Dare To Love

Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton - Dare To Love, Dare To Love A romantic game of chicken and they re both too stubborn to flinch Lucy Fairchild lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune has just had the worst day of her life Her father has found the perfect

  • Title: Dare To Love
  • Author: Jaci Burton
  • ISBN: 9781605042794
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton, Dare To Love, Jaci Burton, Dare To Love A romantic game of chicken and they re both too stubborn to flinch Lucy Fairchild lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune has just had the worst day of her life Her father has found the perfect man for her to marry Yes she s thirty and single but that doesn t give her father the right to run her life She ll choose her own husband someday Jake Dalton is strugglA romantic game o

Dare To Love

Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton - Dare To Love, Dare To Love A romantic game of chicken and they re both too stubborn to flinch Lucy Fairchild lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune has just had the worst day of her life Her father has found the perfect Dare To Love

  • Unlimited Dare To Love - by Jaci Burton
    432Jaci Burton
Dare To Love

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  1. The only risk I thought I would take by reading this book was death by boredom Or maybe death by bad dialogue and lack of plot I ve always been a take the challenge kind of girl, so I thought I would give this one a shot in spite of the warnings and bad reviews.Lucy and Jake first meet at a construction site Lucy is heckled by several construction workers and demands to speak to their employer Enter Jake Verbal sparks fly Jake insinuates that Lucy is a snob and then dares her to go on a date wit [...]

  2. This was a cute, easy read it sort of reminded me of a sexed up version of a Harlequin Blaze Jaci Burton has an easy, breezy style that s easy to get into This story wasn t real big on substance, and the characters had some annoying flaws, but if you re looking for an uncomplicated couple of hours of reading, this one will do the trick.Lucy Fairchild is a 30 year old lawyer working in her well to do father s firm Her manipulating, controlling father thinks it s high time she got married and prod [...]

  3. A plotless wonder mixed with boredom, an unlikeable hero and a wishy washy heroine, this book just didn t work for me and I had high hopes seeing as it was my first Jaci Burton.Lucy the heroine meets Jake the construction owner on a worksite She gets the stereotypical catcalls and dog whistles as she demands to speak to the boss Problem her demanding is very weak for a lawyer and this is only the beginning You d think a lawyer described as she was the chew em up and spit em out kind would have a [...]

  4. 4 stars Contemporary RomanceI m stuck between 3 and 4 stars for this one because although I love Jaci Burton and am a fan of the whole rich girl former poor boy from wrong side of the tracks opposites attract theme, it just didn t quite curl my toes I enjoyed it well enough and it s a lighthearted, super fast read, but the characters were all a little bit irritating to me and the romance wasn t nearly as steamy as I had expected and hoped.Lucy Fairchild is a high powered lawyer in her father s s [...]

  5. DARE TO LOVE Bad Dad an Anachronism to Boot fangswandsandfairydust 201Audiobook provided by publisher for review No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.This book starts out with a woman fuming over her father s suggestion that she marry a guy she dislikes and being catcalled by some construction workers Then, when she talks to their boss, he proves he hasn t had any sensitivity training I know cat calling still exists, but that someone who went [...]

  6. Mortal embarrassment obviously outweighed politeness LucyYou ll never know what you missed JakeGo out with me Take a walk on the wild side Or are you too afraid you ll get your perfectly manicured hands a little dirty JakeShe s not my type JakeThat s what we all say Right up until they lead us down the aisle BobHe knew all about want There were a lot of things he wanted in life Some he d managed to get Some he hadn t gotten yet, and some he never would JakeWas I mistaken last night when you ment [...]

  7. It could have been really good, though unoriginal, if the heroine had been different Once the hero rold her that he did not see her as a pushover, my reaction was immediate yes indeed she was only a big pushover with no real substance At 30, she still lived with Daddy in a huge mansion, agreed she chose her studies and profession to please Daddy and never really discussed what she wanted to really do, nor seem to have any hobby or voluntary work in this field that supposedly is so important to h [...]

  8. Romance novels are almost the same two people fall in love and face some obstacles and they ve two choices either to overcome these obstacles and hypothetically live happily ever after or they fail to overcome them and end up apart, yet what makes a good and different romance is what lurks between the lines.

  9. So, ok it wasn t like,a masterpiece or anything but it was perfect if you want a quick read to pass your time I have to say it was really simple but still, i pretty much enjoyed it It has only 200 pages so i read it in a few hours.It had romancy stuff, it had a tiny bit of angst and in general it didn t leave you with a bad feeling.

  10. Sweet and romantic another great read from Jaci Burton People from two different worlds collide I find Jake and Lucy s story endearing There s really nothing to say just that I enjoyed it

  11. Lucy Fairchild of the San Francisco Fairchilds has always done what is expected of her She follows her father into the family law firm, a career which is so far removed from what she really wants to do When her father goes out and declares that he has found his choice of husband for her, she realizes she has to put a stop to her father s controlling ways, and quickly But does she have the strength to choose for herself and make her own destiny Jake Dalton, an up and coming contractor, has no tim [...]

  12. Lucy Fairchild, lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune, has just had the worst day of her life Her father has found the perfect man for her to marry Yes, she s thirty and single, but that doesn t give her father the right to run her life She ll choose her own husband someday.Jake Dalton is struggling to make his fledgling construction company a success Ever mindful of his father s derogatory comments that he d never amount to anything, he s spent his entire life trying to prove he s not a f [...]

  13. DNF Rarely am I annoyed that quickly by two characters that I immediately toss it aside Although I have liked other Jaci Burton stories, Lucy bothered me from the very start I had hoped that the down to earth Jake would save the story, but after flirting and daring Lucy to go out with him, we have him turn around and going why would I bother with her Good question From the first chapter, we see that Lucy is rich and spoiled and quite surprised that her father is trying to marry her off in this [...]

  14. 2 starsThanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review For such a short read, this book was way too long If it weren t for the narrator, I would find this book to be almost impossible to finish Lucy Fairchild was a successful attorney and was heir to the Fairchild fortune However, Lucy s personal life was anything but successful Lucy was deemed as a weak adult who listened to her daddy and did not follow her heart Although Lucy has her own wing in her daddy s hous [...]

  15. I really love Jaci s story telling voice The dialogue is snappy and flows smoothly The pace of her stories is just perfect This is a contemporary romance of two people who come together on a date on a dare They re from opposite worlds Lucy s a lawyer from a wealthy family with a controlling father and Jake s a self made owner of a construction company and had been a teen runaway years ago Both Lucy and Jake have to come to terms with their fathers control over them Lucy s father wants to control [...]

  16. 3 1 2 stars A romance filled with some smokin hot sexy moments, likeable characters and a read that can be read from front to back in one sitting For all those who like a little humour in there reads, lovin, and a happily ever after this is a great afternoon read while relaxing or if you re in the mood for a quickie romance Dare to love was short compared to other books I have read of Jaci s but I very much enjoyed it Who doesnt love a bit of romance Construction worker built like a tank I d cer [...]

  17. Jake and Lucy were a riot from the beginning I hate that Lucy had the family issues that she did, a father whose so blinded by money and privilege that he forgot to love his daughter and with her mother gone for such a long time Lucy was in need of love Because Jake knew what it was like to no longer have a mother and to be left with a father who didn t give a shit Jake knew exactly what Lucy needed To the outside world, Jake wasn t good enough for Lucye was out of his league and he had nothing [...]

  18. Jake and Lucy agree to pretend a relationship to stop her father s forcing a choice of a husband on Lucy Force Lucy is a top lawyer, a fierce courtroom lawyer at that Where is her spine Of course the fake relationship quickly morphs into the real thing Jake s character had so much potential We never uncover what happened to make Jake runaway when he was 16 There are hints that he has a similar background to Lucy but the facts are just left dangling out there in nowhere land Lucy is a doormat for [...]

  19. Full review at misskristinesreviews.wordpresSummary Lucy Fairchild walks from her place of work her dad s law practice she will take over someday to the coffee shop, when she gets catcalled by some construction workers Next thing she knows, she is accepting a date from Jake Dalton, the construction manager She doesn t want to get into a relationship, but she also does not want to date the man her dad picked out for her Maybe Jake can make the perfect fake boyfriend for a while I read Jaci Burton [...]

  20. Almost a five star book, really loved it Likeable characters, believable plot, smoking scenes One of those books where I got to the end and I was disappointed that it was over because I liked the characters so much that I just wanted to spend time with them Everything I m hoping for in a contemporary romance My only nitpick was I m not completely convinced the main characters biggest desire in life is to be a kindergarten teacher This is the first book I ve read by Jaci Burton I will definitely [...]

  21. Fascinating to watch a highly successful attorney who has been manipulated and controlled by an emotionally unavailable father as she meets and falls in love with a full fledged, authentic alpha male who hides the fact that he is well educated, self made, and successful in his own right behind his construction boss persona A story of discovery of one s own value apart from one s career what it means to be real and accessible in an authentic love relationship Burton knows how to tell a love story [...]

  22. Not really sure if I like Jaci Burton writing books that arent filled with steamy sex This was a good book, even it it was a little sappy It was sweet, sometimes too sweet, but still good Jake and Lucy were both great characters They both needed a boost in the confidence department, and I think when they communicated their feelings instead of assuming it helped both of themduhnd of helpful to all Anyway, it was good, not great I felt no great emotional response, other than to say awwww at the en [...]

  23. Where was the spine in this woman Cliches abound in this one, from frustrated kindergarten teacher lawyer to evil fathers to a hero whose past you never really find out about he ran away at 16 and felt he need to be a success to prove his dad wrong, okay why what was the motivation for running away and being relationship shy for most of his life The story could have been great if the characters had been fleshed out.A very quick read.

  24. I ve only read Unwrapped by Jaci Burton Holiday Seduction Anthology and I really enjoyed it I enjoyed it enough to go out and purchase Dare to Love.I was a little disappointed with this book I didn t hate it, it was a fast read and it had a decent plot I didn t feel there was any real chemistry between Jake and Lucy There were a few moments that were sweet but it was lacking passion.

  25. Uptight rich girl Lucile laid back hot construction worker Jake Dalton cross paths.sparks fly and an arrangement turns into something But can Lucile leave her rich, snobby world her fathers wishes to marry her off to a rich guy can Jake handle the pressure of Luciles world Can he also let his guard down open his heart to true love Like they say love is everything it s cracked up to be it really is worth fighting for

  26. I loved this book The book does not have much ratings in but i though the plot was interesting even though the story was used, predictable onemance between a rich socialite and a construction worker It was very light hearted and entertaining that i feel happy after reading the book Romance was sweet n simplet much conflicts between the characters i loved reading it Both Lucy and Jake were wonderful A good, happy ending read

  27. i wanted something fast with no plot wink wink well, i got no plot but i did not get the wink wink there was no how, no way i could feel bad for Lucy she s thirty years old and still crying because daddy tells her which boys she is allowed to go out with sorry, but you do not have my sympathy perhaps if she nipped that in the bud about oh say 12 years ago she wouldn t be in this position.

  28. This book is funny, heart warming, and vey different from the usual love stories It has a happy ending like pretty much every love story but the characters go through a hell of a rough time to get their happy ending What I like about this book, is that it shows that it is never too late to turn your life around You don t like your job, quit and work somewhere else Choose for yourself and not for others, happiness is contagious but so are bad moods.

  29. Ok, I really did like this book It was a good, cleaner than I have been reading, romance story About two people from the opposite sides of the track Both think that the other would have nothing to do with the other Yet as many of us know, love has a way of finding a way even in the most unlikely of matches 2 Thumbs Up

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