The Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb] The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb] - The Book of Genesis, The Book of Genesis Nominated for three Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards From Creation to the death of Joseph here are all chapters of the Book of Genesis revealingly illustrated as never before Envisioning th

  • Title: The Book of Genesis
  • Author: Robert Crumb
  • ISBN: 9780393061024
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb], The Book of Genesis, Robert Crumb, The Book of Genesis Nominated for three Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards From Creation to the death of Joseph here are all chapters of the Book of Genesis revealingly illustrated as never before Envisioning the first book of the bible like no one before him R Crumb the legendary illustrator reveals here the story of Genesis in a profoundly honest and deeply moving way OriginaNominate

The Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb] The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb] - The Book of Genesis, The Book of Genesis Nominated for three Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards From Creation to the death of Joseph here are all chapters of the Book of Genesis revealingly illustrated as never before Envisioning th The Book of Genesis

  • The Book of Genesis Best Download || [Robert Crumb]
    374Robert Crumb
The Book of Genesis

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  1. I first encountered Crumb and his The Book of Genesis at the Venice Biennale of 2013 I remember writing it down in my pocket notebook his name and the reference I was unfamiliar with the work of Robert Crumb and with his Mr Natural and with his Fritz the Cat Well, not true I knew them but Crumb was not in my mind as their creator.With his Genesis he certainly now comes across of the creator of The Creator Crumb has done an excellent job with his cartoons even if it took him longer than seven day [...]

  2. Perhaps the strangest thing about this comic book version of the Book of Genesis, illustrated by R Crumb, the legendary counter cultural artist of the 60 s, is that is straightforward and non ironic, each part treated with equal respect and attention The second strangest thing is the it contains every word of the original text.This in itself makes the book look somewhat strange to those accustomed to seeing it in other formats, whether it be leather bound, gilt edged volumes or in the cheap Gide [...]

  3. This is the R Crumb I like maximal attention to sensuous line in each frame and each page a striking composition, robustly earthy and nerdy, sober even dry , and scholarly in his adherence to the text and his insistence on illustrating every chapter , clear headed and clear eyed and even wise in his way This is not Crumb trying to shock or Judeo Christian bash This is Crumb directly confronting one of the most powerful texts on the planet and bringing it down to earth no mysticism, no symbols, j [...]

  4. For those familiar with Crumb s work, it may come as a shock to see that he wrote a massive graphic novel for the biblical book of Genesis It is beautifully illustrated if you are a Crumb fan anyway and faithful to the text It is probably not a coincidence that he chose Genesis as his biblical reference because that particular book is full of sex and violence subjects which Crumb always treated with irony and humour It is well worth getting the big 8 1 2 x 11 version to appreciate the fine drawi [...]

  5. Mos Eisley Space Port You will never find a wretched hive of scum and villainy We must be cautious.Actually, Obi Wan, I found a wretched hive of scum and villainy some time ago, and it s called the Book of Genesis.Before I detail the scum and villainy that abounds in Western Religion s founding document, let me just add that Genesis isn t even a good story It contradicts itself repeatedly, its characterization is unappealing, and if it weren t for its historical importance it could not be cons [...]

  6. What I m gonna give R Crumb less than 5 stars and God, I m gonna give R Crumb and God less than 5 stars I had a shitty enough day I don t want to add lightening or the wrath of comic nerds to the list of what happened I especially liked that the begate verses I think it s technically called something different but it s the one that goes ________begate_________ who begate___________ who begate______etc The page that depicts these verses is full of these little tiny boxes of profile drawings That [...]

  7. How to review The Book of Genesis, the first book of the holiest scriptures of two of the world s great monotheist religions, and honored by its third Well, I m not Not directly, at any rate For believers the text is so weighted with allegory and prefigurations of future events that to look at it as a piece of literature or art is very nearly blasphemy At the least, it s of decidedly secondary importance to the book s theological significance And to nonbelievers, they just shake their heads at t [...]

  8. Dude, the Bible is weird.Seriously, I think adding pictures to the text just makes Genesis even weirder than it already is Not only are you reading about weird stuff like wrestling with angels, you re seeing it It really serves to highlight the way the Bible is a weird mishmash of multiple stories.It took me a while to get used to Crumb s illustrations I couldn t shake the feeling that everybody was either angry all the time or dumb as a rock, given their facial expressions I dunno, it was thous [...]

  9. God There s no talking to that guy.Now, if only Sergio Aragones could be persuaded to illustrate one of the Gospels An interview with R Crumb from the Paris Review thank you to Eddie.

  10. Crumb s illustrated Genesis is quite an amazing illustration accomplishment, but I m afraid it s NOT quite a success The artistry certainly is eyeball boggling, but Crumb is so overly respectful of the source material that he doesn t add anything to it There s no breath of life to it at all My honest opinion is that it lacks in personality, just as the Bible itself does for me Now why is that I think it s because the book of Genesis is itself an adaptation of oral tradition and suffers from anci [...]

  11. This is borderline being an illustrated novel, as opposed to a comicbook The drawings are illustrations of what is occurring in the text and don t impact the story telling This could be an issue for enjoyability, but I still respect Crumb s dedication to doing a straight up, no words changed adaption The illustrations occasionally have some image that is humorous They also depict the text in ways that the reader wouldn t necessarily imagine So, we almost get two books here a nice translation of [...]

  12. Yes, really, the Book of Genesis, illustrated by R Crumb No, it isn t a joke Yes, it has the real text a blend of a couple of different translations Yes, he illustrates it seriously.It s a little hard to sink into this at first, if you have any previous experience with R Crumb You keep looking for the jokes, the sex, the oddity And then it starts to become just the Book of Genesis, illustrated And then, after all of that, you start to notice how much sex, potential humor, and oddity there is in [...]

  13. Crumb does illustrate the Bible s racier aspects from Sodom and Gomorrah to all the endless begetting but this time at least he s not out to titillate He s just trying to bring this bizarrely influential desert tribe to life for us, and that means stripping away all the Cecil B DeMille jazz and giving us insecure, atavistic people and warm bodies lying in tents with a god just as unpredictable as anything in the Greek myths playing with their fate In his notes, Crumb seems to be just as baffled [...]

  14. I was disapointed with this, although I probably shouldn t have been The introcution makes clear that this is a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis Crumb has not tried to extend or interpret the test, merely to illustrate it And herein lies the problem.The text of Genesis and this applies not just to Genesis is a great pile of plodding, nasty dullness This version makes no attempt to add anything to the stories, it merely encourages you to look at what was already there.If you have nev [...]

  15. While I greatly enjoyed Crumb s amazing artwork, I got too bummed out that SO MANY people believe every single word of this text.

  16. As a long time skeptic of EVERYTHING, I could never really get behind most of what I read in the Bible I was raised in the Baptist Church, and memorized my Bible versus and went on mission trips like a good boy, but once I was old enough to look past all the little bits of obvious rhetoric littered throughout the Bible but make up about 99% of all sermons , you quickly discover that huge chunks of it have nothing to do with morality or spirituality and are just plain weird The Book of Genesis is [...]

  17. A serious and scholarly work It s ironic that religious comic books, as Crumb points out in his introduction, elide passages that may be too much for comic book readers, although the publishers are presumably inclined than some to view scripture as literally true Lot s daughters ensuring that their line will be carried forward, for example And while Crumb is as frank as ever and does not hesitate to interpret such incidents as sensually as possible, he can t be accused of leaving anything out o [...]

  18. Es lo que el t tulo avanza, el libro del g nesis dibujado por Robert Crumb, esto tiene su lado bueno y su lado malo la adaptaci n de Crumb es muy respetuosa, llegando a transcribir el g nesis punto a punto, pero convirti ndolo en una suerte de libro ilustrado, lo cual lo hace m s llevadero, lo malo es que lo nico que aporta Crumb a la historia es su sensibilidad art sitica, no su visi n personal, cosa que al menos yo habr a agradecido bastanteY es que el arte de Crumb es muy bueno, detallado, ex [...]

  19. Done in graphic novel form, this unblinking depiction of every word of Genesis is a revelation The begats, while tiresome in print and commonly skipped over for the odd looking names, are riveting when each is depicted as a very distinct individual Many of the stories of moral ambiguity or outright brutality that are brushed over in print or preach form are laid out in full force by this format The book clearly warns against unleashing the young on the text without parental supervision for the s [...]

  20. This book really surpassed my high expectations People I know and respect have had varying opinions on it, but I think it s a masterpiece By restricting himself to the traditional text, Crumb has achieved something really special, something that only an artist with his age, experience, and perspective could have pulled off I have a special place in my heart for these types of old religious writings, but even so, I was surprised to find myself moved to tears at the conclusion Now how about Exodus [...]

  21. Y ley los 50 cap tulos, y vio que era bueno, y supo que Crumb lo hab a logrado Y le dio 4 estrellas, cuatro estrellas tuvo Crumb.

  22. Couldn t ask for anything Lovely lovely book It was a fine decision to include absolutely every word, and apparently a lot of research went into finding the right look of clothing, artifacts, etc All of the people look like Ashkenazic Jews, and or vaguely Mediterranean people, of the 20th century, but I have no quarrel with that after all, that is the female physical type that Crumb seems to be attracted to throughout all his work, so it s fine to have Sarah, Eve, Rebecca, etc looking all, esse [...]

  23. Faith and comic books have allows been closely related in my mind The medium can help the reader focus on the story instead of translating the words, especially impressionable youngsters Here is Genesis, unabridged or as Crumb states, nothing left out the Robert Alter translation, all the begats are included It gives you the complete story with a direct translation of the original Hebrew letting you focus on the story by supplementing the words with pictures so that you are not tripping over unt [...]

  24. I heard about this book via an NPR interview with the illustrator In the interview, Crumb talked about how he followed the original Hebrew text as closely as possible I was intrigued to read an illustrated version of Genesis that was a respectful treatment, but well done.One of the things I liked most about this version of Genesis was that Crumb left in many of the ambiguities of the original Hebrew There are many places where it s unclear exactly who the pronoun He refers to in most versions of [...]

  25. The written content is exactly what it says in the Bible different translation is all I will avoid referencing that in this review as we all have our own bias when it comes to that material.Instead, it is better to discuss the adaptation that R Crumb did, and how he managed to build drawings for all sorts of sections that are not easily rendered into images Scenes like the long genealogies that are so important in the Biblical culture were done with simple snapshots a few may have pictures based [...]

  26. It s interesting when someone famous for scandal does something not scandalous The Book of Genesis is just such a work There s some talk here and there about the book being scandalous, but I found this bishop s blog that said it best So, who are the people likely to take offense at this book I guess it will be the people who a haven t read it or b take offense at anything that involves bodies, sex, God or cultural intelligence link But America s filled with people who haven t actually read the B [...]

  27. How to rate such a book Five stars for the artistry, the detailed work, the cleverness, the attention to detail, heck, just the effort that must have gone into it Or zero stars for the mind numbing stories contained in the book of Genesis One of the best things I ve heard about the Bible is that if you came across it in a bookstore, opened and skimmed a few pages, you d immediately put it down and continue browsing There is no doubt that this is true and if anyone knows who said this, please let [...]

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