700 Sundays

[PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal [PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal - 700 Sundays, Sundays Actor and comedian Billy Crystal has forged a highly successful career by portraying other people in movies like When Harry Met Sally and City Slickers But in Sundays a memoir based on his one ma

  • Title: 700 Sundays
  • Author: Billy Crystal
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  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal, 700 Sundays, Billy Crystal, Sundays Actor and comedian Billy Crystal has forged a highly successful career by portraying other people in movies like When Harry Met Sally and City Slickers But in Sundays a memoir based on his one man Broadway play of the same name Crystal tells his own story dissecting an often complex relationship with his father and how that relationship resonated in other aspects oActor and come

700 Sundays

[PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal [PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal - 700 Sundays, Sundays Actor and comedian Billy Crystal has forged a highly successful career by portraying other people in movies like When Harry Met Sally and City Slickers But in Sundays a memoir based on his one ma 700 Sundays

  • [PDF] 700 Sundays | by ☆ Billy Crystal
    113Billy Crystal
700 Sundays

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  1. My girlfriend Liz lent me a copy of this I liked it so much I got a copy to BookCross It s not a deep or profound book, but is a funny, touching tale of a boy s love for his family and life.Funny funny man I found myself snickering and giggling at some of his throw away lines I had to read about a dozen of them out to mr czukandpa s tea drinking, toots and farts, mother of the lesbian bride, the face , Billy discovers his boy partsBut the thing that blew me away was that his family founded Comma [...]

  2. You d expect a comic genius like Billy Crystal to write an incredibly funny book, but the fact that it s also deeply moving might come as a surprise 700 Sundays is Billy s tribute to his father who died when Billy was a teenager and his large and jovial family, full of characters, who provided the encouragement and support he needed to become a successful comedian This book s only flaw is that it s too short Those who are looking for a conventional Biography full of career highlights will be dis [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this adaption of Billy Crystal s stage play I would definitely recommend seeing the special if at all possible, as much of the humor comes from Crystal s rapid fire delivery The book, actually, was stronger when he simply told the story of his family and their impact on the jazz scene in New York as well as other, serious stories.

  4. 700 Sundays by Billy Crystal was one of the most heart clenching books i ve ever read The book is about the young life from the birth until college days for well known celebrity Billy Crystal Billy talks about his time spent in Long Beach NY and the happiness,adventures and the short time he spent with his dad Billy uses characterization,setting and symbolism to further grip the readers heart The use of charcterization in the story is very important because it gives the reader info on how the ch [...]

  5. This story was funny and sad at the same time I could relate to how Billy Crystal felt with the passing of his dad and mother It was as if I was right there with him as he was telling the story and his funny relatives, I laughed my head off I loved everything about this book Of course I had to watch it on TV, over and over I have an appreciation for this wonderful man that I did not have before, even though he has always been one of my favorite comedians and actor Everyone should get this and re [...]

  6. Who knew Billy Crystal s life was touched by so many different characters and cultures This book focuses on his father mostly and the estimated amount of time he had to spend with his family Like many fathers back then, they only had 1 day a week to spend together And if you were lucky you looked forward to it Billy adds in the personalities of so many other characters that touch his life through the years, There s the LI mobster, Billy s extended family complete with accents and baggage, his ne [...]

  7. A moving memoir about the time that Billy Crystal had with his father before his father s death a span of what he figures was 700 Sundays.

  8. It s charmingly written, and has a stand up comedy feeling about it You can really hear Billy Crystal s voice through it That said, biographies are not my thing.

  9. This one will tug at your heart strings It s a memoir that focuses on Billy Crystal s early life His father died when Billy was only 15 and the 700 Sundays refers to the father son time that they had in those 15 years Crystal grew up surrounded by love from a strong, caring family It s no surprise that he s as grounded and kind as he is today Sweet read.

  10. From the book jacket One of America s most beloved entertainers takes us home Billy Crystal opens the front door to a time in his life when he shared joy, love, music, and laughter with an eccentric family headed by the hardworking father who left them all too soon To support his family, Billy s father, Jack, worked two jobs and long hours and could spare only Sundays to spend with his loved ones My reactionsThis just proves that people s ordinary, every day lives can be far interesting and ent [...]

  11. 700 Sundays are not a lot for a boy to have with his father Yet that is how many Sundays Billy Crystal had with his Billy tells us the story of his life through the lens of the Sundays he had with his dad Jack, Billy s dad, managed the Commodore Music Shop on 42nd Street between Lexington and Third in New York City On Friday and Saturday nights, Jack produced free jazz concerts So Sundays were the day Billy spend with his dad.For me, one of the best parts is where Billy talks about his two famil [...]

  12. I liked this book much than I expected to It was downright funny at time, pulled on the heart strings at others and left me feeling like this was a man who really loves his family.Outside of this book, I really no nothing about his upbringing, his family, his delve into celebrity fame What I love about his story, is that he focused on all the people who shaped him into who he became and not on the ins and outs of A List Hollywood as most celebrity memoirs tend to be.His uncle became the first p [...]

  13. This was a sweet breath of fresh air, a few laughs, a remarkable family life for the background of an entertainer I loved the reminisces than the laughs And then, I have to say something about all the comedians who write their memoirs It s the delivery that makes them work, makes them a comedian Sure you need great linesd there were some in this little book but not as much as you might think On paper, for the readerey fall flat This wasn t nearly as fun and riotous as reading, for example, Alan [...]

  14. The tough thing about reading books by comedians is that they seem to be missing something the words need to be read aloud, not read silently in one s head There is an element of that flatness in 700 Sundays, a memoir of Crystal s early years, but there s than just a transcript of his monologues Read between the jokes and you ll see the story of a family, from the great Uncle Berns to the sassy Aunt Sylvia, but most of all Crystal s nuclear family his mom, dad, and the three sons From Yankee St [...]

  15. What a great book I started reading it, already knowing that I love Billy Crystal I love him even now This is exactly the kind of memoir I enjoy the most Made me cry, 3 times I mean, look at this.Page 177 We re at a table I m sitting across from Him, and there are five cards spread in front of meThe last one Get to do what you ve always wanted to do since you first made them laugh in the living room I hold the cards in my hand He stares me down I look at them one time, but I don t really have [...]

  16. To have the God given ability to make someone laugh is indeed a true gift Billy Crystal is such a person this poignant tribute to his father we are pivileged to see the other side of a man who has brought humour to a worldwide audience.Growing up in the late 40 s and during the 50 s we see a young Billy in a Jewish family that always seemed busy His father who was a musician,record producer and shopowner, whose only free time was on a Sunday So thereby hangs this tale of a son deprived all too s [...]

  17. I was disappointed in this book, because I expected it to be a biography of Billy Crystal, but found that it was about his dad than him Because of his father s work and business commitments, the only time his family ever had with him was on Sundays, and 700 represents the years that Billy was old enough to have a relationship with him before he died, equaling about thirteen and a half years.Other than it turning out to be of a biography of his hero father, I did not appreciate the constant cru [...]

  18. I m guessing this would be even better as the show he did on stage, but it was still really good as a book It is simply Billy Crystal talking about his family, about growing up, and especially about the special moments he had with his dad Because it s Billy Crystal it is tremendously funny, but it is also very moving and at times deeply sad Definitely worth the read as long as you re prepared to face bittersweet moments, as that is what life is all about.

  19. Warm, funny, personal and eye opening story of Billy Crystals early life It tells of the tragedy, heartbreak and fascination of living in the 40 s and 50 s As you meet Billy s family you are drawn into his eclectic young life It is surprising the number of contributions to the music business that came from the Crystal family.700 Sundays was the length of time Billy had his father alive There is a play of the same name, starring Billy Crystal.

  20. For me, Billy Crystal will always be the endearing Jody from the TV series Soap I read about but didn t see his Broadway show about the 700 Sundays that he shared about his father This book, based on his show, captures the warm and creative atmosphere of Crystal s childhood home, and his close relationship with his parents, brothers and extended family Funny, sarcastic, and tender.

  21. This is a memoir of Billy Crystal s extended family Some of it is funny Some of it is very interesting i.e the musical and show business connections of his father and uncles Much of it is sentimental It s a short book and I enjoyed it for the most part.

  22. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me Very entertaining memoir about baseball, college, growing up in high school, our fathers, brothers, and struggling with mother at times Billy might be the closest we ve got toa Mark Twain.

  23. What a wonderful, heartwarming book that clearly shows true love for family It made me laugh out loud Great

  24. I ve always really like Billy Crystal so I was pretty excited to read this memoir I have to say it was interesting to learn of his family life and background It had some funny parts, it got a little crass in parts was just ok I expected , I don t know what I was expecting as this isn t a full out autobiography but I guess I just was I just felt like this was written as of a show for the road as I actually remember some of these stories preformed on his variety show way back in the 80 s Anyway [...]

  25. An absolutely moving read What an interesting, charming mark and legacy the Crystal family has left upon the world My eyes are still tear filled With all the great success Billy has achieved, it s very clear that every bit of it can be accredited to his loving family who spent their time supporting each other, playing together and laughing What an absolutely profound thing the simplicity of it all And all of the rich history From baseball to Jazz music The Commodore, Sammy Davis, Jr, Mickey Mant [...]

  26. This book was very entertaining, an easy read and a fun and endearing few days read before bedtime I never knew anything about Crystal s background before reading this book After reading it, I have a newfound respect for him, his parents and his family They were hardworking, generous and kind people, not to mention having a father with the integrity to stand up to the mafia However, if a person has not heard Billy Crystal s humor on TV or in movies, his humor may be lost in the reading of the bo [...]

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