Kill Quick or Die

[PDF] Kill Quick or Die | by ✓ Stuart Jason [PDF] Kill Quick or Die | by ✓ Stuart Jason - Kill Quick or Die, Kill Quick or Die None

  • Title: Kill Quick or Die
  • Author: Stuart Jason
  • ISBN: 9780523406787
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Kill Quick or Die | by ✓ Stuart Jason, Kill Quick or Die, Stuart Jason, Kill Quick or Die None

Kill Quick or Die

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  • [PDF] Kill Quick or Die | by ✓ Stuart Jason
    246Stuart Jason
Kill Quick or Die

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  1. 11 2011 Ok, so my recent fascination is with 1970s early 80s Men s Action Adventure novels They re filled with cheese and sleaze and violence and vixens They re exploitative and very un PC, and written at a furious rate, which, of course, shows in the writing Nonetheless, their rough draft nature, their blue collar beauty shines through And I m a complete sucker for the artwork I ll be reading several this year so hopefully you ll get a taste of this oft maligned art form These covers are typica [...]

  2. Another men s adventure series This time a man, the top killer in the mafia, tries to quit the mob and is on the run A government agency picks him up to be their top operative in special missions Tons of violence, gore and sex in this series, recommended

  3. Ultra violent, ultra sleazy, and ultra sadistic This kind of book was incredibly common in the 60 s 80 s, becoming known as Men s Adventure Fiction The main character seems to be some sort of mob god, taking down every single enemy in the book without breaking a sweat, no matter what strength the opponent has or even if they have the drop on The Butcher Especially if he gets to use his quick draw technique, which is faster than light, apparently This book is about a ex mobster who is drafted by [...]

  4. Observations I never read The Butcher in the 70 s when books like this were the next step up from comic books Pleasantly surprised to find it better written than some others in the men s action genre I enjoyed it Cheesy action movie in prose format Good stuff, Maynard

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