of, since we see the crime thru the perpetrator s eyes from the beginning not a police procedural, but of a psychol [...]

  27. I really enjoyed the chance to see Inspector Sejer through the eyes of the murderer I also liked how Fossum gave us the chance to see the major battle being waged in Charlo s head and heart the massive amount of guilt for having killed someone versus the need to have killed so that he might start life anew It was an interesting and refreshing perspective.

  28. The author Karin Fossum is a great Nordic writer This book is told through the eyes of the killer.Inspector Sejer s Fossum s inspector only clue is a bouquet of fowers and a body.Love all of Fossum s books.

  29. This story is told from the perspective of the killer, who minimizes his own responsibility and the seriousness of his actions at every turn The story is well written and it is probably an accurate portrayal of many a criminal s not my fault viewpoint.

  30. I was a bit disappointed in this book I look forward to Karin Fossum novels but this one fell short Inspector Sejer my favorite part of her novels was only in it a short time Most of the book was about the killer and his life This won t stop me from her next book though.

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